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Nicki Minaj says ‘openly bisexual’ rumours aren’t true

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Wells 1 Apr 2011, 4:57pm

    **yawn**, this is ooooooold news.

  2. I don’t know who this woman is but isn’t it funny to deny that you’re OPENLY bisexual? Well, obviously…

    1. I’m not sure what your sarky comment is supposed to mean, Val. There’s nothing about bisexuality that means people who are of that sexual orientation are incapable of being open about it.

  3. You go girl, you tell them.

  4. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 7:44am

    Well, that’s all clear then…. I think!

    If she’s supportive then who cares.

  5. What a psycho! A little gay boy inside of her…… I think she should get some help.

    1. Yes, there’s a little gay boy inside her she can blame for her madness, it’s not her see… it’s the little gay boy inside her.
      There’s a little fluorescent pink wig on her head too, why doesn’t she blame that?… she’s a real pain, such a turnoff.

      1. Jock S. Trap 3 Apr 2011, 7:37am

        Would surgery help?

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