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US report calls for study of LGBT health issues

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 1 Apr 2011, 7:45am

    Why do they seem to take so long to decide to do these studies?

    Plus it’s fine to ask about someone’s sexual orientation so long as those professionals asking accept it and don’t make an issue over it.

  2. Increasing gay HIV rates are being exploited by anti-LGBT groups world-wide.

    State-funded HIV meds appear to be contributing to complacency re safe sex.

    Since HIV infection rates have gone up ~70% amongst (predominantly younger) gay men, a suggestion. Give gay men one of two choices;

    – pay a tax hike to offset the cost of state-funded HIV pills which are issued to ding-dongs who choose not to practice safe sex–thus resulting in peer pressure from every gay community member who is being forced to subsidize irresponsible behaviour, or

    – not paying the tax hike in favour of forfeiting one’s future access to state-funded HIV meds in the event that one becomes infected via one’s own carelessness.

    The increased costs & visibility of AIDS should re-popularize condo use and promote monogamy.

    Those who claim their infection was not their fault would have their claim investigated.

    Constructive thoughts?…

  3. Funding of research for LGBT populations is all well and to the good. However, how helpful is this, if doctors continue to be hostile or indifferent to treating gay patients? Research studies have been ongoing in the US since at least the 1980s, and yet the most common complaint of LGBTs concerns the difficulty in finding a doctor with whom one can build a bond of trust.

  4. Confide to the wrong doctor,and your trouble really begins anew,shameful we
    still have to face this truth,2011, bigotry,is
    a killer. Our lesbian/gay elders, helpless,
    in the care of many .cruel haters.

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