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Teacher convicted of lesbian affair with pupil

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Reader comments

  1. Sick!

  2. Helen Wilson 31 Mar 2011, 2:39pm

    I am trying to see just how this relationship with the first girl was lesbian Pink News? Paedophile is a better word to describe this sick adult who is sexually attracted to children!

  3. Why are you describing this as a lesbian affair? I have complained in the past to mainstream news media for such coverage, never thought I would see it on Pink News. This teacher abused a child. She did not have an affair, lesbian or otherwise. The story should be ‘Paedophile teacher convicted for abusing student’ and I fail to see what relevance it has to Pink News. By publishing his story with such a misleading headline you are perpetuating the tired old homophobic links between homosexuality and paedopilia.

  4. Good points. You never hear references to straights abusing under-age children as having ‘heterosexual affairs’.
    The woman is a disgrace. Due to the current paranoid climate I, as a Spanish teacher I now never take on private tuition with young people. People like her make the mistrust and misconceptions much worse.

  5. Absolutely agree with all the comments on here.

    Abuse of children happens by men and women of all orientations – the key thing to them is the power over the child – its less about the sex (plenty of psychological and psychiatric research to evidence that).

    To then describe any sexual abuse of a child as a lesbian affair, gay affair, heterosexual affair (not that term would be used) is offensive, inappropriate and seems to normalise abuse

  6. The reason it is relevant is because of 3 factors: 1) She used the fact the girl was questioning her sexuality to manipulate her into the affair; 2) she used the fact the girl was afraid of being labled a lesbian as a means of keeping the affair a secret; 3) she also targeded a 16 year old, which is of legal age in the UK, for a lesbian affair. You state that this is just like a hetero pedo. You’re wrong. This person targeted the girl BECAUSE the girl was of the same sex, not because the victim happened to be underaged. It’s different from an adult man seducing a minor female in that an adult male would not target a female who was questioning her sexuality. You also won’t find an adult female targeting a minor male who is questioning his sexuality. This type of crime is unique to the gay community. It does not mean that there’s something wrong with all people who are LGBT. Absolutely not! It just means that there are certain crimes unique to the gay community.

    1. @Lame

      I hear what you’re saying and I can see it does make some sense. I agree that (from the reporting I have read here and elsewhere) the opportunity to offend came (at least in part) from the identification of a girl who was questioning her orientation and that there was manipulation of the fact the girl was unhappy to disclose her sexuality as a method of concealing the offence.
      Whilst I accept that the age of the girl was legal in terms of sexual contact – she remained both young and in a special relationship (in this case teacher/pupil) which makes this a matter than can be conceived as child abuse – it certainly is abuse of a vulnerable person.
      Abuse of any vulnerable person is insidious and usually more about power than sexuality. That is not to deny that orientation is key is some cases. However, I would contend that the issues was less sex than control.
      I can actually tell you of a case that an ex colleague investigated where an adult female targetted a male questioning..

      1. … his orientation and manipulated the situation by trying to reassure him that she could prove he was straight. Unfortunately, whilst I accept a lot of what you say – my experience as a sexual offence liaison officer tells me that these offences are not unique to the LGBT communities. There are (unfortunately) LGBT and heterosexual sex offenders. WIthin those offenders many are more concerned about power and control than the actual sexual events – the sexual activity merely being a means to an end.

  7. Paddyswurds 31 Mar 2011, 9:47pm

    Have seen pics of her, she’s a proper rough dyke, she’s also predatory and needs to be seen to by a well endowed guy.

    1. Angela S. 1 Apr 2011, 9:08am

      Aha… You mean ‘theraputic’ rape…??
      I better not write what I think of that attitude!

  8. @ paddyswurds

    My god!!
    I can’t believe what I’ve just read. If you truly believe what you’ve posted, then perhaps you should emigrate to Uganda or South Africa. It seems you would fit in very well there.

    1. I’m hoping that is the imposter using Paddyswurds tag

      As bigoted a comment as the normal Paddyswurds would identify from elsewhere so I suspect its not usual Paddyswurds

      Whoever, it is – the comment is horrific and unjustified.

  9. ‘……an adult male would not target a female who was questioning her sexuality. You also won’t find an adult female targeting a minor male who is questioning his sexuality.’
    Ridiculous generalisations.

    1. I’d say a predator would think they had found the perfect target in a child questioning their sexuality, they are more vulnerable.

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