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Young gay man brutally beaten at New York McDonald’s

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Reader comments

  1. These people are cowardly and disgusting and the sooner we stamp out gay violence and violence of any kind the better!!

    1. More awful news. It shows that we need to keep fighting for gay equality, so that it’s no longer considered a reason to beat people up.

  2. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2011, 1:39pm

    Yet more shocking behaviour from the uneducated. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. I hope Damien gets well soon, and that they catch these thugs before they find their next target.
    Good to see that he’s not let this incident get the better of him.

  4. Vile and depraved actions of mindless thugs

  5. We’re GAY not Physically Challenged!
    when are we going to f@#K the law like all these asshole bigots and retaliate?
    Hetros hate getting a beating from Gays – they experience physical pain and humiliating shame…a double blow (something else we can enjoy and they can’t!)

    1. He said he was blindisded. Perhaps he didn’t have enough time to fight back.
      Gay men and women should learn how to defend themselves. Sometimes one goes into Soho and there may as well be ‘victim’ written in big, flashing lights above some dude’s head.
      Poor lad.

      1. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2011, 3:09pm

        Defence is good but better education and much stronger sentences to act as a deterrent is even better.

        1. I disagree with the second part. Sentences of any kind do not deter any would-be assailant. Especially when many who see this kind of violence as ‘good’ and ‘just’.

          1. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2011, 3:48pm

            Sadly there may be truth in that.

        2. Defence is good

          Better education is important

          Sentences which are a deterrent (I accept only to some – but to some)

          Evidence from police/investigators that they are giving this priority and taking this seriously

          All parts (but not the complete) of the response there should be to this event (and other recent events)

  6. Violence only brings violence. Education and criminalization of religion could help. When they find them let’s send then to do community work in gay sauna.

    1. Violence can breed violence – but that does not improve or resolve the situation

      Education certainly should help (although its one of those things thats never possible to prove)

      Criminalization of religion – hmmm – dangerous idea in a liberal society – Remember the holocaust?

      Community work in a gay sauna … Not sure I would want to be walking round in a towel with some of these guys around – but like the idea lol

      1. Paddyswurds 1 Apr 2011, 5:10am

        @ Stu….. “remember the Holocaust” Was the Holocaust not an attempt to wipe out a Race of people and Culture rather than a pogrom against their religion.
        As a Jewish lady said on radio the other day She is Culturally Jewish and wasn’t religiously Jewish. There are lots of Atheist Jews who would call themselves Jewish but they are in no way religiously Jewish…Do you see what i mean??
        More has to be done about how religion views parts of society particularly secular society which is non of their business. Any religion which has racist or homophobic rules should be prosecuted for spreading hatred. Some on these threads would say you cant paint all with the one brush. However if i join a club or organisation which has a rule book that has say a rule that anyone with brown eyes is an abomination and should be killed, there would be uproar and i, rightly would be ostracised by society. How does being a member a religion that has homophobic rules differ.???

  7. Education and stronger sentences are good, but all that is going to happen is that they will possibly mix with people with the same attitude to theirs if they are sentenced, but being able to defend your self is a must in this world. I agree that violence is not always the answer, but if youa re going to be attacked would you not prefer to beable to put up some resistance to it? I too hope that Damien gets better soon and that they catch the small minded creep that did this

    1. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2011, 3:51pm

      Yeah, sadly I can see that side of things. I think Self Defense instructors need to start advertising, bet they’ll make a good trade.

      1. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2011, 3:52pm

        I just hope judges will accept us defending ourselves and not use that to discriminate against us, esp those religious ones.

        1. Judges/juries should (although as an ex police officer I was surprised with some outcomes in court) accept self defence when the force used was reasonable and proportionate taking into account the level of fear and provocation and all other factors relevant to make us feel threatened. A homophobic motivation to the violence should also be seen as an aggravating factor.

          1. a homophobic (or racial) motivation is officially an aggravating factor in the Magistrate’s sentencing guidelines (their official instructions)

          2. Paddyswurds 1 Apr 2011, 5:14am

            @Stu why are you an “ex police officer”?

    2. Education and stronger sentences are part of the answer but not the whole answer.

      It doesnt answer those that will learn more skills in violence, bigotry and intolerance inside – although some may be rehabilitated (sadly not even the majority I would suspect)

      Self defence is crucial as is encouraging confidence in the police to take homophobia seriously and to both investigate and seek prosecution.

      I have to say if I was being attacked I would prefer to run or talk my way out of it if I could – but if they were not options (for whatever reason) I would like to be able to (and can to an extent) defend myself and resist the attack

      Hope Damien recovers physically soon and the other scars heal in time

      Hopefully the perpetrators are brought to justice.

      1. It’s not even self-defence though.

        It’s about not making yourself a target for attack. The amount of ‘boyz’ I see walking head down and standing out like a neon light.

        That’s not to say that one shouldn’t wear or act the way they want, but just be aware that sometimes it’s best not to put yourself in such a position in the first place.

        It’s a question of having self-confidence (you can even grab that from acting lessons)

  8. Wow – Anthony Collao was a college graduate at 18? Impressive.

    1. Paddyswurds 1 Apr 2011, 5:29am

      @JonnyBoy …no , according to the story in the New York Daily News he was “a recent High School Graduate”……. Where did you get that he was a college grad??

  9. Learning self-defence is all well and good, but when you have more than one thug against one victim, harder to implement.

    I wouldn’t mind betting this is just one of many bias crimes perpetrated as a result of hearing anti-gay hate speech coming from the religious nutters in America and other right wing bigots. Its all learned behaviour. I’ve no doubt the parents of these cowards are no better. Homopphobia begets one generation to the next, almost as a rite of passage. None of us are that safe anywhere in the world. Whoever these violent criminals are, I hope they are prosecuted at the maximum. If they’re underage, then there parents should also be prosecuted.

    1. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2011, 3:59pm

      Excellent comment again Robert. As suggested though for some justify their bigotry as ‘right’ and no level of punishment from the law of the land will stop that. I think both the criminal and the parents who taught them their homophobia are cowards and serve no purpose in society.

    2. It’s not just the right wing (I’m right wing and I’m gay) it’s also the trendy lefties with an axe to grind – just look at the Australian Prime Minister. I’ve encountered plenty of left-wing bigots in my time. Being anti-gay isn’t the prerogative of one or other political leaning, or the bias of one or other class or group of people: being anti-gay is spread throughout the population pretty evenly and I agree with Jock that a lot more education is probably the only cure for it.

      1. @John MJ

        Absolutely. People of all political persuasions (and none) can be bigoted – its not restricted to right wingers – although often there is a presumption that political bigot will be right wing within the media. Thats unfair. Equally there are people of all political persuasions who passionately believe in equality and fairness – I might disagree with some of their politics but regardless of their political affiliation I wholeheartedly support their passion for fairness and equality.

      2. Jock S. Trap 31 Mar 2011, 8:25am

        John MJ

        The problem we also face is that there are too many people willing to do anything and everything to stop such education, which is way the chuch and the state need to be completely seperated.

        Education is key and has proved successful so giving the religious leaders less and less say about the running of the country needs to be an important step.

    3. @Robert

      Absolutely – if the odds are stacked against you it would be foolish to provoke further attack … thats why I prefer talking or running unless I have no option – but if I have reasonable odds and cant run or talk my way out of it – I will use resistance

  10. Steve@GayWebHosting 30 Mar 2011, 4:54pm

    Again, it made these morons feel good did it? Made them feel better about themselves? Mindless cowards!

    Just goes to illustrate though that we can never relax against homophobia in all of its forms.. Especially when coming from the media, or those with influence. When people read such rubbish and homophobia in the media, or hear our politicians, celebrities etc saying these things, they are giving morons ´permission to offend´ against us…

    By denying our rights as EQUAL citizens, they are saying to the yobs that it is okay to demonise us, to treat us badly, to beat us and even kill us… After all, we are only second-class citizens..

    We must never let a single case of homophobia go unchallenged… ever..

  11. How can one be allegedly killed?

    1. I think they mean “he was alleged to have been killed by….”. Agree, its sounds silly as it is.

  12. Don’t advertise that your gay, simple.
    Dont force your sexuality on to others.
    very simple to do.

    1. Just because we’re proud to be who we are doesn’t mean we’re forcing our sexuality on others!
      Nobody deserves to be abused…not even you for wearing Primark jeans, you bully!!

    2. James, do you think that black people should ‘white up’ for racists – so they don’t provoke them?

    3. James is Bob. He said the same thing on the other page. Seems to be LU as well, as Bob like to murder gay people. More personalities than a Variety Performance hack, it seems…. how weak is ones argument when one has to use multiple names to make it look that one bit less like they are singular basket cases.

    4. Jock S. Trap 1 Apr 2011, 10:36am

      Curious… How do people ‘advertise’ what they are born?

      Nobody forces sexuality on anybody.

      Stop being a closet bigot… ‘Very simple to do’!

    5. Jock S. Trap 1 Apr 2011, 10:36am

      Everyone has the right to be Proud to be Born This Way!

      1. Well said, Jock. Be damned someone like me is going to tuck tail and “hide” to pacify the insecurities and ignorance of these theocratic monkeys.

        1. Jock S. Trap 2 Apr 2011, 6:54pm

          Excellent comment Will.

  13. Crista Sadler 31 Mar 2011, 4:29pm

    Krav Maga is a darn good thing to learn.
    Wear your keys on your wrIst and use your keys to slice and stab if need be

  14. Aside from all the other good comments was the assailant’s claim that he was disrespected, although the article didn’t state how. It irritates me every time I hear it. Respect is something that is earned. Respect is not something one gets just because one is alive.

  15. Eatteabaggers 23 Apr 2011, 12:21am

    We ALL have to help when we see anyone being attacked: ALL of us who stand up for the LGBT community. Why didn’t anyone @ the McDonald’s get involved and protect their patrons? Why didn’t anybody call others to help and take a pipe & bust these cowardly bitches’ heads open? I’m a woman/nurse who has stood up to child abuse and all these cowardly fat men just stood around and watched. This is a revolution. We need to stand up in solidarity by calling for help and then pouncing in numbers when victims are being harassed, abused, raped and beaten/killed. Anything goes in self-defense. Spectators don’t need to be peaceful when defending, either. The cowardly criminals lost their right to “peaceful resistance” when they crossed the line with harassing statements. This guy could have been killed.

    With all the people in New York, that is inexcusable that no one got involved to help.

  16. Eatteabaggers 23 Apr 2011, 12:37am

    Anybody should be allowed to wear whatever they want. That’s not justification for anyone to punish them for being self-confident!

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