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UK appoints out gay ambassador to Cambodia

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 30 Mar 2011, 10:41am

    Excellent news. Another positive and visible step forward.

  2. He’s cute too.

  3. A fabulous country with fabulous people. Good news all round

  4. Portrays the UK as inclusive and supportive. It sounds as though he is a very professional and capable diplomat – and comfortable and confident in his sexuality – a very good thing!

    And yes, Riondo he is kinda cute

    1. Bullsh*t well send the gays abroad for good pr but we’d never have one as PM

      1. Jock S. Trap 31 Mar 2011, 8:35am


        We’ve already had a closeted one in the 1970’s in Edward Heath. It’s just then the media wasn’t so obsessed with who was Gay and who wasn’t.

      2. @ James! Diplomats don’t have to be elected.

  5. Cute, clever, brave and in relationship. Perfect as far as politician goes.

    1. Brave?

      How so? Cambodia is not Uganda you know.

      Congratulations to him though.

  6. I think the words “cat” and “pigeons” spring to mind. Aren’t the Cambodians muslim?

    1. In the report I have looked at about Cambodia 92% of the population profess to be Buddhist

    2. The Cambodians Muslim? Good God man, try a little light Googling before making such silly remarks!

      1. @Rehan

        I did jump when I read Cambodia and Muslim in the same sentence – whilst there might be the odd one or two, its certainly not a country renowned for the Islamic faith. I did double take and had to google to verify that the information I had stored in my memory was accurate …

        Cambodia beautiful country – shameful past – but now so tolerant of equality of all types.

        1. Stu, you will find that Islam in Southern and South-Eastern Asia principally took hold (the Mughal Empire in India excepted) around ports and in archipelagoes – Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia – from spreading through Arab traders’ settlements.

          I believe the great ancient civilisations of Cambodia were closer to what we would label ‘Hindu’, and their decline arguably was the result of conversion to non-violent Buddhism.

          1. @Rehan

            Genuinely thanks for the history lesson

            Intrigued by why you suspect conversion to Buddhism led to decline

  7. This guy is SOOOO Cute!!!


    He’s the right man to apply a bit of pressure to further gay rights. The King of Cambodia reportedly supports same sex marriage and it is neither legal nor illegal there. In fact there is a precedent, as one legal same sex marriage has taken place there.

    If Nepal can do it then why not Cambodia?

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