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Maltese trans man wins right to be recognised as male

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Reader comments

  1. It’s outrageous that Malta insists that trans people have to have surgery before they wil be recognised as trans, especially given that female to male transition surgery is nowhere near as advanced, or effective, as the opposite way round.

  2. The surgery isn’t so they can be recognized as “being trans”. Like it is in many parts of the globe one of the rules before they will correct their birth registration to reflect, in this case, his correct sex/gender as a man. My guess is also that fo the men, the rules are not speaking about genital correction but rather other surgeries such as top and complete removal of the ovaries etc.

    What I really liked was that for once the media respected his right/wishes to not be publicly named. Unlike the follow up article about the woman who is still not being permitted to marry. I can never understand the media desire to out people born with transsexualism there by placing them in greater danger for various abuses by society.

  3. stan James 30 Mar 2012, 2:27am

    Time to turn the pope into a woman, toss him out on the street peniless

    There would still be one particular profession for RATZInger to earn money –

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