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Suffolk Pride cancelled

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Reader comments

  1. what a shame -and yet the Notting Hill carnival manages to obtain public money.

    1. Are the 2 comparable?

      1. I think that whilst both have value and purpose that comparing the two is a bit like comparing a McDonalds happy meal with Haute cuisine

        No disrespect to Suffolk Pride – I am sure it is valuable in its community – but its not quite the Notting Hill Carnival

      2. No, i would think not . I’m sure at suffolk pride , they do not have sound systems blaring out “step on the chi chi man, bun out the batty boi” etc. etc .

    2. Staircase2 28 Mar 2011, 3:35pm

      Notting Hill is in London – Suffolk Pride is in … …Suffolk

      funding for these kinds of things is based on numbers and the effect that those numbers of visitors will have on local economies/tourism etc etc

      I suspect that Notting Hill Carnival probably has professional (or at the very least, very experienced) fund raisers as part of the team who’s sole job is finding pockets of funding to make up the amounts needed.

      1. No disrespect to Suffolk Pride but it was mediocre last year to say the least….really didnt like it at all…Suffolk is not exactly gay popular, the only gay pub in Ipswich closed a couple of weeks ago, no suprise as it was run really badly…need to get into the 21st century around here, not in the distant past….

      2. if there are professional fund raisers why is there so little sponsorship for the event – so much come from public funds.

    3. Why is this site so snided up with thinly veiled racist resentments?

      1. I agree, and why the hell, after EDL members freely posted here promoted their group on every East End Pride article, has my comment on this thread been moderated and removed?!?

  2. maybe ex edl members could organize one, then again perhaps not enough muslims in Suffolk area,.
    well it doesnt have to be pride format, it could be done on lesser scale, something like a picnic in the park or street fare in local gay village, we cant just rely on public funds to celebrate all things lgbt.

  3. No but to the local people its very important I would have thought – if theres anyone from Suffolk I would be interested to read their views

  4. Hodge Podge 28 Mar 2011, 9:19pm

    Is it illegal to meet up in a park with some rainbow flags and for the gay bars to have drink offers on the same day?

  5. For the sake of £14k it seems a shame it can’t go ahead. How many people go to it? Even if it is only about 5,000 you could get everyone to “donate” £2 (so you’re not charging) and fundraise the rest

  6. peter wright 7 Apr 2011, 8:34pm

    whya er we worrying about paying for these things we hsould just go ahead with gay days in local parks like we use to in tne 70s it was much more fun in the early dfays of gay lib just 1000s turn up for a picknic in hyde park bit like flash mob and space invaders and stuff like that why ask permission of the of the oppressors we live in a country that ios supsedly free anjd the parks are public places for us the public to congregate in

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