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Gareth Thomas to attend royal wedding

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Reader comments

  1. I’d love to get an invitation to the royal wedding. Just so i can write back and say “Sorry, I can’t be arsed”

  2. Paul – Same here! ;-)

    1. I’m sure they’re gutted that Ian Bower and the other bitches of Eastwick don’t share in their happiness. Were you spitting feathers when Elton and David didn’t invite you to their nuptials? How dare they! Don’t they know that you Ian post like 100 messages on Pink News every day and thus deserve an invite to their wedding as much as say their friends and family, foreign dignitaries, heads of state etc. Yeah Ian, they really made a f’ck up when they didn’t send you a gold edged envelope, they’ve missed out on a used copy of some Bel Ami dvd as the wedding gift you’d have given them.

      1. Is it beyond the realms of imagination to believe that I find it hard to care about people I have never met?

        1. Paddyswurds 30 Mar 2011, 9:36am

          Well if you don’t know them then why would you expect an invite?! And then send it back with a ‘no’?

  3. Paul – Same here

  4. The temptation to accept and go as a ‘sans culotte’ of cerca 1793, could be irresistible….

  5. I would like to go, not because of the wedding, just to see who else is there – sheer noseyness

  6. God Im so bored with the wedding

  7. Wisdom isn’t hereditary.

    Let them have Sandringham, a nice farm and Guernesey or something, and leave us to elect our head of state.

    1. ”Wisdom isn’t hereditary”. And it ain’t evident on your post either. Let them have ‘Guernesey’ (sic)? Sandringham? As half-assed revolutions go yours is one of the better ones. And who would you elect for ‘head of state’? Judging from your photo you’re a poor man’s version of that cage fighter Katie Price was married to, so I’m assuming you’d be opting for someone in the category of gay porn actor. (how many press ups did you do prior to switching on the digital camera to get the biceps just right for that snap shot?)

      1. Whoever I might be (and you’d be advised to at least read up on Guernésiais before your next post), it doesn’t change the fact, that wisdom is not hereditary, and that we have a good head of state by accident, not by merit, and one which we can not easily rid ourselves of in an emergency.

        Just as in 1936, we had an idiot socialite who found Hitler’s national socialism appealing, today we have a chinless idiot who abuses his status, popularises junk science and who wants to be the ‘defender of faith’.

        Nothing to stop the Windsors standing for election like anyone else – what greater accolade could there be than to know they have the mandate of the people? A false antithesis to suggest we’d end up with President Blair – there are plenty of intellectuals who would be suitable for an honorary role.

        Indeed, what makes Queen Liz and her hangers-on any more eligable than, say, a porn star?

        1. Wisdom teeth *may* be hereditary but not the insightful wisdom that leaders ought to have.

          We do have a good head of state in the Queen currently, but there is no denying she did not get the role by merit, nor can it be denied that it is incredibly difficult to remove her should there be a clear decisive reason to (eg lack of faculties etc)

          Whilst I don’t share Adrian’s description of Charles, I also don’t want to see Charles as King … if we must keep the monarchy – please can we have someone else, and if we can move to a republic that would be preferable!

          Whilst I suspect they wouldn’t by there is nothing to stop Charles, WIlliam, Camilla or whoever in the Windsor family from standing for election to President (depending how such a law was drafted!) if they felt they wanted to – some of them may even get a decent number of votes.

          There are people who would potentially stand and be potentially good (on basis of evidence seen in their current life) but would they command vote?

      2. you are the only sour puss here attacking photos etc

        1. Photos attacked … what do you mean?

    2. Jock S. Trap 29 Mar 2011, 10:07am

      Thing is I doubt Very much if the likes of a ‘President Blair’ would have any financial retrictions put on them. I also doubt a the likes of a ‘President Brown’ would work as hard as the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, or Prince Charles to promote UK interests, bringing as much business and economic wealth to this country. Plus I doubt if one of President Cameron’s children got married if we’d see the world flocking to the UK bring with them money and tourism with it.

      There’s a good debate with this issue but I for one would hate to be just another small Island just over from the Atlantic, somewhere on the right, over there.

    3. By instinct I am a republican …

      Not sure the people of Guernsey would like to have the Royals foisted on them lol

      I do think an elected leader – ideally mainly ceremonial (such as in Ireland) is a fantastic idea but I just worry about the quality of potential candidates (looking at recent politicians!)

  8. I wish I was rich and famous enough to get an invite.

    Truly makes the common folk feel like worms.

    Elitism … Why the west was built on >.>

    1. So Adam if you were rich and famous enough to get an invite would you attend? I can’t figure out whether you approve of ‘elitism’ or not. Do you think they should dole out a couple of hundred golden tickets hidden inside copies of Boyz magazine for the plebs to attend? By that token shouldn’t all weddings be open to the public? Why I might just saunter down to the local registry office at lunch time and see if I can gatecrash some ‘do’. They won’t know me from jack but who are they to stop me attending their private ceremony. You guys really need to think before you type. Otherwise you’ll all end up looking like morons.

  9. Jeez guys, maybe they should just scrap the wedding altogether. How selfish of them to put their personal happiness before the views and feelings of a few miserable queens. Miserable queens who would be demanding a public holiday if two gay guys got hitched. Were you all so negative when the first civil ceremony was performed in the UK? I’m guessing not.

    1. Spanner

      1. Personal happiness?
        I would love it if thier happiness was kept personal.

    2. Do you have a reasoned argument why the public should finance this wedding and worship the couple and their dysfunctional family, or are you still high from last night?

    3. @Tigra07

      I dont think anyone on here has suggested they shouldnt marry

      I fail to see the connection between this wedding and the first civil ceremony

  10. Well I’m looking forward to it. The Constitutional Monarchy we enjoy has been a bulwark against the revolutionary impulses and totalitarian excesses that our continental neighbours have endured for centuries, and happy events like this bring the nation together.

    1. I hate to do it – but not every republic is excessive – try looking at Ireland as an example

  11. Ian Bower you been slapped!

  12. Jock S. Trap 29 Mar 2011, 10:00am

    Yeah, He’s my plus 1!!


  13. The Lizzie 12 29 Mar 2011, 12:37pm

    Gareth Thomas has asked me to marry him (the civil partnership thingy) and we’s going to arst Willie & Katie if we can have a double-wedding.

  14. Go on, Gareth; put your teeth in, don’t scratch your a-se, and have a really great time. You deserve something special to happen to you and to be recognised for the inspirational person you are –
    (bring us back a piece of cake, won’t you!)

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