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Breast massage woman files charges after learning masseur was not gay

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Reader comments

  1. What next sack and crack massage

    1. It is available in some locations, James!

      I haven’t experienced it – but am aware of the phenomenon

      Would be interesting to learn if he had a certificate for breast massage … and also while he may have committed an offence of some sort of intimate assault – I do think the comment she “thought” he was gay, an interesting perspective on it … a) not sure it should be relevant and b) that suggest if it did matter to her, she went ahead on the basis of what she thought was the case rather than what she knew. Does not excuse any wrongdoing (if there was any) but not a wise basis for a choice …

  2. If she didn’t like it, she should have said no thank you. She was the paying client after all. It’s like sueing McDonald’s for serving hot coffee.

    The idea that it was ok as long as he didn’t enjoy it is ludicrous!

  3. Silly f”king tart. He should have whipped his wang out and shoved it down her gob to prove he wasn’t gay. Women like her deserve all they get. And her assumption he was gay shows her to be a fool.

    1. You’re letting your misogyny slip out there. Whip it back in and be a love, eh?

      1. Joe you one balled troll, f’ck off and leave the posts to the men.

        1. Lol. “Leave the posts to the men”. First time I hear posting comments on pink news being portrayed as such a macho man’s activity. :)

        2. If that sort of talk from you is being a man, I’ll stay a queen, thank you very much. Your misogyny IS showing.

        3. A self hating gay man, there’s something new… *roll eyes

      2. I have two balls, thank you very much. Go and see a therapist about your need to publicly but anonymously perform your fear of women.

    2. Ahh tigra has mummy issues

  4. ‘She said she felt uncomfortable’ could be the key phrase – she now regrets the experience and finding her assumptions to be false to boot makes her want to lash out. Whether the masseur is in the wrong is still an open question. I franky find it weird that she didn’t take her own clothes off – I’ve never had a massage quite like this!! Was there really no expectation of something erotic happening?

  5. more news of local gazette quality, i cant belive people even comment on this, i mean really?!

    1. Galadriel1010 29 Mar 2011, 11:00am

      So tell us, why did you?

      1. i didnt know u cared, but then again i get that a lot

  6. No, I agree with her.

    It would, to a lot of people, make a difference if it’s a heterosexual man.

  7. She has no legal standing. Unless she was led to beleive he was gay or she requested it he did nothin wrong.

    Saying I thought he was gay is no defence at all. A presumption is not a rational argument.

    I feel sorry for the guy he was doing his job sure maybe having a bit of fun, if she didn’t like it she should of said stop but she assumed he was gay.

    I’d almost say it’s her who should be In trouble for discrimination against straight males

    All in all she’s rather pathetic.

    1. Agreed. I don’t see how this has any legal standing based on the assumption that firstly he didn’t deliberately mislead the woman into thinking he was gay, and secondly it was a consensual act. What next, are women going to sue straight gynaecologists? Cases of professional misconduct should absolutely be treated seriously, but when idiots like this reduce it to “I thought he was gay” their cries do sound a bit dubious. Not to mention a disservice to real victims.

      There are men who get away with what most of us would morally consider rape on a lesser technicality. Based on this article there is absolutely no legal reason to suggest the man intended to sexually assault the woman, or that the woman was misled in any way. Besides, I find it quite bizarre behaviour to go to a masseuse to have any sexual area massaged, be it breasts, bum or balls, without expecting some sort of erotic suggestion.

    2. ur argument is all over place, rationality is not a must when presenting a case and ur argument about discriminating against a stright male is just laughable

  8. friday jones 29 Mar 2011, 4:26am

    Wouldn’t this be arresting someone for their perceived sexual orientation? I thought they didn’t allow that anymore.

    1. i think his sexuality simply got ahead of his professionality, suggesting to a woman that massaging brests and buttocks is a normal practice is a clear indication of that

      1. I agree. I also think that some people are being a bit harsh about this young woman. She’s only 20. Yes, an adult, but we have no idea why she went along with the massage and she could easily have felt she’d be stupid to say something.

        I also think that her sayings he thought he was gay was an excuse because she felt she’d been silly and inexperienced and is trying to explain wht she didn’t object. I’m sure her main complaint is that she’d been led to believe that she was just fussing and such massage was normal when she later found out it wasn’t. The fact that the masseur was straight and thus could have been getting sexual gratification from it must have sickened her even more, so I imagine that’s where the issue of his sexuality fits in.

        1. He’s an idiot and deserves loosing his job. There is something called best practice, and this idiot knows that. He also knew exactly what he was doing when he said breast massage is normal… bollocks is it normal practice. Its sexual assault, plain and simple. He won her confidence by saying its normal, then got his rocks off on her… bastard.

  9. David Skinner 29 Mar 2011, 10:16am

    We can have straights not being allowed to refuse to deliver goods and services to gays, but we can have gays refusing to deliver goods and services to straights. We can have straights not being allowed to refusing receiving goods and services from gays but we can have gays refusing to receive goods and services from straights. The expression gay discriminatory narcissism comes immediately to mind

    1. we can have gays refusing to deliver goods and services to straights.

      Where in this article do we have that?

      The phrase discriminatory inaccuracy comes to mind.

    2. How is that in any way relevant?? Interesting to note you don’t just read the Christian-related articles here – you seem to like to have a good look around.

      1. Oi dont feed the cnut

    3. skinner nobody is interested in ur opinion darling so why bother

    1. What have your links got to do with this present article (which, if anything, has a straight person apparently requiring a service from only a gay one)?

  10. David Skinner 29 Mar 2011, 11:31am

    Rehan it was you who asked for examples of gays refusing to deliver goods and services to straights . I have just given them.

    Not only that but all hell would have been let loose if it had been a straight woman on the couch refusing to have a massage from a lesbian.

    1. Actually, I wrote ‘Where in this article do we have that?’, as you will see above – your comment struck me as irrelevant to this issue.

      You have not answered that question.

  11. David Skinner 29 Mar 2011, 1:16pm

    Rehan, the lesbian lady was refusing goods and services from a straight masseur..
    But for the masseur to refuse to massage the lady on the grounds that she was a lesbian would have also ended up with him in the dock for it is against law for a straight person to refuse goods and services to a gay person. By this reckoning the whole massage parlour is in trouble. According to this lesbian only a gay massage parlour with gay masseurs should be allowed to operate. Clearly she wants all straight massage parlours to close down, just as Stonewall and Angela Mason of the ECHR want all straight Bed and breakfast businesses to close down. Even if Mr and Mrs Bull, who operate Chymorvah Christian B&B had operated a gay friendly B&B they would have had to employ only gay staff, for fear offending gays who as we know are very hypersensitive.

    In Britain only gay affirming schools are allowed to operate and all children are forced to receive gay affirming goods and services and are not allowed to refuse straight affirming G&S. You see Rehan in this world there are two types of people- the wafters and the waftees, those delivering goods and services and those receiving them. Soon all of us will only be allowed to receive gay goods and services, simply because all the straight deliverers will have been consigned to the furthest reaches of the universe.

    1. Gay affirming schools?? You’ve been spending too long on US paranoid conspiracy sites, David. Next you’ll be joining the nutty fundies in claiming that Sponge Bob Square pants is trying to ‘turn children gay’.

      And what would these gay goods and services be then? Of course, us LGBT people live a COMPLETELy different life to you, don’t we? Not. I do feel sorry for you full of so much hate.

      And as the Equality laws protect straight people too, then they’re hardly going to be sent to the ‘furthest reaches of the universe’.

      Let me say it again – I truly do feel sorry for you writing such tripe. You really need to tell us all about your nasty gay boss so that you can get it off your chest and move on with your life instead of lurking around gay sites and stewing in your own bile.

      1. David, love, you do write such balls. Go away and lie down and leave the rest of us alone.

      2. The man is a poofta who wants it so bad please ignore him

        1. You’re right there, James! He’s obsessed with gay sites.

    2. WHAT LESBIAN LADY? Are you implying that the woman in this issue is lesbian and, if so, how did you come to that conclusion from this articlae? If not, what is your point?

      It seems, from your many posts, that your knowledge of Cracked Record Disorder comes from personal experience.

  12. David Skinner 29 Mar 2011, 1:51pm

    Iris, you sound as though you suffer Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, commonly known as CRD or cracked record disorder. I think it is you who are living in the furthest reaches of Gaytranselvania. You need to get into the real world and mix with real people – the remaining 99% silent majority of the population who are straight.

    1. skinner pls dont show off ur intelectual retardness we r not that impress

    2. Why? Because I keep asking you the question you keep avoiding? Yes, dear, I know about straight people – every single person I work with is straight and I have no problem with them at all. It’s YOU who are living in a bizarre little world of your own making.

      We all pity you.

    3. @ David Skinner: your remark to Iris (whose posts are notable for their calm good sense) suggests a worrying lack of self-knowledge. I suspect you might benefit the most from taking your own advice.

  13. David Skinner 29 Mar 2011, 2:55pm

    Riondo and James, argument please. Jut try, if you possibly can, putting a rational and mature counter argument together without having to hide each time behind infantile name calling and ad hominems.

    1. skinner u wouldnt spot an argument even if it hit u STRIGHT in ur moronic looking faciata, well anyway we r still awaiting for a anything even remotely resembling an argument from u let alone anything of intelectual nature, why dont u just suprise us

    2. ‘According to this lesbian only a gay massage parlour with gay masseurs should be allowed to operate. Clearly she wants all straight massage parlours to close down, just as Stonewall and Angela Mason of the ECHR want all straight Bed and breakfast businesses to close down. Even if Mr and Mrs Bull, who operate Chymorvah Christian B&B had operated a gay friendly B&B they would have had to employ only gay staff, for fear offending gays who as we know are very hypersensitive.’
      I really don’t see what ‘rational and mature counter argument’ could possibly avail against this mad rubbish, David. I’m sorry. It’s balls.

      1. Rionaldo. Everytime you relply he gets a hardon. I have a mental pic and it aint nice. Now stop it.

        1. It’s worse than that, James!. I think he types everything with one hand.

      2. You know that bitch is nasty

  14. David Skinner 29 Mar 2011, 4:48pm

    Yo, and the rest of you, this is vintage pink , queer, fagophile, personal attack. It is a marvel to behold how quickly you abandon the issue and instead descend into fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog,. You cannot help yourselves. And Iris, I cannot return your solicitous concern; I do not pity you. Even children, nay donkeys would understand what I say, but I am afraid you are so blind and hardened in your understanding that only divine intervention can save you from being eternally lost. The sobering truth is that this existence is the closest you will ever get to heaven but for a Christian it is the closest we will get to hell.


    1. personlal attacks?! pls. dont flatter urself, i just acknowledged ur lack of intelectual ability to discuss the issue without resorting to pseudo arguments, clearly u r intelectually inferior to even grasp the basics, hope i didnt offended u love

      1. Yo. Stop it hes probably leaking as you type

        1. well his stupidity just amuses me

  15. David Skinner(at the Pearly gates): Let me in! want to be free at last of all the people my faith condemns!
    St Peter (looking out of the Porter’s Lodge): Whom does your faith condemn?
    DS(gives very long list): -!!!!!!
    St Peter (talking into the intercom in the Porter’s Lodge): Er, I don’t think this one knows your girlfriend is an agnostic, Ma’am……

  16. me no understand, try english love

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