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Lady Gaga urges Malaysian people to protest censorship of her pro-gay song

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 26 Mar 2011, 7:58am

    I dunno, these days having a record banned somewhere isn’t always a bad thing, media-wise.

    1. Absolutely … It can be one of the most positive things both commercially and in terms of ensuring any particular message is played within the media …

    1. @John

      So, the law in Malaysia is prejudiced, homophobic and punishes people for their sexuality … this is not news … Its evidenced in a very small way by the censorship of the Lady Gaga track …

      Whilst I would not want to underestimate the difficulty that Malaysian LGBT people face due to the legal regime and mindset amongst some of the population with regards LGBT issues – I am not sure what you mean by your comment …

      It could be that you are suggesting that it makes it much more difficult for LGBT people in Malaysia to claim their rights and stand up and be counted. I don’t think anyone aware of the situation there would deny that. Equally, I think the evidence of censorship would (if for no other reason) make Lady Gaga aware there are significant LGBT rights issues in Malaysia. The difficulty in being open and criticizing lack of rights, censorship etc. is immense – but that difficulty does not mean we should be defeatist and not attempt to change the situation there.

  2. This song doesn’t make sense for transgendered people to me. Because T are not ‘born that way’. They are born a different gender than the one they feel they are inside. So maybe they are ‘born a different gender than the one they feel they are inside.’ Anyway, I get confused for T everytime I hear the song. But then maybe that’s what is clever about the song – I don’t know. It’s a good gay anthem though. Maybe gaga should think about this and work out how to write a trans anthem – ‘I was born another way, and that’s okay’.

    To be honest, it doesn’t matter wether I was ‘born this way’, or if I have ‘chosen this way’. I am this way. And no one else has any right to say otherwise. It doesn’t matter wether it’s nature or choice to me.

    1. @Edward

      Interesting comment on trans issues with regards the song. I guess you could argue that trans people were born with questions as to their identity … but it doesnt quite fit the lyrics in the same way as it may for many gay/bisexual people – although I would be interested in hearing the personal thoughts of a trans person.

      I have to agree, it doesnt really matter whether we were born this way or chose the way we are (be that specifically or sub consciously). The issue is the way we are and that we have the right to be the way we are. It shouldnt matter whether it choice or nature – it is interesting whether which it is, but even if there is evidence that “we” are born that way – it does not mean that some LGBT people did not choose.

      Whilst others may not like LGBT rights and they are entitled to their thoughts they should never be able to deny LGBT rights.

    2. not sure what you mean. I was born with a brain and body mismatch. So “transgender” may not be “born that way” but for transsexuals like myself, we most certainly were born this way.

      1. @Desiree G

        I guess what I meant made a big assumption that many transgender people will have undertaken or be seeking a reassignment – I appreciate not all will either want to, and some will not have this option. I wondered, how post reassignment a transgender person saw those lyrics because they could be seen as excluding transgender people (but thats an outsiders uninformed view – hence why I thought having others opinions may be useful). Would also be interesting to hear views about pre-reassignment thought processes on the lyrics

  3. ‘some of the lyrics were garbled’? As soon as she opens her mouth all I hear from her is garbled b0ll0cks. Still if she gets her Malaysian fans to shell out for a download of the track she won’t be too short of a bob. Now when will she just f..k off?

    1. Now if I have ever heard any (to quote) “garbled bullucks” then that was it …

      1. Poor innocent, a ‘bullock’ can be either the surname of a poorly talented actress who appeared in a film franchise (Speed) or a bull that has been left unable to breed through a surgical procedure. Which category would you fit into?

        1. A bullock is a young bull, castrated or not.
          A young female is called a heifer.

        2. Isn’t that wonderful, you can string a sentence together that isn’t overtly offensive but still makes you sound condescending …

          I am far from innocent – believe me …

          CMYB said “garbled b0ll0cks”

          I said “garbled bullucks” ….

          Very similar – so let me see, were you embarrassed at the offensive language you chose to use that you had to disguise it in such a shallow way? Maybe, you were referring to a a member of the bovine family of animals? Maybe you were referring to the Golden Globe and Academy award winning actress?

          I just couldnt be bothered to cut and paste from your juvenile comments and continued typing …

          If I had meant Bullock or bullock thats what I would have typed – I occasionally make typo’s but I do know how to spell …

        3. Your entire comment appears to be “garbled b0ll0cks” CYMB
          How about constructive criticism you bitchy queen?

  4. Just listened to this song again on youtube. I find it really fukcing annoying. I don’t like the line ” ’cause god makes no mistakes” WTF? God? Which god is that? jahweh, allah? cause both of those gods have been persecuting us for thousands of years – and this is supposed to be a gay anthem? And so she’s into god now, just like madonna was – except she’s like madonna’s ugly sister. She reminds me of the pied piper of hamelin – leading lost children to their death. But now I’m giving her ideas for her next video – you just watch – she’s an intellectual thief.
    But I suppose it’s just pop music – totally meaningless – she could be singing about not knowing the name of a nightclub she’s in, or fish and chips and people would still buy it. And like the newspapers that used to wrap fish and chips, it will be assigned to the dustbin. Garbled boIIocks? More like tomorrow’s garbage.

    1. Careful what you say, i think in some quarters she is considered a god.

    2. No God ever persecuted anyone. Ignorant and sad people do. And if there is God there is only One Universal Energy of Love and creativity anyway. If we dare to love and create that is. Ga Ga for sure knows of love and laws of attraction. I can only wish we all would stand up for our rights as much as she does.

    3. @Edward

      Most songs are meaningless … there are probably some exceptions but I don’t expect this one to become anthemic

      I also find the god makes no mistakes line annoying – but just as we are entitled to have rights so are those (however misguided) who have faith

      It will be assigned to some music library and not used often within a short period – but it will have earned her a lot of money and raised both her profile and the profile of political issues she sees as a priority within the media – the fact we are discussing it now is sufficient evidence of that

  5. Enough with the Lady GaGa news please! She’s nowhere near as important as she thinks she is.

    1. She’s consistently voted the second most influential woman in the world, so whether you like her or not, stop being so bitchy about her standing up for YOUR rights.

      I swear some of you people are retarded from these comments.
      Not all of us want to go back to the days when homophobia was everywhere and we couldn’t legally do anything like we can today.
      Without people like Lady Gaga, Madge, Elton John things wouldn’t progress half as fast for us.

      1. oh please! all she’s doing is ensuring that her “target audience” are still on her side. She’s thinking about her bank account, not human rights. she’s influential, yes, but for all the wrong reasons. She has nothing important to say about anything, she just pulls some wacky stunt every now and then like putting on a crazy dress, or something equally superficial, and everyone falls for it! I’m sorry but I just think we deserve a more intelligent, thoughtful, proactive role model than this! If this is what young gay people have to look up to, it is a very sad situation indeed.

        1. Her target audience is everyone Joga, she’s influential because she’s unique and a very talented musician, she spends every moment of her fame campaigning for human and gay rights.
          All she’s done is campaign for other peoples rights and get stick from people like you.
          If you can’t see that then you’re just an idiot.

          She even donated $250,000 to Japan, name another celebrity that did that.

          1. I love GaGa, that was a stupid comment though tbh. Loads of celebrities have donated money to Japan. Britney’s figure was in the millions. Also, she’s better than GaGa, deal with it.

  6. Couldn’t it just be the Malaysians have some taste in music? This woman is becoming so loathsomely ubiquitous we should team her up with Jock Strap and send them on the next manned flight into space – one way…

  7. I used to like this woman.

    I still think she’s got a good head on her shoulders and her heart is in the right place but by god Pink News…do you do nothing but stalk her?

    You’re putting me off the poor woman.

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