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Vigil for New York teen killed in anti-gay attack

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Reader comments

  1. Is no place safe for gay people or those assumed to be gay anymore?

    1. There will always be bigots

      Its what we have to continually fight against

    2. Realistically no. Just as women are abducted raped and murdered at will by men and are always in potential danger so are we. Women cannot walk alone at night and be safe so it’s not just us and the only way that will change is when men change.

      1. @James!

        I think the level of fear is disproportionate to the risk for both men and women, that said, it does not change the fact that some men and women are attacked and there is a real sense of fear. That is unlikely to be significantly changed until behaviour of those men who perpetrate these crimes change.

        1. Stu. Google reclaim the night. Women are in mortal danger if they are alone on the street at night. You are entitled to your opinion but as a white man you must realise that you are in a privileged position and your assumptions are based on your experiences. How about a bit of empathy?

          1. @James!

            With the greatest of respect you are presuming what I am presuming …

            As a former police officer (during which time I was a sexual offence liaison officer) and now as a paramedic, I have significant experience of encountering violence of all types. Your accusation of me failing to have empathy are within foundation. I fail to see where my previous comment lacked empathy – what I said was that fear was justifiable and understandable, just the level of fear was disproportionate with the real level of crime. You are right, I am entitled to my opinion – they are based both on my experience and on knowledge of the real level of crime from a professional context. Equally, people are entitled to hold understandable perceptions that cause them to be scared. I have every empathy with victims of violence and having supported rape survivors many times – I do empathize!
            As a white man, I may be priviledged in some locations and in more danger elsewhere.

          2. typo – without foundation

          3. My mistake where you claim the level of fear is disproportionate IMO is wrong. If I get some aggro everytime I leave my house although it’s no fear I feel It’s more anger. Some men and women have the same experiences so their level of fear To risk may be appropriate. Do you get it?

          4. @James!

            I do get that individual circumstance and experience is key in terms of level of fear, anger or whatever relating to risk on the streets.

            That experience may be informed from historical attack, knowing others who were attacked, media reports, anti social behaviour of whatever type or in other ways. The outcome in terms of how they perceive the level of risk etc is real to them, Often though there is a perception that the level of risk they perceive for them is the same as that which everyone else faces – and the statistics don’t often bear that out.

            However, statistics are rarely good forms of reassurance. Statistics certainly dont make you feel better.

          5. “However, statistics are rarely good forms of reassurance. Statistics certainly dont make you feel better”

            You used the exact opposite argument when I questioned the statistic that stated there was a 70% increase in cases of HIV

          6. @James!

            I don’t remember where we chatted about a 70% increase in HIV – so can’t argue my point …

            I do think that generally statistics are not usually a good form of reassurance …

            There will be times where they are the only forms of reassurance … for example in things which are not easily visible … but I can’t recall the context of the discussion or even which thread it was on, sorry …

          7. Sorry Stu it wasn’t you who made those comments

  2. Is Stu saying just about anything to be the top poster this week? I mean some of the cr@p you’re posting barely constitutes being a sentence let alone something intelligible.

    1. @ Riondo

      I have no interest in being the top poster this week. I merely am enjoying good constructive debate.

      It is interesting that you choose this particular post with which to make your comment.

      Lets examine it:

      There will always be bigots.

      This is an opinion but based on personal experience and evidence thus far. The content of that sentence is gramatically correct.

      Its what we have to continually fight against.

      Again, an opinion but linked to the previous sentence and which demonstrates my commitment and views on the issue. You may think they are irrelevant – I don’t.

      Given the number of responses I have received across a number of dicussion thread on here which support many of my views – I have to say your view (to which you are entitled) that I am saying unintelligible things isn’t borne out by the evidence. Indeed, I have agreed with you and you have agreed with me elsewhere.

      There are some significant areas where we disagree – that doesnt mean my opinion is wrong.

      1. Oh game on Stu, the top posters going to be me! :p

      2. Stu and everyone –
        The above ‘Riondo’ post is from the same abusive troll using my post name as has appeared on other threads. Please ignore him/her. Whoever you are, fake ‘Riondo’ troll, have the decency to use your own God-damned post name to leave your venomous messages.

        1. Jock S. Trap 27 Mar 2011, 5:30pm


          Those that know you here will see that it isn’t you, it’s far from the kind of stuff you say but I recognise it is frustrating. Sadly PinkNews won’t do anything. It is time they acted though to stamp this out.

          1. Thanks for that, JST. I’m glad the difference is plainly obvious!!

  3. How many sisters were there at this party and how many were just bystanders that allowed this atrocity to happen. Attack the attackers, overwhelm them with your numbers. You may break a nail, but Justice and Freedom are not free. DO NOT STAND BY AND ALLOW THESE ATROCITIES TO HAPPEN! FIGHT BACK.

  4. It’s just struck me – pun intended! – manslaughter for going after somebody with a metal pipe – what a bad joke.

    1. Manslaughter for murdering Ian Baynham is a bad joke too

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