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Video: Jake Gyllenhaal on all those gay rumours

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Reader comments

  1. Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, cute and stupid.

    Bearding with Reese Witherspoon was bad, and he thought that bearding with Taylor Swift was a good idea???

  2. How do you know he’s gay, Alan? Has he admitted it, has he been caught inflagrante delicto? I think not. Either way, I like him just the way he is, a staunch friend and supporter of the LGBT community just like his sister. We need more straight allies than anything else, we won’t get full equality without them batting for our side.

    1. Jake didn’t do anything to support any LGBT issue in the last 4-5 years.
      Absolutely nothing.

      But he did beard and pretend to be heterosexual.

      1. Unless you know something for certainty, then what you are expressing is mere speculation and tabloid gossip …

        Also with regards to his work for the LGBT communities see my comment below

        1. How do you know he doesn’t know something for certain?

          I do.

          1. @EM

            I am sure he knows “something” for certain, whether it has anything to do with Jake Gyllenhaal or has any basis in fact is open to considerable doubt …

            Even if he does “know” something about Jake Gyllenhaals sexual orientation – then the only person with any entitlement to disclose it is Jake Gyllenhaal. If he was gay, yes, I would prefer to see him come out – but out of choice and not because some selfish spineless individual wanted to gossip …

            As for the “bearding” comments – how offensive can you be – actually, I suspect thats tame … but still inappropriate and wrong. Again, whether he is straight or bisexual (or gay) is a matter for him and not us

      2. Alan, his bearding is laughable ain’t it! Reese was bad enough but PR even put the breakers on Taylor Swift as that one was just ludicrous.

        1. The media need to stop using the word “admitted”, but we need to stop using it first.

          “Has he admitted it”

          It isn’t a crime anymore.

  3. Whether Jake Gyllenhall is straight, gay or bi – I don’t really care …

    He is cute, he is a friend of the LGBT communities and supportive of LGBT people …

    He is a fairly decent actor and funny when interviewed …

    I suspect he is probably straight – but regardless he is good eye candy – but much more than that too

    1. Jake Gyllenhaal’s bearding is homophobic and against LGBT interests.

      1. @Alan

        What I will say is that Gyllenhaal has repeatedly done significant amounts of pro bono work for the American Civil Liberties Union and supported LGBT rights.

        His interviews regarding his views on orientation have been sophisticated, generous and sensitive. His discussion of friends and relatives who are gay has also been sensitive and supportive.

        So, your suggestion that he did nothing to support LGBT interests is untrue.

        1. Here here! Why do we constantly criticise people who identify as straight and support us..? Surely their support is what we need if to be accepted as the equals we are. To bitch and say they’re hypocrital closet cases does not help anyone but our critics. He says he’s straight, it’s not for me to say he isn’t, and I’m grateful for his support. Secondly to that, I’m grateful for his cuteness. Finally, if he was a closet case then he probably wouldn’t be so openly supportive of gay people….remember, those who shout loudest have most to hide. He’s done no shouting – remember that.

          1. Absolutely

            Remarkably cute and supportive … I like!

  4. Ms Beaverhausen 25 Mar 2011, 5:41pm

    Ive had him

    1. Omg, Anastasia, do tell!

    2. And then you woke up!

  5. Another closeted homo.

    Bareback Mountain has got to be the worst film of all time.

    1. Your contention that Brokeback Mountain is the worst film of all time is harsh, at best. Lets consider the evidence:

      Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score. Nominated for Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Cinematography.
      BAFTA Awards for Best Film, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. Nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Score and Best Editing
      Broadcast Film Critics Assoc Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song
      National Gay Pride Association Award for Best Motion Picture
      GLADD Media Awards Outstanding Film Award
      MTV Movie Awards Best Performance and Best Kiss

      In total 71 awards and an additional 52 nominations

      Gross revenue of $178m

      Clearly the WORST movie ever …?

      No the evidence suggests otherwise

      1. Yes, thank you, Stu. A brilliant piece of cinema with wonderful acting and photography.

        1. Fabulous piece of cinema and acting in my view

          Seems I am not the only person to think that

          @Riondo and Robert – my pleasure

      2. Jock S. Trap 26 Mar 2011, 7:40am

        I think you misunderstood LULU2 comment stu. Bareback Mountain I believe is a porno so quite possibly the worst film ever made. ;) (I’m sure they didn’t mean that but you have to humour these uneducated people don’t ya.

        As for Brokeback Mountain, one of the best films ever made and one of my personal Favs, more for Heath than Jake but “cough”

        1. @Jock S Trap

          No I deliberately noted the Bareback Mountain comment of LULU2 and refused to duck to his/her levels – Since we were talking about Gyllenhaal on this thread and since Brokeback Mountain was nicknamed bareback mountain in some sections of the media (despite there being a porn film of same name – of whose quality I have no idea), I felt I would refer to the film of the actor to whom this thread referred.

          Some elements of these uneducated people is worth humouring – some of their comments are just fatuous

          I liked Heath and still like Jake lol

      3. LULU2 you’re the f…king closet case.

    2. LU to LULU2 ? ….well that shows great imagination

    3. LU to LULU2 ….well that shows great imagination

      1. So let me get this, ahem, ‘straight’… LU/LULU our homophobic correspondant is now reviewing gay pornos?
        That’s a closet that runs all the way back to Narnia!

        1. @Flapjack

          Yeah it appears so

          Perhaps they can advise on awards for the next Gay Adult Films Awards?

          Seem to have more insight than me on porn lol

  6. And I have pixies living under the toadstools in my unicorn paddock.
    His ‘straight best friend’ is a lot more passionate and devoted than a lot of gay lovers I’ve met.
    Hollywood drives people to these lunacies.

    1. Agreed, but there will always be little civilian apologists like Stu who run out of the woodwork to defend them and tell other people how ‘remarkably cute and supportive’ Jake Gyllenhaal is. I would say Jake Gyllenhaal has spent a lot of time feathering his own nest and throwing gays under the bus with his remarks/deviations over the years.

      1. Jock S. Trap 26 Mar 2011, 7:55am

        “civilian apologists” —- Oh my!! What a remark. Not everyone is addicted to Heat or Hello magazine to find such comments.

        Jake clearly has no issues with the rumours considering how many and who has before taken the press and people to court for saying such things…. Dame Elton springs to mind.

      2. @EM

        Define civilian apologist for me
        It somes like non-military (well I have certainly been in uniformed service in the past) and apologist – making excuses for – No, just giving the facts as I see them. If Gyllenhaal has done anything to damage the LGBT communities please show us …

        “Throwing gays under a bus” interesting choice of metaphor

        Remarks – such as?

        Deviations – such as?

        EM – read my comments of here, you will see I deal in facts and reason – you however, I perceive, deal in rumour, supposition, gossip and slander – Now, I know which I prefer …

        1. Typo – sounds like

          Type – my comments on here

  7. Stu, thank you.

  8. No matter his orientation he’s welcome with us.

  9. where is everybody’s gaydar???????

    1. @tomc

      On the basis that I have several straight friends who I have gaydar pinging at – but I am certain are straight, I am not going to jump to conclusions on this one

      If he is gay – fantastic … if he is bisexual – great … if he is straight – superb …

      1. @Stu……. i am like you re: my straight friends and the ‘gaydar’ thing……. my comment was meant to be light hearted and i have no idea/inclination myself regarding the so-called ‘gaydar’ thing and i also share the same sentiments as you regarding whatever the guy is! plus i thought bbm was a great movie too albeit somewhat heart-wrenching at times regarding the storyline x

        1. @tomc

          I did think your comment was mainly in jest …

          and I smiled, but given one or two of the comments felt the need to clarify – hope you didnt mind

          BBM is a great film – heart wrenching at times for sure … and I could have happily snogged Jake lol …


          1. @stu don’t mind constructive criticism at all stu…..c

    2. My gaydar is completely silent on Jake. Always has been.

  10. saynotommmmm 25 Mar 2011, 11:55pm

    body language tells it all , watch how actors hold their female co stars. Not matter how good thy think they can act, they can never hide everything

    1. Or maybe it speaks more of your perception

  11. I can’t understand why stars who eventually come out or who are gay-friendly but alleged to be in the closet are so heavily criticised. Aren’t there enough Phelps for us to tackle first?

    Brokeback was an amazing film that delivered a powerful positive message to a mainstream audience, so thanks to Jake for that. It was also positive for a straight man to play a gay role so effectively.

    If he happens to be gay but isn’t yet comfortable about coming out, that would be his right. Agreed, if that were the case it would be great if he did go public sometime, but only gays who take a homophobic stance should be criticised.

    1. Why would you expect anyone to tackle inbred lunatics like Phelps who will die homophobic and not closet cases who ae merely restrained because of money/advice of Hollywood execs/fear?

      If you want to defet homohobia and closeting you ask the sane folk first. The Phelps will always be lunatics.

      1. @EM

        No it is precisely because of the poisonous rhetoric of people like Phelps that they need to be challenged and confronted

        It seems that those determined to out and ridicule “closet” Hollywood cases take the path of weakness (in my view). Is it too difficult to confront the poisonous more damaging comments of Phelps etc? Or maybe you recognise there is evidence of wrong doing there so you don’t have to fabricate (or expose something which you have no entitlement to do).

        Even if, and no one has provided any evidence to substantiate the claims, Gyllenhaal was to be gay – and I don’t want to see the evidence unless he chooses to come out – then I don’t see how this changes his character. He has demonstrated he is supportive of the LGBT communities (to be honest, whether he is a member or not is irrelevant).

  12. Jake is one of those guys we would love to wake up in the morning to. So refreshing and charming.

    1. Yes please

      1. Again with the mindless verbal diarrohea. You’re certainly racking up the quotes on here. Now how about saying something interesting for a change?

        1. @Riondo

          I would refer you to my comment on the previous thread.

          I am enjoying the conversation and debate that I have been having. If you don’t like it fine.

          Most of what I have been saying has been of significance – with very few like this “Yes please” comment – which was meant to be humorous … if you didn’t like it, thats fine … I did

          1. Stu
            I didn’t make the post above and certainly don’t use such rude language. Whoever is using my post name, damn well stop it, please. And I always appreciate your posts, Stu.

          2. @Riondo

            Thanks for the clarification.

            I have found your posts interesting.

            Apologies, for coming back specifically at you – but I think you can appreciate why!

  13. Jock S. Trap 26 Mar 2011, 7:36am

    Gay or not, whats it matter?

    He a good, goodlooking actor who clearly has no issues with regards sex orientation.

    I’m all for that.

    1. Here here …

      A good, attractive actor who is comfortable in his own skin (and I suspect is being honest but I dont know and dont care) and is supportive of LGBT rights

      Works for me

    2. Agree with all those who said it shouldn’t matter if he’s gay or straight.
      If he should come out then he should do it because he wants to, not because of heresay innuendo.
      My only beef is with closeted homophobes a la Ted Haggard/ George Rekers who preach homophobic intolerance but still get to hire rent boys on the sly to help “shift the luggage”.

      1. @Flapjack

        Well said …

        Where someone preaches homophobia (whilst they are entitled to their view, I would not hold that they have the right to “market” their homophobic hatred) they clearly hold themselves open to account – when that is found wanting by clear evidence of hyprocracy then they should not be surprised when there is balanced reporting of both their prejudice and their hypocracy.

        I have seen no evidence that Gyllenhaal fits into that category, in fact all the information I have seen seems to point more to Gyllenhaals integrity being in no doubt.

        I suspect he isn’t gay, but if he is then coming out should be his decision, and his alone to make …

    3. My point exactly. Does it really matter?

  14. Jake came across a bit Tom Cruise when he told the story about his childhood friend.
    Anything remotely Tom Cruise-like is offputting for me and I wish he hadn’t felt the need to explain his friendship the way he did.
    I never thought Jake Gylllenhall was actually gay and it doesn’t matter to me either way, I still think he’s great and Donnie Darko is still one of my favourite movies and Brokeback Mountain will always be a landmark movie for it’s subject matter though it’s such a downer.

  15. Why does anyone care?

    (I’m only leaving this comment cause I’m bored and I’m trying to get into the top ten users of the week – you must be really bored this week Stu – 516 comments! that’s more than Jock Strap!)

    1. is it cause he’s so fukcing fit?

    2. @Edward

      Partly bored – althought it has been very interesting to debate on here, and I intend to continue for the moment

      Am currently long term sick recovering from pneumonia and dont have energy to do much, but I can surf on the net – and this is one of a few sites which I have found interesting.

      Genuinely have no interest in whether I am in the top ten users of the week.

      1. Stu, you might enjoy the discussion threads at interesting,
        This was formed after the Richard Dawkins fora shut down and a lot of people went en-masse there.
        I imagine you’d enjoy discussing things with other critical thinking types.
        All kinds of topics gay, politics, news and general discussion.
        Get well soon,
        ( maybe the link will post successfully in body of text above)

          1. Thanks Pavlos – will have a look later today

    3. bored and/or lonely.

      1. Bored and frustrated

        Lonely – not as much as when I was first ill

        Now that I have begun to recover, have had plenty of visits from friends and staying with parents for a while, so not lonely …

        Its a great site to debate …

        1. Hope you are hale and hearty again soon.

          1. Thank You x

          2. Ahhhh, Stu’s such a nice guy. But why do I get the feeling the innocent little lamb is going to get roasted alive by someone very soon. It’s going to be brutal. ;) Where’s spanner when you need him – he seems to have grown more compassionate of late. (I miss the old spanner in the works)

            I too wish you well stu. Then we won’t have to sift through your blabbering responses to every single fukcing comment that’s been left on pink news. xx

          3. @Edward

            Thanks, I think …

            As you can see I believe in freedom of speech and exercise it …

            If I’m going to be roasted, hope its enjoyable ;-p

  16. SteveDenver 28 Mar 2011, 1:10am

    It’s not so much that Jake is or isn’t gay, but that some of us WANT him to be gay. I wish he would stop making crap films.

    1. Sure it would be nice if he was gay, but I’m not going to twist his arm about it.
      Still rate Donny Darko and Brokeback Mountain, but he hasn’t really had a decent project lately. But then you never know what’s around the corner.

      1. Jock S. Trap 28 Mar 2011, 9:37am

        Gonna check out Source Code?

        1. I dunno, what are the reviews like? It’s time he had a fresh role where he wasn’t simply generic eye-candy.

    2. Jock S. Trap 28 Mar 2011, 9:36am

      I’m sure most of us couldn’t give a flying fig if he is one way or another, he doesn’t speak ill of our community so it’s his business.

  17. If I met him in the UK I’d ask myself, is he gay or is it just his American accent?

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