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Interview: Andrew Hayden-Smith is grown up, single and returning to your TV

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Reader comments

  1. sorry hardly news

    1. Interesting magazine style article in my opinion.

      As a north easterner myself originally, it is good to see a well adjusted and positive role model

      Maybe its not an article that is your cup of tea … I liked it …

      1. agree nice positive article

    2. @ Gav, that’s the whole point. I think it’s great that PN is doing interviews like this and comment articles, along with reviews and previews of stuff, really mature broadsheet style journalism. Keep it up!

      1. Seconded – it’s nice to read happy stories, especially about successful young l&g people today. The NE was a vile place to grow up gay in my youth – he seems to have had a much better time of it. I still don’t like the accent, but I’m entitled to that view as I was brought up speaking it!

        1. @Riondo

          You and I both are entitled to that view …

          Have to say in terms of appreciation of the accent, I have mellowed over the last 5-10 years – when I was in my teens I was determined not to have a Geordie accent!

          I did think the NE was a vile place to be gay when I was younger – although how much of that was due to the place and how much due to other factors impacting on me I am not sure with hindsight.

          I now love the NE, really value it both for its beauty and friendliness as well as its heritage, culture and real sense of equality.

          1. You are probably right regarding the place – I’m sure being a gay teenager in any working-class environment in the 70’s would have been pretty awful, but when you’re young and impressionable I think you inevitably tie your bad experiences to where they happen and who inflicts them. Newcastle is certainly a much more attractive place now than when I lived there. I have a cousin living in rural Northumberland and staying there a few years ago was a reminder of how lovely the NE countryside is.

  2. I don’t remember him in Doctor Who. Oh well.

    1. He was great in Doctor Who!

      1. You don’t get out much do you?

        1. Paddyswurds 26 Mar 2011, 7:15pm

          @ Riondo…wouldn’t one need to stay in to see Dr Who…

          1. But is it the real Riondo who is asking?

  3. I wonder what his G@yd@r profile name is……

    1. I wonder ……

  4. I’ve always liked him. Missed him off tv I remember him as a cbbc presenter. One of the good ones, wasn’t summed down as much.

    Cant wait to see what he gets up to this year.

  5. Seems like a genuine all round nice guy who’s not up his own arse – ie fame hasn’t changed the lad so yeah nice little article seeing as I am a also geordie! Oh and he’s got a beautiful smile!

    1. @tomc

      How many gay geordies are there who enjoy reading pinknews?


      1. in the ‘geordie’ context i am unsure?????? although being gay i still consider myself as a geordie nevertheless stu!

        1. Excellent to see so many northeasterners on here at the moment!

          1. You are not the only northerner in the village Stu lol
            Back on topic…. its nice to have positive stories :-)

  6. Good article and yes he was good in Dr Who! I’m not a geordie but from County Durham……seems a few from the north east on here, lol.

    1. @Paul

      Actually in Co Durham myself at the moment – although its not my home now!

      He was good in Dr Who – Have always wondered if he was the gay CBBC presenter who was warned about his behaviour in Heaven! … whether he was or not have always thought he seemed a decent lad with his head screwed on – in all the press articles etc that I have seen

  7. Erk.
    A mention of Doctor Who, and no sign of Rose.

    Rose!!?? Are you still out there!??

    1. is there anybody out there????

      1. I often wonder lol

  8. Nice to read an article about a young man who seems confident in who he is.

  9. Here’s the transcript from a live interview with Andrew Hayden Smith, given to CBBC on 7th October 2003, before he came out publicly in Attitude. As you can see Andrew was asked quite a lot about dating, girlfriends etc, but he evaded the full truth, perhaps because he would have been aware that, at root, the showbiz/media world is as homophobic a place as anywhere else in society.

    My latest blog is a review of CBBC programme ‘Sadie J’ which, it was hoped, was going to give a forward-looking message in terms of diversity and inclusiveness. However this didn’t turn out to be the case.

    Wishing Andrew well in his new venture.

  10. I have met him, at a works ball, the hired him, god knows why, he is a truely dreadfull person, very over rated. Should stay on his break away.

    1. Paddyswurds 26 Mar 2011, 7:00pm

      Bitter old queen….knocked you back then, did he??

  11. And they call this a news site? Sheesh!

    1. There are magazine article components to most news sites …
      If you dont like a particular article – you don’t have to read it

      1. If a story is posted on a news site you expect there to be something noteworthy therein. PN is one of the last bastions of serious, respected gay journalism, and that is by no means faint praise. Leave the celebrity tat to Boyz, QX and GT which of late joined them in the gutter.

        1. No, I expect it to be noteworthy to someone – not necessarily me.

          I found this a positive and charming story that spoke to me. The fact it meant nothing to you, does not diminish the fact it was relevant to me.

          I am all for maintaining the quality of reporting and journalism on pink news and elsewhere. I do, recognise that some stories I find of no interest to me but are relevant to others.

  12. I’ve seen him out and he is a lovely guy. His friend Adrian also from CBBC is hot!!

  13. I wonder whether Andrew was referring just to the AKT advert or whether he’s also got something else lined up?

    The homophobic treatment he received from the BBC was a disgrace, but unfortunately quite typical of the Corporation.

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