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Elizabeth Taylor ‘fashionably late’ for own funeral

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Reader comments

  1. “wanted to be late for her own funeral” :-)

  2. Sleep in peace, Liz. Thanks for the great movies and the excellent HIV/AIDS work. So glad the disgusting Phelps brigade didn’t show.

    1. Well just goes to show that the WBC are basically publicity junkies before anything else.
      Once they have the publicity they crave, actually doing the funeral is a mere afterthought.

  3. The Lizzie 12 25 Mar 2011, 2:44pm

    Miss Taylor was a true friend of Dorothy, beautiful on the inside and outside. An extraordinary film career too, from the greatness of Maggie the Cat and Martha, to the awfulness of Pearl Slaghoople. She lived a soap opera life, and never bored us. RIP.

  4. Peter & Michael 25 Mar 2011, 4:11pm

    R.I.P. Dame Elizabeth Taylor, an icon for the Gay community, her efforts in raising millions of dollars for AIDS was truly magnificent.

  5. What a star!

  6. Class all the way


  7. Steve@GayWebHosting 25 Mar 2011, 8:10pm

    Yes a great loss to the world and especially the gay community.

    RIP. XXX

    1. Not just to the gay community (even though we claim her as one of our own.)

      She was an international, universal star!

      A classy dame, all the way.

  8. What a sense of homour…
    To stipulate that she be late for her own funeral…….
    Depart this vale of tears with style and panche and a bit of “Toungue in Cheek”…
    Well done Dame Elizabeth…

  9. George Broadhead 26 Mar 2011, 6:29pm

    I hadn’t realised that she was Jewish.

    According to Wikepedia she converted from Christian Science to Judaism aged 27.

    Wikepedia also reveals that she worked for Israel and Zionism-related causes for much of her life. Her public support for the State of Israel began in 1959 when, as a new convert to Judaism, she purchased Israel Bonds in such large quantities that boycotts of her films occurred in Arab countries; she later helped to raise money for organizations such as the Jewish National Fund.

  10. What a beautiful photograph. I just loved her look. An amazing, wonderful woman who will never be forgotten. I ADORE the fact that she wanted to be late for her own funeral – what an incredible woman. :-)

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