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Coronation Street gets first gay parents

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Reader comments

  1. get ready for the daily heil/ christian institute to go bonkers!

  2. Is a soap-opera a fit environment for a child?

  3. The ‘radical give-a-kid-a-loving-home agenda’?

  4. How much credence should be given to homophobes sounding off with no genuine grounds for complaint? I hope no heed will be paid to their rantings and ravings. Soaps are supposed to reflect real life and there are loads of gay parents out there.

  5. Soaps reflect real life? They sure do…the trams are always going off the tracks and flattening whole terraces of poorly built houses round my way (Coronation Street). Also you can’t swing a without bumping in to someone who’s had her uncle’s baby (Eastenders) or then there was the terrible air disaster two towns over from me which flattened a whole farm; the burning carcasses of dead sheep and their molestors as far as the eye could see (Emmerdale). Hands up who remembers when Fallon was abducted by aliens on a dimly lit stretch of highway back in the 80s? It took four aliens about a week to probe her hairsprayed backcombed Thatcher-esque barnet. (The Colbys).

  6. @CMYB,hahahahaha! Yup,well said!
    Now,onto this debacle which is to land on Corrie’s famous cobbles.How are the producers expecting it’s viewers to buy into this? It’s not like ‘Marcus’ has been around much in recent months.Yet we’re expected to believe thst ‘Sean’ & he are going to become parents.I think it does a disservice to all same-sex partnerships who are actually attempting to become parents.It’s rarely,if ever,a spur of the moment idea.We haven’t seen these two characters together enough to make it appear they’re in a committed relationship.I guess though it won’t hurt the ratings!

  7. LOL as if Violet and Jamie would give Dylan to Sean just like that – they moved to London to get away from the annoying tit. It’s important to show that there’s nothing wrong with gay parenting, but I’d much rather this kind of storyline be used for the right reason’s and be given to a genuinely committed gay soap couple. I think this will do more harm than good to be honest.

    1. Totally agree PJ – he is an annoying tit. Unfortunately because he fulfils the soaps gay quota then his job is probably more secure than most. A bit like Dev Panto Alahan ticking the Asian box.

  8. How frigging boring, and no doubt trying to beat EastEnders’ pathetic gay parent storyline first past the post. Clearly they haven’t been watching that debacle too closely. It just makes for boring tokenism television and it is far-fetched beyond belief that a set of gay parents would live down your street. Guys, get a dog instead. Far more loyal and loving creatures that won’t cost you the earth nor grow up into screwed up brats. Fact!

  9. What on earth does ‘handled sensitively’ mean? Viewers might be offended? It’s not like Corry is showing penetration or an orgy in the Rovers with a sling! You might say it’s voyeuristic to show anything controversial…
    Corry should reflect ‘real life’ not censor it for timid viewers… in that way it reflects the dilemmas, complications, angst, and prejudices that one faces in everyday life. In short, life is messy – and it should give us food for thought about inequality/ies.

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