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24 March 2011

  • 24th March 2011

    Census campaign calls for people to list their religion as ‘lesbian’ 107

    4:25 PM — People are being urged to list their religion in the UK census as 'lesbian' to protest at the lack of a question on sexual orientation. The grassroots campaign has been backed by lesbian broadcaster Amy Lamé and Stonewall's chief executive Ben Summerskill.

  • Review: Proud2 launches at London’s O2 1

    3:53 PM — London’s O2 saw the launch of a new club this month in the form of Proud2. Part of the Proud family of venues that includes the famous Proud Camden, Proud Kitchen and Proud Brighton Ballroom, it keeps up the tradition of theatrical decor, performance art and a vibrant mix of art forms.

  • Government scraps dual discrimination protection 27

    The provision was scrapped as part of plans to cut red tape (Photo: B Hernandez)

    3:31 PM — The government is scrapping a 'dual discrimination' protection in the Equality Bill. Chancellor George Osborne announced the change in yesterday's budget but HIV campaigners urged the government to change its mind.

  • Court blocks attempt to lift California gay marriage ban 2

    Gay couples in California are still waiting to find out if they can marry

    2:30 PM — The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeal has declined to lift its stay on an order overturning California's gay marriage ban. The case looks set to drag on for many months more.

  • Derby council defends foster ban on Christian couple 184

    Eunice and Owen Johns were barred from fostering children

    1:51 PM — Derby city council has defended its decision to ban a Christian couple from fostering because of their views on homosexuality.

  • Coronation Street gets first gay parents 10

    Antony Cotton will become a 'hands on dad'

    1:19 PM — Gay Coronation Street characters Sean Tully and Marcus Dent are to become parents. The couple will bring up Sean's toddler Dylan after his mother Violet asks them to take care of him.

  • Survey: Most US Catholics support gay rights 185

    11:12 AM — A study of US Catholics says they are more supportive of gay rights than the general public and other Christians. The Public Religion Research Institute study found that almost half (43 per cent) of Catholics support gay marriage and 56 per cent say gay relationships are not sinful.

  • Chemical influences sexual behaviour in mice 83

    Serotonin affected sexual behaviour in male mice

    10:38 AM — Scientists in China say they have discovered that the sexual behaviour of male mice is influenced by a chemical in the brain. Those without serotonin were more likely to display sexual behaviour to other males.

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