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Edinburgh police say gay lecturer was murdered

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Reader comments

  1. Good to see more proactive comments from the police re the incidents in the Edinburgh area

    1. “proactive comments” ?????? more like minimal effort to placate the lgbt community.

      1. What would you like them to do, rapture?

  2. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 4:37pm

    Another hate crime from another cruel homphobe.

    And Ken Clarke want sentences to be softer? I don’t think so.

    1. A gay man was murdered. That is all we know.
      Who said anything about hate crime?

      1. Absolutely, the murder may be motivated due to the victims orientation – it may have nothing whatsoever to do with it

        That said, the background in Edinburgh at the moment does make things feel odd

        1. How about likelihood Stu? There is more chance that these 3 men were murdered because they were gay do be so bloody pig headed

          1. Again, Why? Nearly 80 people were murdered in the area in the last year, and most were not gay. People get killed for the most trivial of reasons, and being gay is just one of many of them

          2. @James!

            I fully accept that 3 men murdered in a short space of time in a small geographical area does make it reasonable to suspect that there may be a link to the deaths and that this may be due to the victims being gay.

            However, of the 2 gay men who were murdered where I had an involvement in the investigation when I was in the police in neither case did the motive have any connection to the victims orientation.

            There are a vast number of reasons why a murder may be committed. Debt, jealousy, Punishment, Hatred etc. They may not even be linked.

    2. This was in Edinburgh. Criminal law is now a matter for the Scottish Parliament, and thus the UK Justice Secretary has no jurisdiction. By all means raise it with the Scottish Justice Cabinet Secretary – who also wants non-custodial sentences reduced. However, murder or culpable homicide is not ‘minor’.

      1. @JDA – Well said. I do think the issue on the sentencing issue is particularly that homicide (of whatever type) is never a minor offence.
        I also think at this stage of the investigation that taking political capital on justice issues is inappropriate and your comments nicely nipped that in the bud

        1. Incidentally I had forgotten of the difference between legal systems and that Ken Clarke would therefore be irrelevant.

          Its an important issue the reduction of quantity of custodial sentencing but not at this time and probably not relevant in this case

  3. 3 gay men in a month that’s to many to be coincedence. That alone should connect the deaths together

    1. Not necessarily …

      Its enough for questions to be asked – but its entirely proper that the police keep an open mind as to whether they are connected or not unless and until there is clear evidence to link the events or prove they are not linked …

      There will be evidence that the police are not disclosing publically and that may actually suggest the events are not linked …

      Equally they may be playing down a link to reassure the community.

  4. Did they frecuent the same bars and/or cruising areas? Contact the same guy online? Lots of leads to check, I suspect.

  5. Live in groups, work in groups and protest in groups. We will succeed because we do not hate, the hate wil kill those who spend their days hating.

  6. Edinburgh’s gay scene isn’t the largest and people do have a tendency to know one another – I wouldn’t be surprised if the 3 men did know each other somehow.. All our gay bars are in the same area…

  7. The Pilton murder is I think a guy that I knew many years ago. The police have arrested a man for that crime. The other two could well be related as both victims were seen leaving bars with two men who have not been found!

  8. Tim Hopkins 24 Mar 2011, 7:26am

    You can see a statement from the police yesterday, and also a link to details of how you can report incidents remotely (ie not direct to the police), here:

    1. I notice that horrific comments both condoning the murders and inciting hatred against the LGBT community have been taken down off this website. Is that due to this investigation?

  9. It seems we simply can’t help ourselves.3 gay men are murdered & immediately we spring to the assumption that they’re linked,or that it’s a serial-killer of ‘fags’.Let the police do their work.At least we have the knowledge that at long last the police,as an official body,ARE now taking such cases seriously.Speculation doesn’t help.

  10. Tim Hopkins 25 Mar 2011, 7:50am

    The police have now made arrests in all three cases.

    1. Good to hear …

      Be interesting to hear if any when any charges are brought and whether there were any direct or indirect links, but am sure that will become clear in time

      Be also interesting to learn if hate on hear is being investigated fully

  11. Good to see on another thread that a male has now been charged with this murder

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