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Parents of gay suicide student don’t want roommate punished ‘harshly’

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Reader comments

  1. Poor family. I hope those two people are punished.

  2. All this equality but he may have been safer lodging with a gay person.

    I hope that bastard gets some time in prison and his cherry popped

    1. You have a twisted sense of justice. Anyone advocating rape, regardless of what that person has done, is sick.

      1. Liberal pussy the man killed him self

  3. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2011, 4:04pm

    Hopefully they’ll get harsh punishment enough to deter others thinking of acting so cruel.

    1. WhitelighterNY 7 May 2011, 6:17pm

      All they are guilty of is an invasion of privacy. The suicide can’t be attributable to any of the actions taken in this case, if you think otherwise, that is based on speculation, which is insufficient to convict in a court of law.

  4. It really was a disgusting thing to do. I don’t care what his parents say, these two students totally deserve harsh punishments in my view.

  5. These are the apes responsible

  6. lord gaga, I can’t see that image. Anyway, this seems like such a lovely young guy. Why did he think it was so shameful to be gay?

    1. Probably because he grew up in a Christian home and his parents are anti-gay.

  7. Steve@GayWebHosting 22 Mar 2011, 10:46pm

    Tragic and his parents certainly have more compassion that I would have in the same circumstances…. (or certain other god-botherers show on here seem to show!)

    They have both been charged with ´invasion of privacy´…. which they both DENY??? What planet are these people on? Which part of watching his private life on webcams do they think are NOT invading his privacy exactly?

    Sorry…. Lock ´em up!

  8. I’m a bit confused how watching someone have sex can ever be considered a college prank. You wouldn’t do that to a straight couple.

  9. Well the man did kill himself. His room mate is, IMO, only partially responsible as he probably did not intend for it to result in death; but he should still be punished for accidentally abetting the student to kill himself.

    I agree with the parents’ assessment.

  10. 1ZBsku Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool tikhnnig all around!

  11. Oi don’t be a c un t

  12. One less.

  13. You’re losing it, LU.

    And you’ve just proved more proof that you about as far away from Jesus as anyone could be.

    You’re a nasty, bitter little person who has big issues with internalised homophobia. REAL straight people don’t care what consenting adults do in bed. YOU’D rather we disappear so you can block out those voices in your brain telling you exactly what you are.

  14. The point Iris was making, LU, is that you don’t have any connection with Jesus or Christianity!

  15. pink news better ban this bitch today

  16. I suggets we do not post on this site until she is banned

  17. I suggest everyone exchange numbers/email/facebook/gaydars and keep their stupid arguments off of this site?

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