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Gay lecturer stabbed to death in Edinburgh home

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Reader comments

  1. “His death is being treated as suspicious by police”

    That’s suspicious, what are they trying to hide? ;)

  2. 3 recent gay killings, very suspicious and worrying.

    1. We are never off the menu

      1. I read somewhere earlier today that there had been four sudden/suspicious deaths of gay men in the Edinburgh area in the last month or so. I cant find the other site at the moment … but regardless how many it is a worrying situation and I wonder what Lothian & Borders police are doing to reassure the Scottish gay communities.

  3. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2011, 12:35pm

    More shocking hateful news. Yet people are still being naive to say homophobia isn’t on the increase.

    1. Tell me bout it, in london you get these airheads saying london is great for gays. Clueless to whats going on.

  4. I bet Lila will be delighted, if you check her posts on other subjects on the PN website she’s been calling for the heads and balls of gay guys for the last few weeks. Sad that some old dyke can’t bury the chip on her shoulder and unite with the rest of the LGBT community and see that its not only gay men that can be the target of hatred and violence.

    1. Have you ever been to a lesbian club? I felt safer walking through the west ham fans at whitechapel tube station on the edge of the platform

      1. You get today’s gold star for sharpest retort! The gauntlet has been thrown down people.

      2. Tell you what would make me feel even more unsafe would be something I read about a month or two back (and I think it was in jest – but if not scary idea!) the filming of a gay porn film outside a Church of the Latter Day Saints entrance in Salt Lake City … I would be scared

  5. So there’s a gay serial killer in Edinburgh.

    1. That should say a serial killer who is killing gay men. Not a gay serial killer (that would be Lila).

  6. The killer was doing Gods Work.

    1. Really I reckon you want a big fat cock up you ass. why dont you buy a dildo it will help you deal with the fustration. Remember plenty of lube and a few fingers first to loosen your ring. It’s probally a bit dusty but KY will sort it out. If you cant get a dildo try a banana or marrow


      1. and if you’re a woman do it the other way round

    2. LU are you ‘Lila’ by any chance?

      1. No. Someone called Nibbles found out the identity of LU on another thread………….

    3. Murder is a sin its mortal sin infact one of the most serious sins you could do againt God so how can murder be doing Gods work?

      I cannot understand how some twisted people use religion to justify killing others No where in the new testament does it say kill someone for being non christian or for being gay or black or whatever

      I am a Roman catholic and I fully respect gay peoples right s in every way possible that includes equality before the law and I strongly condemn homophobia in any shape or form

      So don`t come saying its doing Gods work by killing other human beings nobody has the right to take another persons life away life comes from God death comes from satan

      1. @Ciaran – well said …

        I suspect there would be things we may disagree on – but you speak sense here

    4. @LU – how patronising, goading and evil can a comment be …

      1. Can LU be reported for inciting violence – he/she seems to be supporting serial killing of the LGBT community …

        1. Yes it could very well be classed as incitement to homophobic hatred on the 23rd of march 2010 a new law came in to outlaw this kind of behavour

          What LU is doing is inciting hatred and bigging up murder of LGBT people and writing this on a public Forum hence stirring up hatred on the grounds of sexuality

          I am really suprised nobody has reported LU already and even more gobsmacked that nobody who runs this site as done nothing about it either

          Whats happened to everybody has everyone gone gormless or something?

          I am sure if this had of been racism it would have been removed and reported to the police straight away

          1. Well email sent to Lothian & Borders Police – in a multi faceted murder investigation they should be interested in anyone who is publically supporting these murders – particularly with the suggestion on here that this murder was self defence – suggests to me some level of knowledge

  7. Poor Lu or is it Hu Flung Dung? Whoever it is, it is very mentally disturbed and should be in a lunatic asylum which is the best place for people of religious faith!

    1. Specially those who think that humans killing each other is ‘God’s work’.

    2. A good shafting will sort her out

      1. Never did anything for you. You seem very bitter.

        1. You have very serious mental health problems. Get treament.

        2. I’d rather be bitter then some sad old fool on a gay site calling for murder of innocents. You are an embarrassment to humanity, LU.

        3. Well bitterness seems something you know a lot about LU

        4. Lu it was sad day when you fell out of your mums hole on you head

    3. In the same way as all LGBT people are not drug crazed queens who are depraving our young people … not all those with a faith are mentally ill …

      LU definitely needs help … preferably to some where with padded walls though …

    4. Lu needs to be banned

      1. Can we delay banning him until he keeps saying more vile things and the police have no choice but to deal with him for inciting hatred and investigate his comments with sinister undertones linked to the Edinburgh gay homicides

  8. The God I know and was thought of is pure Love so no harm can come from him. Must be your mummy that did you harm Lu not God. Or are them one and the same to you?

  9. Helen Wilson 22 Mar 2011, 4:41pm

    If this was a gay serial killer it would be front page news in the daily mail for weeks! But as its a serial killer killing gays its a non story for mass media outlets.

    My deepest simplify to the family and friends of the men killed by this monster.

    1. Exactly the samething happened to sex workers. A least we know where we stand

      1. What are you referring to, James – re the sex workers?

        I agree, Helen – if it was a gay serial killer rather than gay serial killings the onslaught of the press would be somewhat different

      2. 5 sex workers were killed Ipswich and the media especially the BBC reveled in calling the prostitutes first. Its was so disrepectful. We are treated in exactly the same way.

        1. I realised the case you were referring to after I made my post – sorry … I had initially thought you meant something in the Edinburgh area and thought I had missed something …
          Most of the media coverage of the Suffolk case was appalling …

  10. Multiple stab wounds and the police are reluctant to call it murder? What else would you call it? Of course, like here in the US, the religious right has nothing to do with it. Whatever the motives behind these killings, the groundwork was laid somewhere.

    1. Being devils advocate – suicide? … until the evidence is there in the UK we now call deaths unexplained until we are sure they are homicide …

  11. The ugly old homosexual had probably propositioned the young guy, so the desserts were just.

    One less.

    1. You have serious mental health problems. Get treatment.

    2. God is watching you repent before its too late

      Dear brother I pray for you may the lord banish these sinful thoughts you hold and lead you to the right path

    3. LU – I seriously am beginning to think your hate filled utterances should be reported to the police. You are either delusional and have no concept of the reality of life or a cantankerous person who sees no evil in homicide – which makes you a dangerous person that needs either detention or treatment or both

      1. Shut up LU. You bore us.

    4. Vile individual.

    5. “The ugly old homosexual had probably propositioned the young guy…”

      Mmm… Not quite:

      ‘The lonely old homosexual had probably propositioned the young guy…’

      All the more reason for equal marriage so that LGBT’ers can have an equal chance at partner-for-life companionship.

    6. You are breaking the law with your rants .

  12. Poor, very seriously mentally ill HU Flung Dung!

  13. Why has this not reached the national media? Are we seeing more BBC anti-gay bias in news reporting?

    Four prostitutes in Ipswich got a hell of a lot of press when they were murdered, even got a TV dramatisation made about it.

    So WHY has this matter not reached the national media since Saturday when the Police could say that this was the third gay man to have been killed in Edinburgh in a month?

  14. There may have been 3 gay killings, but nobody mentions how many straight ones there were. It may simply be proportional.

    As usual everyone here rushes to wheel out the unfounded conspiracy theories without having all the facts.

    1. All Deaths For The Past Month:

      19 March 2011
      Suspicious death, Edinburgh Man’s body discovered in Merchiston area of the Capital

      28 February 2011
      Murder, …Alan Ross in Pilton Drive North Suspicious death, Edinburgh – man identified Police formally identify John Carter Robbery, West Lothian Appeal for witnesses following robbery in Armadale Murder, Edinburgh…

      27 February 2011
      Suspicious death, Leith Man’s body found within building in the early hours of this morning Suspicious death, Edinburgh…

      26 February 2011
      Murder inquiry, Edinburgh Murder victim identified as 31-year-old Lee Duncan

      25 February 2011
      Drugs seized, West Lothian Five men arrested and charged in connection with drugs seizure Suspicious death, Edinburgh…

    2. Men are not murdered because they are heterosexual you stoopid muthfuka.

    3. Helen Wilson 23 Mar 2011, 7:41am

      How very Spanner like!

      Its not even original any more! you just rage against whatever the majority view is.

      How very reactionary of you!

    4. Tim Hopkins 23 Mar 2011, 10:14am

      Last year there were 78 homicides in the whole of Scotland. So if there have been three of gay men in Edinburgh in three weeks, that is certainly not proportional.

      However, we don’t know yet whether these three deaths were all homicides, and we don’t know the motives or whether those were related to the men being gay.

      1. and we dont know if the Higgs Boson particle exists but we are allowed to make assumptions

        1. Assumptions maybe, wild swingeing accusations, no.
          5 gay men out of 78 I would actually say was below the national proportion, so please keep your “assumptions” to yourself until such time as some actual evidence is published.

          1. Wild swinging accusation like this.

            “As usual everyone here rushes to wheel out the unfounded conspiracy theories without having all the facts”

            You dumbass

          2. For once, I am with Spanner on this ..

            All we have confirmed from the police are that there have been 3 sudden deaths (some suspicious) involving gay men in Edinburgh in a short period of time.

            LBP have made a recent statement that they do not believe the crimes were linked but are keeping an open mind. That is the right thing to do, and what we should do.

            It is understandable that the LGBT community will be anxious. It is understandable that people may reach conclusions that heighten their level of fear of crime. It is important that we retain a sense of perspective however and allow the police to investigate.

            5 out of 78 probably is below proportion but when you take the short space of time in one small geographical location – it is understandable that people will be frightened.

            But, the police know more about this than we ever will and will be learning more all the time – if they need to do anything extra to help, then they will.

          3. Stu

            As far as I know no hetrosexual men have been murdered due to their sexuality. Gay men are so that reduces the chances that there could be different motives for each murder,

            Therefore the possibility that these murders could be carried out by one person increases.

            I am not a criminalogist so i dont know the statistics but common sense indicates that gay men should be aware of the possibility of a serial killer.

        2. @James!

          Absolutely be aware and take safety precautions and look out for each other …

          There appears from media reports reason to suggest that one of the deaths was definitely different to the other 2

          I would be concerned but not assuming it was a serial killer out to get gays

      2. and even if they were all homicides and were all related to the victims being gay – we don’t know if the events were linked to each other …

  15. “I have reason to believe that it was self-defence, not homicide.”

    My, this should be entertaining…

  16. Were you the perpetrator?

  17. Oh, no! LU has all the inside knowledge!!! We must all listen to the wisdom of a closet case! LOL! LU, you don’t have the intelligence to figure out your TV remote, so why would anyone with half a brain take any notice of your insane “insights”?

    If prefer my lunatics funny and smart, sorry LU, you’re way too humourless and boring. And What a buffoon you truly are.

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