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Christian publisher forced to cancel launch of ‘gay cure’ book

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Reader comments

  1. So not because the book has been exposed as a pile of homophobic and unscientific fictional dog-P00P then?

  2. Whether we can change or not is not the point and asking for acceptance on the basis of not being able to change is self-oppressive. The point is why the hell should we? It’s on that basis that this homophobic dross should be challenged. But you are right, Pavlos – it’s irrational drivel, and there is no evidence that Jesus would even recognise the rubbish these nuts believe about him, let alone that he cared what Shiksas did with their impiously uncut wobbly bits.

    1. Ciaran McHale 22 Mar 2011, 6:18pm

      “Whether we can change or not is not the point and asking for acceptance on the basis of not being able to change is self-oppressive.”

      I agree. We don’t see black people or feminists using “Don’t oppress us because we were born this way” as an argument against racism or sexism. If somebody wants to oppress you, then they will regardless of whether you were “born that way”.

      In fact, the “born that way” argument can easily backfire. For example, it can spur homophobic scientists to search for a “gay gene” so they can develop a pre-natal screening test. The result will be that, in the future, women might be offered the chance of an abortion if a test shows their foetus is likely to be of the “wrong” sexuality.

      1. Deeside Will 22 Mar 2011, 8:26pm

        I agree that we have exactly the same rights as everyone else, whether we’re born gay or not. And whether or not we were born that way, we’re going to stay that way. But it doesn’t make any difference to these officious pillocks either how they think that we come to be gay; they’ll still want to try and change us. Whatever the cause of our sexual orientation is supposed to be, the response to anyone offering any kind of “therapy” for it should be the same: JUST SAY NO.

      2. We live in hope.

        1. ….in hope you find something else to do with your ample time, LU. Maybe the hospital ward will allow you to read a book before lights out?

        2. Why? You don’t want any gay people about because then you won’t be so tempted by your own gay urges?

          Grow up.

        3. except religious nutjobs are against abortion :P

        4. if all the gay people were healed, what would you do with your time, LU … you would be so lonely …

        5. F OFF

    2. A Nifty Guy 23 Mar 2011, 1:05am

      I totally agree.. “Born this way” is a terrible argument and should never be advanced in favour of acceptance of homosexuality. Quite frankly, much of the evidence indicates that environmental factors play at least some part as well as genetics.

      What’s more important is that we be judged on the basis of whether or not we cause harm to ourselves or others by dating, loving and sleeping with members of the same sex. The overwhelming evidence in this case is that we do not!

      1. I would say that the genetic argument is a valid point in discussion – but only as part of a multi-faceted argument

  3. In my understanding, ‘shiksas’ don’t have wobbly bits. The Yiddish word denotes a gentile woman or girl. ‘Yok’ (a gentile boy or man) would be more appropriate.

    1. Thanks for the info, Drew. xx

  4. In the famous words of a great American philosopher: “Don’t engage. Repudiate.”

  5. She believes in Jesus? HAHAHAHAHA

    1. Best response yet !!!!!!!!

    2. LOL Scary isn’t it… How do you reason with someone who believes in a magic man who lives in in the sky!

      1. How do you reason with someone who has never moved beyond adolescence, and lives for male genitalia?

        1. “lives for male genitalia”…. LOL! Oh, mercy, this is the best yet. Obsessed, aren’t you? Don’t get enough “action” LU, do you?

        2. Mumbo Jumbo 22 Mar 2011, 8:43pm

          You’re talking cock.

          1. That’s LU’s problem, all talk about cock, but not getting enough…. hence the obsession with “male genitalia” he/she think the rest of us share.

        3. I don’t know, please tell us, as you seem to describe yourself – all the time.

        4. Oh I do it quite easily LU. Why are you here though? You seem to find us so offensive so why don’t you trot off to somewhere where your views might actually be appreciated? Gaga alone knows I have disagreements with religious people but I don’t go post anti-religious comments in religious discussion boards, I’d appreciate if you extended the same courtesy

        5. Reminds you of YOUR adolescence, does it, LU? You sure have a lot of interest in gay people for a supposedly straight person.

          NORMAL adults don’t care what other consenting adults do in bed.

          1. Ah, its the age old story, ins;t it Iris? Boy meets boy. Boy is closet case. Boy doesn’t get boy. Boy meets other boys. Boy hates himself for being gay, so never gets other boys. Boy grows up old and bitter, and eventually goes insane and writes tripe on a gay site, and is laughed at by gays people who are leagues ahead of him.

            Sniff. Brings a tear to my eyes that story.

        6. er – my sexuality is one aspect of my being – much as I suspect your sexuality is one aspect of your being …

          So please do not come all arrogant and self important on me or my friends … when you are blameless – I will take your judgement and listen to your opinion, we already know that you hold opinions that are both wrong and arguably incite hatred – which is contrary to the teaching of the BIble … so your hyprocracy, arrogance and lack of general humanity lead me to believing you should just butt out …

        7. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 10:50am


          Save yourself, don’t worry about us we’ll follow on later.

        8. @LU

          Are you an ExGay (Heterosexual) Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian

          or a

          Heterosexual Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian

        9. LU Wrote

          “How do you reason with someone who has never moved beyond adolescence, and lives for male genitalia?”

          Since you insist on choosing only to view the world through the lens of Heterosexuality; you will continue in your onto-epistemological error derived from your persistent “Heterosexism”.

        10. LU Wrote

          “How do you reason with someone who has never moved beyond adolescence, and lives for male genitalia?”

          LU your comment seems to point to how you feel left out of man on man action, and hence your putdown which is really about how you cannot bare to be not excluded!!!

  6. Cancelling the launch has got her more publicity than the launch would have.

    She probably knew no one was coming anyway.

    1. Yeah probably will have done

      The bit I don’t get is that she thinks a peaceful protest at the launch of the book was stifling freedom of speech … surely having a peaceful protest facilitated both sides of the debate to be discussed … and in any event it wasnt the gay activists who cancelled the event – it was the hotel

    2. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 10:56am

      Another Christians are being persecuted Court case anyone?

      1. They can try, they won’t win …

        1. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 4:13pm

          Yep but oh man do they like to keep on trying.

  7. how can jesus cure anyone of homosexuality if he never said anything about it.

    someone should sue christians every time they claim jesus said this or that about homosexuality

    1. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 10:57am

      Actually that would be a very interesting court case.

      1. Happily help do the research for that one …

  8. ‘“It’s a novel, it’s fiction and it isn’t offensive because a lot of these men have been corrupted and led astray into their lifestyle,” she said.’


    What a repulsive woman. She could easily launch the book, a peaceful demonstration wouldn’t stop her. This just feels like a massive bitch-fit.

  9. If homosexuals are happy being who they are, why do they want to silence anyone who disagrees with them? You’re like gobby kids caught shoplifting.

    1. If religious moons are happy being who they are, why do they want to silence anyone who disagrees with them? You’re like gobby kids caught shoplifting.

    2. If religious groups are convinced they’re right, why do they get all butthurt about people telling them to STFU and whine about ‘religious freedom’?

    3. And LU sounds like Spanner. You have serious mental health problems. Get treatment.

      1. Spanner might have “un-orthodox” views, but he’s far from stupid…. LU is has the IQ of a tennis ball. Not to mention there are things on their backs at the bottom of ponds that have more humanity and decency.

        1. True, but Spanner likes to create debate – he’d write something like that just to get people going. Devil’s advocate.

        2. That’s the thing, isn’t it, Spanner will reply at least. LU is incapable of that. LU is like a bot, only not as smart as a few lines of code might seem.

        3. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:04am

          Wow, as many as that, I think your being too kind!

    4. Deeside Will 22 Mar 2011, 9:08pm

      LU, we don’t want to silence people who disagree with us – at least I certainly don’t. We just want to expose “remedies” for something that isn’t an illness or disorder in the first place as the hocus-pocus that they are. It’s particularly important that young gay people who are still in the process of coming to terms with their natural sexuality should know the facts, so that they don’t waste some of the best years of their lives on a cruel hoax.

      1. The troll LU is not interested. The troll has serious mental health issues. Ignore it – DO NOT FEED THE TROLL LU.

        1. Agreed, you can’t “debate” with someone that agrees with the murder of innocent people in any rational discourse. LU is a basket case. And that’s saying something for this site.

          Although LU’s comments are car-crash material, they’re totally of the radar compared to normal well balanced people. I shouldn’t laugh, I know, but its Schadenfreude.

          1. I feel Schadenfreude, whenever I hear one of you has been knifed or gotten the big AIDS.

          2. Absolutely can not debate with someone who celebrates murder.
            In law that is arguably a criminal offence in itself … but LU will face his/her maker (maybe) and pay for the evil thoughts he/she has made

          3. Oh, LU, was that the best you could do with the funnies? My, my, if you were any funnier we’d all have diabetes.

          4. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:09am

            ‘gotten the big AIDS.’?

            You size queen you. Where’d you get yours then? or do you just use the nearest traffic cone? I get the feeling you ain’t so fussy, bitter….Very.

    5. I tell you what, LU – why don’t you and your repressed little hater homophobes shut up and then we’ll be able to get on and live our lives?

      You’re obviously just annoyed that more and more people (gay AND straight) are realising that you’re talking a load of cr@p. And you have the gall to talk about being childish – that just about sums you up. You’re like a sad bully who never stops.

      Tip: bullying others won’t make you feel any better about yourself.

    6. Nobody is silencing these loons. They just can’t take the ridcule and the contempt. It is wonderful to see these nutcases wailing in self-pity, as christian superstition goes the same way as the dinosaurs, which I suppose you believe, existed at the same time as mankind LOL

      1. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:11am

        On day in the future they’ll be digging up Christian fossils, however we seem to still have a few living ones.

    7. LU – if you have learnt anything from your time on these threads – which I still find bizarre …

      then one thing you will have seen is that there are a wide range of opinions in the gay communities and many of us fight for a right to freedom of speech (including for those with whom we profoundly disagree – such as you) … so long as you take on board the responsibilities that come with exercising that right …

      So don’t try suggesting something that is inaccurate not all gays want to stifle debate

      1. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:14am

        Christians can’t stand being centre of the attention no more. Despite how old they are they now insist on throwing temper tantrums and chucking their toys out of the pram.

        The tide has turned. Christian behaviour is no longer acceptable. The good thing is that they are on the decline and are finally looked at as the laughing stock they are.

    8. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:03am

      I think they should put a warning label on Christians…

      …may contain nuts,
      …may be very sour
      …harmful to children
      …harmful the enviroment
      …do not leave on their own
      …not to be trusted
      …has tendencies to ‘turn’
      …has problems with reality

    9. @LU

      I do not believe we are silencing Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity

      I do believe however that we may be halting the growth of Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity; through own ongoing attempts at ridiculing its inherent rigidity with regards sexuality.

      1. Typo

        I do believe however that we may be halting the growth of Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity; through our ongoing attempts at ridiculing its inherent rigidity with regards sexuality.

  10. Jesus can cure homosexuality? Really? Wow. Maybe he should get down off his bloody cross and cure friggin’ cancer instead.

    1. mark fowler 22 Mar 2011, 9:10pm

      spot on

    2. The difference is, cancer is an illness that kills you, whereas homosexuality is not.

  11. This is the sort of “christian” LU is. On another thread, this vile creature calls for murder of innocent people.

    LU 7 hours ago
    The killer was doing Gods Work.

    LU 38 mins ago
    The ugly old homosexual had probably propositioned the young guy, so the desserts were just.
    One less.

    Who wonderful is the face of christianity. Of course, its fairly obvious, LU has some deep mental health issues.

    1. LU absolutely exudes bitterness and hate like some kind of poisonous toad. He/she is a sad, pathetic person who feels so impotent and frustrated at his/her own life that he/she seeks to bully and abuse other people.

      And yes, LU has serious mental problems. Let’s hope treatment’s forthcoming asap.

      1. Why should I pay for your aids treatment out of my taxes? Or for your syphillis?

        1. Perhaps I don’t want my taxes to pay for the mental health treatment you need – clearly delusional and bitter …

          That said, I dont want to pay for teenage pregnancies either or for the victims of child abuse from religious leaders

          Not all gays with HIV caught it through promiscuity as you imply … but even if they did, they deserve my taxes more due to the dignity they handle their condition with – better than the bitter twisted comments you bring to this forum

          1. Well, ee’re willing to pay for your education, LU, but you seem to have left school at the age of 7.

            I bet you’re ugly LU. Like dob-baby carnival freak ugly. Is that why you come in here having a little boo-hoo at the gays? Ugly? Hmmm? No one likes you? We’ll pay for your plastic surgery too if you like…. then you can be smart AND pretty. Like us.

        2. @LU

          Since Christianity is a “Life Style choice”

          Why should the tax payer fund its ecumenical activites. For example, why should the goverment gave church groups grants for community projects; which only serve to enmesh people further in dogmatic and irrational and rigid belief systems.

        3. @LU

          You appear to be saying that Heterosexuals do not become infected with the HIV virus, or other sexually transmitted diseases such as spyhillis?

          I am curious to know why, you think heterosexuals are some how immune from sexual transmitted diseases?

    2. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:17am

      Sounds like LU needs to be locked up for both everyone elses and their own protection.

      Nuts anyone.

      1. @Jock S. Trap

        I agree, LU should come with a health warning

        “May contain Nuts”

        Allergy alert everyone.

  12. mark fowler 22 Mar 2011, 9:09pm

    ‘“It’s a novel, it’s fiction and it isn’t offensive because a lot of these men have been corrupted and led astray into their lifestyleshe said.’

    corrupted? led astray into their lifestyles? gee if thats your idea of being non-offensive I’d hate to see you get really nasty.

  13. Saying that homosexuality can be ‘cured’ might not be offensive in itself (although the suggestion that it should be certainly is), but it is dangerous. People waste years of their lives on this sh*t before realising that it doesn’t work – wasn’t it Exodus’ founders who have in fact come out as, yes, still gay – and it’s this kind of thing which causes suicides in young people who are taught over and over again that they need to change and then feel like they’ve personally failed when they discover that they can’t.
    Christians have a lot of blood on their hands. They need to realise this and stop what they’re doing before it gets worse.

  14. Since when I have I advocated murdering people? Why have I been dragged into this? I’m quite happy to be gay, thank you. LU, F U.

  15. haaha Play the world’s smallest violin.

    The supposed jesus of nazareth reportedly warned his followers in Matt 10:22 to expect mockery or hatred because others would find their beliefs to be ridiculous. That is true for serious christians and in the case of this crackpot sect, a moral obligation to say what we think of them, otherwise they are free to get away with deomising and inimidating vulnerable people. Thanks to out cricketers and rugby players, young people have great role models. The only place for this book is the recycle bin.

    Seeing crackpot christians wailing in self-pity about being persecuted fills my heart with joy. It is where they belong. I want more of this in 2011!! High Five to OutRage xxx

  16. ‘Gay curing’ is to homophobia what holocaust denial is to anti-semitism!!!

    1. Absolutely

    2. I also agree that implicit in Gay Cure’s, is the annihilation inter and intrapsychicaly of a persons personality; and this is why the Royal College of Psychiatrists do not support such psychotherapuetic interventions.

  17. “…Where is your brother?’, by Canadian author Marion Heath, is being published in the UK and tells the story of a gay couple who split up when one has a “dramatic” religious experience…”

    On behalf of Queer Canada I’d like to apologize for this attempted shake-down.

    “A “peaceful protest” was planned for Saturday’s launch and was advertised online.

    Ms Mohr said it was an “attack on free speech”, BBC News reports.”

    Free speech, meet free expression…

  18. What I’ve noticed is that you folks in the U.K. enjoy a generally higher standard of literacy compared to us colonials. Thus I’ve yet to read anything by your anti-LGBT trolls which swoops to THIS level of expression:

    The best of homophobic mail

    1. “When all you perverts are in hell it will be a much better place.”

      Does he mean hell will be a better place? If so it’s probably the most sensible thing he said. Sounds more like heaven.

    2. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:25am

      Two comments in that letter I laughed at:

      Love the term “biblically impaired”! brilliant.

      Also this comment:-

      “I’ve never had sex with a man and neither has my wife.”


      Homophobes are so thick, don’t you agree LU?

      1. I must admit that this last quote you put up had me laughing myself sick. You really have to wonder if these people ever THINK before engaging the keyboard.

        Thanks for my morning smile and laugh!

  19. Hasn’t Jesus got better things to do than “cure” the incurable?

    What about all those genuine illnesses and evils of the world. I would have thought that gay boys was the last thing on his mind but then again he was a single male with no female partner and lots of male followers…..

    1. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:26am

      most evils in the world is created by religion.

    2. “Hasn’t Jesus got better things to do than “cure” the incurable?”

      Apparently not!!!

  20. “Christians in particular are worried as science moves towards seeing being gay as a genetic thing – they are running out of ammunition” really! What evidence? Le Vay has never been able to replicate the Gay Brain. Dena Hamer has been involved in research that produced no gay gene. In identical twins where one is gay the other is likely to be gay in around 13% of cases when brought up in the same household, if brought up apart then this statistic drops to under 1%. In animals homosexual behaviour is seen to stop when rivals disappear. So what evidence for homosexuals being born gay? And the fact that it comes from someone in OutRage who’s director has questioned on a number of occasions the science.

    And as for Jesus not recognising the drivel in this book is this the same Jesus who put marriage only between male and female? Who said that lust was the same as adultery? Who raised the bar on sexual sin above and beyond the Jewish law? Or a non-historical one?

    1. I guess if someone can say “..Jesus can heal people of their homosexuality” then anybody can say anything, what’s science got to with anyhting… least there’s more scientific evidence you’re born gay than Jesus existing in the first place, being the son of God etc , that being gay is a disease and that somebody who may or may not exist can cure anything… and yet millions of Christians pick and chose which part of the bible is real or not…who needs science and research when you can live in fairytale land….

    2. No one here cares, Aflame, and why should we? Religion is dying.

      Read this and weep, my misguided friend:

    3. Guglielmo Marinaro 23 Mar 2011, 10:13am

      “In identical twins where one is gay the other is likely to be gay in around 13% of cases when brought up in the same household, if brought up apart then this statistic drops to under 1%.” – Aflame

      Precise evidence for this statement?

      “In animals homosexual behaviour is seen to stop when rivals disappear.” – Aflame

      Who cares? We’re not just animals.

    4. Because of that comment I’m going to buy a bible and wipe my backside with it. If you see a bolt of lightening this evening in central london dont expect anymore posts from me.

      1. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:33am

        It wouldn’t be a bolt of lightening it’ll be reflection of the Disco Ball…. Groovy! Yeah Baby!

    5. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:31am

      “In animals homosexual behaviour is seen to stop when rivals disappear.”

      hmmmm, so one that sleeps with males and females you mean. Here’s a bit of education. That would be called Bisexual.

      Oh and you’ll find unlike humans animals don’t tend to discriminated. They certainly don’t kill one another for being Gay.

  21. The Bible holds out hope for change – 1 Corinthians 6 speaks of being spiritually washed and cleansed for sin including having sex with men (the literal term for the word translated homosexual which is lifted from the Greek septugent). So would Jesus want to heal the uncureable? Well it would help if homosexuality was uncureable, and even the pro-gay psychiatrists that used hate tactics to get homosexuality declassified as a mental illness in the 1970s recognised that the evidence shows that gays can become straight, a position supported by Alfred Kinsey.

    1. more nonsense – relying on a book to be factual is stupid as the bible makes many claims that are disproven, plus the bible is mistranslated and re-edited etc hate tactics weren’t used in the 70’s either

      1. F OFF with your religious babbling. and quotes

    2. Sleeping with a woman and going thru the motions isn’t being straight….you do realise that don’t you?. ..I’m sure straight guys could sleep with blokes and go thru the same kind of boring motions which gays guys sleeping with women do……..basically shagging a woman and getting her pregant and probably being miserable for the rest of your life doesn’t make you straight, it may be easier in your world but that’s you’re problem…

      1. Paddyswurds 25 Mar 2011, 5:54pm

        @john….the premis “but thats you’re problem ” is nonsensical I think what you probably mean is “….but thats your problem” You’re problem is expandable to ” you are” somewher you are, while your is as “your car” or as in “your problem” Ie something belonging to you.

    3. The bible is a load of tosh, and couldn’t chnage a light bulb.

      And why should you care? Too much time on your hands to be obsessed with gay sex? Grow up and mind your own business, you freak.

    4. It still amazes me that people take time to analyse the words in the bible, as though it is some sort of science text book.

      It is so old and corrupted over time by vested interests that any possible validity any of it had (none in my view) is long gone. You might as well say the complete works of hans christian anderson is the true word of god and analyse that.

      You would probably get a lot more sense out of it.

      1. plus relying on a book to prove a book is a circular argument, star wars novels proves the existence of the jedi, luke etc, doctor who proves times lords, the master daleks and everything else,

    5. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:36am

      Thats the problem with allowing multiple name changes on here. Can’t think we have that many haters coming here just the one or two.

    6. No one here is interested, Aflame. We don’t want what you have on offer. Go peddle the NARTH nonsense elsewhere.

    7. Gay’s can become straight??!! Well I think those people who were ever converted and become straight (again) were never really gay but more bisexuell. I am suprised that those organisations are capable of measuring sexuality to then determine to whether one is either or infact to whether it is changeable.

  22. people being born gay isn’t a terrible argument I think- many will twist it but then the homophobes will twist anything to suit their evil agenda

  23. “and tells the story of a gay couple who split up when one has a “dramatic” religious experience.”
    In other words became mentally ill!

  24. Rob London 23 Mar 2011, 9:33am

    Our sexuality is not a choice…it is genetic!

    Whilst there are indeed some cases where persons are taken advantage of, abused, or forced into sexual acts…these still do not identify our sexuality.

    Anyone who believes otherwise should examine their own sexuality…and ask themseves if they chose theirs.

    Whether we change our sexuality or not…is not a religious issue, but one of genetic predisposition if truth be told.

    To teach otherwise is indeed an act of homophobia and or religions discrimination.

    Please Report All Homophobic Abuse To Your Local Police.

    Thank you.

    1. I’ve already reported LU for it’s incitement to kill.

      1. I have reported LU to Lothian & Borders police in connection with their homicide investigation and potential incitement to hatred

    2. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 11:37am

      “Our sexuality is not a choice”

      However religion IS a choice, a lifestyle, an agenda.

  25. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 10:45am


    Though a democratic protest is an ‘attack on free speech’? Really. What a backward comment but then hey this is Christianity we are talking about.

    Temper tantrums because the LGBT community deare stand up against discrimination and harmful claims.

    Yet more proof that Religion is still stuck in the Dark Ages where they want everything they own way.

    The hotel acted correctly. The rightly didn’t want to be connected with negative reporting.

    It makes me laugh, the ignorance of it. In the same sentence she it isn’t offensive then says about being corrupted and led astray. What crap. Yet against Religion dictates that if you’re Gay you cannot have a mind of your own. In affect they still equat being LGBT as a mental problem.

    What will make then learn they have NO right treating people like this?

    1. Absolutely, Jock S Trap

      The hotel acted with complete propriety when they realised the full picture of what was happening

      If the publisher had been totally convinced of the validity of her publication then she would have rescheduled the launch to another location and dealt with legitimate peaceful protest and discussion. Freedom of speech isn’t damaged by debate and protest, it is enhanced by it – strange that the publisher seems to suggest by her remarks that she wants freedom of speech, but doesnt want those who disagree to have freedom of speech at particular times and places … odd or perhaps its just double standards …..

      1. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 4:16pm

        Exactly, the rights, apparently, only should go to them not everyone else. Then they wonder why people see them as yet another out-dated blip that should only ever be read about in the history books.

  26. George Earl 23 Mar 2011, 2:28pm

    Let’s keep the topic of “right” or “wrong” as it applies to being gay strictly out of the church. Yes, I support a well-known American gay church, but that doesn’t mean that humans not accepting it being “proper” are not entitled to their own opinion. Studies of “straight” folks turning “gay” are getting more accepted as most societies are becoming more educated. I haven’t seen this book, but wouldn’t mind–if it were free. Everybody is entitled to his or her own view. But let’s stop trying to make money on headlines that cannot be backed up with adequate facts and figures! Do I have a husband? You bet…and I’m a man.

    1. @George …

      Absolutely people are entitled to their own opinion and entitled to freedom of speech to voice that opinion even if that opinion is that being gay is wrong and backing that up with a theological argument. When they do that, then it is perhaps understanding that there will be a counter argument, a view expressed, which discusses their reasoning (or lack of it). The point of this thread, from my perspective, was to ridicule the contention made by the publisher that her freedom of speech was limited as members of the LGBT communities intended peaceful protest – which if anything facilitates greater freedom of speech rather than curtailing it.

    2. Jock S. Trap 23 Mar 2011, 4:23pm

      Sure everyone is entitled to their opinion but it should Never be groups of religious people making themselves superior over how others are born without choice.

      People may have the right to have their ‘religious beliefs’ but they do Not have the right to dictate it to others.

      People do not choice how they are born they just are. We do not choose to be human beings we just are.

      Whereas religion is taught, is a lifestyle, is an agenda. With religion comes intolerance, hatred, bigotry and discrimination. Many chose what they want from the Bible, the Koran but None of that should Ever take precedence of how we are born.

  27. norhingpetty 23 Mar 2011, 8:58pm

    Speaking as one gay male, I find the idea of censorship non-palatable. Frankly, I’d rather know who my enemies are, and what they’re saying, than having to deal with them as an underground movement.

  28. Sujay Kentlyn 23 Mar 2011, 9:57pm

    Gay Activists – please take note – some of us do choose our sexuality. I was a Pentecostal pastor’s wife for 22 years and I chose (yes, chose, not ‘discovered’) to become a lesbian, and it’s a choice I’m pleased and proud to have made.
    Even if Christians are forced to admit it’s ‘genetic’ (goddess help us), they will still assert Jesus can cure it, like any other physical ailment. Meanwhile you disrespect and marginalise those of us for whom it is a choice.

    1. Not sure who you mean by gay activists, does that include youself as well?

      All of us can chose whatever we want to , I can chose to get married to a woman and have kids etc but my sexual attraction to women is nil although I would be perfecly capable of having sex with them if that’s what I had to do. Luckily I live in the UK and in my world I don’t have to pretend to like women and I can go with my true sexual orientation. If you are sexually aroused by both men and women ,which I presume you are since you can chose between them , then that’s you’re sexaul orientation,we’re not all the same. I’m not aroused by women and never have been, I didn’t suddenly chose to become gay one day like yourself. PS – so called Jesus can not cure anything, doctors and medicine do and that’s a fact.

      1. english words 25 Mar 2011, 6:13pm

        john….”all of us can chose” should be “all of us can choose”
        Chose is past tense choose is present or future as in i can choose or i will choose.
        Chose is past tense as in he chose to be a bigot or he chose a green car. You made the mistake four places in your above post which renders most of it nonsense. Lots of people make the same mistake with lose and loose. Lose is to lose ones virginity while one can become loose after loseing ones virginity.
        Also ones belt can be so loose, one can lose ones trousers.

        1. @English Words

          You sound just like my ex … he used to be pedantic too … and he would never be wrong about his use of English vocabulary …

    2. “Meanwhile you disrespect and marginalise those of us for whom it is a choice.”

      Believing its a choice is irrelevant to the reality, as much as believing in a god is not proof that he exists. 99.99% of gay people repeatedly, until we’re blue in the face, tell you its not a choice. All the scientific evidence supports this. You might be an exception, but Occam’s Razor dictates that it is your belief in th3e choice factor that is tainted your view, sorry.

      And being gay does not make one a “gay activist”, simply proud.

    3. You’re entitled to believe that you made a choice, but others would see it differently. I say that respectfully.

      NO straight woman would suddenly want/decide to sleep with other women. Any woman who moves from a man to a woman has either been forced, or subconsciously chose, to deny part of their sexuality and ‘conform’. And then, with age and self-knowledge, they realise their attraction to woman and decide to act on it. That’s the only decision, in my opinion – the one to act on something that one has maybe only recently acknowledged or realised.

      Of course, many other women are bisexual and only realise this later. Or, in some cases, women are driven by a desire to have children, then having achieved that, can ‘be themselves’ and form relationships with other women. I think that’s more common than we realise, especially among older women who were growing up when the acceptance of gay relationships was lower.

    4. And let me stress again – NONE of my comment was intended to be disrespectful towards you. As Will said, maybe you are a rare exception.

      But I still bet that if we could go back in time to the early days of your marriage and somehow scan your brain, that attraction to other women would be there for sure. Latent maybe, but there from the start.

      I struggled with understanding my own sexuality in my teens, but one thing I learnt from lots of discussion with other women/girls then is that truly straight women do not and cannot ever feel attracted to another female.

      1. Noot sexually attracted, that is.

      2. Not sexually attracted, that is.

    5. Dr Robin Guthrie 24 Mar 2011, 11:59am

      So your bisexual then.

      So what.

  29. …LU Wrote

    “How do you reason with someone who has never moved beyond adolescence, and lives for male genitalia?”

    LU your comment seems to point to how you feel left out by the thought of man on man action.

    LU, I understand that you find the thought of men having sex distressing; becasue as a women you are excluded.

    LU, Is it not time that you worked through your emotional problems caused by your heterosexism.

  30. Sujay Kentlyn Wrote

    “Gay Activists – please take note – some of us do choose our sexuality. I was a Pentecostal pastor’s wife for 22 years and I chose (yes, chose, not ‘discovered’) to become a lesbian, and it’s a choice I’m pleased and proud to have made.”

    Sujay Kentlyn, why are you reticent in choosing the word which accurately describes your sexuality.

    Sujay Kentlyn,the word Bisexual appears to accurately describe how you have portrayed your sexuality.

    Sujay Kentlyn, why are you “Choosing” not use the word Bisexual?

  31. David Ufuoma Omamogho 25 Mar 2011, 5:39pm

    I wonder what the FATHER,the ALMIGHTY GOD has to say in this instance and this matter.

    I am asking him to respond to every one personally within 24 hours that is gay.Be ready to tell him HE made you that way if you can when you see HIM.

    1. english words 25 Mar 2011, 6:27pm

      One thing is certain , he made a huge mistake when he made you an idiotic bigot. How do you explain this.??

      1. Jock S. Trap 27 Mar 2011, 8:18am

        At least we have the right to say it being this is how we are born. You are not born religious, you are not born a bigot. You are taught it via your religious lifestyle.

    2. David, god told me your are an complete ass and he hates you for being so stupid…. wow. What do you think of that? God himself said this, so it must be true.

    3. Well if your God is as loving as most of the people who I know who are Christians tell me, and as forgiving as they tell me – If I have anything to worry about, he will calmly sit me down and explain the error of my ways – I suspect, though – that since you are taking onboard what I suspect you would see as God given right – ie judging me – that you have more to fear from your maker

      Back in the real world – I was born gay, its how I was created and as much as you have a right to broadcast your hatred (which if you are right in your beliefs your God will condemn and judge), I am also entitled to basic human rights

      Also, why do you feel the need to participate in a gay website – bizarre and suggestive of some level of a disturbed mind – associating with the great unclean (as you appear to see it)

    4. David Ufuoma Omamogho

      Are you taking anti-psychotic medication. If not, why not?

      1. Mr Omamogho

        Did you draft the hate filled evil parliamentary act which the Ugandan government have just decided they won’t seek to pass into law?

        Are you related to the unstable Mugabe?

        Do you run a chapter of the WBC International?

        Have you recently been to Waco?

        The disturbed vile diatribe you have posted on here suggests you are in as much need of help as any of those I have just mentioned …

        I wonder if there are psychologists who can heal you from the brainwash that your sect appears to have used with you

        1. Jock S. Trap 27 Mar 2011, 8:22am

          Is David Ufuoma Omamogho another creep that insists on teaching people that Gay’s eat da poo-poo? (See UTube under African Preacher if you haven’t already seen it. WARNING – DO NOT for the faint hearted, and do yourself a favour if you do view it do it on an empty stomach).

      2. Jock S. Trap 27 Mar 2011, 8:19am

        No, I think the restrains came loose.

        1. More ECT. The anti-psychotics do not seem to effect these FECC’s

          FECC’s = Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian Crackpots

  32. God, Jesus and Christians have had 2,000 years to change anybody they did not like and the truth is they can’t change anybody because they do not have any real way of changing people. Prayer has not worked for 2,000 years to do it. The Christian religion is a fake and a scam to take money from suckers. The men and women run these scams know they can control weak minded people to give them money if they tell them about Jesus and how Jesus needs their money to tell more people about Jesus. So in the end what do these sheep get, they get a nice place to go to hear some scam artist tell them about some dead ghost who use to perform magic acts and the people 2,000 years ago started believing in them. Everybody like to hear stories but most of the ones they tell are like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it is a fairy tale. We should be calling Christians, believers of Fairy tales and ghost stories.

    1. Jock S. Trap 27 Mar 2011, 8:26am

      It is time for Religion and State to be completely separated. Remove all preachers from any political role such as the House of Lords and lets have it finally a democratic chamber, not for the privileged few.

      1. I second that, a separation of Religion from State with immediate effect. Let the lobby begin here!!!

    2. Billy, 2000 yrs ago a 33 yr old man was executed one Friday afternoon but on the Sunday afterwards a small group of people, who were hiding in fear for their lives because of their association with him, started to witness to something unexpected and inexplicable that had happened to him and to them.
      During the Holocaust I expect there was at least one 33 yr old Jewish man who was murdered one Friday afternoon yet we hear nothing of a growing movement that claims that this particular Jewish man is God or that people can have a personal relationship with him. So what is it that makes it possible for people to make these claims about Jesus? The answer is quite simply the resurrection.
      Incidentally, I think that Marion Heath and her publishers are misguided bigots who totally overlook that God accepts and loves us for who we are. It’s a shame you didn’t address the issue of the book but chose rather to gush vitriol against Christians instead.

      1. Yawn. Jesus is just the latest on a list of dying and rising gods.

  33. James Savik 24 Sep 2012, 7:24am

    LOL… the dramatic religious experience is usually the onset of impotence

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