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IKEA unveils gay ad in Italy

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Reader comments

  1. Helen Wilson 21 Mar 2011, 12:16pm

    So the like Fiat and the Catholic church do not promote Italian imperialism?

    It could be suggested Europe and the world has been subject to Catholic imperialism imposed from Rome for 500 years (at least)

    1. well said!

  2. Helen, don’t get us on a sidetrack please!

    1. Helen Wilson 21 Mar 2011, 12:35pm

      Well Silvio Berlusconi’s mouthpiece (newspaper) is sidetracking by calling the ad Swedish imperialism!

      Its clearly just a show of Italian and world diversity.
      (Not that Silvio Berlusconi would know what it is, even if it bit him on his bum)

      The next IKEA ad should have Silvio Berlusconi on it and the heading: “We even serve old perverts”

      1. the only diversity he understand is the different types of underage girls he can molest.

        He’s a cretin.

  3. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 1:02pm

    Excellent, good old IKEA!

  4. I like it!
    Berlusconi and his tame media outlets seem horrendously homophobic. I hope IKEA Italy sticks with this.

  5. Good for Ikea!

  6. I think Virgin Atlantic has always had the best gay ads subtle but defiently gay and sincere

  7. Interesting how a gangster like Berlusconi – currently being investigated, like many devout Catholics, for sex with minors – should disapprove.

    1. Yes, you might think that the unwisdom of chucking around bloody great boulders in a house of the thinnest possible glass might have occurred to him by now, but oh no!

  8. “Mr Berslusconi said this month that his government would never allow gay couples to marry or adopt children”

    Well, it’s a good job that his government’s days are numbered then!

  9. Yet another reason to support IKEA. This ad is direct and positive in tone and inoffensive in imagery. I believe homophobes find this ad particularly offensive because it accurately portrays gays as ordinary citizens living ordinary lives.

  10. Particularly enjoyed the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story. Their headline is ‘IKEA provokes outrage in Italy after creating advert with gay couple holding hands.’ Yet the first line of the article admits that there is, in fact, “surprisingly no outrage” in Italy. What a story! Are they going to start reporting on every advert which fails to prompt outrage?!? The perfect example, if one were needed, of the Mail’s crass, abject and obsessive homophobia.

    IKEA: Swedish for value.
    The Daily Mail: British for bigotry.

    1. This is the highest rated comment

      Well that’s me finished with IKEA then!
      – garvnor, redbridge, 18/3/2011 19:21

      I thought great it was getting overrun with uneducated chavs trying to be classy

    2. The daily mail has honestly made me believe that freedom of speech is not a good thing!

  11. Bravo, IKEA! I loathe your vile cheap generic furniture-con, but hats off to you for being prepared to do the right thing and let gays and lesbians feature in furniture ads.

    Are you listening, DFS?

    1. DFS are you straight?

      Habitat darling they do your shopping for you

  12. This ad is also run in the two ikea stores in Ireland, in Dublin and Belfast

  13. From bomb threats to boycotts, IKEA continues to show support for the gay community through ad campaigns such as this. And not even playing it safe – Italy of all countries! Brilliant stuff.

  14. Slight devils advocate here but these campaigns have to be run well with images of not only gay families but lesbian families, straight families and so on. I know they can’t show them all but for the campaign to be accepted it has to include a diverse range otherwise they just get accused of courting controversy… I’m all for it though, I suggest they roll out in the Uk and place a 12ft billboard version in the east end of London :P

  15. Re Lila and the ‘penis question’. Why is it that militant dykes despite hating men and the penis still require a phallic shaped sex toy to assist them in getting their rocks off. All very contradictory.

  16. costas costas 1 Apr 2011, 5:15pm

    Bravo for IKEA i’m going to do all my house shoping from it. I just wish for IKEA to put this gay friendly ad in Greece also.

  17. Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws. Why not Boycott Ikea for using Russin wood?

  18. Well, absolutely, why not two women? But that’s not a reason to start using words like “fag” in that context, whether you’re a lesbian or not. And to say you would have two “lovely faces” is a matter of perspective, a gay man certainly wouldn’t think so!

    Like it or not the image of two men holding hands is a more stark and some might say “shocking” image than two women. Even in some homophobic African countries lesbians are not regarded as “illegal” by law, but gay men are. In society two women being with each other is treated more favourably than two men. I am not in the slightest denying homophobia isn’t very serious, we’ve all heard the stories of lesbians becoming victims of rape to “turn them” and so forth. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, the issue of two men being together is the more contentious of the two.

  19. Helen Wilson 21 Mar 2011, 11:10pm

    Someone is going to get left out they are not going to have an ad that covers every spectrum of the rainbow. You also need to remember two women holding hands is not that shocking, you regularly see hetro women doing it. In Western culture two men holding hands is a image not often seen or even imagined.

    I can see why the ad company would go for guys over women, socially it makes a greater impact.

  20. Oh, lila shut up, you’re embarrassing yourself again.

  21. LOL, Lila you are such a dyke.

  22. Ah I didn’t know this about IKEA – lovely advert, I like the slogan and the couple. Looks much better than a boring man and woman ;) Can’t believe the comments from the Italian newspaper though haha; ‘Swedish imperialism’?! Nothing wrong anyway with promoting and challenging the typical nuclear family.
    But specific to these two comments, yer there’s no need to use that word. I quite liked the picture of the two men personally – whether it’s two men or two women, the message is the same. And Chris is absolutely right, I was going to say that. In a lot of Africa, and other countries in Asia, it’s not illegal for lesbians to be in a relationship or having sex but it is for men. Grossly unfair on the gay men in these countries. Two men, two women, what difference does it make?

  23. leave her shes funny old cow. I imagive a butch one in dungarees drunk out her box on homemade cider

  24. A worn out parsnip half dangling from her minge. Why is it that militant dykes despite hating men and the penis still require a phallic shaped sex toy to assist them in getting their rocks off. All very contradictory.

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