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Caribbean island St Lucia apologises for attack on gay tourists

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Reader comments

  1. Good

    They deserved that beating for spending money in a country where you gay brothers and sisters live in fear. They shag them then go home Shame on them maybe now they’ll start thinking with the other head

    1. de Villiers 21 Mar 2011, 4:37pm

      > They deserved that beating for spending money in a country where you gay brothers and sisters live in fear.

      I cannot see how that vitiates their rights not to be assaulted. It is a bit like those who say women are asking to be raped by dressing liberally and leaving their homes.

      1. No it would be more like a black man going to aparthide south africa for holiday and wondering he got beat up, while ignoring the local environment.

    2. Is it not just possible they were in St.Lucia for a simple holiday, swimming, lying on beaches, shopping in the local markets etc? You make a big jump in assuming it was sex tourism. And reveal yourself as a thoroughly nasty homophobic bigot

  2. James
    I couldn’t agree more.
    The thought of gay people holidaying in the Caribbean fills me with shame.

    1. Cheers. It makes me wonder how they detach from the fact that gay people will be suffering while they’re having fun. I refused to go to africa for work as I wouldn’t be able to eat knowing that other people would be going hungry.

      1. @ James!: while I tend to agree with you about gay tourism in places where being gay is illegal, people are going hungry in Africa – and elsewhere – whether you work there or not: are you saying you’re OK with it so long as you yourself live in a country that’s sheltered from such extremes?

        1. Nah what I’m saying is that being in the same town or country you may have diverted some food from that person to yourself as the tourist would get prioroty. I asked the org to make a donation to a farm project

          1. That’s very thoughtful, but it’s a difficult one: food could be diverted because of the needs of the tourism industry but, by the same token, the industry itself often contributes to the prosperity of a nation so avoiding it altogether doesn’t necessarily achieve anything and could make a country more reliant on charity.

          2. Tourism isnt necessarily a good thing. countries with IMF loans have been forced to import more and become less self sufficent and tourism is forced on some developing countries as an economic miracle .With tourism comes exploitation like those silly queens going for some big bamboo island dick.

  3. So homosexuality is illegal, but they are terrified of losing that sweet sweet tourist money… Hypocrites.

    And yes, I have to wonder why GLBTQ people go to these countries. Even if you don’t give a damn about equality for others, were they confident they would not be arrested? Surely their own self interest should register.

    1. It’s called privilege where these guys assumed they were gods and immune from what happens on the island. They go there to pick up men use them for sex then go home and forget about them.

      Selfish and arrogant

      Maybe they wont be so lucky next time

    2. Homosexuality is illegal throughout all the British Caribbean islands, so anyone going these places must know that the UK implemented these laws back in the days.

      I’m Trinidadian and trust me, religion is the only reason why the Caribbean community hasn’t move on from ancient time.
      I’m lucky my family is modern and respects me for who I am, but many are still being harrassed and mobbed by wanna be gangstas and rastas in the name of ‘God created Adam & Eve’.

  4. Sad as it is but gay man choosing location like St. Lucia for holidays is asking for trouble. We are officially illegal there. Ddd!

    1. Far from it, my late friend who was from St.Lucia went back there frequently and I would have loved to have gone there and shared the beautiful scenery with him. Why assume sex comes into everything gay folk do on holiday?

  5. Gay people and all people with a conscience should avoid St Lucia while homosexuality is illegal there.

    What were these idiots doing in a bigotted dump like St Lucia?

    A country where homosexuality is illegal is a country that should be avoided by everyone – male and female, gay and straight.

  6. When will gay people learn not to support the low end of black ‘culture’?

    The island might be beautiful, but it’s populated largely by morons. Don’t give them your holiday money, for heaven’s sake!!

    1. It’s actually the high end of Christian culture

      1. Can’t argue with you there, James.

  7. I can’t believe the comments on here – actually applauding them being beaten up. They weren’t engaging in any gay activities and thus not breaking the law.

    Why shouldn’t gay men go to these places just like anyone else? I love to travel and it’d take more than a few nutters to put me off. You have to be discrete, sure, but otherwise it just remains a ‘gay free zone’. Or would you rather that instead? Presumably you think there are not gay St Lucians!

    1. What the hell are you on about

      If you were black would you go to aparthide south africa for a holiday knowing that you brothers and sisters would not get treated with the same respect that you get?

      1. If you were Black, you wouldn’t be allowed in apartheid Sotuh Africa!
        It wasn’t about respect, there at all…

  8. What a small world some of us seem to live in. The laws in St Lucia were introduced by us under the imperial days. Here in the UK we have taken our time about the full decriminalising of homosexuality with places like the Isle of Man only just catching up with us.
    The concept that the only reason why gay men go on holidays to tropical paradise locations is to have sex with local strangers sounds like a quote from the Daily Mail (talk about steriotyping).
    Finally rather living in a bubble and refusing to engage with countries percieved to be homophobic perhaps that is were we need to be going or how else can we bring about positive change on LGBT attitudes. This article clearly indicates that the government of St Lucia realise that treating LGBT tourists is wrong, once they have reached this point how under there constitution can they persecute members of there own society for the same issue, this is about how you change over a centuary of entrenched homophobia.

    1. So treat the white gay tourists as gods and the black gay locals like trash. That is a slave mentality St Lucia must be run by people who are comfortable as slaves

  9. I personally don’t know anything about St Lucia and their policies on LGBT people, so I’m going to read this:

    then come back and comment. In either case, I don’t think its fair to say that they deserved to be attacked, even if them visiting St Lucia as gay men represented hypocricsy. Sure, it is hypocritical for them to condemn the attack whilst being gay is illegal there simply because it happened to tourists, but its better than them advocating attacks on gay people.

    1. Nah

      They deserved the beating

      1. I agree that it seems a pretty silly thing to do. On the other hand, I first came to the UK when it was illegal to have sex with a man under 21 and I would have objected quite strongly to the idea that I somehow ‘deserved’ to be attacked for doing so.

  10. Of course they didn’t deserve to be attacked.

    And of course they were very foolish to go to a bigotted dump like St Lucia (where you are criminalised for your sexuality) and then act surprised when they were attacked.

    Visiting a homophobic dump like Jamaica or St Lucia is in my mind the equivalent of standing in the middle of the M1 motorway and then acting surprised when you get run over

    1. Yes they did.

      The selfishly went to St Lucia to lord it over the island people maybe picking up some trade. They didnt care that the gay St Lucians were living in mortal danger while they were enjoying themselves.

      thats actually pretty disgusting behaviour. I wonder how many gay men go to Jamaica knowing that gay Jamaicans are frequently murdered it’s sick

      1. Jamaica is a basket case, and I do think gay people should give it the widest berth possible. I didn’t know St Lucia was that bad though.

  11. Dan Filson 24 Mar 2011, 9:23am

    This was not at its core a homophobic attack – it was a burglary where the victims happened to be present and where once observed by the burglars found themselves abused for their sexuality. I see no reason why anyone should not holiday in St.Lucia which by all accounts is a very nice place. But if you do, step outside the compound of your rented villa or Sandals hotel complex, and meet the real people, shop in their shops, talk to them etc. What is resented by the locals is when people stay in their bubble and all the profits leave with the cruise ship.

    1. Local homos will get lock up for “sexual acts” and you suggest its ok. No solidarity why is that? Do you not relate to the natives?

  12. The ONLY way to change attitudes and laws in homophobic countries is hit ’em where it hurts:- in the pocket. If gay people, their friends and relatives boycotted tourism and trade to these backward nations and governments witheld aid, I think you’d soon find their moral and religious concerns would vanish, such is their hypocricy.

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