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Australian prime minister explains opposition to gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. During an interview with Sky News’s Australian Agenda, she called herself a “cultural traditionalist”

    too many letter try c u n t

    1. I like your comment James :)

      Sorry love your a public servant there ti serve the people not enforce your views on teh masses. Got I hope Oz get her out asap

      1. You’re both retarded to use language like that. She has a right to an opinion, just like you James. Before you flame me back, I happen to fully support equality and marriage for gays.

        1. If you support equality for gays as you put it , then you should not be insisting she has a right to a prejudicial , homophobic opinion in her capacity as representing All the people of austrailia..

        2. she has a right to an opinion yes, what she does not have a right to do is enforce her opinion on others.

          If she doesnt like same sex marriage then she shouldnt get one.

          1. norhingpetty 22 Mar 2011, 6:19pm

            If I’m reading correctly, she’s not forcing her opinion, she’s merely stating it. Be thankful she’s allowing her party to vote their conscience.

        3. saynotommmmm 21 Mar 2011, 10:17pm

          Nicola it is not an opinion when some one is saying dont do as I do, do as I say. She has the choice of marriage, yet feels she has the right to denign others. No, is not an opinion, its everything but.

        4. Nicola retarded is a discriminatory word insulting people with learning difficulties, sort yourself out

          1. In that case James and Gav have significantly impaired cognitive functioning to resort to that kind of bad language. Perhaps someone should provide a list of slurs one is allowed to use.
            That woman is a politician, its their job to have an opinion. The Democratic process means the voters get a chance to boot her out.
            She is not being homophobic, because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage… that’s ridiculous, and complete clap trap.
            I suppose you think its sexist not to believe in womans vote… hmmm maybe you have a point. okay clever clogs, but the bad language was my original point.. it doesn’t help you xxx

          2. Clap trap?

            Too easy

        5. karen carnessali 23 Mar 2011, 8:26pm

          the simple FACT is..THIS IS NOT a topic that people should have an “opinion” about at ALL. That is the equivalent of me having an OPINION about wether YOUR FACE, or your skin color, or hair color should be legal. AKA: if you have an opinion, you are a jerk. Pretty simple to me. Not up for debate. And guess what? I am heterosexual. wow. maybe we should buy an island and outlaw heterosexual marriage.

    2. I wonder if her mum and dad also think she was brought up in a traditional homohpobic family…our little Julia is such a good girl, keeping up with our homophobic ideas of keeping gays as second class citizens, shame she can’t bring in the old tradition of throwing them in gaol as well…

    3. “Cultural Traditionalist”

      Heterosexism may well be a tradition, but as a 21st century culture it is so dated; and stuck in the 1950s rather like Julia Gillard

    4. Stan Arnold 10 Apr 2011, 8:22am

      Qonder if that name is catholic.

      the church of the endless hidden molestation all over the world.
      the church of Adoph H still not yet excommunicated

      1. Stan Arnold 10 Apr 2011, 8:23am


  2. Alison Dilly 21 Mar 2011, 3:30pm

    Well, it goes against my upbringing too, but I’m all for equality. My civil partnership happens later this year. It’s not marriage, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment, and I’m hoping the more of us who do it, will help sway it our way.

    1. Congratulations =) Have a fantastic day and I will continue to hope for full recognition for all my GLBTQ brothers and sisters.

      1. Alison Dilly 21 Mar 2011, 3:40pm

        Thank you. We plan to have a phenomenal day. And we all know that the vast majority of us go against our upbringing, just by existing. My mother once told me she tolerated me. A really loving thing for a mother to say to her daughter, I thought at the time.

  3. Her duty is to serve ALL Australians. Including the gay ones. Like all homophobes she tries to dress it up and excuse it but it always comes down to “gays are icky”.

    On one side of the argument there is the granting of rights to all people. On the other, the denial of rights to some so others can feel “comfortable” (or whatever BS excuse they use). She is on the WRONG side of history.

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 3:32pm

      Quite right. I think these people forget that the LGBT community payes taxes and votes too.

  4. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 3:30pm

    I think we can all explain it, she’s a self-loathing, human-hating, homophobic bigot.

    There, explained.

  5. Dr Robin Guthrie 21 Mar 2011, 3:41pm

    I’m, “up bringing” my lunch after reading such a lame excuse.

  6. “Now, I know people might look at me and think that’s something that they wouldn’t necessarily expect me to say, but that is what I believe.”

    Your belief is wrong and we will never forget that.

  7. Luke from Canada 21 Mar 2011, 3:43pm

    an atheist living with her boyfriend, yeah real traditional

  8. What a fool. Willing to keep an entire group of people as second class citizens because she wants to maintain some silly traditional view.

    The worse thing that a religious idiot opposing equal rights for gay people is an atheist opppsiing equal rights for gay people.

  9. Julia Gillard is not married, but yet lives with her boyfriend, Tim. Tim is a hairdresser from a provincial country town in Victoria.

    If THAT WOMAN is such a traditionalist, why does she live in sin?

    1. Zing!

    2. The hypocrisy is astonishing. The pick’n’mix approach to ‘tradition’, yet again.

  10. Helen Wilson 21 Mar 2011, 3:50pm

    Would not sexism be part of her upbringing too? Maybe a girl should not be Prime Minister! After all that’s part of a traditional conservative upbringing along with racism against Australia’s original people and unabated misogyny.

    I do hope Julia Gillard did not ask for equal pay in her job as that’s very untraditional.

    Why should Julia Gillard have equal rights if others don’t!

    1. This ^^^^^

      Thanks for saving me the effort of typing there Helen :p

      much love x

      1. …and I hope she’ll repeal the vote for women and slink back to her kitchen and her housekeeping. We can all be cultural traditionalists.

        Plus, her cohabiter needs to get a proper man’s job. Hairdressing is not a suitable occupation for a man. At least that was what I was brought up to believe. Some cultural traditions are sacrosanct.

  11. Atheist my arse, a feeble excuse! My 92 year old aunt, her daughter and grandchildren are all atheists and believe gay people should be allowed to marry.

    If she’s implying the procreation hysteria as a reason to ban same-sex marriage, then she’s dumber than I assumed. That alone has its roots in organised religious cultism and I suspect is where she’s getting it from. Obviously she can’t separate religious from civil, usually the mindset of a religious conservative.

    1. Luke from Canada 22 Mar 2011, 12:05am

      she’s never had children either

  12. Tony Stewart 21 Mar 2011, 3:59pm

    “…explains opposition”

    She doesn’t really ‘explain’ anything – ‘it’s how it’s always been and should stay that way’. Ok… but there is no argument here as to why this is a good stance, or how it benefits those who live in the country she presides over… ‘just because’ is not explanation enough!

    1. Paddyswurds 22 Mar 2011, 3:31pm

      Burning witches was a tradition for several hundred years and one i vote Aussies should reinstate for an hour or so and guess who i would put on top of the faggots….one J Gilliard. Before anyone has an apopeleptic fit “Faggots” was the name of the bundles of twigs used in the burning process. Gay people were regularly burned at the stake in the 15th and 16th centuries, altho not in Britain and it’s thought thats where we got the name from. I’m sure there will be someone to contradict that story but thats my knowledge of it right or wrong. I lived in Masachussetts for 10 years and visited Salem while there. Salem was once famous for people burning ……

  13. As a “cultural traditionalist” I think she should get back in the kitchen.

    Sorry just the way I was brought up.

    What an arse.

    1. Paddyswurds 22 Mar 2011, 11:16pm

      @twitless ….would you eat anything that vile serpent would cook…i’d rather starve.

  14. Why? Please tell me why, this woman who happens to currently (and temporarily) chair the Prime Minister’s position – think marriage equality is about her and her traditional upbringing!

  15. basically she said ” my reason for being a bigot is Derp”

    1. Or Splunge.

  16. Obviously a political career move…grow some balls woman!

  17. The petulant child’s explanation: I hate gay marriage because I just do!

  18. What a disgusting bigot Gillard is.

    She’s a disgrace and an embarrassment to her country.

  19. she acts as if she was an absolute monarchy, then again australia have a good record on accomadating needs of white heterosuxual section of country at expense of others

  20. Steve@GayWebHosting 21 Mar 2011, 5:15pm

    What a lame-arsed excuse.. At least the bible bashers can hide their homophobia behind their upbringing and indoctrination.. Whats her excuse? Well, she does not really have one!

    Just a homophobe who believes that everyone is equal (apart from the homos!)

  21. Isn’t it lovely hw nice you can make small minded bigotry sound when you REALLY try your best.

    Excuse me whie I yak!

  22. “Cultural Traditionalists” didn’t believe in the rights of the non-landowners, voice of women, or the abolition of slavery either.

    What an embarrassment she will be to her descendants.

  23. Ken Underwood 21 Mar 2011, 5:50pm

    Whatever Julia thinks things will change with or without her, we just might have to wait a bit longer sadly. She does come across as a hypocrite.

  24. womanonabroom 21 Mar 2011, 5:50pm

    Mmmm. So have I gone against my upbringing that I no longer believe in Father Christmas or take piano lessons? Becoming an adult is about taking responsibility for the decisions you make on how to use the quantum of power you gain. Two words for the woman – grow up!

  25. She called herself a “cultural traditionalist”!

    No, Ms. Gillard, what you need to call yourself is “a deep-down-inside traditional homophobe”!

    I only hope the Aussie gay boys and girls do not hesitate to put this very very silly woman right!

    She talks like a simpleton born of some hillside chapel!

  26. Subjective emotive drivel disgraceful in an elected politician. ‘If it’s unfamiliar and strange to me I won’t support it,so there.’
    If I ever get elected to political power I’ll try to outlaw eating welks. And slack baggy pants showing your bum.* After all, it disgusts me.
    *(Unless you’re Javier Bardem, among a few others)

  27. Julia Gillard you are a common FORNICATOR, you are not a moral paragon so please don’t have the nerve to impose your hypocritical half-baked beliefs on others please, you clearly have no moral integrity.

  28. What a dried-up, dreadful old bitch.

    Her one cosmic purpose is that she proves beyond any doubt that you don’t have to be religious in order to be a bigot (just cite Mom and Dad rather than Old Man God)… and also that it’s never too late to abort an ugly baby.

  29. Does she think that anyone will read her comments and think well of them? What a bizarre way to behave! She evidently picks and chooses what she wishes to retain about traditionalism- why favour equality for women and not for LGBT people? Doesn’t she get it? If one group is not equal then NO ONE is equal. She, as a heterosexual woman is not equal with a lesbian woman because that makes her a first class citizen in a two-tier society. Why doesn’t that bother her? Perhaps because she is only interested in equality if she’s the second class citizen and feels no solidarity for others… Does she think she will gain popularity by taking a minority viewpoint and trying to enforce it on a population which has majority support for marriage equality? In a country like Australia, she should be very ashamed of what she has said. Wouldn’t she rather be the frist leder who stood up for marriage equality instead of the last one to defend inequality? (That goes for Obama too…)

  30. Funny how she’s a “cultural traditionalist to whom marriage means so much, yet she doesn’t get married herself. More like a cultural hypocrite!

  31. This woman is more dumb than I thought! Many of us have been brought up in ‘traditional families’ but we all have evolved, we all have listened to & learn from others. This is how we mature and come to our own conclusions,and values. She obviously will not, can not, or whatever. Ms Gillard sure is in the claws of the right wing of The Labor Party of Australia! Shame on her!

  32. Sexuality is not culture and has no tradition, as it has always been there and is not chosen by anyone.

    Bet the Welsh are glad they got rid of her!

  33. Cultural Traditionalist can be used on so many things. I should meet up with her… Tell her im a “cultural traditionalist” then tell her women can’t rule and to make me a sandwich… That’s a bunch of hub. Why doesn’t she just admit that she doesn’t want gay people to marry pure and simple… She wants people to try to relate somehow by making her excuse. It is annoying and she should just shut up on this… Nobody needs to know why she’s against it. The majority of Australians according to recent polls are for gay marriage… So just let it hurt her in the end. Stop trying to wish wash stuff Gilliard.

  34. Just move to the UK. We left Australia in 2007. Two very high tax payers now helping to fund a modern country. Our NZ civil union is fully recognised here.

    Most recent case in the UK showing how modern a country we now live in.

  35. Here’s the story on the Australian gay online news – it seems gay marriage is un-australian and now she has suddenly turned a bit religious and has decided to base Australian laws on “bibile stories” – what a ridiculous woman!

  36. Mental cow!

  37. A,J,Mainland 21 Mar 2011, 9:47pm

    For someone who loves to appear
    profoundly wise and full of herself,
    she hasn’t observed many of the Mammals in her own back yard, I’m sure she’d reasure herself things were perfectly natural just by observing some native Kangaroos
    but then again she sounds hopping mad, silly Charlaton woman with hidden agendas.

  38. That’s got to be one of the most pathetic and stupid ‘reasons’ I’ve ever heard. But what p*sses me off most is the silly cow’s hypocrisy. What does she imagine that ‘cultural traditionalists’ think of her living in sin, as they’d call it?

    Oh, sorry – I forgot. In bigotland it’s one rule for us and another for them – ie whatever *I* do is fine, but anything you do isn’t.

    1. Paddyswurds 21 Mar 2011, 11:08pm

      @ Iris …she would get on well with Iris Robinson , the 60 y/o vile bigot from the north of Ireland who was deep in adultry with a teenage boy while ranting on national radio that homosexuals were an abomination and intrinsically disordered . Like Robinson she will soon be political history tho.

      1. They could be sisters, Paddyswurds :D Both nothing to look at and ugly inside. I don’t know how either of them have the arrogance to appear in public. Hypocrites the both of them – and too up themselve to even realise it.

  39. Everyone has the right to an opinion, but some people abuse their position of authority to share their opinions with everyone. Was she elected on an anti-gay marriage platform?

    1. no…. she was placed there after our elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was ousted without consulting the Australian voters. I think it was for confronting the big mining companies, I was O/S at the time

  40. Pity the first female Australian PM is a dud! Wait for this, Gillard belongs to the ‘Left’ faction of the ALP. Julia you have betrayed so many and this will NEVER be forgotten.
    I will be putting the ALP last on the ballot paper. At least with Tony Abbott, he is an arch -Conservative in a Conservative Party. No lies there!
    GIllard and all the other Labor Catholics, just go and join the Liberal or National parties and at least be sitting on the far right side of Parliament and politics.

    1. Your right , at least with Abbot you know what you’re getting…I’ve got no idea what labour stands for and have no idea what Gillard will come out with next…Totally agree with you about the Catholic sleepers in the labour party…they’re the ones running the party.

      I think Australia will have to do what the UK did and boot labour out and hope that there will be a new policy on marriage equality.

      I don’t like CP or civil unions and I know the gay orgs aren’t pushing for it but something would be better than nothing and it looks like nothing is what is going to happen.

      1. John, unless there is a change of policy at the ALP national conference later in the year and the ALP then support marriage equality, I dont see any hope for marriage equality in the foreseeable future in Australia.The Catholics in the ALP will do anything they can to destroy the possibility for legal recogntion of same-sex relationships. Of course if Abbott wins the next election, there is NO possibilty of Marriage Equality.
        It seems the gay activists who are leading and organising the campaign for Marriage Equality have refused in anyway to consider civil unions as a possiblity. It is all or nothing with them! How dumb is that!
        I have always considered that pushing for civil unions for ALL defacto couples is the way to go and the way to very much undermine the religious nutters and put the Australian public onside.
        Many countries and states have sensibly introduced civil unions as a starter!

        1. I’ve written to all MPs and senators and have only managed to arrange appointments with 2 of them – both Catholic, one lib, the other lab – both totally against marriage equality but both in favour of civil unions at fed level (assuming they weren’t lying to me!!!). I’d love to have marriage equality but honsetly feel that a fed level civil union (same sex only!!!!) is the only way to change attitudes here……I personally don’t like throwing everyone into the civil union initially since we want it to mirroir marriage and not be something different..that the secret of the British CP I think , I don’t want to fall into the French PACS problem..

  41. Robert (Kettering) 22 Mar 2011, 12:21am

    A vile and nasty woman with vile and nasty ideals – the woman is a homophobe!

    Of course she’s such a “traditionalist” herself that she forgot to get married to the man she lives with! Shall we also add another label: Hypocrite!

  42. Someone should explain to her that her ‘upbringing’ or any of her personal beliefs have nothing to do with her current job…

  43. JackAlison 22 Mar 2011, 7:17am

    The best part about this slut is that she is living ‘in sin’ with her unmarried defacto partner, who happens 2 b a HAIRDRESSER!!! And his daughter from another marriage poses butt naked in lad mags. U join the dots.

  44. I was bought up by a sexist, voilent homophobe and rejected it all,many people are brought up in bad homes or by bad people and choose to either be like that or reject it
    she chose to be an idiotic hypocritical bigot

  45. PeterinSydney 22 Mar 2011, 8:06am

    Gillard is being a selfish bigoted bitch who tramps around with her live in boyfriend while preaching against gay people. How hypocritcal is that?

  46. During an interview with Sky News’s Australian Agenda, she called herself a “cultural traditionalist” who is “on the conservative side in this question”.

    Translation: I’m a bigot!

  47. I wonder what Aboriginal “cultural traditionalists” would say to that one.

  48. All of the ten countries that have marriage equality started out with varying degrees of civil unions/partnerships. Now look what has happened in the UK, a conservative government about to start supporting full marriage equality and allowing straights to form civil partnerships. Who would have thought? Truly amazing!

  49. She’s an Atheist and is still homophobic. What a complete idiot.

  50. Such a shame that women fought for the right to vote…………..Oh wait a minute they did and now look she can be a president……….because there was a fight for equality………you ignorant women……….

  51. Sheldon Boger-Moffatt 22 Mar 2011, 7:05pm

    I really couldn’t give a rat’s tail about her ‘upbringing’. Miss Gillard’s job is to up hold the rights of ALL Australians and to represent her party’s ideals not cop out with a frankly uninspiring excuse like this. Living with a man that she is NOT married to must surely go against her upbringing as well, but that hasn’t stopped her. Funny how the morality card is relaxed when politicians apply it to themselves. As someone very wise said recently…”What part of EQUAL don’t you understand?”

  52. I’ve suspected for some years that an atheist can be just as nasty as a red-faced religious bigot. And here is the proof. (The white chavs in my neighbourhood, with no affiliation to any religious creed, are further proof.)

  53. Considering that the LGBT community is a large base of the Labour vote, I would suggest that all LGBT spoil their ballots at the next election. when 100 000, 200 000 or more votes are spoiled and the reason for this is known, maybe Labour will wake up to just how large their voter base is and stop being so homophobic. When politicians see their votes haemoragging, they’l sit up and take note.

    1. Great idea but can we motivate ourselves to do such a thing – after all it’s cultural tradition for Aussies to be laid back

  54. I make no apologies for Julia Gillard. However some facts to point out.
    She made this statement to calm her base down after they lost the nuclear debate due to Japan. The ALP National Conference is voting on Gay Marriage in its upcoming Conference. All indications are that gay marriage will pass at the conference. This issue is going to come up in Parliament again thanks to the Minority Greens who hold the balance of power. Ms Gillard has to give real debate in Parliament on this issue or risk losing government. If a conscience vote is held it is believed that gay marriage will pass Parliament.
    This way Julia GIllard can continue to say the conservative lines so as not to lose the conservative catholics, but still get gay marriage passed. (NB. The last sentence is my opinion on her political motives in expressing her beliefs.)

    1. The socalled ‘Minority Greens’ is why Marriage Equality is being debated! The ALP are a disgrace, having ‘USED’ the votes of the gay community for years!
      Gillard’s disgusting comments AFFECT peoples’ LIVES!!!!!!!

    2. Thank heavens for the minority greens….she may not be losing the votes of the conservative catholics but she certainly is losing the vote of the LGBT community and all other progressive sections of the Australian population. With such a spineless, dithering, unprincipled, hyprocritical and as some people have said lying PM then she really isn’t making much of a positive impact. I love your positiveness about the rest of the ALP party but really where is the evidence, only a handful of ALP politicians are prepared to speak out openly for marriage equality ,the rest just tow the party line… the only positivre thing about the ALP party is that under the liberal we would have no chance unless of course they too were stuck with the Greens holding the balance of power…

  55. My fear now is that “cultural traditionalist” will be adopted by all bigots to justify their mindless prejudices. It’s a catch-all expression that doesn’t need religion or evolution to “back” it, but simply says to everyone “This is how I see the world – take it or leave it.”

    Hopefully, in this woman’s case they’ll leave it, and vote her out.

  56. It doesn’t actually explain anything.

  57. It doesn’t explain anything

  58. How can she be an atheist and find reasonable arguments against same-sex marriage? WTF is that? She’s making us atheists look back ugghh!!!

  59. Stan Arnold 10 Apr 2011, 8:19am

    Creeps who effectively support with their comments homophobia, which results in bashings etc, are not entitiled to their opinion, until they are put in the monkey cage at the zoo.

    Hitler had his opinions and look where that kind of free speech went.


    take the 5 capitalized letters and reverser their order to get the website

  60. Stan Arnold 10 Apr 2011, 8:28am

    those of us in the Homophobic Hate States of AmeriKKKa (KKK was the Ku Klux Klan – a hate group against blacks whose adherents now hate gays) look forward to your country getting gay marriage.

    And hopefully the stroke it will give the RATZI

    Imagine him lying there, in a diaper, seeing what is going on around him, but totally paralyzed and unable to communicate his hate.

    That would be justice – especially if he rotted and rotted till he was at least 100 before becoming maggot food

  61. “Bitch” is not misogyny, you retarded whore. It’s a catch-all expression for an unpleasant person.

  62. “… Fkin grow up, why are men so dumb?…”

    claerly u dont practise what you preach, im sure there is a word to describe such lack of consistency

  63. As in “faggy” is offensive to lgbt . hypocrite!

  64. Serious issues – I’m guessing you were abused by your father? See a psychiatrist.

  65. why should someones gender earn them respect? I do not ask for respect because I am a man, but rather because I am nice to others.

  66. Paddyswurds 21 Mar 2011, 10:05pm

    @lila…because we were brought up by women, who were for the most part misandrists, albeit secretly.Being a woman isn’t in itself an automatic qualifacation for respect. I was raised by a woman like that so i know all about it .Respect HAS to be earned no matter what your gender. I think the problem with the harridan Gilliard is that she is inherently stupid and secondly she has no idea what an atheist is. She just thinks it sounds cool and post modern so “oh i’ll be one of those whatever it is” Ffs she’s so pentacostally uptight she can hardly speak. It is also very very fortunate she is barren as the child that would rear would have a liftime of misery. A classic barren scold or shrew …either fits this vile festering cesspit of hatred. Fortunately for Australia is will soon be history.

  67. That lila bitch makes me look euridite and measured

  68. I’m sure you’re a superbly strong lesbian, Lila. Carrying a chip on each shoulder has built up your muscles nicely.

  69. u r not only a hypocrite but extremly rude too, just like ur hero julia gillard

  70. maybe men reject her advances as she is so butch and ugly, a reject . A very bitter, lonely sad individual.

  71. Paddyswurds 21 Mar 2011, 10:07pm

    ** fortuantely for Australia she will soon be history.

  72. Paddyswurds 21 Mar 2011, 10:59pm

    …probably not a real lesbian atall…just became on out of desperation when the lads all gave her a wide berth….I can jsut see her cropped greying hair couple of dozen curly hairs on her chin dungarees and bovver boots and a snarl that would put the most rabid wolf to shame,… A real pleasant picture…..yeukkk

  73. Gaga stop using retarded its discriminatory

  74. You are, and humble, a trait lacking in some of the self rioghteous delusionalists on here.

  75. ahhh thats nice… have you read my posts?

  76. now stop it im blushing

  77. yes, seems you know bout homophobia from the frontline perspective , so your input is more sincere and important than those that don’t.

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