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80,000 sign petition to Apple over ‘gay cure’ app

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Reader comments

  1. Jobs is happy to work with Murdoch the gay hating pig, so we have an idea of his character and the fact he doesn’t like porn on his iphone maybe he’s a closet evangelical or something

      1. I don’t think anyone needs additional information on that pig.

        He’s so poisonous to humanity I find myself wondering several times a day: “Is Murdoch dead yet?” But no, he’s still going strong, making the world a better place for Christian, conservative, white, middle-class straight people.

        1. And Jobs knows all this and signs a deal with him I hate apple

  2. Can’t believe that Apple has made a reasonable political step. Exodus International is an excellent organisation saving thousands of lives from sad consequences.

    1. Please do not feed this troll

      1. Hilariously, two of the original founders of “Exodus International”, Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper, left the organisation, divorced their wives and had a commitment ceremony together.

        In other words, even the founders of the organisation knew that they were selling snake oil.

        That some other members have allegedly been found in various cruise locations makes them look even more ridiculous.

        Short version – look closely at anyone who seems to be touting the ex-gay movement, or anyone who obsesses over other people’s sexuality!

        1. Those cnuts have left this mess behind

    2. Idiot.

    3. TROLL!!!!!!!!! No one even cares what you think, have a happy life :)

    4. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 11:51am

      saving lives? Can’t be anything to do with Christians then, they’re only intend on destroying lives.

    5. Can’t keep away, can you Massive? :D

      Maybe you’d make more sense if you just gave in to your gay urges and stopped concentrating all your mental powers on trying to squash them down? You’re wasting your life – and your time.

      1. Massive is also Comra, as you can see from the URL they provide…. talk about identity disorder! Even as two people he has half the intelligence of one person :)

  3. What we need to be saved from is religious nonsense!

  4. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 11:49am

    Apple are taking too long over this issue.

    The longer they take the more they look like they support.

  5. Seems like the gay agenda does like people knowing the homosexual lifestyle is a choice, and that people may want to change and that some people have changed their sexual preference, and have never looked back…

    1. You keep telling yourself that, LU. ;)

      You know very well that people can only repress their sexuality – it’s still there underneath and it can’t be changed.

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 2:07pm

        Can you imagine the Christian uproar if this had been a ‘straight cure’ app?

        Cor blimey they wouldn’t let up. Gay Adenda blah blah blah, lifestyle choice blah blah blah. Pretty much the same record as above.


        Funny how these Christian homophobes never see that are the ones with their Chosen hateful religious lifestyle.

    2. u filthy cuuuunnnntttt

    3. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 12:34pm

      There we with that ‘Gay Agenda’ & ‘Lifestyle Choice’

      You really should read other magazines.

      Typical nutjob.

    4. You are so right Lu.

      There I was – a heterosexual person who decided one day that I had, had enough of the disgusting, heterosexual lifestyle choice.

      2 years ago through the power of Almighty Jesus I started worshipping at the Altar of Penis.

      I have never looked back.

      Being gay is fantastic. What makes it especially hot is how sexy the naked Jesus looks as he waits on the cross for his SM master to release him.

      Jesus is 1 kinky devil.

    5. Lu, you mean like Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper, two of the co- founders of Exodus, who left the group to marry each other? Or John Paulk who was found in a gay bar after his “conversion”? Such successful “cures”, wouldn’t you agree?

      Oh, LU, we’re all embarrassed for you here. Did you even try to go to school?

      1. Of course we could include NARTH in this conversion therapy bracket… I wonder what George Rekers’ success rate is with ex-gay therapy?
        He must be one of the straightest guys on the planet, with his wide experience as an evangelical conversion therapist and NARTH spokesperson. Does anyone happen to have an update as to how George is doing with his little outreach project?

  6. Let’s face it, Android is the future. Apple and iPhone have had their day.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 21 Mar 2011, 4:37pm

      Always wondered why someone would want to buy a device that is locked into the manufacturers diktats as to what you can run on it.

  7. Dr Robin Guthrie 21 Mar 2011, 12:31pm

    See the Daily Wail bigots are out in force.

    No doubt LU an Massive are multi posting on the forum.

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 12:37pm

      Yeah I get that feeling too, them and those multiple non-personalities.

      Nuts anyone?

    1. My god some of the comments on there are just so bad! People get disliked for saying it’s wrong and unfair, and the homophobic comments are getting liked. I’ve heard of the b.itching against Daily Mail before but now I totally see why. It’s awful, they’re so ignorant and bigoted! Don’t give that much of a hoot though, I’m a homo and it’s brilliant. Thanks for the link too Mumbo Jumbo, totally signed it. Got something like 91,000.

      1. Dave North 21 Mar 2011, 4:26pm

        Too True.

        Some of the bile up on the Daily Wail on this topic is unbelievable.

        Most of it constitutes hate speech.

        For a “so called” national newspaper I’m surprised they get away with allowing this hate to be published via their comments section.

  8. Mumbo Jumbo 21 Mar 2011, 1:06pm

    For anyone who has not already signed, here is the link to the petition:

    1. Here’s another petition to stop jeremy Hunt giving murdoch to turn BskyB into Fox news

  9. Apple are taking too long with this. I get free speech and all, but you cannot ban anti-semantic and racist apps, but let homophobic ones through. You have to keep up the same standard for all hate groups against people who have done nothing wrong/born with it i.e. being gay, or being black. It’s like starting a group called ‘Cure for being blonde’ .

    1. Apple must believe that we chose to be gay. I will enjoy smashing my iphone and I will never have an apple product. Anyone who could be mates with Murdoch is a bad un

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 4:01pm

        Prehaps people should return them get their money back? Homophobes don’t need our support.

        1. I was going to buy an iphone 4 but I’m looking at the htc or nexus

          1. HTC desire is far superior James. Go for a HTC desire S, terrific phone.

          2. Cheers will I’ll have a look

        2. And I don’t work for HTC, but I do work in a mobile operator, so I know what I’m talking about, I’m not plugging a dud :)

          1. Look ok but I listen to a lot of music is the interface as user friendly as the iphone?

          2. Yep, its even slicker if you ask me. I have a Desire myself. My partner has an iPhone, and I much prefer the Desire’s interface.You can put what ever size SD Memory card in them and put what ever music you want to fill the card!

  10. Dr Robin Guthrie 21 Mar 2011, 3:51pm

    I see that the Scientist whos research was abused by Exodus has came out calling for this App to be removed.

    “Dear Messrs. Jobs and Cook,

    This message serves as a request to remove the Exodus International application from Apple’s iphone offerings because the website content is objectionable. It erroneously cites my research (Remafedi 1992) in support of claims that homosexuality can be changed.”

    The rest is at

  11. Mumbo Jumbo 21 Mar 2011, 5:58pm

    Now over 100,000 signatures.

    Here’s the link again:

  12. Perhaps high-profile Apple enthusiast Stephen Fry could be persuaded to tweet his displeasure. So far he’s not commented, but he is known to Steve Jobs and has said a lot of good things about iPad in the past.

  13. Frankly, I find all the Apple bashing quite tiring and a little ridiculous. I know of very few companies that are as openly pro-gay as Apple. The fact that they don’t censor everyone for holding a less than gay-friendly opinion is quite different from being homophobic.

    As for the app, I would have to download it to be able to give an adequate judgement on it but I obviously don’t intend to do it. I’ve had a look at the app’s page on iTunes and it simply lets people check on upcoming events from Exodus international, etc.

    I’m surprised that everyone is getting up in arms about this app, but no one cares, for instance, about their Facebook page which offers the exact same content and is arguably accessible to many more people, probably younger and more impressionable too.

    This imbalance leads me to question whether this has more to do with an antipathy for Apple’s market dominance than Exodus itself, and judging by some of the comments on here, that rather seems to be the case.

    1. They needn’t have said there is no objectionable content. It’s not comparable with Facebook, because Apple themselves chose to rate the app as not offensive.

      Although the BBC gave a lot of coverage to the iPad launch, including this positive contribution from Stephen Fry, they have not yet reported the news that the company has recently disappointed many people.

      Stephen Fry, himself, has refrained from commenting.

      1. Facebook also delete objectionable content. Why is no one collecting signatures to ask Facebook to delete Exodus’ page?

        Apple’s review of no objectionable content basically means there is no pornography, no incitement to hatred and similar. If this application is nothing more than a way to let members know when upcoming events are, are we saying that anything this organisation does should be blocked?

        I’m all for discrediting their work but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this degree of control over who can advertise their events, have a blog, etc.

        1. Anything in the app store is legitimised by apple. The fact the app implies sexuality is a choice is hateful. Therefore apple agrees that sexuality is a choice supporting and is backing hateful Christians geddit? And Stephen fry jumped on jan moir but put his toys before us what a twat.

          1. Apple does not agree that sexuality is a choice and has proven this time and time again by supporting the fight against prop 8, banning discrimination against it’s workforce, etc. Apple’s record speaks for itself.

          2. Val

            Apple is not run by idiots the big picture stuff has to be done everyone else is doing it even the cops.

            This app implies that sexuality can be changed which is rubbish. A vulnerable person maybe seriously damaged by this app its psychologically dangerous and should be pulled.

            The fact its in the app stop gives it some credibility

          3. James,

            I don’t understand what the “big picture stuff” is but we are going round in circles.

            Why would the app’s presence in the app store be more significant than it’s page on Facebook. The app store is full of all sorts of junk, it doesn’t all have credibility.

            Interestingly the Facebook page has about 15 fans. No one even hears about Exodus until people start advertising for them complaining about their apps.

          4. Are you an idiot. You can’t upload any app to the store it goes through an apple vetting process therefore apple gives it legitimacy. Facebook has I hate queers pages any nutter can set one up geddit? If not don’t reply and start revising for you’re olevels.

          5. Given the way you express yourself I think the only person who’s proving to be a little challenged is you.

            Facebook has a functionality for reporting inappropriate content, so its staff review such content as it is reported and assess it.

            Surely even you are able to see that there is a difference in the number of people who are reporting the same content on one or the other platform.

  14. People power is needed. Vote with our money and boycott all APPLE products. This will hurt the company more than protests will. Put all businesses and companies on notice. You want our business, so you have to support us, or else.

  15. apple is eexcellent

    1. Thanks for sharing dickhead

      1. Umm, yes, well with replies like that, it’s no wonder you guys have all of the support..

        Way to go with the whole ‘engaging in rational debate, and convincing me of your argument’

        1. Dr Robin Guthrie 22 Mar 2011, 9:21am

          Why do you read gay websites? Really, I’m curious.

        2. bollocks you c u nt

        3. Well as we know, George Rekers is completely hetrosexual…

        4. And you’re argument, LU, is of any higher calibre, is it? The old “lifestyle” and paranoid gay “agenda”nonsense?


          No one here really gives a toss for your programmed religious responses, they’re nearly as pathetic as you being here in the first place.

        5. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2011, 11:08am

          Why convince a bigot. You already know what you think and so do we. Why waste the time and energy?

      2. one typo that I noticed too late, it’s nice that you tried to debate and engage me but you didn’t try to be rational, apple is cool and there’s many sites that have homophobia that gets ignored but at least with the apps you can try to get the app banned, you’ve actually gave that Lu some ammo

        1. In all fairness, the vile creature that calls itself LU doesn’t need ammo…. people that that are stuck in an endless loop of irrational religious dogma and the love of persecuting others. All you can do with cretins like that is call them out for the lunatics they are.

        2. Chester people like LU should not be tolerated or treated with anything resembling respect shun ,mock and insult them they hate you and always will because they know deep down they have an attraction to someone of the same sex. These are the most dangerous people we will ever encounter

          1. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2011, 11:10am

            All people like LU do is enforce the typical nasty Christian type. There’s no point debating with them coz they’ve already made up their mind.

            I say mind but even thats pretty limited.

  16. Conversion therapy is proven ineffective, in some cases deeply harmful, and suggests that it is wrong to love people of your own gender in the first place.

    Thank heavens Murdoch, Jobs and my frequently-dropped iPhone aren’t long for this world!

    1. I bet murdoch has had a clone made already he be back as one on his kids grandchildren

      1. LOL

      1. Dave forgive me but your comment is kind of proving my point that this whole discussion has more to do with antipathy for Apple’s Market leadership than the app itself.

        What’s that link got to do with the issue at hand?

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