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32 Chinese women arrested for writing gay erotica

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Reader comments

  1. china is going to have to come under the human rights commission or be penalized and sactioned for the attacks against people private lives and their humanity, china do not have the right to be in the bedroom or in peoples homes and in their lives, unless the people have committee violent crimes against someone, the racism of china against women, and their racism and oprression and repression against them as women of heterosexul nature an gay women or others, is detestable, obama and the ambassador to china is going have to make china , give those women an opology , for the violation of their private hobbies, and private, lives , you do not arrest authors of poems are books because they all are not writing about stuff you like. and right in your type of format, if the adults are not telling other to go and kill innocent people in this world and to rape children, you have no businsess, bothering them we are trying to stop ;hatemesseages, that ignite murders and ad cause other broblems

  2. Teenage girls arrested for writing slash fiction. Only in China… -_-

  3. musclelad23 21 Mar 2011, 7:02pm

    This is utterly abhorrant.

  4. There was obviously a market for it with that many members, so why not just leave the site alone? And as for arresting the women who wrote it – unbelievable!

    China does itself no favours with this kind of action.


  6. Steve@GayWebHosting 22 Mar 2011, 9:46am

    Just shows how utterly wrong a country is that not only bans any kind of dissent, but locks people up for their writing.

    ….and WE are guilty of making this disgusting system more wealthy by the day. It is a shame that we all cannot wake up and see that we are supporting them every time we buy cheap (subsidized) Chinese goods…

    We are supporting discrimination, an unfair system and ALSO people in our own countries losing their jobs by the bucketloads because of our trade with them.. They are even messing with their currency to make their goods more attractive to import… AND paying their workers peanuts in the first place!!

    We only have ourselves to blame for this..

  7. China of all countries needs more homosexuals, not less. There are simply too many people, with privilege bestowed only upon a tiny murderous minority of them.

  8. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2011, 11:12am

    It doesn’t sound like homosexuality has been decriminalised at all.

  9. friday jones 22 Mar 2011, 11:24pm

    That stuff is all Nurture. If you raised girls the way they raise boys, with the encouraged full-contact take-it-like-a-man physical competition during our formative years, we’d be just as prone to answer our rage with our fists as men are. In my lifetime I’ve met a number of impulsively violent people, and they were an equal mixture of men and women, but the women are just brought up to express their destructive impulses in different ways than boys are.

  10. Wow, you kiss your girlfriend’s snatch with that mouth?

    I’m curious to know, how do you function in real life, seeing how, you know… HALF OF THE WORLD POPULATION IS MALE?!

  11. So you would basically just substitute patriarchy with matriarchy – one virus for another?

    I’ve a proposition: how about every person finds a balance within him- or herself, integrates all the different aspects that make him or her a mature individual – from race, to sexuality, gender, political orientation etc and makes peace with that? How about we try a little evolution of the mind first and if that doesn’t work out, we can always have a full-blown revolution, manifested in real life? Seems to me you skipped the first part. Or didn’t even try…

    I understand there is inequality between the sexes and that has to be addressed, but why let that completely take over your life? Do you like the feeling of martyrdom? Does that rock your boat or something? Makes you feel alive?

    I’m just a slow fag boy, standing before a girl, waiting for her to enlighten me. Will you?

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