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Speech: British Home secretary promises progress on full gay marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. “Mrs May also said: “There is also a desire to move towards equal civil marriage and partnerships and we will consult further on how legislation can develop”

    Hmm. I’m still not convinced. Why can’t she speak more plainly? What she’s said there could be mis-interpreted because it’s not completely clear.

    I dow ish they’d stop going on about consultations and how things might develop and make civil marriage gender neutral. Solved.

  2. Oh look a pretty speech. While budgets are slashed and the gay police org is cut, we get a speech! Oh such dedication to equality from the Tories and Lib Dems!

    And another consulation, yay. I just love how treating us as human beings takes so much RESEARCH

    I am not judging her on what she says. I am judging her on what she has done as she asked. And she’s a bigoted homophobe worthy of contempt

  3. I wonder if this is really wanted by the 95% of UK population who are not gay ??

    1. Majestic republic 20 Mar 2011, 3:38pm

      Wondered when Iris Robinson would pop up…

    2. No LU, as mixed sex couples can already get married in a registry office or in a church they would have no use for same sex marriage, it does not affect people who are not gay in any way. I’m sure many non-gay UK citizens support equality however.
      Why do you ask? Do you have a particular objection to equality?

    3. Red Gosans 20 Mar 2011, 4:23pm

      As a bi woman, I would love the choice to either marry another woman or be joined in a civil partnership to a man. Having spoken with some of my straight friends, they also would love the choice to have a civil partnership instead of a “patriarchal, religious based” marriage. So yes, to answer your question, this is wanted by people who are not gay.

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 9:23am

        I agree a fairer system like this would be much better for the country. I think it will end up with more people committing again after years of the numbers dropping in marriage.

      2. Red, a Registry Office is not a religeous based marriage and different sex couples can have one of those right now……

    4. I wonder if anti racism laws are wanted by the 88% of the UK population who are white? What a completely foolish thing to say.

    5. Tim Hopkins 20 Mar 2011, 6:20pm

      Actually, yes it is – opinion polls and social research show that the majority of people in all parts of Britain support equal marriage

    6. You might just aswell ask if the 95% of the population who aren’t black/Asian/etc are annoyed about racial equality.

      Idiot. Most people – unlike you – don’t have any problem with other people having rights. Only the very insecure would care one toss because only the very insecure seek to maintain a position of privilege for themselves.

    7. People who genuinely respect the rights of the individual whether they are gay, straight or asexual should welcome it.If I was as straight as a dye I like to think I would view gay rights as symbolic of freedom of the individual. Certainly a party that subscribes to the notion of relatively small government and independence of the individual should be all in favour of gay rights?

    8. I thougt most of the polls show that where marriage equality is being discussed around the world the majority of the population are in favour. Even polls within the Catholic community and other Christian church comunities aren’t remotely 95% against marriage equality. I don’t about the muslim community …

      Anyway I don’t see why the majority population should set the equality laws for the minority groups. Sounds a pretty dangerous idea to me…

      1. Tim Hopkins 21 Mar 2011, 7:38am

        This is correct. In Scotland’s Govt-funded Social Attitudes Survey in 2006, 53% said same-sex marriage should be allowed, and 21% were against. Amongst Catholics, it was 57% in favour and 25% against.

      2. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 11:09am

        Totally agree john. Though LU is one of those ‘Christian Victims’ who hates not being allowed to discriminate because her religion tells here she is entitled but the laws say she isn’t.

    9. @ LU – Hmmm, good point, so I wonder if building wheelchair access is needed by 99.5% of the population who don’t need it?

      How do you sleep at night when you embarrass yourself in public with those statements. I would be mortified.

      1. Well done Will.

        I would have just told the cnut to fcuk off

    10. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 11:06am

      95% who aren’t? Wishful thinking on your part me thinks.

      Most polls of society other than Christian ones of cause do support Equal Marriage. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but 62% are in favour of Equal marriage.

      It seems LU you and your nut jobs may (hopefully) be becoming the minority. You keep whinging I’m sure you lot will get their.

  4. “We will take a new approach to tackling the causes of inequality and we will use targeted action to deal with the consequences of inequality.”

    Perhaps then Theresa May needs to do something about religious groups who abuse freedom of speech in UK to vilfy gay men and lesbian women and who spread misinformation that homosexuality is something that can and should be cured against all the medical and scientific evidence to the contrary, those who promote this lie and/or offer “reparative therapies” need to be prosecuted.

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 9:25am

      An excellent point!

  5. Come on, stop being so negative. Remember that this is a Conservative minister (Who up until recently didn’t believe in same-sex adoption) making this speech, and had you asked 10 years ago whether the Tories would be progressing on same-sex marriage, I seriously doubt anybody would have thought the answer would be yes, but it is, and it’s incredible to see.

    Personally I applaud this speech and Theresa May and Cameron’s reformed attitude on equality.

    1. @James: well said!!

    2. well her reference to consultation on gay marraige equality is more than we got from stonewalls ben sumerskill. Although it seems now, he’s jumped on the bandwagon. whilst out last night i mentioned that my partner and i are getting married in belgium. the usual response was “but gays can marry here” this was in gay bars in soho/airhead central. It’s shocking that some english gay men are so ignorant of matters of equality relative to themselves .

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 9:27am

        Truth is consultation on Equal marriage is more than we have gotten from Any other party on the subject.

      1. Sorry but the message about marriage equality isn’t a new announcement. I just hope that she and Ben Summerskill took an opportunity to have one of their private meetings to discuss the issue in more detail and in particular to come up with a timetable for the consultation process and the final date when we will actually get marriage equality. It took labour yrs to get CPs thru so working on that schedue they’d better pull their fingers out if we are going to get marriage equality before the next election.

        1. Tim Hopkins 21 Mar 2011, 7:41am

          This is correct too – Theresa May said no more on equal marriage than what was already announced some weeks ago. However, last week the UK Govt published an action plan on LGBT equality, which says that their “Work with all those with an interest in equal marriage” will start in July 2011.

          1. Thanks for that…I guess we should all start writing to our mps to encourage them along?

            Just spotted this question on 9th march

            Lord Hylton “To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they will amend Section 1 of the Civil Partnership Act 2004 so as to enable a man and a woman of sufficient age to establish a valid partnership which confirms their mutual responsibilities and rights and protects any children they have.”

            It’s interesting since it asks for hetero CPs – who would be the “stakeholders” that would be consulted on this one?

  6. Who would have thought a conservative government would go that extra mile. The UK will be the first country with a conservative government that will have enacted full civil marriage equality for gay people. The ten countries that have it already all had socialist governments when the law was enacted.

    Even though this will be gender neutral and applicable to civil marriage only, the C of E among others won’t have much to get its knickers in a twist about but we’ll expect the usual doom and gloom mantra coming out of bigot Rowan Williams mouth.. They just don’t understand that they do NOT own civil marriage. Let them rant all they want, it will get them nowhere.

  7. “We are considering the idea of discussing the possibility of maybe adopting a theory as to the plausibility of initiating a study on the feasibility of the perspective of gay marriage.”

    So basically the same as it’s been for ages. Fcuk all.

    1. reading that bit shows what’s wrong – it’s using too many words to say they’ll consider change instead of getting off their arse and doing it

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 9:33am

        Unfortunately they have to do this consultation. Otherwise the religious groups that oppose will try to stop it at every turn and we all deep down know this We would end up with the same situation as whats going on in California.

        My feeling is like other countries have done they are letting religious Civil Partnerships take hold so that they can should these religious nut jobs that the world doesn’t cave in on itself.

        I think the fact this is coming from a Tory/Lib Dem government speaks volumes. It is clear we are strongly supported in this. We will finally get this.

  8. Can a leopard change its spots – no. Whilst this is welcome news I suspect the Government are coming over all egalitarian because they know if they don’t, they’ll get hammered in the ECHU. Bliar and co had 13 years in power to sort this out but cowered to the religious bigots

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 9:35am

      “Can a leopard change its spots no.”

      Yeah because the Tories were saying all this way back in the 1980’s…. Not.

      This is going to happen, we will get Equal marriage. Get used to it.


  9. “There is also a desire to move towards equal civil marriage and partnerships and we will consult further on how legislation can develop”.

    This actually promises nothing.

    It only acknowledges the LGBT community’s desire “to move towards equal civil marriage and partnerships”. Mrs. May has not stated clearly and unambiguously that SHE wants equal civil marriage and partnerships.

    The only thin hope that Mrs. May holds out is that she says the government “will consult further on how legislation can develop”. But note the very careful “can develop”.

    The fact is that there is NO NEED for any long and painful consultation, no need for any long and painful development towards equal marriage/partnerships.

    All that is needed, Mrs. May, is simply to pass a line of legislation stating that from henceforth same-sex couples are not to be refused when they apply for a marriage ceremony, and that heterosexual couples are not to be refused when they apply for a civil partnership.


    1. In other words Theresa May and the present coalition Government are still struggling with the concept of equality.

  10. “But you can’t solve a problem as complex as inequality just by pushing through more and more legislation. ”

    But that’s exactly what has happenned. Our lives in the UK have only improved by passing new legislation both in Europe and in the UK. Don’t kid youself….roll back recent legislation and see what kind of country the UK would be for LGBT people…giving us marriage involves a big piece of legislation and without it there will always be inequality no matter how businesses and people change their attituted towards us…

    1. Charles Gormley 21 Mar 2011, 12:32am

      Giving us marriage does not involve a big piece of legislation. it simply involves amending the current marriage acts to remove the section stating that marriage must be between a man and a woman.

      1. We all know that but I suspect it’s going to have to be dragged out of this govt as though it is some kind of huge major piece of legislation.. …after all most of the legislation for religious CPs has already been done over a year ago and yet we won’t see them until the end of this year….the whole issue of religious CPs is self publicised by Stonewall and the govt as a huge achievement for them but the impact is neglible, I suspect people who want religious CPs are those who will wait for a proper marriage…..

    2. It certainly helps if you don’t have inequality enshrined in our laws… who is Theresa May trying to fool?
      Why are we letting her get away with this flim-flam.

  11. I almost fell asleep half way through reading it .. but of course, knowing that it has been prepared in the viper’s department, I need to pay attention to the minimal details of the discourse … and I have to say, it’s a hot piece of eloquently propelled fart, lifting itself in the air and disappearing as soon as its previous owner denies to have ever owned it. The vacuous offer speaks for itself. They’re gonna drag this momentum until the next election, or until someone kicks them out.

  12. Simple make all unions partnerships, whatever the sex of the couple.
    Then if they wish to go onwards and have the union blessed in accordance with a faith so be it.
    Take the actual partnership away from the churches.

  13. Same sex marriage or partnership is exactly that – same sex; everyone seems to be concentrating on same sexuality.
    I’ve no doubt many partnerships are same sexuality but I know equally that others are not.
    Likewise I can think of a few marriages I know that are not the same sexuality.

  14. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 9:19am

    Oh my, so when a Tory government do bring in Equal Marriage we’ll have to watch out coz I guess there’s be almighty mess after quite a few of those lefty whingers heads explode.

    1. i used to be labour as I only knew a Thatcher ahen Major govt and Major was rubbish with the cones hotline . As there is more homohobia now since labour let poor immigrants in I have had a shift to the right.

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 12:04pm

        It not just mass immigration that is the cause James! Labour did do Some good things even if some of it was forced but the biggest disaster was to compensate the removal of Secton 28. While it was a good thing to remove it they didn’t counter it with proper education hence why we now have children leaving school hateful and homophobic.

        As for your shift to the right the Tories are now more centre where New Labour brought them together. I guess Labour are more left though.

        1. Not convinced the crap I’m getting is mainly from Africans and eastern european people.
          I hate to say it but it’s fact. The kids leaving school are allowed some foolishness its the grown up in positions of power who are causing problems. And these dodgy shop fron churches spewing their poison

  15. Some of you lot are so hilarious. You are just so blinded by your historic hatred of some Tories that today’s Conservative Party can do no right even when enacting our agenda – hell, ESPECIALLY when enacting our agenda because it messes with your paranoid prejudices.

    We should welcome Conservatives promoting our cause, instead as as soon as one does the usual ghetto gay victicrats pop up with, as Bond villain Drax would put it, “the monotonous regularity of an unloved season” to pur cold water over the proceedings.

    Move on people, Cameron et al are not Tebbit Tories and never will be. People claiming they are live in the past as much as some of those irrelevant backwoodsmen seeing out their retirement in the Lords.

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 9:39am

      I wish I had a Tardis to help bring these people into 2011, it must be so awful to be stuck in the 1980, though the music was good, the haircuts not so good. I can just see now Berberts with the traditional Mullet cut….

    2. But, Chuck, just apply some analysis to all that Mrs. May ACTUALLY said in her speech.

      We may all WANT to believe the Tories now champion LGBTs, but that doesn’t, unfortunately, make it so.

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2011, 11:14am

        yeah Eddy because Labour wanted to give it to us…

        ..Oh no, wait a cotton budding minute, Gordon Brown said, when in power, No Civil Partnership we quite enough.

  16. What she ACTUALLY said:

    “…as a party, my own party, the Conservatives have come a long way. We now have more openly gay MPs and openly gay ministers than ever before. But don’t just judge us by how we look and what we say, judge us on what we do. Last week we published the first ever cross-government action plan for LGB and T equality. That action plan contains clear milestones so you can hold us to account – you can judge us on how we perform…”

    “…Civil Partnership legislation, for example, marked a great advance for gay rights in this country. And we will go further – we will implement section 202 of the Equality Act which will remove the ban on civil partnership registrations being held on religious premises. No religious group will be forced to host a civil partnership registration, but for those who wish to do so this is an important step forward, not just for LGB rights but also for religious freedom…”

    1. And there’s more, Eddy, in what she ACTUALLY said:

      “…And we are legislating right now to change the law and wipe the slate clean for gay men who have old convictions for consenting acts between adults. Under the Protection of Freedoms Bill, which I introduced to Parliament last month, individuals will be able to apply to have convictions and cautions disregarded for actions that would not today be considered an offence.”

      “…Our approach won’t be based on box ticking and bureaucracy; it will be based on accountability and transparency. What matters is not doing the paperwork; it’s getting the results. That’s exactly what we’ve done with the new Public Sector Equality Duty. The Public Sector Equality Duty will expand the list of protected characteristics to include sexual orientation for the first time. This is a big step forward. Public bodies will now need to consider the needs of LGB people when designing their services, and internally in their own staff practices…”

      1. And more…

        “Public sector organisations should not be judged by whether they have ticked a box on a form, but on whether, in meeting their equalities duties, they have made a real and tangible difference to people’s lives. That might be by improving the lives of the staff that work for them or improving the services that they deliver. So we have designed new specific duties that require transparent information and data about staff and services, so people can see what’s going right and what’s going wrong, where the gaps are, and whether things are moving in the right direction or the wrong direction. Armed with that information, the public will be able to hold public service organisations to account”

        1. You want more, Eddy, more of what she ACTUALLY said?

          “…we’ll help by making sure that schools have access to sound and authoritative guidance, which empowers teachers to tackle bad behaviour and bullying in schools, including specific help to identify and tackle homophobic and transphobic bullying…”

          Seems to me there’s quite a bit of solid content there. Did you actually read her speech, or are you just going by what the anti-Tory bigots were saying above?

  17. Yes! I’m proud to be a Tory again.

    “The idea that as a person you are defined solely by your gender, by your race, by your religion or by your sexual orientation is as patronising as it is absurd.”

    Pretty much sums up my views.

  18. Paul, that wouldn’t work by abolishing civil marriage. Think of the wider implications once you leave the UK. Civil partnerships for all in the UK wouldn’t hold much weight in the majority of the countries on the planet. Marriage, whether we like it or not, is and always will be the universal gold standard. There should be choice for both orientations, not just one. Some gays don’t want to marry, most straights won’t want civil partnerships, but there should at least be freedom to choose. Neither should be banned.

  19. Well Done Minister! Perhaps LGBT might have some faith in believing the actions once the rhetoric becomes reality. What about bringing all religious groups under equality law, allowing them to have there pitch on not performing ceremonies, but no being bias or homophobic in employment, services and such … It is said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating, lets see if our Government avoids eating humble pie, and carries out no retrograde steps, words mean nothing unless action follows!

  20. de Villiers 21 Mar 2011, 4:34pm

    It is not necessarily as straightforward as declaring there being no need for consultation or that laws automatically change society.

    In the UK, laws have followed society and helped to change it. The Wolfenden Report was a response to uneasily held views that homosexuality should be decriminalised. It was later implemented by a government of the Left at a time of increasing social easing.

    The Race Relations Act appears to have been a proposed remedy to what was already being described as “a very great evil”. Up until very recently, most anti-discrimination legislation had broad support.

    All such legislation is brought and secured by consultation and wide agreement. We can see that a failure to consult or appeal to a large section of the public can be damaging.

  21. de Villiers 21 Mar 2011, 4:35pm

    The Human Rights Act 1998, for instance, was legislated by the Left with no support from the Right and with very little broad consensus. Thirteen years later, it has few widespread roots such that the Right have proposed with some popular support to abolish it or replace it with a different Bill of Rights.

    In another English-speaking country America, rights are discovered by judges in the Supreme Court with little or no political consultation – which would be impossible for a judge. Yet decades later, cultural wars still are unsettled over political but legally determined questions such as abortions, firearms and equal rights.

    It took Labour years before scrapping section 28 which part of the Right opposed and part of which supported and even longer to introduce civil partnerships, which the right supported.

    If consultation and slow, steady movement helps to secure rights for the long term rather than being a quick-fix lacking broad support then that seems to be a good approach.

  22. congratulations mayor may, the country needs more human rights people like you. they need you in britian, to fight all the racist battle there under no tolerance for bigots, the nation should be a civilized peaceful place, instead of bigoted terrroist and hatemonger mistreating others, continue to enforce equal rights and take stands of civil rights against bigotry, there are other areas in britain now and businesses that are going to need to stop the racism and discrimination, and help the lgbt youth programs against bullying, detestable china trying to violate gay womens rights all international human rights must intervene , there while the china men looking at play girl and play boy and found in sweat camps human right abuses, obama must get china in order as well as the international human rights the y had better stay out of the womens bedrooms and their private diaries and romance novels, keep their own heads out of play boy and playgirl, and leave those children sexually alone,

  23. saynotommmmm 23 Mar 2011, 8:24am

    I have ben watching Love thy neighbour on channel four. Its a tory heartland seat, and the bigotry is rife. This is the backbone of the tories. The narrow minded Mail reader. They have nothing but hate and double standards.
    And although the tory party is changing a bit . Those with the same agenda as the BNP are moving to UKIP. The BNP in a better suit. And for those that say that the Village in the mention channel four programme voted in the Black family. It was the fact that they made an issue of it all the time. Should not even come in to it.

  24. I really can’t be bothered to actually research this one but I’m almost totally sure that most of this is crap and that actually most of what you say is the other way around …

  25. This is true. When you get two men together, you have four rampant testicles, so the possibility of straying is stronger. That doesn’t mean that gay men wouldn’t want to get married. Are all straight marriages completely monogamous? I think not.

    Some lesbians stay together for life because no one else will have them, like my mates Julia and Vickie.

  26. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2011, 11:20am

    Why would you name a marriage? Marriage is marriage full stop. It just should be equal to everyone.

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