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Ricky Martin and Anderson Cooper take home GLAAD awards

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  1. So GLAAD chooses too honor two individuals that spent most of their lives in the closet (well – cooper still is) and a television show that is only successful because Alec Baldwin is staring in it? GLAAD once again proves its completely irrelevant.

    1. BITTER.

      1. No, accurate

        1. And bitter.

          1. No, he’s accurate. Why reward what is effectively cowardice where there are more deserving people out there of this award?

            Just saying “bitter” repeatedly is not an argument…. its a speech impediment.

  2. I saw Cooper’s report. It was excellent, and deserving of the award. His contract with CNN (some posit) limits his ability for “full disclosure” of his orentation.

    Martin’s coming out happened WHEN it happened, just as Ian McKellen’s did (and everyone’s does). McKellen had also been in the closet LONGER than Martin – and seems to have done rather a lot for the LGBTQ (etc.) since.

    “30 Rock,” however . . “(in a series without a regular LGBT character)” – why not simply call it the “token award” and have done with it?

    1. Second your remarks on Ian McKellen. A friend of mine who has just died in his 80s didn’t come out until he was in his 50s and then became a tireless supporter of lgbt rights. It’s good to come out young, but what you do when you’re out is even more important.

    2. Mckellen is older and times were different. As for Martin , he started his career in a time when it was more accepting. I dont think that a man that has denigned himself and in that us , should be applauded

  3. Andersonn Cooper is neither in nor out. His sexuality is his business, and i do not see how coming out affects either his sexuality nor his professionalism.

  4. Reading some comments here I really don’t understand why some gays find the need to put down other gays about when they came out. Everyones journey is different and in some cultures it is more difficult than others. So why the need to be so judgmental on this issue ? This level of bitching I find sad and counter productive.

    1. I would normally agree but holding up a man who lied about being gay for years as a role model for being gay is thoroughly disingenuous.

    2. Right on, Doug.
      I have occasionally known gays in the closet and thought ‘what the hell are you waiting for?’, but usually when I knew a fair amount about their lives and knew there were probably no real obstacles to coming out. But experiences vary hugely. In Ricky Martin’s case it’s as well to remember that Hispanic culture can be very macho and reactionary. Other people in apparently more open cultures may face terrible problems in a particular work or family environment. Everyone should come out, but let’s not pretend it’s easy for everyone.

  5. Lila you are a total ‘Millie Tant’. I woulda thought your sort had gone out with the advent of the Rampant Rabbit? Clearly you don’t have access to an Ann Summers. I suggest you chill and let the rest of us bask in the success of Anderson Cooper et al and the sausage fest as you put it that was the GLAAD Awards. Or to put it in terms you’d understand; f..k off you po-faced hymen munching man hating f..k wit.

  6. It’s not that I begrudge the award going to Rikki Martin. It’s just that what work has he actually DONE since coming out?

    There are so many people. Men and women who work tirelessly with the LGBT community to promote safer sex, equal rights, support?

    Where are they nominated?

    1. Not at GLAAD. I take it you want an award?

      1. No, i just want to make a point.

  7. Jonathan Kennedy 21 Mar 2011, 5:32pm

    Isn’t it funny that while some of us are prepared to give the benefit of the doubt, so to speak, to celebrities who come out later in life and to defend (quite rightly) the personal journey everyone makes towards coming out, that none of this understanding is granted to recently out Tory MPs?

    1. Celebrities haven’t imposed laws which restrict LGBT freedom, like tory MP’s have.

      1. Yes, we should reward celebrates that do sweet fcuk all for anyone other than themselves.

  8. Wow! Chill

    So much hate is not good towards your fellow lgbt people. The real issue is not their gender but simply the individuals examples in the article are they really deserving of an award ?

    Did I read right true blood got honoured? It’s only gay characters are camp fem wimpish drug taking dealing whores basically. Not a great depiction.

    But as to sausage fest on the list… Perhaps women just havnt put the effort in? Only woman I even recal innlast year being mentioned in anything is that one from glee ad well anything to do with glee should be destroyed.

    Hate glee >.> it’s stereotyping and lame tv at it’s best.

  9. Fu*k off back to the kitchen then.

  10. I would say your comments were misandrical. But you sound more extreme than that – more like a serial killer.

    btw, ‘mysoginy’ is spelt misogyny.

  11. “It’s called Envy of the vagina.”

    Er, what? We all want vaginas???? Are you on medication or is there just something wrong with you?

  12. Silly b.tch was born with two c..ts and no brain, it happens to some of the more militant types. Ignore her, she’s probably writing her blog on how Myra Hindley was a victim of a miscarriage of a patriarchal justice system anyway.

  13. Ignore it…it’s a frutloop!

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