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US House committee approves measure for aid cut to anti-gay countries

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Reader comments

  1. cudos for mr frank!

  2. At last the western world is waking up to the sad state of affairs of pouring money into countries that have the most terrible record on human rights, including gay rights! Time for the UK and Europe to to the same!

  3. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 4:23pm

    Interesting development. At last they seem to be listening?

  4. Good news – now stop the US fundies poisoning the minds of people in less developed countries.

    1. If only it were that easy. The US fundies go to places like Uganda knowing that these places are already hedeously homophobic. They receive rapturous welcomes in places like Uganda, as Uganda already shares their views.

  5. Last month I posted a link to a similar resolution by the European Parliament. We’ll see how this plays out in practice.

  6. Thanks Barney.

  7. This is unaccetable blacmail targetted at Africa simply because most of the countries are on the receiving end . To Africans,apart from those induced with money,gays and all those who condon it, are a bunch of sick and insane people that urgently need medical attention. The West should give Africa a break.

    1. I read today that on average a Ugandan woman will have seven children. Maybe if they were as proficient at honest work as they are at spreading legs, foreign aid wouldn’t be necessary.

      Problem solved. Next!

    2. They can think whatever they want; education -in general- and human rights in particular are such a big threat as to blackmail them with. If they are so convinced and so morally self righteous, they can keep on being such accepting and “free of human rights abuses” societies, guided by their imaginary gods, whom will provide for their needs without the tainted money of the “decadent” westerners. Imagine for them having to improve the lives of millions of Africans LGTB, what a big “blackmail”, what an atrocity. They certainly won’t survive such immorality, even worse that the Rwandan genocide, etc.

    3. Staircase2 18 Mar 2011, 7:35pm

      whats your point jackson?
      that African notions of sickness concerning homosexuality are healthy? lol
      Africa had that idea imposed on it during the colonial and slavery days BY the Western powers that oppressed them
      Homophobia is not an intrinsically natural African concept (nor a healthy one either)

    4. “The West should give Africa a break.”

      We’ll give Africa a break…. but not the money. When you crawl out of the dark ages, we’ll get back to you, yeah?

    5. @Jackson: “This is unaccetable blacmail targetted at Africa simply because most of the countries are on the receiving end”

      Hey, it’s not like anyone’s picture is being published next to a caption reading: “Hang Them”.

      “To Africans,apart from those induced with money,gays and all those who condon it, are a bunch of sick and insane people that urgently need medical attention.”


      history of homosexuality in africa

      Science & Homosexuality: Nature vs. Nurture

      “The West should give Africa a break.”
      Lose the hate, get the break…

  8. Time for the UK to boot Uganda, Jamaica and others like them out of the commonwealth altogether as well as cut financial aid immediately. They wanted independence, well then, they shouldn’t be sponging off the British taxpayers. Get rid of them all I say and ban any of their leaders from entering the UK. Let them rot.

    1. Staircase2 18 Mar 2011, 7:32pm


      do you have any idea where the UK’s wealth comes from?
      do your research, Robert!

    2. Billy Wingarten 27 Mar 2011, 5:09am

      starvation , unless complete is too good for these people. Maybe the rebels here in the USA before the civil war had the right idea.

  9. I no longer send charitable aid to any country which institutionally despises me and other homosexuals.

    I have to work had for what I have, and if I’m going to give it away to strangers (something I feel it’s an obligation to do), it’s going to be those that won’t want me dead once they’re back on their feet.

    This article outlines a wonderful development!

  10. Staircase2 18 Mar 2011, 7:31pm

    about bloody time too!
    mind you – might be better if they also stopped sending arms to those countries to use against their own people in the first place

  11. Red Gosans 18 Mar 2011, 7:32pm

    Fantastic news! Maybe the governments of these countries will learn that they can’t get away with denial of human rights and still get foreign aid.

  12. It’s astounding that anti-gay sentiment is so high with neighbors like South Africa where equality is so more highly recognized. I suppose Nelson Mandela’s influenced only extended so far.

  13. Staircase2, I really don’t give a flying f__k where our wealth comes from. All I know is,British taxpayers including Gay taxpayers should not have their hard earned money providing financial aid to backward, oppressive, anti-gay regimes as well as the C of E, among others.

    I don’t care what our colonial past did, those countries gained independence which means being responsible for your own destiiny and as such, should not be getting handouts. Our country moved on, our laws changed, progressed even, theirs didn’t. Deal with it.

    1. Connor Wallace 12 May 2011, 2:25pm

      Exactly. We owe them nothing.

  14. Whilst watching Scott Mills’ report from Uganda I was dismayed by the evident levels of emnity and bloodlust directed at gay people there.
    I’m glad that Barney Frank is prepared to table cutting aid as that’s the one thing which should make them sit up and take notice.
    It may take time for them to treat gay people as human beings but being told the rest of the world won’t subsidise their homophobia is a step in the right direction.

  15. Now if the uk would openly state we will stop all this fundin and support to these disgusting countries.

    Sadly we just had comic relief to raise money for Africa. We raised over £74 million ! A record when families here can’t afford the bills. People are idiots.

    They say this money helps here too but they make such a fuss about Africa all the time I can’t bring myself to give to it. As I just don’t know where my money will go and I can’t bare the thought it might aid someone who wan ya my death or worse the death of my bf : (

  16. @Adam88, the difference with comic relief is that the money is controlled through charities – often western – this means the money goes directly on amenities such as clean water, schools, medicine etc. Unlike the government promised aid, it does not get syphoned into the back pockets of the corrupt African Politicians and diplomats.

    However, this is the correct way to deal with these countries. The west should not fund their government sanctioned genocides.

  17. God Bless the US House Committee for helping gays around the world. This is why government is better than religion, they help everybody and are not blinded by hate.

  18. Katie Murphy 27 Mar 2011, 3:53am

    Not one red cent for these people. I dont care how they got poisoned, that is a different battle.

    People who support genocide deserve not foreign aid but a large smart bomb dropped on their govt.

    Then they will probably all go kill each other. Good riddance to this filth. And thats not racial, I’d do the same to the monster spelled backwards as nacitav

    That has yet to EXcommunciate AH, the worst murderer in history

    Born and baptised catholic in very catholic austria in 1888.

    Perhaps because it was that church that gave the world the hatred of the Jews.. Whgich AH leveraged ti gain election and the rest is sick history.


    ***** is “sizan” but reverse those 5 letters. Sorry they sensor me sometimes.
    which talks about protecting life.

  19. Katie Murphy 27 Mar 2011, 3:55am

    In the above, last link put in

    sizan, but reverse those 5 letters. and follow it with .htm

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