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Reports say Ugandan parliament will return to anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. The foundation of this attempt to pass the law is evangelical christianity, including visiting ministers from the US. Typical of their revolting, hateful faith.

    If this bill passes, then get out your pens and papers and write to your MPs demanding that any and all aid to Uganda be terminated immediately on the grounds of human rights violations.

    We should act if it is necessary.

    1. But the responsibility for the Bill rests entirely with Uganda. If this bill passes then we must lobby hard for an end to all aid and trade with Uganda. Unless there are cast iron guarantees that not a single penny of British momey is used to finance genocide.

      1. de Villiers 18 Mar 2011, 4:17pm

        It is disgraceful but genocide is not the right word. Genocide is the murder of a large group of people on grounds of ethnicity or national identity.

        Genocide is derived from the Greek ‘genos’ which means ‘race’.

        1. It’s the most accurate word we can use to describe this law. The Ugandan parliament wants to legalise the state sanctioned murder of gay people on the grounds of their sexual orientation. Not a single penny of British taxpayers money should be sent to such a place.

        2. Let’s call it homocide then. U pedantic right wing queen.

  2. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 11:37am

    Disgusting attempt to sanction life.

    All UK aid to this country should be met with strict conditions and those conditions must be according to British law.

    End of.

    1. I agree with you. But why pick on Uganda? – you should take a look at the other countries, and the amounts of money the UK gives aid to. Nearly £8 billion next year will be given away!

      1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 12:42pm

        When we give money to any country, all aid should be looked into. It’s bad enough to be punished at all for being who you are but when it comes to being murdered by the state for it.

        I think what makes it worse for Uganda is the people themselves and their government’s attitude in dealing with this so publically with no shame.

        No matter what country though, aid is for helping that country grow in humanity, not decline into oppression.

  3. “The most drastic provision in the bill would impose the death penalty on offenders who have gay sex with minors, disabled people or while HIV-positive.”

    Fine. But make it equal. Impose the same death penalty on heterosexual offenders who do the same things.

    What really makes me angry is that a lot of religious people in the States, the UK, and other countries are applauding this bill. Either they don’t realise what it means, or they don’t care.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 12:43pm

      They don’t Care. Thats the level of their humanity.

      Ironic eh?

  4. andrew howard-williams 18 Mar 2011, 12:11pm

    Uganda should be the top of the list for Aid Limitations.
    Aid should only be given if Gay People have a right to freedom.
    Its understandable that Peadophiles are jailed as they are taking children’s rights away.
    If Uganda can’t accept gay people then gay people should be deported to other countries who do accept gay people. Why should they be imprisoned or executed for being what is genetically natural to themselves.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 12:52pm

      I get what your saying but deporting someone is rather like avoiding or removing the issue. They should be given the choice and other countries should offer a home.

      Sadly, things can only make a difference with those people who Want to stay in their country and fight for their rights, because they truely believe that is there right.

      It is these people that are the true Heros. They know what they risk yet fight for what we know is right.

      The one thing that is interesting, any other group in society, that would face this treatment, black, jews, muslims and this would be genocide. Yet this is still Genocide. It IS the systematic killing of a community.

      Now will the world just sit back and watch?

  5. George Broadhead 18 Mar 2011, 12:34pm

    Valksy wrote:

    “The foundation of this attempt to pass the law is evangelical christianity, including visiting ministers from the US. Typical of their revolting, hateful faith.

    If this bill passes, then get out your pens and papers and write to your MPs demanding that any and all aid to Uganda be terminated immediately on the grounds of human rights violations”

    You should also write to the Archbishop of Canterbury asking why he has not distanced himself, let alone condemned, the Anglican Church of Uganda’s support for the Bill.

    1. If actually believed that the Archbishop of Canterbury would not lie or otherwise make excuses, I would. Honesty, I would not believe a single word from him.

  6. Uganda is quickly becoming the new Promised land; a wet dream for frustrated evangelicals.

  7. I’ve been a supporter of Comic Relief in the past – precisely because of the work they do abroad. But a recent feature on the aid work they do in Uganda has made question whether I want to support it this year.
    The recent Scott Mills documentary showed how downright nasty most of the population are when it comes to homosexuality.
    I’m feeling really torn about this – I don’t want to be uncaring (I hope I’m not), but I don’t want a penny of my money spent on helping this vile country either.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 3:36pm

      I feel any money that was going to Uganda and some of those homophobic African nations via Comic Relief should be going to helping those in deperate need in Japan.

  8. Hmm what happened to all the people on here the other day who were saying that criticising non white homophobes was racist?

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 3:37pm


    2. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 3:38pm

      Think they’re probably trying to fire up that brain cell.

  9. Red Gosans says, “The most drastic provision in the bill would impose the death penalty on offenders who have gay sex with minors, disabled people or while HIV-positive.”
    Refer to Uganda penal code on acts of defilement. You will discover that this bill is not new. It is lifted word for word fron law on defilement. That is why some of us believe it is not homophorbic. Secondly Ugandans do not approve death penalty for gays. It approve cure, and restrain from becoming one.

    1. Oh right, and people used to think that black people needed curing too – AND they quoted the Bible to prove it.

      Why don’t you stop swalling the propaganda of US evangelicals who are USING the people of Uganda and will dump you as soon as you’ve done your job?

      No NORMAL person cares who other consenting adults love – only those who have doubts about their own sexuality do.

      Sort out the hate and you might realise that Uganda has become a better place.

      1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 3:40pm

        Indeed Iris,

        oh the double standards are so deafing round ‘ere ain’t they!

        1. The ignorance too sadly, Jock. Some people are too stupid to see that they’re being manipulated and too ignorant to form their own opinion so they swallow whatever they’re told.

          1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 4:45pm

            Yep, I think that just about sums them up alright!!

    2. “It approve cure, and restrain from becoming one.”

      Do you ever get tired of the spouting the same old nonsense?

  10. Time to boot them out of the commonwealth and stop financial aid immediately. Not only Uganda, but Jamaica and others.

    If the government can ban certain undesirable homophobes from entering the UK, then it should ban President Museveni from attending any commonwealth meetings or entry into the UK. Ditto for Jamaica et al.

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 4:31pm

      Have to agree with you Robert.

      It’s time the UK distanced itself from those openly homophobic countries and lets them sort themselves by going alone without UK taxpayers money.

      1. It’s a pity they aren’t given education aswell as very controlled aid. Cutting off their money won’t educate them, I’m afraid. We should only give aid if they fulfil certain requirements, and understanding equality and promoting it should be one of the top ones.

        1. Aid is a tricky one. You can’t let people deliberately starve as that would make us as bad as Uganda. Aid should continue, but ONLY be sent to NGO’s with clear human rights policies, and so long as there are cast-iron guarantees that the Ugandan government not see a penny in aid money.

  11. No to Red Nose day, No to Christian aid. Nearly all of the money goes to Africa & Uganda They will not be getting a penny from me. Stop all aid to this barbaric s/hole

  12. Staircase2 18 Mar 2011, 8:50pm

    the evil bastards

  13. DJ Sheepiesheep 19 Mar 2011, 1:24am

    If this is how Uganda wants to treat gay people then it doesn’t deserve to have any!

  14. The faster Uganda got rid of homosexual money the better. Most of us can’t wait for that day when Britain, USA etc declare Uganda is free from homosexuals’ money. This would set us free like we are already from the Episcopal Church of Gay Robinson of the USA. After all homosexual are already in deep troubles every where. For examples read “Homosexual bishops face Anglican Church ban”

    These alone exonerate Ugandans from the reasons gays have great on slots on the beloved country. It is simple because we are right and offering leadership in the world in defense of Gods grace for human kind. Bravo Uganda.

    1. “Homosexual money?” What ARE you talking about? Are you implying that all people in the US and Britain are gay??

      You really need some help for your mental issues and I hope you get some.

      1. Not just mental help Iris, look at this line “These alone exonerate Ugandans from the reasons gays have great on slots on the beloved country.”

        Is a basic command of English grammar and a remedial edcuation too much to ask for? If ever there was a glaring proof that the more religious you become, the more stupid you probably are, this is it. If these people spend more time in school, then on gay sites banging their faces of the keyboard to make their idiocy so shamefully public, humanity could improve somewhat. Gowon is a joke!

        1. I often wonder if it’s illiteracy or simply that they get so frenzied in their loony fundie rages and so excited at being on a gay site they get quite overcome and lose the ability to form coherent thoughts.Or maybe all the frothing at the mouth means they can’t see their keyboard properly?

          I still can’t help feeling sorry for Gowon. Mental help, education and a bit of reading and looking at other countries with the rant-mode turned off would help him/her a lot. Then he/she’d realise that there’s no reason to rave so much, and that the only problem in Uganda is hate stemming from ignorance and misguided religious conviction.

      2. Don’t worry Gowon. If the backward dump that is Uganda legalises genocide against gay people, your country will no longer have to worry about foreign money, because Uganda won’t be getting any.

    2. Yawn. Another tiresome neo-christian nut. Is it too much to ask for some diversity in the rantings of you freaks?

      You’re living a pipe dream, we’re long gone past the day where you scream-at-the-sky-freaks have any influence over us. Go have a coffee, and read a newspaper, it’ll go some way to educating you. And maybe you’ll be less of a crushing bore next time you trawl a gay site….

      1. There’s no diversity, Will, because they’ve all been brainwashed and bleat the same demonstrably stupid cr@p like a flock of deranged sheep. Kind of the equivalent of an urban legend but for people who are at the peak of the Gullible Fools graph.

        And I really do think they’re mentally ill.

        1. Totally agree Iris…. “deranged sheep” is the nail on the head!

    3. And YOU are about as far away from “God’s grace” as anyone could ever be….

      1. Obviously that comment was to Gowon but I feel the need to point that out to him/her :D

        1. Its okay Iris, if Gowan is an example of god’s “grace” then I WANT to be as far away from it as possible… that kind of “god’s grace” is like herpes :)

          1. And sadly just as infectious, it seems! Oh for a vaccination against religion! :D

  15. john sharp 19 Mar 2011, 8:25am

    religious hate again
    stop religions now

    1. Jock S. Trap 20 Mar 2011, 9:46am

      So on PinkNews we have an aid for Christian Aid to end poverty. Saddest thing is Poverty will never stop for as long as there is currency. People, governments will insist on greed.

      In truth no country should be starving, it is totally preventable and throwing money at it doesn’t help. What they need is the help and equipment to be able to feed themselves and have drinking wells. No child in the world should be suffering from preventable diseases.

      If western countries send so much money to these areas, why are people still starving? Why are children still dying from completely preventable conditions and diseases?

      In many cases it is the governments of those countries fault. They don’t look after there own, they look after their own wealth. So in many ways giving aid doesn’t work.

    2. Jock S. Trap 20 Mar 2011, 9:50am

      The whole aid system needs to be changed so that the people that really do need it gets it, not the greedy governments.

      Of course there are those in wartorn countries where the efforts are much worse. These problems need to be tacked seperately so that people displaced are not left to starve etc.

      However lets not be under any false illusion about the deepest impact. It is not just the governments but religion.

      For all they speak about religion being about love they still openly allow starvation of a society, famine, disease and many of the wars are usually over religious territories.

      I think religions need to address the balance before picking on societies and lecturing right and wrong.

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