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Military gay ban protesters in federal court

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Reader comments

  1. Although I really want to see equality for us across the whole of society’s spectrum, I have to confess that I don’t like the idea of my gay brothers going out and killing people.

    Being gay for me is about loving life, not about bringing anarchy and destruction to others.

    And why try to embrace an organization that hates you and seems to be outside the laws on gay discrimination?

    1. What’s with the “gay brothers” crap?
      People are people. The only thing we have in common is who we have in our lives and our beds. There are gay Christians, gay tinkers, tailors, soldiers, sailors.
      Dammit there are even gay serial killers and paedophiles.

      1. Apart from your obnoxious posting style (caused no doubt by an inability to meet anyone suitable), what’s your point? That you approve of gay serial killers and paedophiles?

        1. Firstly, it’s not inability, it’s choice.

          What I’m trying to say, but you are obviously too stupid to absorb is, gay people are in all walks of life, and are just the same as any other cross-section of people. Trying to insinuate that gay people are any different to any other, and that we are all somehow linked is just wishful thinking.

          Or because I’m gay does that make us “brothers”?
          No. I didn’t think so.

    2. I think his point, albeit stated rudely, is that not all gay people have the same concept regarding being gay.

      I agree that loving life is important, and, although I would prefer that mass killing and horrors not occur, they do require some entity to attempt to thwart the anarchy that you and I both dislike. However we push our point that the militaries of our countries should avoid bloodshed and maximize diplomacy, that point does not logically promote that gay people, in general, should not join the military.

      To the contrary, if more people like you were to become part of the military organization, perhaps you could help to direct their strategies.

      Regardless, there are many of our “gay brothers” and sisters, for that matter, who would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the machinery which, like it or not, helps to provide a security for the countries using it.

  2. Spanner constantly posts self-contradicting posts because he’s either two different people or just ill.

    I believe in having an army, but for too long, America and Britain have used theirs to attack rather than defend. Illegally, against advice and unnecessarily.

    Because the UK and US dont have conscription, the same types of people gravitate towards their military organisations. Usually they are from poorer working class famiiles with very conservative or nationalistic values. These are not easy people to change.

    We have more pressing hurdles to overcome out here in the civilian world. And I do consider myself to be part of a minority fraternity, and beyond that, a fraternity that includes most of the human race.

    1. Oh, and I have worked for the Ministry of Defence.

      After two weeks of seeing utterly inept officers floating on the warm gas of their own egos and wasting, wasting, wasting financial resources on any kind of international travel that they could wrangle, while the rank and file soldiers struggled to fill inventories for supplies to go abroad, I crept out on all fours under the CCTV camera’s gaze at an empty reception, crawled to my car, and then realised that the pass I’d left behind was the only thing to open the bleeding barrier for me to get out.

      But that’s another story.

    2. What exactly was contradictory in my post?

  3. Jock S. Trap 19 Mar 2011, 8:42am

    So lets me get this straight…

    The WBC can legally protest while service men are being buried after dying to protect their country, showing utter comtempt, that is their right but a group of people cannot protest about being allowed to be themselves while serving and dying in those forces?

    Something Very wrong here!! These cases should never be.

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