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Gay businesses asked to stump up for Liverpool Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Fair enough, if they’re making money out of it.

  2. Where are the Beatles when you need Love and peace etc., it would be good if Paul or Ringo could help with few pounds or dollars seeing how the gays have been buying their music from the start. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

  3. £10,000 from the council for an event that brought in £500,000. Typical scouse council – corrupt to the very core.

    1. In all fairness the business stand to benefit form it the most, Makes sense to me.

  4. Staircase2 19 Mar 2011, 2:49pm

    If only Brighton had done this!

  5. Typical council full stop.

    They charge for licenses and have stupid permits an regulations that cost shed loads when doing these events. Yet they don’t stump up the support.

    Councils get money handed down by central govt who will get a load of money off these businesses through income tax.

    So seeing as businesses will be paying already on the business they get should t the council help fund more for diversity than £10,000 as that’s prob what they spend on an evening out :s

  6. My partner and I have a pub just off the route and so far havent been asked to contribute although we have been asked to contribute upto £450 for the Matthew St festival. Trouble is it isnt just gay bars that benefit. Its fast food places, public transport, shops and businesses all over the city that benefit and the council ought to see it in those broad economic terms and fund the whole thing. If there were another 9 gay businesses that benefitted exclusively from last years Pride and made 50 grand apiece I’m sure we wouldnt quiblle about chipping in. Our takings were up only marginally last year.

  7. I Strongly Disagree with the bars having to contribute, and yes it should be down to the council to fund… Erm HELLO! Isnt Matthew Street Festival funded by the council? And other such events around our fabulous City?
    Aren’t the council gonna make money out of it too?…

    Wake Up People…. !!!

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