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Maryland gay marriage bill dies

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Reader comments

  1. Bad times

  2. Today it’s bad.

    Tomorrow (as in next year) it will be different.

    “…supporters were short of just one or two votes for the measure to succeed.”

  3. Come on, PinkNews, this happened last week! It should be breaking news, not a lousy mention under the article on the bloody EDL…

  4. This is truly shameful for Maryland.

  5. sucks.

  6. They had the votes, but a few political COWARDS flip-flopped. Some of those cowards had even campaigned on this issue, so they have some explaining to do. Spineless, complete spineless.

  7. Jock S. Trap 17 Mar 2011, 8:49am

    Not good news at all. Yet again the bigots win. Humanity loses.

  8. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 11 Sep 2011, 8:25pm

    I am very confident that it will get the 71 votes to pass in 2012. It passed the Senate easily and the Govonor said that he will sign it – so there should be no problems in 2012.

    Maine will allow gay marriage if they get the required amount of signatures – keep trying until you pass!

    California and Oregon voters will allow gay marriage in their state Consitutions I am sure of it in 2012.

    Washington state House in 2012 will pass the gay marriage bill – but their might not be enough support in the senate.

    Colorado I am sure will pass the civil union bill in 2012 (passed the Senate easily and will only just pass the House).

  9. Hmm ‘short by one or two votes’… How convenient. Maybe those two voting slips were somehow ‘lost’ during the count.

    A shame, but the bill should be put forward again straight away!

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