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Democrats launch Respect for Marriage Act to repeal US federal ban on gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. There is no honor nor respect in bigotry and racism and prejudice, unfair treatment of others and their loved ones, a blanted disregard for others and their families, you never stand up for bigotry, it kills it destroys its violent, it digresses a nation and a people who should be civilized an peacekeeper into monsters, of terroism, you cannot proper serve a nation in fairness if you already are a demon of hate for masses of people that you persoally choose not to like or love, because of your own warped and dark thinking instead of treating other like you want to be treated on any given day. if you need some one to protect your families rights and wellbeing. hippocracy is evil when you try to purposely cause trouble for others and their families, civil rights and human right, and constitutional rights and equla right must be upheld for a better tommorrown, past evil hate laws like those of minirites in the past must be made right by people –right the wrongs, and bigotry from slavery

  2. Dan Filson 17 Mar 2011, 2:47am

    Sadly the Republican Congress will block the bill, so no amount of enthusiasm from President Obama can get it through.

    But it may associate the GOP in public minds with bigotry, and so achieve something positive longer term – the next House elections are only 20 months away.

    1. Jock S. Trap 17 Mar 2011, 8:48am

      I fear your probably right. They do seem intent on keeping people labelled as second class citizens.

      Lets hope people will event see that this degrading of people is unacceptable.

  3. Completely agree, Dan. I think it’s interesting that just 7 years ago, a politician in the United States paid a heavy political price for being in favor of gay marriage. Today, it’s almost starting to seem as if there is a price to be paid for being anti-gay (although that depends on the state one is from, but there is a price paid by the Republican party as a whole).

  4. I think Americans are tired of republicans beating the DEAD horse. Combine that with their union busting around the country and the republicans are ripe for a big fall in 2012.

    I don’t know how many people have been following the drama in Wisconsin, but 8 republican senators that voted to bust unions will probably be recalled in a few months. And then Gov Walker next spring. The repulicans seriously overreached and Wisconsin is swinging back to the Democrats.

    A lot of Americans are tired of the republican strategy of robbing the poor and giving to the rich. The rich need to do their fair share.

  5. Jock S. Trap 17 Mar 2011, 8:44am

    It’s good I guess that this issue should keep coming up. Only a continue bombarding to have this equal right should never sleep until it is fair for all.

  6. “Passing legislation to officially repeal the ban on marriage will likely prove difficult with a Republican dominated House of Representatives.”

    And I wonder why this repeal wasn’t initiated when the Democrats controlled the House – during the 1st 2 years of Obama’s presidency?

    I suspect this is merely a canny PR move by Obama and the Democrats. They know that the fascistic law will not be repealed, but they are scared of losing the gay vote in the re-election.

    Obama and the Democrats know that if they continue to suipport this fascistic law they can kiss goodby to gay support and financial support.

    It’s a win-win for them.

    ‘Look we did NOTHING when it would have made a difference. Now we’re doing something when there’s a snowballs’ chance in hell of repeal.’

    when will these Republic**t thugs try to start banning heterosexual divorce. That would REALLY defend the institution of marrage.

  7. I like and love the name of the legislation:


    It has a nice ring to it!!!!!

    1. It begs the question though whether the institution of marriage deserves respect, considering that for centuries it was a method of enslaving women.

      That being said it is disgusting that people are denied access to it simply because they are gay.

      Respect marriage. Ban heterosexual divorce!

      1. Wow, As an American born third class citizen, being part of the LGB……t I find the UK perspectives, and viewpoints very refreshing. It’s true! Here in tea bagging, GOP dominated Republican’t Christian Taliban Land, that they have become completely insane with greed, and power. what’s really sad is that they espouse their religion as a means to justify their discriminatory, and in my honest opinion, “amoral” actions, and legislation. There are legislators in some states who are actually introducing legislation to make it nearly impossible to get a divorce, and that very much denigrates women. one of the ways that they are trying to do this is by changing the definition of violent abuse, and rape, and just how violent the abuse and rape have to be before it is even considered as worthy of following up on, and whether she should be ” Granted ” Counseling, or follow up medical care. They are trying also to change the wording from victim to accuser to further favor the Perp.

  8. I have an idea – Lets ban bigoted homophobic assholes from getting married!!!!!!

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 10:06am

      Lets just ban bigotted homophobic assholes!

  9. Additionally, The Tea baggers it appears are Rushdoony followers, and historical revisionists who are trying to re-write the constitution to cast America as a Christian controlled theocracy! They use the excuse that discrimination against LGBt is justified, and should remain legal because this is part of their religion to do so.Anything less they would consider discrimination against them! Twisted Logic! Ya think?

  10. Well heres a bill that is DOA.

    I think the US needs a new party, a party for which working class people, ethnic minorities and gay people can vote for who will stand up for their interests as aggressively as the republicans stand up for the interests of bug business.

  11. America is the land of the free. Why can’t gay people get married the same as straight people in America?

    1. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 10:07am

      Land of the Free = Classic Joke!

  12. The Democrats do it now after losing control of HoR and after sitting on their hands for two years. Very brave.

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