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South African lesbians campaign against corrective rape

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Reader comments

  1. God damn, that last statistic is staggering. I have a friend who plans on holidaying in africa. I’ll pass this a long, as well as word about their horrible gay rights record.

    1. Always donate to or support civilised countries only. Africa has been a bottomless pit of pleading in all the years I’ve been alive… and yet there’s so little to show for it. Tribalism, superstition and aggression are still the order of the day.

      1. jazzmademegay 18 Mar 2011, 2:48am

        South Africa has legalized same sex marriage, anti-discrimination laws, allows gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military, and is fairly progressive in transgender legal issues. Last time I checked the UK is behind in that department and only conducts civil unions. Not all of Africa is a “bottomless pit”. It is upsetting to see this in a country that is progressive in LGBTQ rights. Goes to show how pervasive mysogyny is around the world.
        Did someone stab your ears during world history class? Colonialism and imperialism has decimated their political, moral and spiritual system. BTW before European powers imposed Christianity a lot of African societies practiced same sex love openly and in a welcoming environment.

  2. Gay rights are the privilege of a few, mostly western, countries.
    Anywhere else you just don’t have them.

  3. Can the “corrective rape” part of the headline PLEASE be in quotation marks?!

  4. I am sure rape must be same for evry woman Gay or Srtaight! Just too horrible to contemplate

  5. It is impossible to correct something that is not man made. there are simply gay people born gay, and heterosexual people born hetero, just like we have people born all different colors , The problem is the evil bigotry and vile sick violent spirtis of hetersexual men who want to rape children , women and anyone else they and trying to make an exscuse for the reason they want to rape gay people dont hold water when you simple ask them then why are you maggets, rapping little children many your own and women in the heteresexual communitiy all around the world dead bodies turn up by the thousands every where every single day hetersexual women and children murder and rape, no our problem is the demons in hetersexual men, who filthy pedehpiles and like to hurt and violate others, because they wicked, and going to hell, for it. ffrom the pulpit to the white, house , evil assaults are evil if rape and assaut others, you have to be arrested for high crimes against humainty, no matter if your

  6. The unfortunate reality is that rape is endemic in South African society, against ALL women and not only lesbians. There are 50 million people in SA – so 25 million women. Statistically speaking this means that 1 in every 50 women is raped each year in SA.

    I hope this campaign is successful in raising awareness of the problem in the country.

  7. I doubt many of the perpetrators truly believe their disgusting action will ‘correct’ any woman. It’s done like all rape to get power, so ‘punishment’ is far more likely in my opinion. That is, anger at the very idea that some women might reject men.

    Rape’s a sickening crime and I can’t write here what I’d do to rapists, but I despise them with a passion…

  8. Lady Tanya 16 Mar 2011, 3:30am

    When will people of the world get it through there thick heads that we have always been hear, and we will always be hear, so stop trying to rape and kill us. Do we make fun of them no, do we tell them that they are perverts no, do we say to them they should die, no, do we make war on people because they believe in a different god no,
    So why do they do this to us. We are the same as them. we breath the same air we bleed the same blood, we love them for who they are, WHY OH WHY DO THEY NOT LOVE US BACK

  9. I guess that didn’t send out a press release:

    Victory! Ministry of Justice Agrees to ‘Corrective’ Rape Activists’ Demands
    by Benjamin Joffe-Walt · March 14, 2011

  10. Given the content of the news this is going to sound minor, but Cape Town is not the South African capital, unless you mean the South African gay capital. Just think you should publish the correct information

  11. Jock S. Trap 16 Mar 2011, 5:22pm

    A distressing story esp when so many of those rape victims also have to cope with being given HIV as well. There surely can be no place for this and religion is to blame yet again. So evil.

  12. But why would they lie? What purpose does it serve to say you were raped?

  13. And your statement “most of the times lesbians manipulate and hand fake statistics” can be called what?

    A scientific axiom based on your screaming lesbophobia?

  14. So was your boyfriend a rapist, or wasn’t he?

  15. Jock S. Trap 18 Mar 2011, 11:42am

    Way to take the seriousness out of the problem.

    It’s called denial.

  16. Domestic violence between lesbian lovers is between them and the law.

    But don’t pretend that black men aren’t fond of rape. Statistics the world over prove that they ARE. Disproportionately so. It’s another one of those very obvious things that people don’t talk about in case they’re accused of being racist.

    Perhaps you also believe that “Get the fcuk off me” is a sign of foreplay.

  17. I’m sure most lesbians don’t hate men. (I’m not gay because I hate women!)

    But I’m really sorry that you went through what you went through.

    This couple in this case sound like a pair of opportunists. x

  18. Sorry to hear your troubles, sabrina, but they didn’t happen because the people were lesbians. There are bad people among both the straight & gay communities.

    You come on here saying that lesbians shouldn’t hate men because not all men are bad, yet you then proceed to imply all lesbians are evil – thus doing just the same generalisation.Your quarrrel should be against the SPECIFIC people who caused trouble for you and your boyfriend & nobody else.

    Your suggestion that all lesbians hate men is not only completely untrue – it’s offensive. I understand you’re worked up because of what happened to you and your boyfriend but that’s no excuse to take it out on others. Yes, false rape allegations are absolutely wrong, but so is the despicable act of rape.

    “and lesbians are just women who hate men.”

    See for all the sympathy I have for what you’ve described, THAT statement is the one that really pisses me off. Lesbians do NOT hate men – we simply don’t want to sleep with them.

  19. jazzmademegay 18 Mar 2011, 2:25am

    What statistics are you referring to? In the US the majority of sexual violence is committed by middle age white men.
    Moreover, you don’t seen to take into account issues of CLASS and race that greatly affect incarceration rates. Of course in Africa a majority of rapists are black. It’s Africa duh!
    You should really read some literature on rape before you make some racist and wildly uninformed comments (Angela Y Davis and Susan Brownmiller would be a good start).
    I love how bigots are always afraid to be called for what they are. Homophobes do it all the time. And you as well with ” It’s another one of those very obvious things that people don’t talk about in case they’re accused of being racist.” It is funny how the LGBTQ community denies racism within the community.
    @sabrina loves men: Calm down. Not all lesbians hate men. You are using one unfortunate situation to categorize millions of people.

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