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Lady Gaga raises $250,000 for Japan crisis using Twitter

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Reader comments

  1. Japan had a hurricane? That’s interesting, I’m sure it was an earthquake….

    That aside, if this is 100% true then thats an absolutely amazing sum of money in such a short amount of time!

  2. It’s a pity people don’t just give the $5 to charity without having to buy a piece of plastic rubbish which will have to be mailed to them using valuable resources.

    It’s not really charity is it buying something you can sell for more on e-bay.

    Just give the money. She could have just written a cheque for this much and not even noticed it.

    1. Most people don’t donate to charity without wanting something back to prove they did it.
      Think about it, every charity does this:
      Help for heros, NSPCC, Cancer, Breast Cancer, Maddie MCcann.
      All of them had ribbons or hand out bands and such for donations.

      It’s not about Lady Gaga donating the money herself, it’s that she’s become a medium and collected money these people probably wouldn’t have donated otherwise.
      She’s a tireless campaigner for human rights and we all owe her thanks.

  3. It bothers me when readers chastise celebrities for “only” donating $100,000 or more. That is a sizeable amount of money no matter how rich someone is. Unless you are donating more than 5% of your income to charity each year, then don’t criticize celebs for what you claim to be “meager” contributions to charity.

  4. I’m happy about this piece of news but it seems some editor’s private preferences cause an over-reporting of non-gay related news about Lady Gaga (and Grindr)

  5. When you are a billionaire percentages don’t come into it. 5% of someones income when they are just meeting their daily needs is like a billionaire giving away 99.99% of their wealth.

    Think about it. That is why some taxes are called regressive. Not that I am saying she’s a billionaire. Bill Gates has given away billions but still has billions. I am currently on an income of £65 per week.

    I think my point was that people won’t give to charity unless they get something back which isn’t charity is it? Celebrities do it for PR which increases their income in other ways. Celebrities who do a charity record or concert see all their back catalogue rise in sales, this is a fact. So is that charity or marketing?

  6. Lady gaga isn’t a billionaire.

    I think she’s done fantastic

  7. Who said she was a billionaire? Why has she done great? Do you mean musically or crap plastic prayer braceletly.

  8. Jock S. Trap 16 Mar 2011, 5:23pm

    yes, think it was quite a bit more than a hurricane…

    Good for her.

  9. Excellent information delivery, you seem to be the only news source covering the “hurricane” that is devastating Japan.

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