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US celebrities and entrepreneurs call on Obama to support gay marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. Nice idea but I doubt it will have an effect.

    Obama has chosen to oppose marriage equality as a politically opportunistic act (despite supporting it in the past.)

    As soon as he’s out of power he’ll start supporting equality. Until then he will oppose it, as he’s more interested in his career than in gay civil rights.

    He’s a politician first and foremost. He fooled a lot of people with his ‘change’ soundbites. They meant very little in reality.

  2. No comments yet?! As the first – if I am – I hope the letter succeeds, but suspect President Obama will take the cautious route he is so far adopting – first get established the (un-)constitutionality of DOMA, then enforce Article IV of the Constitution (“Full Faith and Credit shall be given the recognition in each state to the public acts, records and judicial proceedings of every other state”).

  3. Just wish the UK was doing something similar…when’s the campaign for marriage equality in the UK actually going to start? Actually think that if the UK starting to move on marriage equality it would also have a ripple effect in America ….one of the biggest arguments for gay marriage is the fact that more and more countries are discussing it and moving towards it…no-one really wants to be left behind??

  4. Meredith McLaughlin 15 Mar 2011, 12:05am

    Marriage is, and always has been, the purview of the states. As a Federal official, he really doesn’t need to have a position on the topic and, politically, he shouldn’t. Clinton brought marriage into the federal arena with DOMA, which he signed to get votes in 1996 since he knew that gay people weren’t going to vote for Bob Dole en masse. From a strictly Constitutional viewpoint, making that statement would be pointless. Frankly, if not doing so b/c he’s looking towards re-election is the worst he does to us then it puts him head and shoulders above Bill Clinton who passed ALL the anti-gay crap that Obama’s now been called to help get rid of.
    The states will continue to move into the ‘yes’ column as people see that us getting married has not caused the sky to fall and, eventually, one of these ‘anti-gay-marriage laws’ will be challenged to the Supreme Court and, as Mr. Filson points out, the full faith and credit clause will invalidate them all.

    1. Dan Filson 15 Mar 2011, 8:33am

      It’s arguable whether even States have any locus when it comes to marriage.

    2. Yes he does need to have a position on the topic.

      He’s not OBLIGED to have a position of course but his fliop flopping on this issue proves that he is a slimy opportunist who should not be trusted.

  5. He might wait to secure a second term and then come out in support after 2012 when he has secured his second (and final, since you can only get two terms at most) term in office.

    He won’t have as much to lose then. I don’t think coming out in favour of marriage equality will put off his supporters but it could indirectly harm him and enlightened politcians by fuelling the bigots out there.

    1. I wouldn’t hold my breath. Obama is essentially an opportunist. If marriage equality would get him more votes he would back it. He isn’t going to do anything to alienate the black bible-thumpers who support him.

    2. Dan Filson 15 Mar 2011, 8:31am

      And secure a supportive Congress too – he cannot do much with this current lot!

  6. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 7:52am

    A good letter. Lets hope they listen to it’s message and act to allow all to marry equally.

  7. A bit like Tony Blair in the UK, it may just be that action on gay rights turns out to be Obama’s greatest legacy

    1. Dan Filson 15 Mar 2011, 8:34am

      All due respect, but I hope his legacy is a lot, lot more than gay rights. People vote for him because they wanted to be led from the despair Dubya had taken them to.

    2. But Obama does not believe that gay peope are equal. How can gay rights be his legacy when he believes that we are 2nd class citizens?

  8. Has the Equal Love campaign submitted it’s legal case yet?
    it was supposed to happen previously and was postponed early this year over a glitch because one couple was not provided with a letter of explanation of why they were refused a marriage licence.
    Since then there doesn’t seem to be any information on the Equal Love campaigns progress.

  9. Wonderful latter and so glad that so many celebrities and leaders from our community were part of it!

    Lets hope this letter and many other initiatives taking place now will help our President to see its time to make this happen!

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Obama has already along with Nancy pelosi made historic steps with stevey hoyer al frnken and others to correct racism and bigotry it would be a detraminte to Obama to not listen to civil rights leaders and most of the nation who backs equality against the hatemongers and hate religions who try and destroy peace and harmony and equality, of others Obama is a minority himself and the same biggots that are white discriminates and hates him and do not under any circumstance intend on making him their friend even tho some of the republican party grin in his face, he would a fool to side with his own enemy of white biggotry, to harm womens rights which has half are alos gay women and lgbt rights, he has two children and his only hope for them should be is not that they or gay or hetersexual, but they are the happiest , safe , they can be, you love your child , and wish for their happiness, and make sure who ever they love , loves them back with there heart and seeks no ill will upon on th

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    1. “We decided … ” Which we is this? “My channel” – whose channel? I’m not clicking on links and getting sidetracked because someone is too lazy to give the basics of who they are.

  12. Homosexuality is an abomination. Romans chapter 1. Please read. Please people repent and accept God.

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