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The open letter to the organisers of East End Gay Pride

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  1. What a load of crap!

    1. Have to agree totally. They should have the event. Not to do so is a capitulation to the forces of bigotry and hate.

  2. Most religious people are homophobic. That includes most Muslims. Just because people come and say that does not make them members of the EDL or friends with the EDL. Before all of this drama started I didn’t even know what the EDL was, but it turns out I share their opinion on the fact Islam is a damaging religion hell bent on not integrating with other communities. From what I have seen though the EDL has many accusations floating around of violence towards specifically Asian communities, and I find that objectionable.

    At school I always remember the Sikh and Muslim children always hung around in their own groups, although nobody showed a hint of racism to them. They spoke in their own language quite purposefully. And I went to an all boys grammar school in a conservative town, not some London borough saturated in immigrants! Homophobia is in many walks of life, but the loudest, most violent and damaging forms of it come out of ALL the major organised religions.

    1. Flying dutch 14 Mar 2011, 3:32pm

      “not some London borough saturated in immigrants! ” is not a tolerant speech. can you phrase what you just said about homophobia? why they should not be hateful if you are hateful, we are all hateful so that’s the way it is. Well I guess you then should go to hate walk. you belong to it.

  3. Notice how its got EDL throughout the letter and then signed by UAF?
    What a shocker.

    These guys want to make EEGP Political because that’s all they understand.
    Arm-chair politics at its best, and sour grapes because they werent asked to be involved. I think there may have been a reason for that.

  4. Paula Thomas 14 Mar 2011, 12:42pm

    It saddens me that I totally agree with first commenter. The situation would be laughable if it wasn’t so very dangerous. There is a very real possibility that a significant proportion of the East End’s LGBT community could end up in the EDL because of the behaviour of groups like OutEast. I sincerely hope it doesn’t happen but I fear it may and the losers will be LGBT Muslim kids who will be even more beleaguered than they are now.

  5. Daren Clarke 14 Mar 2011, 12:53pm

    I have never heard such drivel.
    I am so far from a political animal that it’s laughable. I am, however, full of Pride.
    Years of ‘Pride’ marches in Central London have helped further the better treatment of all sexual minorities. I’m sure many religious elements were ‘disgusted’ or even ‘offended’ by the numbers that attended, but did it stop the marches? No.
    Surely the same principle is being used here? I see nothing overtly Islamaphobic in this event.
    I am Proud to be gay and I want to show my support for those others who have the courage to stand up for their peers by being counted amongst them. If this gives a positive message to the young person struggling with their own identity whilst being told that they are ‘unworthy’ or ‘sick’, then I will count that as a bonus.

    1. Flying dutch 14 Mar 2011, 3:41pm

      Hi daren, I understand your point, sweetie. please bring on your spirit to the pride but do not forget also of this part of the community, the part that thinks that the ” allah woteva “posters might be not from the muslims but a provocation that would push us to hate or in apolitical direction that not belong to us. We are not haters, that’s the spirit of the pride. It is about love, that’s were we all stand. if you march on that spirit that’s no problem. questioning is always a good thing, and we do question.

  6. dean ismail 14 Mar 2011, 1:03pm

    firstly, I think that, regardless of who put up the stickers, and who organises the planned march, this should go ahead. This is not an aggressive march – it is a plea for tolerance and hopefully acceptance for the right to exist.

    secondly, I have had a lot of nasty comments from religious people (Muslims and Christians) about homosexuality. I would not say any of those people are religious extremists. It’s just that, for reasons beyond my comprehension, these two religions feel uneasy and somewhat threatened by (LGBT) people being themselves – they’d rather LGBT people live a lie and get married etc etc.

    Lastly, I find it extremely disappointing that people are calling for this march to be cancelled due to fear of offending religious people. This march is merely held to call for people to stop offending and threatening homosexuals.

    Surely tolerance should not be a one way street?

  7. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 1:13pm

    What rubbish.

    As said before I wonder what would have happened if all those years ago had Stonewall listened to the negative critics of human rights!

    Out East/Rainbow Hamlets…

    Your “Surrender To Hatred” message has been hear loud and clear.

    But I for one WILL be there come 2nd April to stand up for our rights as a community and my rights as a person and unlike you I will be making a stand for Our rights of Freedom, the job YOU should be doing but clearly have failed in.

    Stop making excuses.

    1. It is unfortunate for human beings that Pride marches have to take place. It is unfortunate that hate fills so many human hearts, that we as humans have no other choice but to march for acceptance on any level. Day to day we all feel pride in the lives we lead, be it watching our children grow, having a great day at work or simply denying yourself one more chocolate biscuit to keep the waistline in check. I Cant honestly say I can understand what gay people have had or have yet to suffer just by being gay, but I can understand wanting to be proud, and wanting to stand up to hate in all its forms. The people organising the event are not saints, not infallible, but they are proud to be gay, proud to be human, and proud to stand up to hate. With or without your support we should all be proud of what these people are doing, because their hearts are in the right place, not stuck in a political tidal wave that destroys the humanity in everything good. If your human and proud to be, MARCH..

  8. David Wainwright 14 Mar 2011, 1:20pm

    I am in favour of East End Gay Pride Pride, no matter the reason for its coming into being , it should be an all inclusive festival , it is something that has been long needed in the East End of London to show visibility and in order to break down barriers , GAY PRIDE is a PROTEST it is also a CELEBRATION of our diversity and of our presence in society . However we should not allow LGBT issues to be used as a public relations exercise in order to give license and credibility to far right groups whose insistence that they are multi ethnic and multi cultural is laughable as we have seen evidence of their thugs and fanatics in action seeking to divide and cause mayhem on our streets in pursuit of their questionable agenda , the aim of PRIDE has always sought to be inclusive and welcoming and I would urge Out East to take their place in proclaiming solidarity in what is a long overdue event for the East End of London , the biggest banners of all should be RESPECT the DIVERSITY

    1. David Myers 15 Mar 2011, 10:31pm

      Absolutely Right! Don’t let biggots hijack our right to parade for gay/lesbian rights. Take your own banner that makes it clear you stand up for gay/lesbian rights against homophobia whoever professes it and for inclusive anti-rascist positions. Make sure you make it clear you are rejecting racist hateful positions while you support gay/lesbian rights for everyone, including Muslim gays and lesbians!

  9. This open letter is a cynical and frankly libellous attack against a small group that just wants to have a party. There will always be people who think Pride is provicative – well: too bad.

    Out East are a disgrace to LGBTs everywhere.

    What is ‘out’ about Out East? They stand for shame and forcing people back in the closet.

  10. Thank you Out East for challenging the racism and islamophobia inherent in some parts of the LGBT “movement”.

    1. Paula Thomas 14 Mar 2011, 2:22pm

      Sorry but I thought they were supposed to challenge homphobia as well. This they are signally failing to do..

  11. The fact that it may be seen as islamophobic is not the point of the march. It is not a reason to stop the march more a reason to make sure that the EDL don’t make it about them and there battle. I will be there on the 2nd and I hope to see everyone else there.

  12. You can sum up the whole thing in one sentence – be invisible so that we don’t offend. With campaigners like that who needs enemy?

  13. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 3:33pm

    We have flourished as a community.

    Those born before 1967 know of the struggles first hand of being themselves trying to be a community.

    People like myself who were born just after or in or just before 1967 know of some of the struggles but still aware of the prejudice growing up against the LGBT community.

    Shouldn’t we all be at a time when we have a unique chance to helping make sure the next generations growing up with little to no prejudice and far less hatred?

    So how exactly do the likes of Out East go to helping that. Have they become so selfish they have lost sight of those growing still in areas where an intolerant society still exists or is growing. Don’t we have a right to get together to show our strength, our support against such discrimination.

    Don’t we as a community have a responsibilty to make sure hatred in whatever form against the LGBT community is visibly acted upon?

  14. I am so sick of hearing people whinging about Islamaphobia. The vast majority of Muslim people do not approve of same sex relationships and a very sizeable percentage of them would probably have us sentenced to death under Sharia law. Is it any wonder that as a gay man I am wary of Islam, a religion which seems totally at odds with Western values of tolerance and acceptance. Out East come across as a rather tiresome and toothless wet blanket.

    1. Flying dutch 14 Mar 2011, 6:06pm

      “god hate fags” is from contemporary Baptists, do you call them values? and beside religion in how many western countries can you legally marry? do you have migration rights or any equal rights for your partner? do you have had your partner (gay wife/husband) deported at the airport? I did. In the U.S.A. But hell, it is not as bad and in the muslim countries.Here they will bash you in the streets if they can and they are often WHITE ENGLISh KIDs (they killed one of us kicking him to death, remember?). Hate should not be a point in the gay agenda. its not whinging its a reminder. Hating people that worship the Islamic religion will not bring you anywhere. Hate won’ t help. here it is no better. ( look at the number of transgender people killed every year in the west ) where is this dream land you are talking about?

      1. “God hates fags” originated from one family of baptists, whose church membership numbers less than a hundred.

        Are you seriously comparing that with the views that are imposed on and carried by almost 1.6 billion Muslims globally?

        And are you really comparing our not-quite-equal society with that of, say, Iran?

        1. Flying dutch 16 Mar 2011, 2:07pm

          You are right Adam, my answer was fired in the “heat of the moment” I agree that in Islamic countries life (including Africa) for gays there is death penalty. But isn’ t the same in Jamaica ( not islamic ) and if you read the numbers ( and please do read those numbers : google transgender remembrance day ) look how many got killed and where. In islam there are less killed gays than in the USA for sure. remember the suicides, please count the number of deads. if you wish i publish them for you. Fight homophobia, not the muslims.
          with love

    2. FilthyKafur 16 Dec 2011, 9:09pm

      here here……. theres no such thing as Islamophobia anyway, it was made up by muslims at a Organisation or Islamic Conference ! There is no phobia.. it is a lie. I for one, am not afraid to say that I want them out of my country

  15. Pathetic.
    I was going to say that both Muslim and Hindu Asians also throw marches from time to time as minorities, but actually, thy are the majority in the East End nowadays.

    It is important that the LGBT people living there show their existence and point out they are not going away. That also applies to Muslim and Hindu gay people who have to also show that being gay is neither just a secular or white issue.

    This is a complete cop-out by the so-called “community”, and reinforces my opinion of many gay groups who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

    1. Flying dutch 16 Mar 2011, 2:29pm

      “I was going to say that both Muslim and Hindu Asians also throw marches from time to time as minorities, but actually, thy are the majority in the East End nowadays.” is a racist comment.

      where do your immigrants come from?
      What about britain the colonies and the blood, what about the people killed under your flag, enslaved. Those people came from there as a result of the imperialistic domination under your flag. Should i remind you about the holocaust of the native american people or the aboriginal people of australia. What about India, africa .. you name it. You should not feel like they are taking over, they can’ t take back a little back what you have taken from them. And you haven’ t payed back for the damage you have done, (are you aware of the damage you have done?)
      you are better because you could kill ( or had guns). from gay pride to white pride/ see on the left comments from your fellow edl supporters. we can organize against you racists anytime. wanna see?

  16. Any system sustained by hatred, any theology that acts with deliberate cruelty to others and laughs at the suffering it causes, any ideology that marginalizes a group of people based on whom they choose to love is morally bankrupt and not only do I reject it I believe that such a group deserves to be called sub-human and ostracized from decent society.

  17. This letter has been written by a nut with a vested interest, and co-signed by a male prostitute.

    I find it hard to take seriously anyone who has personally turned sex into a commodity.

    1. What has his career got to do with anything. In a capitalist system everything is a commodity thats the whole point of Capitalism. But whatever you think about prostitutes it has nothing to do with wether or not we should have a pride in east london

      1. Well quite. But I don’t think that everything has to be commodified, even in a capitalist system (so it follows that I don’t classify what he does as a career). That said, I gave an opinion – I haven’t told him what to do, however ridiculous I think he is. He is actively seeking to prevent a march for human rights, however. There’s a difference. :-)

        1. Also, it would only be an easy-money mentality that could help compose such a manipulative, awful and divisive piece of correspondence. He seems willing to prostitute himself in any possible way.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Mar 2011, 12:59am

      ‘co-signed by a male prostitute’?

      And you giving it away in the White Swan after half a dozen Bacardis are somehow fit to make comments like that about other people!

      1. Sister, please!

        As a woman with a habit, you should know it’s more godly to give freely of your time!

  18. Galadriel1010 14 Mar 2011, 4:18pm

    Well, now I definitely want to go. This sounds like the Mattachine Society around the time of Stonewall – talking and politics got us so far, and then a kick up the arse got us over the next hurdle. We need both, not just one or the other.

    Let’s have a massive party, invite everyone to come to it and show them that we’re not afraid of them and they shouldn’t be afraid of us.

  19. “Whether this is true or not, what will remain in people’s minds is that Muslim people as a whole group are the cause for homophobia”. Yes… Well I’m sure almost no gay people have walked outside and received homophobic remarks from Christians. What a load of bull. Do they honestly believe people will think homophobia comes from only 1 group of people, and all people within that group? I have friends who are non-LGBT Muslims. Clearly, I won’t believe it is the only group.

  20. I do believe an 18 year old asian lad has been arrested with the offending stickers, however believe or not im less concerned about the stickers than i am about certain members of the gay community who think that being proactive is wrong, dont tell that to people who marched against section 28 or people who marched in the 1960s to legalise being gay.
    You can wright letters until the cows come home, but take it from someone who knows what hes talking about, Islam is no friend of gay people, the majority of muslims when asked in a poll thought that homosexuality is wrong, some think that gays should be killed.
    These well meaning but nieve people dont understand that muslims dont want to be part of a community with gay people and to blame british far right nutcases for putting up these posters was stretching things.
    Personly Im glad this is happening, the Muslim community need to understand that this isnt a islamic country and we will not stand for homophobia whatever your religion says.

  21. Crap it is. As one who marched in the 1960s we had the “don’t rock the boat ” crew then. I am sorry they still survive. March as we did.

    1. @roger this ‘pride’ event is “NON-POLITICAL” as the organisers keep saying. SO what flag or banner will you be waving. You wont as if its anything but ‘gay’ (like a pink union jack) you’ll be banned from marching.

  22. Peggy's Friend 14 Mar 2011, 6:23pm

    Peter Tatchell gave this statement:

    “All forms of intolerance are wrong. The Gay, Muslim, Jewish, Asian and Black communities know the pain of prejudice and discrimination. We should stand together, united against hate. East End Gay Pride celebrates multicultural diversity. Bigotry will not divide us. Together, we are strong and proud.” Peter Tatchell

  23. Doing nothing does not engender pride, courage or honour in this situation. Silence has a loud voice against us!

  24. This “Pride” march is non-political so leave your politics and your brains at home!!!!!!!!

  25. All minority communities are invited to march with us against any discrimination. Will Muslims join the Pride parade for tolerance and peaceful coexistence? I would like to see them being proud Muslim as I am proud gay. There is no problem at all. Let’s march together.

  26. Just an idea. Let’s wear all possible colors of Palestinian scarves on East London Pride day. That should make sense… symbolically supporting our Muslim brother and sisters and keeping us warm and we can always use them as bandages. Pink revolution. So proud.

  27. Hold on, since when was gay pride not political. Pride is a protest and always will be.

  28. norhingpetty 14 Mar 2011, 10:25pm

    Ah! A “Peace in our time strategy.”

    Neville would be proud!

  29. Sister Mary Clarence 15 Mar 2011, 12:55am

    This is probably fairly easy to clear up if the organisers are happy to issue a statement disassociating themselves from EDL, and making it clear that any EDL supporters are not welcome at East End Gay Pride.

    EDL are a bunch of fascists, and it might be Islam today, but you only need to take a look at the BNP to see how quickly, and how often, they redirect their hate.

    ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’, only works so far. Once the common enemy is gone, someone always ends up with a bread knife in the kidneys.

    If anyone from East End Gay Pride is courting support from EDL, they want their heads examining.

    1. I’m pro choice if gay people want to join them fine just dont pretend theyre not racist

    2. “If anyone from East End Gay Pride is courting support from EDL, they want their heads examining.”

      I should hope they’re not courting support from anyone.

      But we have a slight problem with hypocrisy here. If the BNP or the EDL or the Westboro Baptist Church (imaginary international division) had started a hate campaign against the gays of the East End, we would rightly have banners naming and shaming them.

      However, if someone shows up with a “Religious fundamentalism has no place in Britain” banner when this march takes place, it will automatically be seen as racist or intolerant of religion.

      Who is my friend? It’s not the enemy of my enemy. It’s someone like me, who won’t tolerate intolerance, because sooner or later the evil that you support will come back to bite you on the bum. And not in a nice way.

  30. Cancel it anyway, no need for it these days. Just an excuse for gays to shove their lifestyle about.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 8:07am

      Another voice of arrogance proving the need for this March.

    2. Wow, Mary, you should attend “Smart pride” so you can demonstrate your delightful intelligence in public for all to see. Will you make your own posters with crayons?

    3. Mary, you’re a fcuking fool, you know that don’t you?

      The very fact you are in a gay site spouting your “lifestyle” nonsense shows how important Pride is. Essentially its to show degenerates like you that we won’t be silenced by your ignorance. As the commenter in the previous post alluded to, we’ll stop flaunting our sexuality when you stop flaunting your dumb ass ignorance. Deal?

      Now fcukoff out of our faces, Mary, you sicken us.

    4. cuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnttt

    5. Mary, just wondering, have you heard the word homophobia? Cause that’s what you have got a serious case of. And here’s the newsflash: it is UNACCEPTABLE.

    6. “Cancel it anyway, no need for it these days. Just an excuse for gays to shove their lifestyle about.”

      I know. Isn’t it great, Mary. The further up your nose I can put it, the better.

    7. Out East and Terry Stewart are the ones who say that mary’s feelings should be given more respect more than gay people. Interesting to see Out East in unison with religious fanatics of all types.

  31. fatimitapalomita 16 Mar 2011, 8:42pm

    Hellooo there. But I am a practicing Muslim and I just want to put my voice out there and say that I embrace LGBT people. You are right, there is homophobia among Muslims. It is real. But ‘We’ don’t all hate ‘You.’ By the way there ARE proud gay Muslims, the two identities are hardly mutually exclusive. More power to you, and you deserve the same rights as anyone else on the planet. Love to you guys and good luck with you on your march.

    1. I wanted to throw my voice in there too. I am also a practicing Muslim who supports LGBT rights. I know that there are alot of people out there who use thier religion (not just Muslims) to propogate hate. For me this is the exact opposite of what religion shoud do, which is teach tolerence and understanding. I for one am not respresented by this hatred and try to speak out against it any chance I get. I hope I can be part of the change that needs to happen in religious communities in regaurds to this issue.

    2. fcuk off you cnut no one beleives you

      1. @Safiyyah777 17 Mar 2011, 12:12pm

        Wow, it’s ironic that many here are talking about homophobia and then we see Islamophobia … same thing. Hate is hate, no matter which group. You have Muslims here saying they support you and what do some do … I am a practicing Muslim and I, too, support the rights of LBGT people.

  32. FilthyKafur 16 Dec 2011, 9:02pm

    What utter utter pure unbridled, hand wringing dhimmitude of the greatest order.

    These buggers have been on the tv and press displaying proudly how they put these stickers up, and threaten people, then suddenly they become the “scapegoats” !!! FFS !!!

    These maniacs need seeing off, and right soon because they are laughing through their rotten teeth at us.

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