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London’s East End Pride should be cancelled, gay campaigners say

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  1. Alison Dilly 14 Mar 2011, 12:10pm

    For years, we’ve marched past churches and various individuals yelling at us for breaking God’s laws – I’ve yet to work out which one(s) – but we were never told we ought to think about cancelling in case it offended anyone. So why now?!

    1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 6:25pm

      @ Alison Dilly…I think you’ve missed the point. This is a Pride march in name only.The reality is that it is an EDL/BNP inspired facade to stir up trouble in an area of high Asian/ Muslim population, as was the distribution of anti GLB stickers earlier this year. Tellingly the stickers will be distributed at the actual “Pride” march which is even more designed to stir up resentment and to brand all Asians as homophobes, even those who identify as GLB. The fallacy that an Asian youth was caught with a sticker in his pocket was debunked by the police when it was discovered he had removed trhe sticker from a lamp post outside his home because he was gay himself. he was, unsuprisingly released without charge much to the consternation of some of the Racist Islamophobes commenting on these pages. I myself abhor all religious homophobia from whatever quarter but i respect their right to exist, as to do otherwise would make me no better and rob me of my right to protest.

      1. Where is this information? How do you know this?

      2. Paulo Silva 14 Mar 2011, 7:32pm

        @paddy you are the one missing the point. Your arrogance and ignorance regarding the real issues affecting us queers in London are frightening.
        I was quite active with Outrage and QueerEruption back in the 90’s and we did not thought twice to invade a church, boycott a conference and stage a march to fight for our civil rights so now we have to put up with idiots like you who are in fact racists (racism of the small expectations, eg if it’s homophobia from non whites it’s ok) and their double standards who instead of defending the gay community prefer to side with homophobes. You are a disgrace.

        1. @Paulo Silva infact you should get your facts right. The Organizers have said that the event is supported by the EDL. only to withdraw it when Pride London got involved.

          Also no-one is going to solve homophobia by throwing a non-political party through the streets of the Muslim ghettos.

          Futhermore if you was still ‘active’ with queeruption and outrage – you would be barred from marching if you held a banner or flag of a political nature.

          1. Paulo Silva 14 Mar 2011, 10:34pm

            @mega whatever you should get your facts right and stop spreading lies, it’s boring propaganda on your part, grown up.
            On another note i WAS active with outrage and queereruption both are now gone. There are no muslim ghettos but a large muslim community who needs to be more tolerant of the LGBT community, you are a coward by the way and rather pathetic with you infantile excuses.

          2. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 12:11am

            @Paulo Silva No wonder Outrage and Queer Eruption are as you say now gone if they had the likes of you as a member. Scream your racist facist hatred at me when you learn English and learn to spell. Now crawl back into the vipers nest you emerged from.

          3. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 10:46am

            mega bebe, I’m one of the organisers of the EDL LGBT Division, and I can state emphatically that there was NO contact between us and EEGP. In fact, I only heard of EEGP some weeks after it had been in planning, and that was only indirectly when someone asked me what I thought about EDL not being welcome there.

            I thought “fair enough” — there’s so much media lies and misrepresentation of EDL, I can see why they would think that. But our Division had no plans to try and persuade EEGP to let us join — we have other work to do.

            I wish EEGP well. And I hope that muslim organisations will support EEGP (gay and straight muslim orgs, I mean).

            What EDL wants is integration. We want to see muslims opposing islamo-fascism. Until we see that, we are going to continue and we are going to get stronger.

        2. Terry Stewart 15 Mar 2011, 12:55am

          Paulo Silva. Back in the 70’s I along with others fought for our rights and will continue to do so.
          You do not know Paddy or the issues he has faced as a Gay man, Verbally abusing people results in nothing valuable.
          People will listen to a contructive discussion and will ignore a rant of abuse.

      3. Also, I saw the young men putting these stickers up and reported it to the police. I also had a group of young asian men outside my house kicking and spitting at my door after they had seen me taking this down. I suggest you stop talking about something that you have no idea about and have clearly not witnessed yourself.

    2. Mark Healey 15 Mar 2011, 5:45pm

      Good to see the truth has come out. Shame on Raymond Berry for trying to dupe the gay community in such a way. And well done Rainbow Hamlets for dealing with this matter with so much integrity.

      The concept of an East End Gay Pride is a good one but it needs to be an inclussive event welcoming all communities to come together to celebrate our diversity whilst at the same time standing together to make it clear that homophobia and Islamaphobia is not acceptable in this country any more.

      There are issues that need to be addressed, but those are issues with individuals and small groups who are resistant to the spread of human rights and respect for all.

      As this case has shown, we can not allow the mindless acts of a few stop us from reaching out to each other in peace, and taking the time to work out our differences together.

      We can all be a force for good in this world if we choose, I know what I choose – the rest is up to each and everyone of you.

  2. I am so sick of being treated like my feelings dont count just because we are too afraid to rock the boat.
    I want to be able to walk around where i live with my girlfriend and not be worried that someone is goin g to shout abuse at us like last weekend.
    I want this pride event to show people that we are here and we arent going anywhere and we are not afraid to be seen.
    I have had enough of hideing away thanks very much.

    1. Alison Dilly 14 Mar 2011, 12:24pm

      Quite right too, Becky. It’s what we’ve been fighting for for years.

    2. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 6:36pm

      @ becky…an admirable sentiment which i would echo, but the nub of the matter is that this is not a Pride march… maybe in name only but the reality is that it is being used by far right facist groups who are no friends of GLBs.Before the arrival of Asians in numbers to Tower Hamlets, these homophobic facist thugs regularly went on Queer Bashing drive abouts, where car loads of four or more thugs drove around late at night seeking out 2Queers to sort” and often left manys a gay man within an inch of his life. Proof of this is often related by a well known Irish presenter on his BBC talk show. Young gay people are being duped into thinking these facists are friends when they are anything but. Stay well away from this fiasco.

      1. Paulo Silva 14 Mar 2011, 7:17pm

        @paddy. Your paranoia is disturbing get over yourself mate this is no longer the 70’s!

      2. I know the people running this march. It is and always has been about pride, about coming out and showing the thriveing multicultural LGBT community in the east end. I am not saying that before the asian community came to east london there was no homophobia, because this march isnt about asian people or non asian people, muslims or catholics, white or black. It is about everyone who supports the lgbt community in east london no matter where they are from or what religion or race they are.

  3. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 12:21pm

    Hang on a cotton budding minute, haven’t these homophobic muslims already cause the tensions by being homophobic and putting up these posters of hate, hence stirred up hatred?

    Bloody Hypocrites. All they are worried about is not making profit from it. Sod peoples safety.

    This ISN’T protesting hate for hate, this is protesting against hate. Telling people we do exist and are perfectly entitled to do so.

    Yet against Out East, part of Rainbow Hamlets bows to the hate criminals while ignoring the LGBT victims. I seriously have to question there motives.

    I am disgusted with them. I assume they instead think we should sit back and be abused like this? This is Their only answer.

    Yet again Out East think of the homophobic Muslims not about the LGBT, they are SUPPOSED to represent, which incidently does include LGBT Muslims.

    So someone actually had the guts to stand up and be heard now they want to squash any involvement when this is what THEY should have done in the first place.

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 12:22pm

      A message to Out East and Rainbow Hamlets…

      Stand up for the people you are suppose to or disband, Your unfit for purpose and clearly you serve no-ones interests but your own and those criminals you protect.

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 12:25pm

      ““risks antagonising and scapegoating” Muslims.”

      Surely only those with guilty consciences would think that. This protest is against anyone who feels hatred towards the LGBT.

  4. Jennifer Hynes 14 Mar 2011, 12:28pm

    The East End is still part of the United Kingdom isn’t it? The same United Kingdom that has laws to protect not just freedom of speech and freedom of association, but also laws that are there to protect the rights of gay people… Doesn’t surprise me that the UAF are opposing this event, at least in principle. They are on the same level, with regards to freedom of speech, and thought as it happens, as the BNP and the SWP.

    The UAF and SWP in particular take the existence of gay pride and the voicing thereof as insults to the Islamist element amongst UK Muslims, who they support uncritically. Makes you wonder…

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 12:44pm

      The fact the UAF and SWP only protest white extremist ironically makes them racist, surely!

      1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 1:21pm

        Interesting the actually letter is supported by the UAF!

        1. Douglas Pretsell 14 Mar 2011, 1:55pm

          if a ratcatcher smells a rat then I take notice.

          1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 6:39pm

            …….. and the smell of rats is overpowering in this fiasco..

  5. How could it risk antagonmising and scapegoating Muslims? there are gay Muslims too.

  6. So they think we should cancel a gay pride because we might offend muslims?

    Who exactly are these gay campaigners?

    1. Did you not know Edward? They’re the representatives and voice of the LGBT Community in Tower Hamlets. They speak on behalf of ALL the LGBT people.
      Despite being self appointed, self opinionated and egocentric!

      I say, stuff that! Got to East End Gay Pride and have a great day. Prove these armchair politicians wrong!

    2. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 10:51am

      Edward, the word for these homos who are afraid to offend muslims is “dhimmi”. Throughout the history of islam, non-muslims have been accorded an inferior status, singled out by clothing, unable to bear arms, unable to ride horses, and having to even get out of the way when a muslim passes.

      Even now in the holiest city of islam (Mecca) christians are NOT PERMITTED to enter the city. In 20 years time muslims in Britain will be putting up “Kufar Free Zone” stickers (already in the east London there has been more than one instance where a park has been blocked by muslims, refusing entrance to non-muslims).

      The self-hatred of these dhimmi homos is so great that they cannot even see that they have already become subjugated to islam.

  7. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 12:44pm

    This event is nothing more than a trouble stirring facade for far right facist groups the EDL and BNP and while not visible is being at least organised at the behest of these facists to stir trouble with homophobic Islamic groups.The stickers posted earlier in the month were another manifest of this and had nothing whatever to do with Muslims.
    Young GLBs should be aware that if Islamic homophobia were to disappear today these Facists would return to type….Queer Bashing.

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 12:48pm

      And yet you admit you know nothing about whats happening because you live far, far away from London, Ireland right?

      So if you don’t know whats going on here and whats it’s like I guess it’s easy for you to make such comments.

      Unlike myself who has had to live through it first hand and actually knows what and why this East End Pride is So important.


      1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 12:50pm

        I’m please the local police and council agree with this event It proves action needs to be taken.

      2. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 1:39pm

        The days of the stage coach are long gone and Ryan Air gets me to London in one hour or less. Plus the advent of modern technology means that living at a distance is no longer a bar to knowing what is going on, and anyone with a brain can see what this is . A cynical facist ploy to stir trouble by using a gullible group of young GLBs as a facade. Lets see how things turn out on the day and if i am wrong i will accept your take on the matter.I am however extremely pessimistic as to the outcome. The fact that some of the organisers are associated with the facist EDL is not good however.and while the EDL may not be a visible organiser, it is being done at their behest. I am perfectly aware as you are of the difficulties of living in a homophobic society like the East End. But that homophobia long preceded the arrival of Asians to the area. I often had to run the gauntlet of facist homophobic white thugs on my way to the docks in the late 60s and to say otherwise would be disingenious.

        1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 2:04pm

          Actually I was born in Tower Hamlets and lived their most of my life so I know what I’m talking about when I say that Homophobic abuse in the East End has slowing smouldering away in particularly over the past 10 years. It may be just be coincidental that over the same 10 years Muslims have been building in number in this area.

          So I was born and bred there, spent 30+ years there of which the last four was subjected to racism and homophobia in and around my home. Thankfully the Police and THT in the end for helping me, supporting me til I finally moved from the area of my birthplace. For the last 4 years I was made to feel a complete foreigner in My own home, in the area I was born. Up til 4 years ago I had Never suffered homophobia.

          I do have to add though I did have some Muslim friends who were supportive to me personally so yes I do know not all are the same but the message this Pride is sending is not for Muslims alone but for all haters.

          1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 2:25pm

            repost…”I am perfectly aware as you are of the difficulties of living in a homophobic society like the East End. But that homophobia long preceded the arrival of Asians to the area. I often had to run the gauntlet of facist homophobic white thugs on my way to the docks in the late 60s and to say otherwise would be disingenious.” Did you miss the last part of my comment above? I have reposted it just in case. I have no axe to grind with the gay residents of the East End of Derrylondon nor with the Asian Muslim community but i do see this for what it is and i also see through you like a sheet of glass..Jock. Hope you are as brave when what you are advocating goes terribly wrong for the GLB community of the East End.

          2. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:18pm

            In what way terribly wrong? It turning to violence? Won’t that just prove the hatred shown towards us?

        2. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 2:07pm

          If I can make a difference by making a stand and helping even one person gain the strength to stand up and not go through the same then that is what I would hope for.

          It’s too easy to sit back and do nothing. (Or write letters of condemnation) but I won’t be one of them.

    2. so you’re saying that the EDL put up the posters, then went to all this trouble to organise a march AGAINST the posters? Creating a website, holding interviews with the gay press, radio, getting SUPPORT from The White Swan, and London Pride (who would’ve actually MET the organisers).
      Yet on the EDL LGBT Group on facebook, the only time the event is mentioned is when they’re laughing out loud at Out East!!

      Are you completely blind? or just stupid?

      1. and are you aware that arrests have been made?! And that the people arrested, with the posters in their pockets have been muslims??! Did you know that?

        Or are you saying they were EDL members “dressed” as muslims.

        1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 12:53pm

          John S

          He calls everyone a racist thinking we’ve all forgotten his comments about the Black Christian couple that lost their foster case, claiming his right to have them as slaves.

          Think they sums him up and probably any time now will change his name….. Again.

          1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 2:35pm

            Jock S Trap…. Now you are really showing yourself up for what you are. You know well that what i posted was an Ironic take on what the Johns’ were calling for. Well you know that i am an atheist and that i was merely pointing out that slavery was advocated in the same part of their fictional holy book. I also made reference to the eating of shell fish and wearing of mixed fibres but you conveinently omit that because it doesn’t fit your disingenuity. My postings are still there for anyone to go and see that you are what everyone knows you to be A trouble maker with a huge chip on your ugly shoulder.You are also a liar as well as a racist Islamophobe.Are you also Theotherone. He has been strangely absent since you put in your ugly appearance……now theres a thought for everyone to conjure with.

          2. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:12pm


            You may well have meant it to be ‘ironic’ but fact remains you only made the comment at all because the couple were Black. The comment was unnecessary yet you felt the need to make it.

            Then you want to jump on people who aren’t being racist when you yourself made the most racist comment of all.

          3. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:13pm

            oh and now defending the racist comment.

          4. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:17pm

            Unlike you I don’t feel the need to change my name to suit the arguement.

            Only those who don’t know how to debate change their name to suit their arguement.

            True debaters don’t feel the need to change their name because we only debate we have nothing to prove.

            Seriously your making assumption that just make you look silly

          5. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:20pm

            Also just a thought but I think you’ll find theotherone is female whereas I am not certainly all male.

          6. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 6:51pm

            @jockstrap/theotherone….A bit rich of an englisman to be slagging anyone off about slavery , when the fact remains that it was slavery that pulled england out of the Dark ages and for which they have still firstly to apologise to Black people worldwide and secondly pay reparation for.

          7. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 6:59pm

            @jockstrapp…to remind you of the comment on the other thread where you said i was being racist i thought i would remind you…as follows and Pavlos’ response….
            Paddyswurds 11 Mar 2011, 10:34pm Report Reply

            Does this mean that if the Johns succeed in getting the Human Right’s act repealed that i can have them as slaves. After all the book they value over British Law says i can have slaves so long as they arent from my own country so as im irish i can go to Britain and take slaves. And i would have the Johns , thanks very much seeing as they agree with it.

            Pavlos 12 Mar 2011, 8:30am Report Reply

            Then Eunice could be your cook and do all the domestics while Owen could work in your fields or garden and do maintenance work, he would sleep out in the shed of course and Eunice would have a room in the attic, they would never be permitted to share a double bed.
            Yes, I’m sure Eunice and Owen would really enjoy life in a world without pesky equality laws.

          8. Jock S. Trap 16 Mar 2011, 9:28am

            Oh Paddys…

            Way to take someone else down with you. Your laughable. Your Racist. Stop blaming everyone. Stop making out all are behaving like you.

            Lets face it, the only reason you decided to take Pavlos down with you is maybe a guilty conscience?!

      2. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 2:08pm

        @ John S …”.so you’re saying that the EDL put up the posters, then went to all this trouble to organise a march AGAINST the posters?” Yes i am and i am astounded at your gullibility.Dont be fooled into thinking that this cant hppen or that this ploy ahsn’t been used many times in the past by far right facist groups. Read up on facism in the 1930s and then say im blind or that i am stoopid. As i pointed out earlier facism is no arbiter or protector of Gay Rights and you will learn that to your cost.End Of.

    3. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 12:53pm

      cont… these facists would revert to type Queer Bashing. This event will prove nothing other than the gullibility of the young GLBs being used and will in fact make the East End even more of a no go area for gay people.It is also the beginning of the End for London Gay Pride as it will continue to splinter into these far right organised travesties. Next we will have South London pride to antagonise pentecostal homophobes amongst the black community , another to antagonise Jewish groups and so on. End it now while it is still in infancy as it is so reminicent of Germany of the 1930s and must be stamped out

    4. Douglas Pretsell 14 Mar 2011, 1:44pm

      Unlike Jock S. Trapp (an individual with a union jack as an avatar) I live in the East and find myself increasingly alarmed by the news around this event. Am really starting to wonder whether this is something that me and my friends should be going to.

      Pity, as ostensibly an East End Pride could and should be a positive experience for all.

      1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 2:21pm

        ‘Unlike’???? erm What?

      2. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 2:24pm

        You should get out of those stereotypes about the Union Jack, it does you no credibilty.

        1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 2:43pm

          Jock S Trap.Theotherone… Douglas i also think that those who wave the Union Jack about as some sort of tribal mascot are usually those who do that same flag a huge disservice by associateing it with far right facist Thugs like the EDL and BNP. We are finally seeing this Jock/theotherone for what he is and what we suspected for some time.

          1. The Union Jack is the flag of British ships at sea. The Union FLAG is the flag of Britain. Why should British people be ashamed to fly it, wear it, display it anywhere? Accusing Jock of being a fascist based on his avatar is nonsense.

            By the way, my avatar is the Seal of Rassilon. Try not to read anything at all into that.

          2. You do the left more of a disservice by assuming anyone who waves the British flag is a fascist. It’s precisely that kind of hysteria that those groups feed on.

            Your entire argument seems to center around a rumour that the EDL have stuck stickers up in order to whip up hate towards Muslims, to then support a gay pride event that denounces the stickers but more importantly would denounce Islam. However, the organisers have said in statements (and listed the same thing on this event’s Facebook group page), that anti-Muslim placards/banners are not welcome, and asked people not to shout anything that would offend religious minorities. It just doesn’t add up in my mind, particularly not if you base this belief on the acts of facists in the 1930s? (Could you be specific about this btw? You can’t tell someone to simply “read up about fascism in the 1930s” it’s a huge topic to cover and a lot of it is irrelevant to this story).

          3. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:24pm

            Actually the picture I have is a £4,000 Harrods wall hanging.

            Things must be getting desperate if all you can do now is make personal attacks about complete rubbish.

            As I said before I was out with a Muslim friend over the weekend and he wore a Union Jack top. What are you saying about him?

            Paddyswurds, your pathetic attempt to disrupt this debate thread is noted.

          4. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 5:24pm

            @ rose Wrong: The flag flown on British ships Is, in the Royal Navy , called the Blue Ensign. The flag flown on Merchant ships is called The Red Ensign. The Union Flag or union Jack is only flown when a ship is in Port either abroad or at home, although the Ensign is usually the only flag flown in home port. except when preparing to embark or set sail….Ex Sailor.

          5. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 5:29pm

            @ Rose…cont. However the name Union Jack is the most common name used for the Flag of the UK except in ex colonial countries like Ireland where there is somewhat less than affection felt for the flag of the oppressor. In trhose countries the colloqual name for it is “The Butchers Apron, on which the Sun never sets and the Blood never dries.”

          6. I am proud of my country, and proud of my flag.
            Any fool that see’s it as some kind of antagonistic tokenism is deluded. This is MY country, and I was born an bred here.

            I have no problem with others coming here as long as they follow the house rules. If you don’t like what we do here, fcuk off elsewhere.

          7. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 10:19am

            I think you owe theotherone a big apology. Take your ranblings out on me sure I will try to ignore them but to drag someone perfectly innocent into this debate…

        2. Actually I have to agree. I’ve mentioned before on a previous thread that in this country we tend to think anything that denotes national identity as fascist or racist. sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly.

          The Union Jack is a flag, a symbol of identity. Nothing more.

      3. Do you find the union jack offensive? And maybe you should be alert on the march . I marched on my first london pride when i was still at school, anyhow some primitive neighbours saw me . It was open season as far as they were concerned when it came to dishing out the homophobic abuse .. But having said that there are homophobic attacks after london/brighton prides also .

        1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 5:39pm

          @ rapture…if you are asking me do i find the Union Jack offensive, then the answer is yes on several levels. Firstly two words.
          Bloody Sunday for which the prime Minister recently apologised after 40 odd years of refuseing to accept that anything wrong went down when 14 unarmed teenagers were murdered by facist SAS, while on a peaceful civil rights march.
          secondly the Union Jack purports to have contained within it the flag of St Patrick a complete fabrication made up by the British in the 18th century. No such flag ever existed . The only flag ever flown by Patrick was the Flag of ulster which is saffron yellow emblazoned with a gorizontal cross with a sheild and red Hand of Ulster in the center.

          1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 5:47pm

            @ Paddyswurds…..excuse the typos..Ulster, * Horizontal ,*….obv**

          2. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 7:06pm

            @ Rose It actually wasnt me who made the first reference to jockstraps avatar, i just picked up on it. And on reflection i think you are right about the “diatribes against people on this forum who wont know what the heck im talking about.” Hard for them to know what i am talking about when, with the odd exception, they don’t know what they are talking about themselves.

          3. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 7:21pm

            also @Rose…… why would you assume that i should know anything about you. All i’m concerned with on these pages is what is written in comment and my response thereto. Anything i presume to know about any of the commentators is from the comments they make as I presume they make about me.I try where possible to keep within the tenet of the thread and refrain from personal villification or abuse unlike some of the posters currently contributing to this thread. Your assumption that you know as much about the history of Ireland as me, is rather weak when you seem to know so little of the history of your adoptive country or its flag.

          4. Actually, Paddy, I was being modest when I side I know as much as you. I am almost certain I know way MORE about Irish history than you, since you didn’t even get Bloody Sunday right. The thing about the Union Flag/Jack is irrelevant. The point was that Jock has every right to have a British flag in Britain and doesn’t deserve to be called a fascist for it.

            I don’t know you at all, but judging by youir comments here you come across as one of those people who think any enemy of Britain is a friend of Ireland, hence your refusal to admit that Islam is at the heart of this problem in Tower Hamlets. It is not the case. Islamic fundamentalists have no interest in Irish freedom. They’re not a friend of the 32 counties. So give it a rest.

            This sort of political madness is WHY my avatar is the Seal of Rassilon. I need to get away from tricolours and Hands of Ulster for my own sanity. 250 million light years is just about far enough!

          5. The Union Flag consists of the red cross of Saint George (patron saint of England), edged in white, superimposed on the Cross of St Patrick (patron Saint of Ireland), which are superimposed on the Saltire of Saint Andrew (patron saint of Scotland). Wales, however, is not represented in the Union Flag by Wales’ patron saint, Saint David.

            The current design of the Union Flag dates from the union of Ireland and Great Britain in 1801. The only reason that the UK flag is not symmetrical is because of the St Patrick’s cross. St Andrew’s cross is above St Patrick’s at the hoist since the cross was added to the flag before the St Patrick’s cross. For this reason, St Andrew’s cross is permitted to have the higher position.

          6. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 12:28am

            @ John MJ The Cross of St Patrick you refer to is a complete fabrication concocted by the British at The time of the Act of Union, 1801 according to you. The only flag St Patrick could have used was the red hand of Ulster Flag which is as i described before..

          7. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 12:37am

            @rose…Would you like to elaborate what i got wrong about Bloody Sunday. It happened They were innocent people and they were murdered by the facist SAS. Whats to get wrong It took the British over 40 years to admit to it after trying their utmost to wiggle out of it by sending a corrupt judge to concoct a fabrication in 6 weeks. Whats to get wrong. David Cameron stood in the house of commons last year and apologised for everything i just stated. Whats to get wrong???
            You have the biased view of an Englishman and your view of Irish history is coloured by that bias. Get over yourself.

          8. The Red Hand of the O’Neills was most certainly not the flag that St. Patrick would have been familiar with as denoting Ireland if, indeed, he was familiar with any flag. This legendary symbol was not adopted onto the first flag for Ulster until eight hundred years after St. Patrick’s time when the de Burg cross was combined with the O’Neill red hand to create what went on to become the modern flag of Ulster (in 1243). That said, however, even at the battle of Kinsale in 1601 the O’Neills carried the red saltire of St. Patrick as did all the others on their side and the red saltire of St. Patrick was certainly known as early as the twelfth century and, just like the red hand, is reckoned to date back into Ireland’s pagan past.

            All the above from Prof. Hayes-McCoy’s book ‘A History of Irish Flags from Earliest Times’, Academy Press, Dublin, 1979; and Earl Storey’s book ‘Traditional Roots’, Columba Press, Dublin, 2002. Both authors are world acknowledged experts in this field.

        2. Jock S T – I don’t know why you bother with even indulging Paddyswurds with a response, he is clearly devoid of any common sense or sense of what is reality or fiction. His vexatious ramblings aren’t even entertaining or funny, just plain naive and banile.Leave him to take whatever medication he’s on.
          But he is right when he’s says ‘End it now while it is still in infancy as it is so reminicent of Germany of the 1930s and must be stamped out’ …. thats exactly what we’re all afraid of …the rise of another facist movement in London in this century …. but this time from the Islamists.

          1. Paddy obviously doesn’t know much about me. I’m Irish by birth and know as much about the history of Ireland than he does. I’m well aware that the Union Flag has a history there. But Jock is British and has the absolute right to fly his own flag in his own country without being called a fascist as much as we have the right to fly the tricolour without being called IRA fellow travellers.

            Note, Paddy, I said it was the BRITISH flag, not UK flag. I was leaving out Ireland from the equation. You brought it up.

            BTW Paddy, Do you recall which of our patriots once said “It is not necessary to hate England, only to love Ireland more”. (He said it in Irish so that’s a loose translation.) Try thinking about that axiom before any more diatribes against the people on this forum who mostly won’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

          2. Agreed. Don’t feed the trolls.

          3. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 12:43am

            @rose …what you think you know and i know what you know are deffo light years apart. What you think you know is far removed from reality and smacks of the arrogance displayed by the English ever since they started using slavery and murder to gain wealth and power over indigineous peoples around the world. Don’t forget to drop some names when you make your infantile reply.

          4. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 8:36am

            Your right damain, when it comes to digging a hole he does keep on digging.

        3. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 3:22pm

          @rapture….”.anyhow some primitive neighbours saw me ” These six words say more about you than a volume the size of the entire British Library… . You are clearly a vile nasty human being and i am loath to even call you a human being. Your neighbours knew you and met you and if they discerned from meeting you, what i did from those six words i am not suprised they abused you. If i had the unfortunate luck to be in the same county a you never mind the same road i would feel that i needed serious decontamination. This crowd of racist facist thugs are your measure.

      4. Dear Douglas,
        I agree, that pride in theory should be a positive experience. However, I will stay away as I am an immigrant, I am Asian and I am a queer of colour and I have by now seen enough evidence of racism to stay away. Those at the receiving end of hate learn to spot the signs quickly. A classic sign is the use of the pronouns ‘these’ and ‘those’, used constantly before Asians/Muslims. The whole tone is of contempt, of dehumanising. The march organisers have taken a stand against politics, but have not clearly taken a stand against racism. Infact, their strongest supporters speak of South Asians as ‘backward immigrants’. There is too much prejudice for my comfort in this pride!

        1. good, no ones going to give you preferential treatment because you may call them racist if you are treated as everyone else. Hope you are on some muslim sites that completely vilify lgbt with a similar rant.

        2. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 11:01am

          My boyfriend is asian, and went to his first EDL demo (Peterborough) totally alone. He was stood with several thousand EDL, and not a cross word was said to him – in fact, he said no-one paid any attention to the colour of his skin (which is exactly what I’ve observed on many EDL demos).

          But then I guess my boyfriend is much braver than you. You can’t help your lack of courage. Luckily for you others were brave enough to fight for gay rights here 40 years ago, because clearly someone with your timidity wouldn’t.

          1. Racism is not just about the colour of your skin- it is about prejudice and hatred against an entire community/people. No matter how politely EDL expresses its reprehensible racist opinions, no matter how many exceptions they make for the ‘good Asian’, they remain an organisation founded on hatred. And EDL supporter, as an ‘Asian’ I will be the first to admit that many amongst us Asians excel at anti-Muslim racism. After all, in 2002, Hindu fundamentalists organised a systematic genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. I am sure those brand of Asians would embrace EDL with open arms. Courage is not a problem, Its just that I usually march against racists, not with them! And I am not about to change that, so that you can use my presence, just like you are using the presence of your ‘Asian’ boyfriend at an EDL March to prove how inclusive, peaceful and non racist EDL actually is!

  8. Imagine if the campaigners at Stonewall all those years ago had the appeasing lilly livered attitude of this shower of so called gay campaigners
    We’d all still be in the closet.
    They are gutless and should hang their appeasing cowardly heads in shame!

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 1:00pm

      Here, Here!! Exactly!

  9. These so-called “gay campaigners” aren’t anything of the sort. Their motivation is blatantly out of self-interest, and citing cultural “tension” is nothing more than a moral peg to hang their egos on – racism being the modern litmus test for what constitutes a “bad person”. The organisers want to strengthen community relations and challenge hatred, not implement the gay equivalent of Shari’a law. Extremely heartening to read the comments above, thus proving all gay people aren’t self-loathing apologists like those wishing to circumvent our freedom in North London.

    I fully support East End Gay Pride, and wish everyone participating the best of luck!

  10. dean ismail 14 Mar 2011, 1:03pm

    firstly, I think that, regardless of who put up the stickers, and who organises the planned march, this should go ahead. This is not an aggressive march – it is a plea for tolerance and hopefully acceptance for the right to exist.

    secondly, I have had a lot of nasty comments from religious people (Muslims and Christians) about homosexuality. I would not say any of those people are religious extremists. It’s just that, for reasons beyond my comprehension, these two religions feel uneasy and somewhat threatened by (LGBT) people being themselves – they’d rather LGBT people live a lie and get married etc etc.

    Lastly, I find it extremely disappointing that people are calling for this march to be cancelled due to fear of offending religious people. This march is merely held to call for people to stop offending and threatening homosexuals.

    Surely tolerance should not be a one way street?

    1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 3:02pm

      @Dean…I for one am not calling for this to be cancelled for fear of offending anyone. I am calling for it to be cancelled because of what it is, not what it puports to be. It is a facade for far right facist racist Islamophobes and events on the day will prove me right..Some of those advocating it would not have been out of place in 1930s Europe and we all know how that ended not least for Gay people.
      I support East End Gay Pride just as much as any other gay person, but this not what this is.

      1. EDL supporter 14 Mar 2011, 4:09pm

        Please Mr. Paddy, provide us with some proof that you have done a single thing to oppose the rise of islamic homophobia in the last 25 years. That is how long Hizb ut Tahrir has existed in the UK. Tatchell risked his life in the 1990s campaigning against HuT’s calls that gay people be executed.

        What did you do? In 2009 Hizb ut Tahrir brought 2000 homophobic islamo-fascists to their national conference. Where was that conference? In The Troxy, situated between The White Swan and the Edward 6th Memorial Park where EEGP is having their demo.

        In June 2010 EDL threatened to hold a demonstration outside of The Troxy as it was again hosting another bunch of hate preachers. The council made Troxy sign up to their “no place for hate” policy, and miraculously The Troxy could then cancel that hate conference.

        EDL closed down The Troxy as a venue for preachers of hatred. Where was UAF? On the side of the hate preachers.

        1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 5:54pm

          @ EDL supporter…. my tag name Paddyswurds will suffice.
          Tell me this …how did EDL react to the judgement against the homophobic xtians the John’s?

          1. Paulo Silva 14 Mar 2011, 7:44pm

            @paddy YOU ARE TOTALLY PARANOID!

        2. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 11:18am

          So Mr. Paddy cannot point to anything that he has done in 25 years to fight against islamic homophobia. Yet he’s an expert on the situation in the most muslim parts of Britain, from his vantage point in Northern Ireland.

          EDL is about fighting islamic extremism. If the country was being threatened by jewish extremists, or christian extremists EDL would be against them.

          Here’s the EDL’s mission statement:

          EDL is not all things to all women. But it has its objectives. If you don’t like them set up your own organisation, or join EDL and try to change it.

          UAF claimed to be against fascism, so did SearchLight and Hope Not Hate, yet not once have they opposed homophobic, anti-semitic, pro-dictatorship muslim groups.

          1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 3:30pm

            edl supp….Last time i checked the United Kingdom had a perfectly adequate standing Army and police Force so the country is hardly depending on a cowardly group of homophobic racist facists to protect it in the event of the country being threatened by jewish extremists or christian extremists…..

      2. Might I just remind you that Islam is NOT A RACE. It’s a religion and is believed in voluntarily. To be gay and Islamophobic seems to me to be an absolutely logical position – if you disagree then go away and read the koran, study the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence and read and study the hadith. In those collections of violence and hate you will find that slaughtering gay people is commanded of the believer. That is why I am Islamophobic.

        But I am not anti-Muslim for not all members of a religion necessarily believe that everything in their religion’s scriptures should be slavishly followed today. All people must be given the benefit of the doubt until such time as they prove themselves to be anti-gay.

        Not all Muslims are anti-gay but when one comes along that is and proves it by what he/she says then I still cannot hate him/her but I can expose him or her for the bigot and Islamofascist he or she may be.

        1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 1:13am

          John MJ ..i am well aware of what the Quoran says about homosexuality. I am also aware of what all the other Abrahamic books of fiction says about the way I was born. However to say that all Muslims and all Christians or Jews believe that i should be put to death or suffer because of how i was born is clearly wrong. To say so is clearly as phobic as is homophobia. I will not as a humanist be bullied into painting all those who call themselves Christian, Jewish or Islamic with the one brush. I am old enough and wise enough at this stage in my life to know that this is absolutely the case. I am also clued up enough to know that when i smell a skunk that a skunk is definitely nearby and i am as sure as i am that there is a star in the sky called the Sun , that i smell a skunk involved in this so called “pride” march. This demo will prove to be hugely counter productive, not least for the Gay community. Screaming Islamofacist or other invective at me will not change that fact one iota.

    2. Dear Dean,
      This is a misrepresentation. The fear is not of offending religious people, but of racist thugs joining the march and venting bile against the largely immigrant population of the route of the march. This would be hate as a response to hate, and there is real fear of this since proof exists of EEGP’s complicity with EDL. The organisers are engaging in double-speak. Public statements of no-links while they nurture links and support with EDL in their invitation only facebook page! Ask yourself honestly, can any immigrant/Muslim gay attend a march peopled with EDL supporters? In which case is this march just pro-gay, or is it only pro a select population of gays?

  11. Most Pride marches are now just commercial enterprises piggy-backing off historic expressions of liberation, and as such have lost all real meaning. This is not one of them.

    Don’t march because it’s confrontational to confront real, genuine, local homophobia? This is a 21st century Cable Street, except this time the roles are reversed and it is the bigots trying to state “they shall not pass”.

    Don’t appease homophobes, march.

    1. Yes! Absolutely. Chuckster has spoken the truth. Listen to him. That’s EXACTLY the point.

    1. Yep!

      Chaired by a french man who’s nation agreed to ban the Burkha! Oh the irony!

      It really is just sour grapes. Especially as the estimated figures from what I’ve heard around the east end scene are going to be double what they pulled in!!

      At least East End Gay Pride is all encompassing and not just in Hackney!

      1. John, by opening with a blatantly racist remark, you not only cheapen your subsequent comments but also justify the concerns outlined by Out East.

        1. EDL supporter 14 Mar 2011, 2:49pm

 simply demeans the concept of racism. When were the French “a race”? No wonder so many idiots can’t tell the difference between race and religion.

        2. that wasnt racist. Idiot, it was a fact! The French banned the Burkha.

          1. EDL suporter perhaps you should read the Equality Act 2010 and read up on case law. It is clearly a racist remark.
            John, “Chaired by a french man who’s nation agreed to ban the Burkha! Oh the irony!” – are you incapable of remembering your own statement in its entirety? The racism is in relation to your reference to nationality!

          2. – Perhaps you’ve misunderstood the Equality Act. It isn’t “racist” to point out the fact that a French person is French, or to comment on French legislation, or to point out irony in a situation involving a French person.

          3. France is a country, not a race. It consists of many races.

          4. de Villiers 15 Mar 2011, 8:11am

            France has not banned the burkha. It has prohibited the wearing of all religious symbols in schools and certain public, state buildings. That includes large Christian crucifixes or the Jewish yamulka.

            English people never understand what this measure really means. In France, the secularity of the state is one of the central parts of the constitution. This measure guards and protects the liberal secularism.

        3. Paulo Silva 14 Mar 2011, 7:48pm

 how ridiculous and cheap to bring out the “racist” card just to stop a discussion, so low! Desperation right?!

          1. Paulo – that is all the hard left bully boys do. Thankfully, rational people, and virtually all LGBTs and their allies, can see through this.

            I am amazed that PN maskes this the HEADLINE NEWS, when it is a story that should be at the bottom of the page after 3 hours – Who does Out East represent, and on what authority? Who voted for them? Who appointed them?

            PN: why no mention of the UAF demonstrating with Anjem Choudary? It is a deliverance that that mob is not involved.

  12. So few homophobes distribute some offensive stickers and then the whole community gets accused of homophobia. After that someone decides that we need a pride, why? To stigmatise whole community that had nothing to do with making and distributing of those stickers. Its a matter for police and council to deal with it. If there is some hostility towards lgbt within area then you can orginize pride or other pacefull event but dont just overreact to some isolated incident with full guns blazing

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 2:23pm

      Well then it’s great that both the police and council support this Pride then… isn’t it!!

      1. well ofcourse they would, can imagine the row if they didnt, east end its not exactly eastern europe. thats not the point, pride would b an overeacted response to some isolated incident with full guns blazing, without any concern to community that had nothing to do with the stickers.

    2. Mumbo Jumbo 14 Mar 2011, 6:09pm

      There is nothing stopping the local Muslim community from joining in and showing what they think of the haters living among them.

      Let’s see if they do. If they don’t then it would show that either they agree with the hate or that they are too scared of the death threats they will receive from fellow Muslims.

      Either way, the Pride will show it’s worth.

      1. fan of totalitaranism? the tower hamlets community havent posted stickers so why should they do anything just because u want to blackmail it into submission

        1. Hey hmmm, honey – Enough with all the drama, conspiracy and paranoia!

          Recognition of the very real and present danger of islamic extremism in LBTH is not ‘stigmatising the whole community.’

          Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the fun, have a beer, have a non-alcoholic beer, dance to some Village People, Donna Summer and Eurovision music, put on a bit of mascara or not if you want….(srsly, you call this ‘an EDL event’???) give your boyfriend a nice wet warm kiss, and share the love – proud gay people, and everyone with stands for freedom of self determination, freedom of religion, freedom from from other people’s beliefs, freedom to fall in love with the person that matters most to you, freedom full stop. What could be wrong with all that? Who is harmed by this?

          No-one is forcing anyone to do anything – but it’s nice if you do come along.

          Unless you think, like “O’ Brien” that Freedom Is Slavery or something, I can’t see what the fuss is about.
          Big kiss xxx

          1. “….Hey hmmm, honey – Enough with all the drama, conspiracy and paranoia!…”

            tell that to organisers of eegp

            “….Recognition of the very real and present danger of islamic extremism in LBTH is not ‘stigmatising the whole community…..”

            on this one im gonna quote you

            “….. .Hey hmmm, honey – Enough with all the drama, conspiracy and paranoia!…”

            good night

          2. But ‘hmmm’ we have plenty of evidence, which is what matters. We aren’t making a drama out of it though, we’re going to have lots to drink and have a party. Come along – I’m sure we can kiss and make up over a beer xxx

            Whoever is offended, I have one message: play the world’s smallest violin.

      2. Hmm, as I read more and more of the demands of exhibiting and performing gay love from the Muslim community, I cannot help but feel like an absolute hypocrite as someone who is gay. Come on people, how many of your families would pass the tests you are demanding of immigrants in the name of Broitish values? How many of your families have joined a gay pride march? Do you tell them that if you do not march then you are homophobic/giving in to homophobia? Talk about going overboard and adopting the Bush doctrine of ‘with us or against us’!

        1. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 11:24am

          I was brought up in a religious family and my family have gone to see the priest to complain to him when he has said something anti-gay.

          When my shy 12 year old nephew was told by his teacher in RE that “homosexuals were disgusting” he stood up and defended gay people and denounced the teacher for her ignorance.

          If I asked my family to go on a gay pride march they would.

          Even so, I don’t expect straight muslims to go on a gay pride march. But if they did I’d be happy to see them there. And if I saw muslims on an EDL demo, I’d thank them for standing up for our country, for diversity, and for tolerance.

  13. PINKNEWS: can we for once have some proper investigative journalism than a summary of previous articles? Have you tried to get feedback from groups like Imaan? Or indeed any other community organisation from East London?

    1. Good question: how about investigating why Rainbow Hamlets stands with an institution that promotes and hosts hate preachers who committed treason and called for the death of LGBT people. Or asked, what evidence there is that the EDL planted any stickers at all. Or spoke to councillor Shiria Khatun, facing death threats because she refuses to be told what to wear. Or a number of community groups and charities picking up the pieces of moral relativism – Southall Black Sisters could provide an avalanche of evidence. Organisations are getting death threats for daring to help LGBT young people.

      The fact is – and I speak to a lot of activists and feminists – it is the Daily Telegraph, the National Secular Society, the British Humanists and heroes like Andrew Gilligan or Johann Hari, who are more likely to expose this now.

      I hope the LGBT media can reclaim lost ground, in terms of journalistic balance.

  14. Are the organisers going to invte gay muslims groups to march too?

    1. EDL supporter 14 Mar 2011, 2:59pm

      Why would they go out of their way to invite gay muslims to join the march? No gay people have been going round putting up “Muslims Get Out” stickers across England.

      I notice that Cheerleaders & Nice Ones (combined muslim and non-muslim people against islamic extremism and racism) are going to be attending the East End Gay Pride.

      1. David Myers 14 Mar 2011, 10:06pm

        EDL supporter: Why would they go out of their way to invite gay muslims to join the march? Are you serious? Its the obvious thing to do to make it clear that the pride march is not intended as an anti-Muslim march. To not invite them would be the stupid thing to do. I seriously question your political judgment or maybe motivation!

        1. I agree with david.

      2. EDL on you tube are a pretty grim bunch

        1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 3:34pm

          They are hardly the epitome of diversity and tolerance on here either James

        2. EDL supporter 17 Mar 2011, 7:04pm

          And who has CONSTRUCTED those mis-representations of the EDL on youtube?

          The UAF. The so-called communists who think they represent the working-class.

          But the true working class are to be found on EDL demos, not at UAF conferences. FFS, when the UAF wanted to complain about Cameron, they took out a large advert (well, the largest their meagre resoruces would allow), in The Guardian. Not The Morning Star, not The Sun, but The Guardian.

          They are so deluded about who they represent, they even encourage the people who are already reading the UAF website to look out for the advert in The Guardian.

          At their recent pro-multiculturalism “conference” (where there is no conferring, just “group think”), they equated it with islam. And there was one speaker for every 15 attendees.

          If a powerful far-right movement does arise in Britain, I’ll be blaming the UAF and the media for cheapening the concepts of fascism and racism.

    2. They could invite them but they likely wouldn’t attend for ‘fear’ of the repercussions from their own community. Peaceful, loving, cuddly Islam is very kind to dissenters or their gay folk…depsite what the apologists think.

      1. Is NOT Kind i should have said…..

        1. They are very kind. They only stone you to death with soft rocks and rubber bricks.

      2. I doubt if any out “gay muslims” would even live there. probably taken refuge elsewhere like some ex muslims i’ve met.

  15. Tony Konrath 14 Mar 2011, 2:39pm

    Lets all go back to the 1970’s. Pride marches then were routed in order to challenge communities and businesses. Sometimes there were six marchers to every policeman.

    The whole point was to confront anti-gay communities. That was what helped us to gain equality.

    You haven’t lived until you’ve walked down Oxford Street with the shoppers jeering you one year and cheering you the next.

    1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 2:48pm

      @Tony Konrath…..I fear noone is going to be cheering this travesty Tony and if i were you i would take the opportunity to have a day out in Brighton or Manchester.

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:31pm

      Excellent comment Tony.

      1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 6:07pm

        @ jockstrap/theotherone……I’m quite sure that Tony Konrath doesn’t need to be patronised by an out and out facist racist like you.

        1. reductio ad hitlerum

  16. I cannot believe this is even being debated.
    I have been to Essex gay pride, an event that is desperatley needed because far right christians preach hatred and spread lies about LGBT people every single day. In parts of Essex gay people are met with violence and antagonism by the community.
    No one says he shouldnt march in Essex as we might upset homophobes, so why on earth should we not march in the East End.

    1. pride is an important tool in expressing lgbt people’s valid concerns they might have, be it within particular community or in wider terms, but east end gay pride is being organised in reaction to the single incident, that had nothing to do anything with the local community

      1. What? How on earth can you say that, when the Mayor of tower hamlets and his goons have been using homophobic language to attack opponents, and the hate speech being found in certain mosques?
        This is exactly like essex, we march there to show the far right christians we shall not be bullied. We need to march here to show far right muslims we will not be bullied either.

        1. ee pride is organised in response to stickers not in response to mayor or mosques conduct thats the point, we can and should have pride to address issues like religious intolerance but we would have to include all faiths not just one

          1. Does it not appear that these stickers are the straw that broke the camels back? Isnt this what Pride is for, when a area is consistently homophobic then it is time to show that area that the LGBT community (be they atheist, black, muslim, white, brown, xian gays) will not stand for it.

          2. stickers are not work of the community nor endorsed by it full stop so why assume otherwise

          3. This is NOT an event in reacion to one incident. There are dozens of incidents, from hate breacers to the maiming of Oliver Helmsley, to the numerous reports of assaults, to the intimidation on Hackney Road, to the homophobia even in TH Council Chambers.

            This is an event to simply say we are her, we are proud, we are staying.


            Now that;s an idea for an advert around the borough to get the message across.

      2. Well to use your reasoning, the single incident in question has far reaching implications which pose a valid concern in wider terms and so this march is an important tool to address it.

        Also, homophobia is a serious concern in local terms in this specific community, irrespective of the sticker incident, so I’d say that by both your definitions this march is justified.

        1. eeer not, u r reffering to single incident that had nothing to do with local community

          1. I assume, given your previous posts, that by the “local community” you mean the “Muslim community”. If that’s true, then remember that this is not an anti-religious or anti-muslim march. It is an anti-intolerance march against the message that an area can be declared “gay free”. It is not targetted against any person or group, but against homophobia generally, and it absolutely necessary in these circumstances.

          2. only around 30% in tower hamlets could be classed as muslim so no i wasnt refering to it just as a muslim community, i was stating a fact that stickers incident had nothing to do with community i.e community didnt financed production and distribution of ofensive stickers and community didnt pronounced area gay free zone so why have pride in that community

      3. Mumbo Jumbo 14 Mar 2011, 6:13pm

        No. The stickers were the culmination of a series of incidents in the area including violent attacks by Muslim youths on LGBT people.

        1. attacks can happen anywhere r u saying that local communities endorse those attacks? pride is organised in response to offensive stickers in community that had nothing to do with it, so stop blaming whole sections of communities for actions of few, have a proper pride not jerk reaction

          1. Well they certainly aren’t condoning them.
            Had the posters said “To Hell with Mohammed”, how long do you think they would stay on the walls for? They would have pulled them down with tweezers if they had to.

            And woe betide if they ever found the perpetrator(s) – they would have gone home in a takeaway box.

          2. im not going to revel in speculation of any sort thats ur speciality, local community is not responssible for the stickers so why should they have to explain themselfs to anybody

          3. one minute you say we dont know who did the stickers, now your saying it was defo not the community?
            ALso the east london mosque has hosted numerous rabid homophobes, so I think the east end is ripe for some Marching.

          4. scott learn to read with understanding, i never said i didnt know who do it, ive always said (in every comment) who did it, so here it goes again, let me quote my earlier posting and this time pay attention: stickers are not work of the community nor endorsed by it full stop so why assume otherwise

          5. i always said it was work of some homophobes, community had nothing to do with and it never endorsed or sponsored production and distribution of thecstickers so why have a pride in that community

  17. Bo**ocks – go ahead and stuff ’em if they don’t like it.
    Be big, be brash……

    1. here here

  18. Someone, we don’t know who, put those stickers up to spread the message not only that the East End of London is “gay free”, but also that gay people can be ousted from any given part of the UK if a forceful enough group decide to say so. The message of the Pride march is “no it isn’t and no they can’t”.

    This is not about being against Muslims, its about countering a poisonous message which has no place in our society. That some people intentionally confuse the two in order to prevent the march is cowardly, born out of fear of the reactions of certain groups. They’ve lost focus, the message is what is important, not how it could be received. If it was going to be received well there would be no need for the message in the first place.

    1. Good point.

  19. If this event is cancelled then the homophobes have won. Be loud, be proud and show we won’t be silenced.

    1. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:33pm

      Excellent point Angela.

  20. Out east know that the march is likely to antagonise an extremist ,homophobic muslim response. Out east have probably some experience of working with lgbt people in this area and i would say they are worried what consequences will befall them /during after this march .However our right to march should not be secondary to extremist , islamic homophobes.

    1. damn right never appease the agressor. Go out on your feet rather than on your knees

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 Mar 2011, 4:36pm

      Well they’re good at making excuses. Rebecca Shaw on one of these threads said that one possible reason for homophobia was poverty. Coz thats what people need… an excuse. Sure they can make an excuse for them ‘Gays’ protesting that make THEM look better.

      1. From a sociological point of view it’s an accepted argument. One that I’m not sure holds much water.

        March with your feet people – if they come at us then we become stronger.

        All prides are created as response and this one is no different. Be proud, be strong and be powerful.

      2. Nice one….next she will be apologising for Naz* Germany for the gay and jewish holocaust because of Versaillies Treaty…. you couldn’t make these morons up!

      3. oh yeah, i remember that one from previous thread when i was commenting on islamofacism and homophobia in tower hamlets and the lack of support there for lgbt, she told me to “shut up or put up”. And shes supposidly involved in supporting lgbt there.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 8:39am

          Thats right, I Remember it well.

  21. Talk about being stereo-typical “namby-pamby wimpy pussy wussy’s” queers!

    They will be putting up stickers everywhere if the Out East organises back out!

  22. IF it turns out to be a racism event, and the majority come out with anti-Muslim slogans on banners, then fine, it will self destruct. However when the event organisers have said quite clearly that no political groups are welcome to spout their opinions, and that it is not an “anti-anything” parade, you can’t expect it to be banned on the ASSUMPTION that it is EDL organised. You have to at least give it a chance before dismissing it as a right wing conspiracy, the evidence simply isn’t strong enough to satisfy that belief, at least not yet.

    I hope it turns out to be a positive event. I am actually going to do my best to get the time off work to attend this event to see for myself what happens.

  23. Now it’s ‘friendly fire’. For decades this same old crap has been wheel-barrowed out – that gay Pride demonstrations were divisive and self-defeating. Schaffauser and Stewart would do well to remember that Pride events began, and probably always should have been about, protest. Protest at homophobia in all it’s forms. In the last two and a half decades much of this has been forgotten under the vast commercial interests or party managers and companies that now own ‘Pride’. All that East End Pride is doing is going back to its roots and actually doing what they intended to in the 70s. So, good luck to the organizers of this event. And finally, a word to Schaffauser and Stewart to bear in mind when writing pompous open letters; keep a grammar and a dictionary by your side to check up on those tricky words like ‘refuse’ which you don’t know how to use. You’d look a tad less like a pair of fulminating fools.

  24. Galadriel1010 14 Mar 2011, 4:27pm

    Sounds more like someone’s toes were trodden on

  25. Jupiterray 14 Mar 2011, 5:45pm

    The English Defence League is not a ‘far-right’ organisation. It is not a racist or anti-muslim organisation. It is avowedly opposed to homophobia and oppression of others. Check its’ mission statement at

    It is, however, opposed to the violence and tyranny espoused by extremist Islamic organisations.

    To those accusing EDL supporters of being the perpetrators of the vile stickers displayed in the East End, prove your claims or shut up.

    The absurdity of your allegations makes one question who exactly you are and to which political, faith or ethnic groups you belong..

    To Jock S.Trap and others making reasoned and intelligent contributions to this discussion, I thank you for your decency and humanity.

    1. musclelad23 14 Mar 2011, 5:55pm

      Sorry mate, but the video evidence that the guardian has presented completely destroys your argument about the EDL.

      Looks like a bunch of bored drunk football hooligans to me looking for a fight.

      1. But we should not forget that the East end pride march is not a EDL march. It is a gay pride march. If edl people want to attend, while I disagree with a lot of what they say, it is their right to. In the same way if a far right muslim wants to attend, while i disagree with a lot of what they say, I will stand side by side with them against homophobia.

        Thios march is challenging homophobia and racism, it is showing that homophobia wherever it hides, be it in white christian suburbs, or inner city areas with ethnic diversity, it will be challenged.

      2. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 11:31am

        And did The Guardian show that there gay people, jews and non-white people on those demos?

  26. I really do not get how this march can be seen as anti muslim. Are people suggesting that there are no gay muslims? What should the LGBT community only care for non muslim gays? Those of you who argue this are a disgrace.
    I imagine that those LGBT people who are muslims get a real raw deal, as im sure LGBT children of evangelicals do, and we need to stand with such people against homophobia. If we do not oppose homophobia who will?

  27. Christine Beckett 14 Mar 2011, 6:18pm

    It’s moral cowardice, pure and simple.

    So by their logic, we must cancel all other gay pride events too, because they might also cause “community tensions” with those christian members of the population who happen to view them…

    Let’s just stick to a simple stance on ALL the religions who wish to continue to discriminate against us. No special rules for one religion; they are either all wrong or none of them are.

    Which is it?


  28. Peggy's Friend 14 Mar 2011, 6:20pm

    Peter Tatchell gave this statement:

    “All forms of intolerance are wrong. The Gay, Muslim, Jewish, Asian and Black communities know the pain of prejudice and discrimination. We should stand together, united against hate. East End Gay Pride celebrates multicultural diversity. Bigotry will not divide us. Together, we are strong and proud.” Peter Tatchell

  29. Maybe if we as a group held our own anti religion marches in neighbourhoods where it is ethnically diverse, then maybe they’d realise that bigotry works both ways. Give them a dose of their own medicine to make them feel as uncomfortable as they try to make us feel. Why should we always be on the receiving end of hate and intolerance? Fight back I say and give it back to them.

  30. Religious people are always ready to be pissed off by something. It is built in to the foundation of their beliefs and is mostly what religion is about- you can do that, you can’t do that- plus punishment if you go against them.

  31. I cannot believe the BS people are writing. Any part of the UK that puts up no gays stickers should be met with a pride parade. I couldnt care less about the ethnic or religious makeup of the community. If this was a white christian community my advice would be the same, lets march.

  32. @everyone… This ‘pride’ event is NOT POLITICAL – so none of your points count anyways!!!

    Come on the day and blend in with the liberals and the EDL but remember to leave your politics and brains at home.

    1. Sure, let’s mince about half naked waving flags and dildos and blowing whistles.
      Why not live up to the gay stereotype of being complete airheads. Leave your brains and politics at home.

      This is VERY political and threatens LGBT people’s very existence. it is the thin end of a very dangerous wedge, and LGBT people need to demonstrate in the strongest terms that are not going to take sh|t from anyone, not the Christians, not the Muslims and sure as hell not from the so-called “community that bottles out at the slightest sign of conflict.

  33. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 7:26pm

    I have one question before i abandon this nest of racist facists. How did the EDL react to the judgement which went against the Homophobic xtian John’s and the CLC. ???

    1. reductio ad hitlerum alert – as such people need not reply.

      1. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 10:13pm

        The silence is deafening and speaks volumes. Nothing i didn’t expect though. The facist EDL/BNP are no friends of the Queer community and the queer community will live to regret their affiliation with them.

        1. once again reductio ad hitlerum alert

          1. YAWN! There goes paddy…. Blah blah racist….blah blah racist facist…. Blah blah blah facist racist……blah blah …. You are boring, myopic and vacuous in the extreme and all gays based in main land Britian should be thankful you are in Ireland.

    2. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 11:28am

      EDL is about opposing islamic extremism; it is not a gay rights organisation (although Tommy Robinson did want to run a campaign to drive homophobia out of football).

      I can give you my opinion. I don’t think that anyone should be allowed to indoctrinate a child in religious values — such indoctrination should be a crime. When someone has finished school and can think for themselves, they should be free to choose whatever religion they choose (even one that means they refuse blood transfusions).

      EDL is mostly a reflection of society. Only 58% of our society are tolerant of homosexuality at all. It would be surprising to find the levels of tolerance in EDL any higher than that. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

  34. In the time it took fdor me to wash the dishes, 22 posts have beren added to this thread. None of them say anything not already said. Enough, already! Whoever put those stickers there is the enemy of LGBT people. Go and march with PRIDE in being gay. make it loud and proud and colourful and shame those who oppose you. That’s all there is to it.

    1. Right on Rose.
      I hate bigots as well. Now go do your women’s work and finish the dishes, then I’ll let you put your feet up and watch a really rancid episode of Doctor Who featuring the fraud Smith. ;)

  35. I will be there.

    Homophobic Muslims need to know that we won’t remain silent.

    First they came for the Jews

    Then they cam for the gays

  36. Paulo Silva 14 Mar 2011, 7:53pm

    Everyone watch channel 4 19.55 TONIGHT – 4 thought discussing Muslim homophobia.

    1. i’d rather watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert on DVD. I’ve had enough of the lot of them.

    2. I can just open my window for that.

  37. that there’s lesbians, gays and bisexuals about is enough to “cause tensions” though but no-one should vanish just to please any bigots

  38. Is nobody remotely concerned that this event is being organised by individuals with far-right links? Check the screenshots of the Facebook group:

    Pride is good. But there’s a danger this event is going to be more about hate than pride.

    1. norhingpetty 14 Mar 2011, 10:06pm

      Let the hate come from their side. Ours should march with love and PRIDE!

    2. Paddyswurds 14 Mar 2011, 10:08pm

      @ Andy…Finally another voice of reason. But i fear the loudmouths will have out Andy, mores the pity. The consequences of their folly will be far reaching I fear, not least for the Gay community.

    3. Far right links???? Sorry Andy which Islamic organisation are you referring too that has links with the proposed march?
      Or do you believe only White people/Christian people are capable of being far right fascists?

      As I’ve said before if any organisation was formed today with the same belief system as islam it would be banned!

      1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 10:50am

        It is interesting that it is Out East that have somehow tried to make this march about race not about the homophobia people in There own area suffer.

        I wonder…. Is the problem for Out East really about religion, gay people upsetting folk Or Could it be more like the fact that a Gay pride might involve some openness of same sex holding of hands and kissing that might upset folk and actually show Out East the very problem we are campaigning against?

        Out East are Gay people not allowed to show affection in public, Is it acceptable for such actions to be punished by hate? Mores to the point without the showing of affection aren’t Gay people allowed to be who they are in this country Not matter where in this country they are?

    4. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 10:55am

      So someone puts up hate poster. The people want to protest against this but two people of the same sex holding hands equats those putting up hate posters? Weird, who knew!!

      1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 12:33pm

        jockstrapp….When was the last time you observed a straight couple dressed in leather SS militery style hats & jackets mincing down the street in chaps snogging the faces off each other with their arses hanging out?? Pride has become a travesty of what it started out and is nothing more these days than an exercise in provocation for the sake of it. This is a rhetorical question and doesn’t require an illiterate bile and hatred filled reply from you or any of your racist facist homophobic friends.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 3:30pm

          What a bore!! Yawn.

  39. actually its quite simple – i’m going to march – others can worry about who they upset but i’m going to march

    1. norhingpetty 14 Mar 2011, 10:00pm

      Damn! If I could afford it, physically and financially, I’d be on a plane out of Chicago, IL right now to march along side you.

      I marched in the first Los Angeles Stonewall Parade- and you want to talk about hostility and cultural backlash…you should have been there!

      1. what did you mean by “cultural backlash”? ,could it be equated with the islamofacist backlash?

        1. norhingpetty 15 Mar 2011, 8:33pm

          I meant we had NOBODY on our side. Islamofacists have to be faced with the same guts and grit that every other kind of homophobe has to be faced. Let yourself be bullied once and becomes a lifetime habit.

  40. Andy, nobody is impressed by attempts to smear an event on the basis that some people who may be involved with it may have friends or acquintances who may have questionable views.

    Guilt by association doesn’t work — certainly not when we are talking about two removes.

  41. norhingpetty 14 Mar 2011, 9:52pm

    I’m not anti-anything, but it seems to me that foreign nationals should not be dictating to their host nation what the natives of that country want to celebrate. If they don’t want to participate, stay home.

    A country can surrender to much to soothe foreign tastes. Look at the Netherlands.

  42. David Myers 14 Mar 2011, 10:15pm

    The march should definitely take place, but there should be banners and signs declaring against racism included, in a direct attempt to make it clear this is not an attack on the Muslim community but on homophobia, whoever practices it. Include gay/lesbian Muslims even if they have to be brought in from other communities. This seems so obvious!

    1. islam is a religious idealogy not a race.

    2. Dear David,
      By now, the organisers’ reasons for not doing the obvious thing should also be obvious to you.

  43. Andy, get a life, are you saying that you should have a say, who people have as friends???
    I have read latte labour, and all I see, I have tried to post, but suprise, I have not had any of my comments published. (please check the i believe in the freedom of speech, however i have the right to refuse to post a blog).
    Nowhere does it show anyone with right wing connections, apart from, having people on their list, who may support right wing groups, however, they do have some people on their list that suppot, left win groups, should we scream and shout about those groups too, or would that be wrong.
    Lets just turn up on the day, and enjoy ourselves

    1. Try cleaning the keyboard of crumbs before you type. Something seems to be under the G and the R there :-) .

      1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 10:57am

        Yeah, damn Cadburys and there bloody flakes…. get everywhere…

  44. my apologies for my spelling by the way, i have just had enough off people, who try to put others down, because, they are actually doing something, instead of sitting around a table and talking all the time

  45. If muslims don like i they can go back to their own country. If they do not accept me as a gay person I dont accept or welcome them. Tollerance is a 2 way thig. they should just leave the UK if this is their atitude towards us. GO home.

    1. They aren’t all like that – don’t tar everyone with the same brush. Judge people as individuals.

  46. it looks imple to me. anyone offended by a gay pride march deserves to be offended.

    i dont care aboiut the race, religion, sex, age or anything else about homophobes. screw them all.

  47. @paddyswurd. Funny for an Irish nationalist preaching about fascism when you do not even understand the concept of consent .ie. the majority of Ulster wish to be part of the UK. Maybe I should go and cry about how oppressed i am coming from an Irish catholic family. Cop on. England is a fair and welcoming society , more than I can say for Ireland. I guess im the fascist now , that said i welcome the new multicultural Ireland and the death of the homogenous and monocultural old Ireland(republic).

    1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 2:07am

      @ Victim…The usual guff from someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. In 1922 the people of Ulster voted against partition. The British then ruled that the poll they called was wrong and partitioned Ireland anyway. You say that the majority now want to stay British, and you cite the principal of consent which i agree with. How then did the principle of consent not apply in 1922? Because it did not suit the British, plain and simple. I also welcome the new and multicultural society in Ireland But what that has to do with the denial of the principle of consent eludes me. The principle of consent should have applied in 1922 as surely as it does in 2011 would you not agree. The principle of consent is now revered in Ireland as was proven by an 80% vote for the Good Friday Accord. & will be used come 2015/6 when the demography of the six counties will be Nationalist Irish and the Irish people will be able to proudly reunite their country despite British opposition.

      1. You’re a bit of a one trick pony aren’t you Paddyswurds? All you care about is Irish nationalism and hating the British for various historical reasons, mainly because you think the British are fascists who spend their time plotting the oppression of other cultures, including yours. Hence your determination to paint this march as an anti-muslim one, organised by the fascist British public and given legitimacy by branding it a gay pride event. Well it’s obvious to everyone that you have an agenda here which has nothing to do with the facts of these particular circumstances and more about your personal vendetta against Britain and the British, so kindly pack up your bile and go away unless you have something relevant and preferably unbiased to say.

        1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 12:22pm

          @ sven….two words is all I require to make my point…..
          Bloody Sunday.!!!

          1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 3:32pm

            I have Irish family and friends and I have to say you seriously are the most bitter person I heard.

            Hi welcome to 2011.

          2. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 3:46pm

            “I have Irish family and friends; i have loads of black friends; i have an asian boyfriend; I have had two muslim boyfriends ” and on and on ad infinitum. The usual protest from the facist racist. We have heard it all before, their feeble illiterate attempts to appear human and failing miserably.

  48. If anyone here wants to march “against Muslims” in the name of pride, then shame on you. Pride marches express pride in sexual minorities – they should not be used to attack religious minorities. I’m sure that’s not why most people on here would want to march, but frankly some of your comments are disgusting and hateful.

    PinkNews’ incendiary headlines are frankly not helping. Nobody is saying that Pride should not be allowed because it will offend Muslims. The accusation is that several of the organisers of this march are closely associated with right-wing extremists. I presume most people here would find the idea of marching in solidarity with fascists to be abhorrent.

    So surely the only question is: are the accusations true? If they are true, then LGB people should absolutely, categorically not be allying themselves with these racists. It is immoral and counter to the interests of all minorities in the UK – religious, racial or sexual.

    1. Pure piffle, Andy. The allegations are based on hearsay – all points back to some comment on facebook, hardly an alliance; and that someone protested about hate preachers being allowed into the country (I do too – ban them from entering). You’ve huffed and puffed about EDL being responsible, about the origins of the organisers. To no avail.

      Andy should apply the same standard to Rainbow Hamlets and Out East. RH stands on a platform alongside a mosque that allowed numerous hate preachers, preaching death to gays, jews and even moderate muslims; Out East signs a joint press release with Unite Against Facism, whose members protested ALONGSIDE extremist murder-inciting thugs like Islam4Uk and Anjem Choudary. Last June, outside Downing Street, and it has been on YouTube and National TV. So, Andy, will you be denouncing people who placate extremists who want to kill us? Or do different standards apply because it’s an ethnic minority? Of so, they you are the real racist?

      1. Andy – from my understanding there won’t be any representatives from the local mosques or Muslim groups on the march so we safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any fascists on the march. Assuming you make allowances for what you classify as fascist that should put your mind at rest.
        Whether it offends any other local fascists I don’t care about.

        1. Douglas Pretsell 15 Mar 2011, 11:18am

          hmm, increasingly I worry whether this event is squaring of to be a big fight between EDL LGBT supporters and whatever Anjem Choudray calls his little neofascist islamic offering these days. Not sure I really want to be caught in the middle and I guess a lot of people are starting to see it this way – particularly after some of the comments on pinknews.

          1. The attempts to smear the organisers as EDL supporters were found to be lies, so now you’re trying a different tactic — trying to scare people off by warning about violence.

            Pretty pathetic.

          2. Douglas Pretsell 15 Mar 2011, 11:48am

            I should point out that I am not speaking on behalf of any organisation nor attempting to smear anything. I am an ordinary east end gay man voicing his growing alarm at the mess that is emerging. If you think I am alone in thinking this way then more fool you.

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 11:02am

      I agree but then this March isn’t “against Muslims” it’s against homophobia..

      It seem to be Out East that are tarring this event, trying to stop it. Maybe because it doesn’t make them any money. Or maybe they think it will make there own one less appealing, who knows…

    3. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 12:17pm

      @Andy…. Those behind this “pride” march are the same people who encouraged the Orange Order, an anti Irish, racist, bigoted, wholly protestant organisation in the north of Ireland to march through exclusively nationalist communities and country villages in a provocative triumphalist coat trailing exercise every summer and which blights the lives of thousands every year. They cost the economy of the north of Ireland upwards of £10 million every year.

      1. The east end of London is not exclusively populated by one type of religious or minority community who are historically at odds with an invading legion of marchers who belligerently display dress codes, symbols etc that is intended to cause division and offence; so the comparison you’re drawing is flawed for this and several other reasons. The east end is multicultural, multi-ethnic and varied on all sorts of levels. This march is just a timely reminder that LGBT people are a valued and valuable part of this mixed community. It has nothing to do with sectarianism or fascism (or at least I have yet to see concrete proof to the contrary – feel free to supply us all with evidence if you have any).

        1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 3:50pm

          ……..the sectarian facists will supply all the proof you need on the day, of that i’m certain, Lee

          1. If they do, it will be a shame, but let’s wait and see, and juge the day and the event on its actual merits. But thank you for a courteous response.

  49. Tell the Muslims to go stuff it! GLBTs are human and have the right to exist and thrive no matter who doesn’t like it! I am so sick of religious freaks and their homophobia!

  50. All pride marches should be banned.
    They are outdated and do offend other people. There is no need for it now days.

    I may suggest a test case, to see if this could be taken to court to have them banned.

    1. they are needed, precisely because they offend. we don’t give rights to feelings, we give rghts to people, in a civilised society. But interesting to see far right chrisianists on the same side as Socialist Worker and UAF.


    How about organising a charity raffle and fundraising at East End Pride, to support Oliver Helmsley? Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gesture?

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 11:03am

      Thats actually an Excellent idea Adrian!!

    2. East End Gay Pride Team 15 Mar 2011, 10:37pm


      please contact us at
      We will look in to this as we feel it is a fantastic idea.


      EEGP Team

      1. Shame I missed this! Do it anyway – not just on April 2nd x

        See my article on National Secular Society Newsline, 18th March

  52. As I said on the other story we had no marches hen gay men have been murdered like Ian Baynham and Gerry Edwards even when Olly was paralised there was nothing. A few nasty posters and all of this. It makes no sense to me and IMO has nothing to do with fighting homophobia just muslims

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 11:07am

      Or maybe we as a community most are starting to get frustrated with the amount of homophobia that is around and these posters are getting to be the last straw. The campaign is against Anyone who deems homophobia acceptable.

  53. de Villiers 15 Mar 2011, 8:14am

    As I said above in relation to another post, France has not banned the burkha. It has prohibited the wearing of all religious symbols in schools and certain public, state buildings. That includes large Christian crucifixes or the Jewish yamulka.

    English people never understand what this measure really means. In France, the secularity of the state is one of the central parts of the constitution. This measure guards and protects the liberal secularism.

    The state should recognise only secularity in public. The gay pride march in no way offends against the secularity of the state. It would be almost theocratic to ban a secular march on the grounds that religious groups disagree with it.

    If holding the march reinforces the state’s commitment to secularity and gay equality then we should do it.

  54. These guys that are organising this event, are getting a lot of hassle from gay quarters, the media, they need to know we are behind them. That we want this march. Instead of just been on here, we should be showing our support to these people, I have heard and read, that they are been personnely attacked by some quarters. Is this right??? we need to tell these guys, keep going, dont let the buggers grind you down, I for one will be going on twitter, or their site and letting them know, WE WANT THIS MARCH, dont cave in to pressure, its what they want, as someone said on here, if you cancel, then the homophoes have won, WE ARE RIGHT BEHIND YOU, no matter what they throw at you.
    so i ask all of you that are supporting this even on here, go and tell them also.
    othewise, once again, we will just end up, sitting around a table, playing, lets talk

  55. Dan Filson 15 Mar 2011, 8:45am

    “This is a Pride march in name only.The reality is that it is an EDL/BNP inspired facade to stir up trouble” Is this true or not? If people are going to be expected to march, they do not want to be used as cannon fodder in a not-so-private battle between proto-fascists (and the SWP) and the local Muslim community who for all I know may actually be less fazed by the local gay community than the press might have us believe.

  56. I understand the concern that this event may attract undesirables (It will largely consist of them according to some).
    But if we ever let any kind of religious cult stop us doing what we have a right to do; then it will be the start of a long slippery slope.
    One that it will be hard to climb off.

    1. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 2:40pm

      “‘EDL not far-right,’ says police extremism chief”, Morning Star, 23rd November, 2010.

      How can there be a Welsh Division of the EDL?

    2. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 4:00pm

      @ James!….can’t these facist thugs be prosecuted for displaying the swastika and the facist salute???

    3. EDL are crap but so are these muslims

  57. This whole thing is out of proportion.

    After the initial allegations, the organisers of EEGP said the following “[the people with EDL links] were unintentionally added [to the group] but as soon as we were aware of the situation they were removed and blocked. The screenshots you have seen are 3 weeks out of date and we have since released statements about this.”

    All that’s happened since then is one blogger and Out East — a group that in its own words campaigns against “gay imperialism and homonationalism” — trying to flog this non-story to smear the organisers of EEGP.

  58. people seriously, these guy are been attacked by journalist and those from groups named on here. they want to close this event, and are applying pressure on these people to do so.
    ITS your voice, go and tell them what you want, before its too late
    and for the last time, can i point out, that it does not mean, cause u have friends on your social networking site, who happen to be members of some organisations, that you are apart of he said same organistions, yes these views were from weeks back, i have seen them on blog sites.
    i think its up to you, should these people give in to people who are threatening them, is this right ??????

    1. That’s true – Terry Stewart and his Out East demagogues have been sending this open letter to EVERY LGBT publication and local newspaper in the East End. It’s a disgusting misinformation machine. It is Stewart and his unelected, unrepresentative crooked crew who are stirring mistrust and hatred by pandering to fear and prejudice – it’s the oldest propaganda trick in the book.

      The fuss created will only encourage more people to join in the party!

  59. Islamophobia doesn’t exist. Like Buddhismphopia or Christianphobia don’t exist. But criticism of religions do exist, and that is something totally different. And, oh yes, homophobia does exist, especially among Muslims!


  61. This march is long overdue. There has long been a feeling among LGBT people who live in east London that homophobia is on the rise. A demonstration of solidarity that is peaceful but visible sends a strong message that LGBT people will not be intimidated by threats or actual incidents of violence. Nearly all my friends who live in the area have a story to tell about how they have been insulted or (worse assaulted) because they’re LGBT. Notice that I have not used the word “Muslim”. I am not going to simplistically lay the blame at the door of one section of the community as the problem is complex and there are white kids who are just as eager to shout abuse as Bangladeshi kids. Regardless of who the perpetrators are, the problem exists and we should make a stand against it. I don’t see how the sensibilities of a religious community should trump the rights of LGBT people to do this, so long as the march remains apolitical and good humoured.

  62. Martyn Butler 15 Mar 2011, 1:28pm

    “will cause “community tension”, it has been claimed.”

    I thought this was precisely why we SHOULD have an East End Pride?

    I swear activists have gone soft in this generation, how quickly we forget being jostled and pushed around – and that was by the cops! OK times have changed but pulling out because it will cause tension is exactly the reason to hold it –

    Let it be Massive – Loud and Proud.

  63. I have repeatedly been raising concerns of the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim tone of this pro-gay march, which I find unacceptable. I have repeatedly pointed to the fact that it is impossible for immigrants and Muslims, gay or otherwise, to march with people whose politics profess such hatred against Islam and against migrants. I have been accused of all things including the fact that such concerns are a ‘figment of my imagination’. In that light, I feel it is important to share this hard proof, that the main organiser of EEGP is also a founding member of EDL.
    Is there no better way to stand up for gay rights than to march behind right-wing fascists who are trying to hide their true colours in a deluge of pink??

    1. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 2:31pm

      That’s right, ignore the Police’s investigation into EDL that said it was not a far-right extremist organisation.

      All the dhimmis have got is lies.

      1. Paddyswurds 15 Mar 2011, 4:03pm

        how is a group that displays the swastika and the facist salute not a far right extremist organisation??

  64. OllieBelle 15 Mar 2011, 1:52pm

    I really hope that it will be cancelled.

    Anyone marching through any mostly non-white area en masse with a union jack should be arrested for inciting racial hatred, I don’t give a damn if it happens to be a pink union jack!

    Queer muslims have enough hostility from the gay community, without this, and I for one do not want MY community represented by them!

    They haven’t issued any statement that people such as the EDL won’t be on the march, which would be the first step in trying to distance themselves from any potentially racist/anti islamic sentiments.

    Pride Marches are about being proud of being queer in YOUR community, not parading fascists through it! If you want to do visibility/outreach stuff then work with the existing groups there. If the people who live in the east end (particularly the people of colour there) want some support then I’d be willing to carry a banner with them, but the sentiment of this ‘pride march’ is this; ‘lets show them the English way!’…

    1. Why should a non-white British citizen be offended by the union flag? You can be of Asian origin and/or Muslim and be British and therefore draw a sense of pride from the national flag. I appreciate that the flag was hijacked by far right groups in the past, but we should reclaim it now for all Brits, regardless of colour or creed.

    2. Wait, why is marching through a muslim area with a union Jack offensive? Are you trying to say muslims are not british? I find that statement racist.

    3. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 3:44pm

      Who said anything about Marching with a Union Jack? Should it be a Freedom Flag in any case but seriously if we cancel it does that not give out a message to the people with the poster that their behaviour is acceptable?

      I’m not for sitting back and taking that crap. I spent 4 years in Tower Hamlets doing that because I felt there was no-one to listen. Finally with the police and THT that changed but I want to get that message out there that there is a light to this disgraceful homophobia.

      Why are we ashamed to face those homophobes. What would have happened all those years ago if the LGBT community had given into homophobes? They had the guts to stand up and make a difference, Why is that now considered a threat 44 years later? Esp when the homphobia is still the same.

  65. The screenshots show that the organisers of this group added people with EDL logos to the group, spoke on behalf of the EDL, and are friends with EDL members.

    This isn’t hard proof, but to anyone who isn’t an EDL troll, it should at least make you ask yourself: am I being manipulated into marching with fascists? What kind of person “accidentally” adds EDL members or is friends with them? Why haven’t the organisers outright condemned the EDL?

    Make no mistake: the EDL are not UKIP, they are racist right-wing extremists.

    And Imaan’s latest press release claims that one of the organisers not only has second-hand links to the EDL but may even be a founding member.

    And if none of that makes you think even for a second, I have nothing more to say to you.

    1. why cant you give the same respect to the EDL that you give ti islam. As far as I can tell it is a wide ranging movt, of course there are racist elements which need to be challenged and defeated, yet many members are not racist, and many members are worried about legitimate issues.
      We rightly would not condemn all muslims for the actions of a minority of extremists. Why should we not do it for the EDL?

    2. EDL supporter 15 Mar 2011, 2:30pm

      Strange, but my links to the article showing the police domestic extremism unit saying that EDL is NOT a far-right extremist organisation have been removed.

      “‘EDL not far-right,’ says police extremism chief”, Morning Star, 23rd November, 2010.

    3. Andy is peddling material that’s already been shown to be old and not true — the people with EDL links were removed from the group as soon as their identities were revealed.

      Imaan, on the other hand, has claimed that a person with the same name as one of the organisers has been linked to EDL. It hasn’t produced any evidence that the two are the same person. In fact, it has produced no evidence whatsoever, just made claims.

      What appears to be the main issue is a groups fighting “gay imperialism” and “homonationalism” having a hizzy fit when others are fighting homophobia.

    4. Jock S. Trap 15 Mar 2011, 3:47pm

      Funny isn’t it….

      Someone puts up homophobic posters that go against the law and the LGBT community instead of standing up to it fold in on itself.

      That is not progress.

  66. wow that is news, and a bit worrying, a union, giving out information, is that breaking the confidentiality of union members.
    however, why are you calling for all the members to stand down? we dont know what is going on.
    we need more information, before you go all hell bent of send in the destroyers

  67. If you stop the march then the homophobes have won and will do it all the time.

    I have no time for religion, but I don’t like the way Muslims have been singled out again here either. Is this story suggesting they are the only homophobes in the East End of London?

    We want equality for all, so we shouldn’t be bashing minorities ourselves. We should be leading by example. There is no better way for people to accept diversity.

  68. john sharp 15 Mar 2011, 5:59pm

    no way we should give an inch to the religious doctrines.
    we are naturally born gay bi lesbian and trans
    religions should rewrite their books of hate.
    all over the world religions kills and demonize our communities, any guest in the western world should live with our ways or go home. i personally have lived in 33 years in 80 countries and always respect the local rules. you need a episode in Doha Qatar i was kicked out of a shop in the town for wearing SHORTS….. now they host the world cup …. in BURKAS? actually i do like Qatar and respect Muslims . but i cannot respect the book that want’s to stone me to death . this is the real issue to address.
    we shall mach for our Muslim brothers and sisters oppressed by a archaic religious system out of touch with the day

  69. Dear Pink News Readers

    Following a surge in gay suicides last year we decided to invest our skills in the creation of a riveting and highly insightful video to inspire a stronger sense of self within the LGBT community against persecution and religious hatred.Please watch it on my channel and share your thoughts.


    Join the revolution

    LOVE is GOD

    1. has anyone else watched that rubbish?

  70. David Myers 15 Mar 2011, 10:25pm

    People should participate in the march against homophobia but bring their own messages of anti-racism and inclusion. If you think racists are trying to hijack the gay rights movement, go out and participate but make your own anti-racist points of view known. Remind people that gays and lesbians are everywhere including in the Muslim community. Speak up for everone’s rights and against racism and bigotry at the same time! This seems a no brainer to me. Don’t let racists steal our message of anti-homophobia and inclusiveness.

  71. Muslims can go to hell as far as I’m concerned… ’cause anyone who isn’t Muslim is wrong. I’m sick of them.

  72. Watch this about racist asians

  73. Kevin Lester 11 Jun 2011, 10:35pm

    Are you serious?
    I think for the march to be canceled is out of order, I do respect everyone all year round, abiding to many discriminations and not responding in a negative way to them and the one time of the year that I am looking forward to celebrate and be PROUD of who I am as a person mentally and spiritually will be canceled? I’m sorry but things like this piss me off, I don’t care if I may be over reacting but as this would have been my first pride I was looking forward to a day where everyone just takes a step back and let us gays be who we are… This is pathetic, we cancel now then we cancel next year too probably for the same reason, it will just show yet again that we have no place in society.

    Kevin, 17. London.

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