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Gay icon and rugby star Ben Cohen to head new LGBT support foundation

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Reader comments

  1. Who the fcuk is he?

    1. Actuallly i rescind all my apologies this is what hes about you can have him.

      1. Good! and please march on further…one less bitchy bitter queen is another step closer to glbt progress.

        1. I ow you’re thinking is that calendar laminated? W@nking about men you’ll never have!

          1. Is that all you think about? I am defending Mr. Cohen because we rarely get male straight allies who are risking their professional image for the sake of our community. You have done nothing thats worthy and your bitterness merely shows that no one wants to touch you. And fyi, you are probably so undesirable your own two hands reject you!

          2. We have enough gay men fighting our corner are we not good enough for you? You’re pathetic begging fir acceptance from heterosexual people

      2. Good! and please march on further…one less bitter person is another step closer to glbt progress.

        1. James! 2 hours agoReport Reply

          We have enough gay men fighting our corner are we not good enough for you? You’re pathetic begging fir acceptance from heterosexual people

          I give props to my gay brothers and sisters for not giving up the fight…however, it is people like you who will ultimately ruin equality for everybody. Your heterophobia, which is probably fuelled by self-loathing, is no more different from the vitriol that the likes of Fred Phelps and his ilk spread on a daily basis. I commend anyone, gay, straight, male, female, transgendered who takes up the fight for equality. Those who nitpick because they have nothing signficant to contribute to our cause is a cause for shame.

        2. You are an idiot. The day I see a gay “gay icon” celebrated in the uk I’ll shut up. Seem like only straight men can be gay icons what message is that sending.

          1. Oh we’re resorting to name calling now are we? Well Stephen Fry is an icon…Oscar Wilde…Virginia Woolf…Alan Turing…they are all celebrated as gay icons and if you notice they all possess intellect and talent. It shows that to be an icon, you can be male, female, gay and gifted! David you live in a myopic world and the well adjusted folks would appreciate it if you stay there and not venture out.

  2. And he’s straight? FFS.

    1. A beckham style narcissist who think every queer will be in love with him. I had better on a slow night

      1. is it just me or is pinknews becoming a haven for bitter queens???

        1. Its you

          1. Actually James it strikes me that it’s you who thinks every queer will be in love with him. Ben Cohen has been nothing but supportive of gay people and should be congratulated not denigrated for this pro-active stance

      2. Knowing Ben as I do, I can say he’s one of the most down to earth caring people I know. Fine, he cashes in on his image, but the sheer amount of work he puts into the LGBT community and his family is breathtaking.

        If only others who have the money, media contacts and focus would do this.

  3. Ben is to be congratulated. Well done … and thanks!

    1. Yep! He does a hell of a lot to promote equality…..and I think his 131k fans on facebook agree.

      1. Yep, he’s a genuinely nice guy too and is totally at ease in the company of gay guys. Hat’s off to the man.

  4. ICON!!??
    Well that’s news to me.
    That’s the thing about Pink News, half of it they make up as they go along, particularly when it concerns themselves.

  5. James, don’t be so miserable. It’s actions that count, not motives. He can be as narcissistic as he likes if he benefits lgbt groups. And, frankly, I can imagine a lot of people being in love with him.

    1. Yes fall in love with a hetrosexual thats healthy

      1. How bunched up are your panties James? Maybe if you loosen them up you might end up in a better mood.

        1. I am very defensive about me and other gay men having the piss taken out of us ok I’ll chill a bit

          1. Well you seem to be constantly dishing it out, so stop being such a piss-elegant drama queen when someone chucks it back out at you. It works both ways, sunshine.

          2. What a cnut

          3. I agree with Spanner on this, I’m afraid James :-) piss-elegant,,, love it!! :-)

          4. It’s funny that you think you deserve better dialogue

  6. James!,

    Chill out – life’s too short to waste on so much unwarranted aggression.

    1. I’m chilling out you should have seen my
      Posts last week.

  7. Nigel Puerasch 11 Mar 2011, 11:49pm

    Good on him. He’s a 100% straight man who cares about human rights. Why all the bitter commentary? Just because ppl are on our side doesn’t mean they’re gay or closeted. He seems to be a nice bloke, frankly.

    I have a 100% straight friend who is totally at ease with gays and with me. He’s very supporting of gays and gay rights but just isn’t turned on by men. He’s not closeted or hypocritical. He’s just nice. Like Ben.

    1. Here here

  8. Negative comments about Ben Cohen reveal how ignorant some gay people are!
    Ben is a man trying to make a difference!
    Ben has a great website- look it up!

  9. Proud Gay Canadian 12 Mar 2011, 11:47am

    Once again, Gays at their very best !!! Nit-picking, in-fighting and criticizing !! Let`s just congratulate this straight person for lending us a hand in obtaining our rights and defending our issues ! Thank you, Mr Cohen !

    1. Oh go and club a seal

      1. oooh, listen to her!!

  10. Top Bloke!

  11. Well done Ben – just another great example of your commitment to charity and to the LGBT community.

    Somehow I suspect Sale Sharks will be the poorer for you going, but that you future is very much assured!

  12. Limehouse Fairy 13 Mar 2011, 11:25pm

    So he will set up a charity to pay himself £40,000 a year like Peter Tatchell and the Peter Tatchell Human Rights Foundation.

    Someone has to pay I suppose…

    1. I’m no great fan of Peter Tatchell but if you google him you dont see half naked pics and a soft porn calendar for sale

      Where are the gay “gay icons”?

      1. @ James! – I take your point, but it’s really a different issue. Cohen has a high profile among people who’ve never heard of Peter Tatchell (or who’ve never heard anything good about him anyway), and a ‘straight ally’ is still an ally, and surely that’s a good thing? He doesn’t have to do what he’s now doing, and I for one think he’s praiseworthy for it.
        And as a result there’s a half-page article on him and homophobia in sport in the sports pages of the Sunday Times, which is extraordinary – it’s very rare for any gay reference to be in the sports pages.

    2. Peter Tatchell lives in a tiny flat on about £8 – 10K a year.

      Best of luck to Ben Cohen on his highly admirable projects.

  13. Mark Healey 16 May 2011, 11:05am

    Good news – the LGBT sector needs some high profile fundraising initatives to help us bring some more funds into the sector. Well done Ben – thank you for your ongoing work.

  14. Good on you dude for doing the right, decent and honourable thing to do!!!!!

    He is on our side and a great ally for once, unlike Here in Australia – we have both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott who are both “threatened by homosexuality and hate marriage equality for gays”

    I come from Sydney, you Ben from the UK is so hot and sexy, you Ben can sleep and have sex with me at any time!!!!!!!

    No questions asked – I just love British men!!!!

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