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‘Gay couple’s row’ causes Heathrow bomb scare

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Reader comments

  1. Oh, dear. I know a gay couple consisting of 72-year-old and a guy in his 30s and they have a house in Oxford. I hope it’s not them. The older one is so sweet, but the younger one is a right little gold-digging monster!

  2. There’s some right nutters out there…

  3. Dave North 11 Mar 2011, 3:14pm

    No doubt the God Botherers will paint this as a “look what happens when gays get rights” story.

  4. Queens

  5. 1) 72 and 30 = eww.
    2) Man that must have been one hell of a fight to cause one of them to phone the police and accuse the other of being a terrorist.
    3) Cant wait till the mail gets hold of this.

    1. 1) 72 and 30 = eww.

      What the heck has the age difference got to do with it – and why should you be allowed to express your ageism?
      Your attitude is just as bad as homophobia in my book.

      1. If he didn’t express it then you could not argue against it.
        To prevent expression is fascism. To be able to debate with others concerning their views is freedom.

      2. Well, Ray, just stop and think. Deduct, let’s say, 18 years from each of them. You’ve now got a 54 year-old man having it off with a 12 year-old. Now when I say that that scenario stinks, will you still screech “Ageism!” ?

        1. Dan Filson 14 Mar 2011, 2:35am

          The fkaw in that is there’s no evidence they met 18 years ago so it’s not a question of paedophilia but whether an age gap between adults on this scale is doomed. Not necessarily in my view, so the remark eww was ageist.

      3. While I do not apologise I can see your point.
        However to say it is as bad as homophobia is ridiculous. I do not hate old people, nor do I fear them, nor do I think it is wrong for a 72 year old and 30 year old to get it on.
        But I personally think it is icky. I was making a statement of personal taste/predilection.

        1. Bet you wouldn’t be so righteous if someone said ‘gay sex…eww’. You get ZERO sympathy points from me for your “personal taste”.

  6. Stupid irresponsible behaviour and nothing to do with sexuality.

    1. Spot on

    2. Jock S. Trap 12 Mar 2011, 10:06am


      1. Dan Filson 14 Mar 2011, 2:36am


  7. Ha! Little drama queens. Was the 72 year old white and his 30-something partner some little Thai houseboy picked up on his travels?

    1. Well, it’s less likely to be a 72-year-old Thai with a “little” 30-year-old white houseboy-partner, isn’t it?

  8. I actually laughed so hard when I read this. Obviously it’s totally irresponsible and is a terrible thing to do, but as an outsider to the events that occurred this is the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.

  9. Well my partner is 78 and I am 53.

    So taking Peter’s example to it’s obvious conclusion – when my partner was 25 I was ……………..Oh!

    Which is about as relevent to this story as the fact they were gay and the age difference between them.


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