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11 March 2011

  • 11th March 2011

    Man arrested, released over East End anti-gay stickers 210

    The stickers were placed around the East End

    5:34 PM — An 18-year-old man was arrested and subsequently released last month in connection with anti-gay stickers posted around London's East End. The teenager was arrested on February 18th and taken to Limehouse Police Station. He was later released without charge.

  • Interview: Genderqueer performer CN Lester 14

    CN Lester (centre) with members of En Travesti Ensemble

    5:25 PM — “It didn’t matter what your genitals were, what mattered was: do you have a beautiful voice and do you look fabulous?” Genderqueer performer CN Lester, who identifies as neither male nor female, talks to Paris Lees about sexual harassment, operatic androgyny and a mutual fear of going blind.

  • ‘Fraudster’ wanted for targeting gay men

    Matthew Attenborough is accused of targeting the gay community

    3:42 PM — Police are hunting for a suspected fraudster who targets gay men after meeting them on the internet. Matthew Attenborough, 30, who also goes by the name of Saul White, is wanted for fraud and deception by nine police forces across the UK.

  • Christian foster couple want ‘political intervention’ in gay equality laws 247

    Eunice and Owen Johns want MPs to back a review of equality laws

    2:54 PM — A Christian couple who were banned from fostering because of their views on homosexuality are seeking a 'political intervention' in gay equality laws. They want MPs and ministers to back their cause.

  • Elton John backs Sheffield Eagles’ anti-homophobia rugby t-shirts 3

    Elton John praised the Sheffield Eagles

    2:43 PM — Rugby team Sheffield Eagles are to wear t-shirts to oppose homophobia at a home game on Sunday. Sports fan Elton John said he was "delighted" at the initiative, while gay sportsmen Gareth Thomas and Steven Davies also gave their support.

  • ‘Gay couple’s row’ causes Heathrow bomb scare 19

    Part of Heathrow was closed for an hour yesterday

    2:08 PM — A gay couple allegedly caused a bomb scare at Heathrow airport yesterday during an argument. Armed officers surrounded a 72-year-old man at Terminal 5 after police received a call claiming he had a bomb and "planned to blow something up".

  • Trans woman loses legal battle for breast implants 34

    The PCT refused to fund C's surgery

    11:54 AM — A trans woman has lost her legal battle to have breast implants funded by the NHS. The 59-year-old patient, known as C, challenged a decision by West Berkshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) not to provide the money but the Court of Appeal ruled today that the PCT was entitled to make the refusal.

  • Gay icon and rugby star Ben Cohen to head new LGBT support foundation 44

    Ben Cohen plans to launch an LGBT foundation

    11:37 AM — England rugby union star and gay icon Ben Cohen is planning to head a new foundation that supports gay charities and organisations.

  • Gay hotel couple say they won’t fight for more compensation 45

    The owners of the hotel had to pay £3,600 in compensation

    11:21 AM — A gay couple who won £3,600 in compensation after being barred from a hotel say they won't fight for more money. The Equality and Human Rights Commission, acting for Steve Preddy and Martyn Hall, "mistakenly" filed an appeal for more damages but withdrew it this morning.

  • US bill introduced to protect LGBT students 6

    Seth Walsh died in October

    10:55 AM — A bill was introduced in both the House and Senate yesterday to protect LGBT students from discrimination, including harassment “based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity” in public elementary and secondary schools.

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