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Video: Glee attacked for using Gary Glitter track

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Reader comments

  1. Mr. Scott Aron John Reynolds 10 Mar 2011, 4:11pm

    Yes Gary Glitter Has Been Found Out In Later Life To Be An Peado & Was Put In Prison & Is On The Sex Offenders Register,

    But Saying Shows Can No Longer Play Any Of His Songs From the Past, Makes No Sense,

    As It Doesn’t Premote Being A Peado, Nor Does Suport What Gary Glitter Has Done Was Or Is Right.

    No One Said Stop Playing Micheal Jackson Songs/Music In Videos/Tv/Adverts, & More,

    When Micheal Jackson Abused Boys.

    Maybe Gary Glitter Shouldn’t Get Paid For The Use Of That Song,

    Or The Producers Of Glee & Those Airing That Episode Or Possible Future Glee Episodes With An Possible Future Gary Glitter Songs,

    Should Give Money/Monies To Chairties.

    1. I disagree with you completely because Gary Glitter IS still a paedophile and will profit from this.

      And most UK radio stations stopped playing Jacko songs when the court cases started out of disgust.

      Glee should reshoot this with a different song or give the same money he earned in royalties to a kids charity

  2. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 4:41pm

    oh wrong choice!

  3. The song must be judged by itself, not by whatever the author life was. Liking a song or considering it good doesn’t make you an instant expert on whoever the author was.
    I think the pedo thing it’s just an opportunistic excuse for the erotophobics to cry out loud.

  4. I agree it’s maybe not the best song choice in hindsight however I wouldn’t focus on one song in an otherwise fantastic episode.
    I’m sure both the ‘Brittana’ and Kurt storylines will help countless LGBT teens in the US and UK. I wish there was a show like this ten years ago when my partner and I met at school. It would have helped us understand our relationship a lot sooner. I am very moved by the way Santana has been written especially.

  5. Maybe the Glee people didn’t realise that Gary Glitter wrote it? I certainly didn’t, I just thought it was a Joan Jett song.
    And for the record Pink News, the episode aired this week, not next week.
    Regardless, it was a bloody good episode

  6. Just cancel glee already ?

  7. Another silly article. Yes, Gary Glitter is a convicted paedophile. That doesn’t mean he spent his life crafting songs to perfect this art, nor does it mean everything he touches makes you a ‘paedo’ to. What silliness.

  8. Gary Glitter did his punishment, and indeed, continues to be punished by being on the register and being known worldwide as a sex offender. But is there any harm in him earning a pretty small royalty cheque for his song writing skill that has nothing to do with his criminal acts? Isn’t any criminal who has paid for his crime entitled to earn a living? This is not in any way condoning his crime, but he has already been punished for it. Should he re-offend, then the law should come down like a ton of bricks, but as long as he is behaving himself now, he should be allowed to earn an honest living from his musical talens.

    1. The guy went abroad to molest
      poor vulnerable childern. The children have a life sentence He should be dead

    2. Paula Thomas 13 Mar 2011, 12:42am

      Pretty small royalties? Hewlett-Packard are rumoured to have paid him £100,000 for use of the Joan Jett cover in 2008 for an advertising campaign that got pulled over this song.

      £100,000 may be ‘pretty small’ to you but it certainly wouldn’t be to me.

  9. *snore* Another bit of non-news. When it’s ‘Glee attacked for being an utterly awful programme’ then I’ll pay attention.

  10. So ‘Glee’ used his song. Big deal. Glitter is a convicted paedophile on ‘ the sex offenders register for the rest of his life. Like it or not he’s served his time. His music has zero to do with his crimes. Being a convicted criminal does not mean you are barred for life from earning money, regardless of the crime. This is a non-story.

    1. Paula Thomas 13 Mar 2011, 12:34am

      Have you heard this song? Now that we know what we do about him I have difficulty not being sick when this song is played. To see why just imaging what was in his head when he wrote it.

    2. You guys defending this peado should be ashamed. What has glitter Dome to apologise to the children he molested? He has moral debt that can never be spent. WTF is wrong with you you must be

  11. For goodness sake, people need to get a grip.

    The song was popularised in the US by Joan Jett. Glee is written, produced and shot in the US. I wouldn’t blame the writers for not realising that the original writer of the song – who I doubt they’d know anyway – is a paedophile.

    And shame on Pink News for ignoring the fantastic job that this episode does in highlight gay and lesbian issues. Not only does it feature yet another superbly written and performed storyline featuring Kurt and his father but also a surprise blossoming relationship between two of the female characters, that had me close to tears.

    A prime time TV show that is popular with many young people that regularly portrays LGB characters – why is it not getting the positive recognition it deserves?

    1. Producers are SUPPOSED to know things like the owner of copyright. If they didn’t, that’s very sloppy. But it seriously doesn’t matter. It’s just a song.

      As for Glee itself, I gave up watching this after 2 eps out of sheer boredom, but it looked to me like anyone who was ‘different’ – gays, geeks, disabled people, non-jocks, were bullied mercillessly while the faculty turned a blind eye. how is that a positice image of anything? It just made me glad to be educated in the UK.

      1. You mean you were never bullied for being different, Rose? Because on that side of things, Glee is fairly accurate. Faculty do turn a blind eye in most circumstances, especially when the abuse isn’t physical.

      2. “Producers are SUPPOSED to know things like the owner of copyright. If they didn’t, that’s very sloppy”

        They DID know. But they didn’t care. Because quite frankly it doesn’t matter, except to give the wailing hysterics at the Daily Heil something to moan about.

  12. Oh and as for – “However, television bosses are considering cutting the scene when the show is screened in the UK”

    Eh, no they are not –

  13. People are criticising Glee? Holy hell! I didn’t think that were possible!

  14. Glee missed the mark and the song was in bad taste considering it was for a sex education class. They need to be a little more mindful of the lyrics and remember that this is a show that is watched by kids and families.

  15. Given that some in the entertainment industry have been later convicted of various sex offences, should we ban all forms of media?

    This is hysteria for no reason. Gadd may be a revolting excuse for a human being, but his music still brought/brings pleasure to many. Besides, isn’t this song a Joan Jett song?

    1. Paula Thomas 13 Mar 2011, 12:37am

      No it is a Gary Glitter song covered by Joan Jett.

  16. There is only one type of person who would defend glitter

  17. Yet another storm in a teacup.
    I bought a few Gary Glitter singles as a kid, and they still stand up as good tracks.

    The fact that the man is a paedophile should be irrelevant. He got caught for it and paid his dues. Many ex-cons go on to earn fortunes, Jeffery Archer springs to mind, along with Howard Marks, John McVicar and the Kray twins.

    This has got nothing to do with the law, but simply people finding the subject offensive, so they make their own rules up based on emotional opinion, not reality.

    The fact Glitter himself is not featured or even that it is not even him on the recording is makes this whole thing so totally over the top. So the guy makes a few bob in publishing royalties, so damn what?

    Why do people hold such ridiculous grudges?

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