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US retailer Target fires back at Lady Gaga following row over anti-gay donations

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Reader comments

  1. Christine Beckett 10 Mar 2011, 10:56am

    I think that the problem does lie with Target.

    OK, so they are a huge firm, but it seems they really need to tighten up on who makes the decisions in regard to donations to various groups.

    At the moment it seems that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, and that is sending mixed messages to the public.

    If they want to send a coherent message as to where they stand, then they need to supervise their donations policies a lot more, and make sure that the aims and activities of the groups getting the money are compatible with the image Target wants to portray.


    1. “At the moment it seems that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing”

      Exactly this. It seems as though they support the gays because its the done thing, they support the rightwing groups because its the done thing. They need to actually think about who they are supporting and why.

  2. I’m not a lady gaga fan so I may be wrong here but wasn’t her single called ‘born this way’, hence the whole deal abou it being the new gay anthem?

  3. The problem is with Target.

    Target CONTINUES to fund homophobic extremists. The fact that they throw small amounts of cash towards gay organisations does not negate the fact that they are funding bigots.

    Even more worrying is the fact that in the US, corporate giants like Target are allowed to pervert democracy by buying political power through the funding of candidates they agree with.

    Target doesn’t care about gay people.

    Target doesn’t care about straight people.

    Target ONLY cares about profit.

    And they are scum!

  4. Why hasn’t Target committed to NEVER again funding extremists like Tom Emmer?

    Because they will continue to fund bigotted extremists if it makes more profit for them.

    Human rights and civil rights mean nothing to Target.

    Profit is their sole motivator. And if the pursuit of profit screws your rights then they don’t care 1 bit.

  5. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 11:37am

    Groups like Target need to work harder to prove they are not benefiting out of anti-gay groups if they want to be taken seriously.

    It is time they realised things have changed, bigots are not acceptable.

    Oh and by the way, in case you didn’t know Lady GaGa’s single Born This Way is being described by Sir Elton John as the “new gay anthem”!

    ARRRRGGGGHHH!! PinkNews seriously we get it!!

  6. Gaga doesn’t come out of this mess smelling of roses either mind.

    She only withdrew after a furious backlash from her fans at her association with the support of bigotry.

    This deal was inked after Target was exposed as funders of homophobia. Gaga clearly hoped her link with Target would not be noticed. Only when her own success was threatened did she pull out of the deal.

    A wise move on her part. The writing would have been on the wall for her career otherwise.

    1. David, she clearly didn’t hope her link with Target would not be noticed, because the deal she originally made with them was widely publicised. And yes, she ended the deal when her fans spoke out. She herself has said it was prompted by outcries of her fans and her desire to remain “true to her audience.”

      How about just accepting that she actually is trying to act in the interests of gay rights as well as her career? Which, by the way, she is entitled to promote.

      1. “the deal she originally made with them was widely publicised”

        True. However this deal would have been been under discussion MONTHS ago – it was only announced a couple of weeks ago that she had allowed the bigotted Target organisation to have an exclusive deal on her album.

        If there had been no backlash then the deal would have gone ahead. She was thinking of the bottom line.

        And please stop referencing that decrepit old fart Elton John in every Gaga story. Why Elton’s opiniopn matters is beyond me. He is the man who believes that gays are 2nd class citizens.

        1. Whether she was thinking of the bottom line or not, the fact is, she still made the deal and she still withdrew from it when Target’s half of the bargain was not adequately met. She’s still sent a message that corporate support of bigotry should not be tolerated.

          And I never mentioned Elton bloody John. When replying to comments, don’t switch who you’re speaking to, don’t start your statements with “and.”

    2. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 3:11pm

      I think she deserves credit for trying to change a stores principles to being more supportive of Gay Rights even if it means giving some kind of incentive.

      She can hardly be blamed for trying to do good. In the end she gave them a chance to change for some good and they failed to act on it. it is them not Lady GaGa that comes out of it worse because the mud sticks and Gay people add plenty to the economy. Enough to make or break a company.

      Not a fan but totally respect she is really going out to improve how people and companies view Gay people.

  7. Why does EVERY news story on this site regarding this song contain the phrase; ”Born This Way, described by Sir Elton John as the “new gay anthem””. Every f….king story, enough all ready.

  8. Target should feel ashamed really. $500k is nothing to their millions they give away… Many of which no doubt go to homophobic groups.

    They don’t support partner benefits by choice, not now. In beginning it was a PR job to try an make themselves look good give a little here while in background giving lots of money to homophobic groupes.

    Now they’ve no choice but to give benefits. As yet are so in the preverbial if they discontinued the policy now it would get medics backlash.

    Gaga gave them a chance and they screwed themselves. They said they would change, fans kept watch found they didn’t so they called out and gaga listened.

  9. God Grief!! It’s just gay gay gay gay gay with her isn’t it?

    1. Again, I really don’t understand why so many people on here have a problem with her speaking out for LGBT rights. Whether you like her music or not, shouldn’t we be glad there’s someone so popular speaking out for us?

    2. She may have been born that way.

    3. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 3:14pm


      As opposed to it’s all hate hate hate hate hate with some.

      Rather have her supporting.

  10. Proud Gay Canadian 10 Mar 2011, 3:53pm

    Please, once again let`s give Lady Gaga credit where credit is due !!! She seems to have done her best with the hypocritical giant Target !!! And also, she did not ask for Elton John to be mentionned at every turn with her great song : ” I was born this way ” ! Just give her a sweet break …

  11. why don’t these big companies just stop paying out cash to ANY group or organization. problem solved. during these hard economic times i can’t imagine any area of the world NOT going out of their way to entice a local target store to move in their community, why would target need to pay out cash (as bribes and favors)

    clean the slate and do not antagonize ANY group.

  12. Without knowing a bit more of the facts it’s hard to know where Target stand on all this.

    It would be very helpful if Pink News could summarise all the ‘dodgy’ donations by name and amount given, and do the same with the gay-friendly ones.

    If nothing else, I’d like to know whether I should make a beeline for Target when I’m over there or should avoid them like the plague !

  13. Target is a textbook version of today’s US Corporation, it gives some pittance to progressive causes(LGBT,…) while channeling big bucks to anti-progressive and hate monguers groups to maximize it’s profit. FLASH NEWS , Welcome To The Savage & Shrwed Capitalism.

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