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Facebook gay casanova con artist being hunted in Malaysia

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  1. i actually laughed… is it wrong? apparently the previous 192 people didn’t bother to upload ‘Alvin”s photo on FB… or that they weren’t out yet. Then again, how did the other victims saw his photo?

  2. when will people learn. never go home with a stranger. lesson learned-i doubt it.

    people listen to your head, not your head.

    1. Although Malaysia, like most Muslim countries, does have a very large, but hidden gay community, gay Malaysians are still quite innocent, by Western standards, about many aspects of gay life. They are endearingly romantic and trusting, unlike Thais, for example, who are much more worldly wise and cynical. Perhaps it is because Thailand has a long history of tourism – and sex tourism – whereas Malaysia has only rather recently become a popular destination for people from the Middle East and the West.

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