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Residents plan East End Gay Pride to combat hate

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting how the organisers seem to think this is ‘the first Pride in a long time that really means something”…

    Have they forgotten last September already??

    1. Jock S. Trap 9 Mar 2011, 2:51pm

      Trouble is this Pride is direct action to hatred and discrimination in Tower Hamlet. All Prides have a purpose but this message here is a Very important one!

      1. agree with Jock totally

        1. East End Gay Pride Supporter 9 Mar 2011, 3:55pm

          Jack wasn’t that HACKNEY Pride? Just one part of london, no? I believe this is called EAST END gay Pride. Covers a bigger geographical area.

      2. The purpose of pride is to get drunk and if you are single (or if your boyfriend(s) doesn’t mind) get a little hanky panky.

        But don’t get me wrong, there are few wanna-be do-gooders in the crowd with pumped up egos pretending they are doing some wonderful cause, while in reality not accomplishing anything.

        1. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 9:33am

          Its the message it has to get across, esp to the haters that here the UK we can be ourselves and be allowed to go about our lives just like everyone else.

          You can put a shallow spin on it but the message nevertheless remains.

          As for this East End Pride in question even you must see the need for the equality message in Tower Hamlets.

          1. I put a “shallow spin” on it because the whole concept to me is quite shallow.

          2. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2011, 8:47am

            Coming from you, that doesn’t surprise me.

    2. Pride is used to make money now, like in Brighton, they’re getting too big and expensive because there’s too many non essentials involved.
      It’s not just a piss up, it’s a party and a celebration for the rights we have and the progress made that year.

      I also found it shameful that the EDL wanted to get involved in the march just to further their own goals, seems very suspicious that they may have put the stickers up as i couldn’t see them offering to help otherwise.

      1. I also found it shameful that the EDL wanted to get involved in the march

        That is of course based on your own assumptions. There more gay people involved in the EDL than there are here on pinknews proclaiming a self-righteous stand.

        What I find shameful is that there are gays like you who would blast the EDL who has proven to be a good ally to the LGBT community in England, which is more than I can say for the Tea Party’s relationship with the gay community in America (which is almost non-existent ).

        The EDL has warned us about the consequences of forced multi-culturalism, one of them being anti-gay bashings in east london and in the rest of Europe.

        I am still waiting for ACTUAL evidence that the EDL was involved in posting the stickers around the east end.

      2. While you worry about the conspiracy theory involving the EDL, I am more concerned with Islamofascists who say it is okay to punish gay people with the death penalty.

        This is quite shocking, you are more concerned with the EDL (who have been gay friendly) and are silent with regards to those fascists who want to sign your death warrant once they spread Islam throughout Europe and America.

        1. EDL gay friendly can’t wait to see the float at pride!

          1. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 12:30pm

            EDL do have a LGBT group as well as a Jew group and other faith groups.

            Not sure how many make it up but they do stand for homphobia too.

          2. Well i suppose you learn something every day.
            Still they’re violent racist thugs when they march through towns so i’d be cautios to support them.

          3. Gay Pride is EDL friendly? Can’t wait to see the float at gay pride… oh wait gay pride officials don’t want the EDL there explicitly, even though the EDL offered to support this “cause.”

            So who is the real “discriminator?”

          4. @ Tigra,

            “Still they’re violent racist thugs”

            And your evidence for that is…?

            Oh yeah they are against forced multiculturalism that will turn England from a tolerant society to one where Sharia Law will mean death to those who do not submit to their religion.

            Just to remind you the EDL started because some Muslims beat up a returning british soldier because of his race.

            So why don’t you shout racism where it actually exists? Oh yeah because you are pro-Islam.

  2. Jock S. Trap 9 Mar 2011, 2:49pm

    This is excellent. Time to show those bigots that discrimination is not tolerated.

    As for Rainbow Hamlets my God I’m glad I didn’t go to them when I needed help. Clearly they don’t want to get ‘involved’ with the real issues and problems that the LGBT in the area have to face. Too busy making excuses for the criminal Haters!

    1. agreed, the rainbow hamlets rabble are a hindrance to the lgbt community rather than a help.And gilbert is still trying to come up with some edl conspiracy theory. rainbow hamlets are cluless, can’t tell their arse from their elbow. Maybe if they did something a bit more conducive to helping lgbt rather than the opposite, my friend would still be alive today.

  3. Hodge Podge 9 Mar 2011, 2:53pm

    Great. This is the sort of place we should be having prides, and in the north we should be having Pride in Wigan and Oldham and Bolton, not in a big city like Manchester

    1. Jock S. Trap 9 Mar 2011, 3:05pm

      Whilst I do agree that Pride should take place in smaller area I do feel big city Prides are still just as important.

  4. Yee Haw…. I love a prade for a purpose.

  5. London already has a Gay Pride… Does each section of London really require it’s own parade? o.o

    1. Jock S. Trap 9 Mar 2011, 3:09pm

      When it comes to showing homophobic bullies in an area so dedicated to hatred and discrimination, yes I do!

      We need to teach these bullies that we not only exist but we do so legally. It is them in the wrong not us. This message Needs to be gotten across!

    2. Yes, because these so-called gay activist want to make themselves useful and important while telling you that Muslims love you very much and distorting the facts.

      I don’t have anything against partying, but please lets not pretend that anything will be accomplished at this party. Almost all gay attendees (except for the do-gooders) will go for the main purpose of having fun and nothing else.

      1. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 9:35am

        So speaks someone whose clearly never lived in the area.

        1. So speaks someone who used to organize gay events in America and Mexico and other countries.

          Yet Mr. Jock has the audacity to speak about “tolerance” yet clearly has no tolerance for different opinions because of said person’s nationality.

          Really tolerant there Jock.

          1. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2011, 8:51am

            Clearly the meaning of this story goes way over your head pepa… there is goes.

            What talk talk about intolerance maybe you should read you many comments.

            You talk too much crazy.

          2. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2011, 8:53am

            Oh er dunno what happened there.

            Repeat the message properly..

            Clearly the meaning of this story goes way over your head pepa… there it goes.

            What to talk about intolerance maybe you should read you many comments.

            You talk too much crazy.

          3. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2011, 8:56am

            oh poop! :)

  6. Limehouse Fairy 9 Mar 2011, 3:46pm

    It is worth saying the organisers are not local, they are coming in mixing things up and retiring back to Bristol and Chelmsford. Leaving those of us living in LBTH to clean up the mess they will make of local community relations.

    1. East End Gay Pride Supporter 9 Mar 2011, 3:52pm

      Actually Limehouse Fairy, please get your facts straight. Only one person is coming in from Bristol, the web designer who is originally from Chelmsford and lived in the East End 10 years ago. Everyone else lives in Poplar. This has been mentioned many times including on a blog at

    2. Limehouse Fairy should check the facts instead of relying on lies pumped out by the Socialist Worker. The people ARE local. And how does showing pride, and asserting one’s right to live side by side in the borough make a ‘mess’ of community relations? Especially when LBTH supports the event?

  7. Is this going to be promoted by people like Stonewall and such? I think it ought to be made as high profile as possible, if only for protection purposes. There is bound to be a reaction, from the Mayor’s personal band of lunatics at least and whoever organised the stickers. The more publicised it is, the safer it will be for the marchers; otherwise I have a feeling it could turn nasty.

    1. That’s already putting people off…. the organisers saying the march had the support of the EDL really wasn’t a good move:

      1. East End Gay Pride Supporter 9 Mar 2011, 5:54pm

        Unbelieveable that people are still shoving that awful blog down peoples throats.
        The organisers have retracted that statement so many times and denounced EDL involvement over and over again yet people still refer back to an out of date blog, with out of date facts quoting long deleted and retracted comments.
        Surely if organisations like London Pride and the White Swan are supporting this event, isn’t that indicative of the intentions of the organisers and that lack of support/involvement of any political group?
        Do you not think Pride London would do their homework before fully supporting an event?
        Has anyone actually spoken to or met the organisers? I would have thought that the London Pride and White Swan people have. As well as the council and Police. It seems to me that the negative people brandishing out of date blogs are the ones that are pissed off this event is taking place at all, organised with no money by gays in the local community.

        1. Out of date or not, the organisers have shown extreme naivety in ever saying such a thing! Or perhaps have revealed their personal political allegiances?

          Whichever it is, it is rather shocking, and to say that people concerned about the possible descent into discord this event presents to the eastern boroughs are ‘pissed off this event is taking place at all’ is somewhat delusional – I think you’ll find they’re rather more concerned about the potential for extremist views being given a platform of legitimacy (whosoever those views belong to).

          1. Im sure that living in an environment where people think its ok to put up “no gays” signs makes supporting the EDL much more justifiable.
            I dont support the EDL. But I live in an area where there are no muslims.

          2. Compared with those imbeciles on the Rainbow Hamlets forum, who happily share a platform with and even thank an institution that hosts and promotes hate preachers who call for gays to be murdered and hold ‘spot the fag’ contests – the facebook incident is very small beer indeed. Why don’t you go and ask you dear leader, Rebecca Shaw about that?? How about getting an apology from the East London Mosque, and an assurance not to preach hate? Get your moral priorities in order.

        2. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 9:39am

          I think people need to stop using the boring EDL thing as an excuse not to act, I mean that is all it is an excuse to be lazy and not help show these discriminating thugs that we have a right to be Gay/Lesbian and we have the right to go about our lives without harrassment, intimidation and discrimination.

          1. Jock you are looking ridiculous :

            help show these discriminating thugs that we have a right to be Gay/Lesbian and we have the right to go about our lives without harrassment, intimidation and discrimination.”

            Yet you told me:

            So speaks someone whose clearly never lived in the area.”

            The one who advocates for end to discrimination will always end up being the biggest discriminators.

          2. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2011, 8:59am

            LOL sorry pepa but you really do sound like an uneducated idiot.

            Keep talking the crazy pepa!

          3. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2011, 9:01am

            Your comparison makes absolutely no sense except that you are clearly seeing things that just ain’t there to create an arguement.

            It’s a bit pathetic. Maybe time for another name change eh?

  8. “We want to send a message that this is actually a very gay-friendly area.”

    Well quite clearly Tower Hamlets is not a gay friendly place. We can all read and it’s quite evident that there is a dangerous, fascist, muslim strain of toxic homophobia in the area.

    Which is why the Pride is so essential .

    If those muslim extremist, scumbags show their fascist faces to protest this Pride then it will raise awareness of the cancerous influence the islamic cult is having on the area.

    1. congratulations you have taken my title as the biggest cnut commenting

      1. I speak the truth,

        Islam is destroying Tower Hamlets. It needs to be dealt with head on.

        1. Amen. Just wait when the Islamofascists start decapitating gay people and gay heads will be rolling down from Tower Hamlets.

          Lets see if James! Still thinks it is a good idea in protecting these people.

          And who appointed James! as the official title giver? The Queen? Geez.

          1. I am the queen

            you will see from my previous posts I have no time for religion. What I know is when the racists finish with the muslims we will be next.

          2. “What I know is when the racists finish with the muslims we will be next.

            That isn’t if the muslims get to us first, which is more realistically possible.

            And stop with the racism cliche, it is a known fact that Muslims are the worse racists (followed by socialists).

      2. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 9:45am


        Having escaped the area I have to agree with David. Whilst they are totally homophobia it must be pointed out that in the area there is also a problem muslim on muslim ie from different sect.

        Although muslims make up less than half of the area they are taking over and dictating to all how things should be.

        Its time to stop watching when it is Gays/Lesbians suffering because of this. Surely we can give our undivided attention and show support and get the message that hatred will not be tolerated.

        1. I agree something needs to be done I dont live there so I’m going to shut up now and leave it up to the people who know. I remember getting really angry when that guy Olly was stabbed and paralysed so I can see why everyone is upset

          1. My trans friend lived in bethnal green , every hour of every day her life was made hell by muslim youth. They would follow her down the street , round tescos with the usual chants of batty boi etc , attack her and her property. in the end she committed suicide by the hounding and abuse from these racist homophobes. face the fact they hate us and want us dead.

    2. David Byatt 9 Mar 2011, 6:43pm

      Just to make this 100% clear.
      This post is NOT David Byatt who is involved with East End Gay Pride.

  9. Good to see this … am concerned that there may be tensions but I think its a great reason to stand up and be counted and be proud and show the bigots what an inclusive community East London genuinely is …

    I have to say I have sent emails about the poster campaign and recent chanting in Tower Hamlets council to the Tower Hamlets MP, Tower Hamlets council, Metropolitan Police and the Standards for England office – disappointingly no response has been obtained from any suggesting they are not committed to stamping out hatred in East London and do not care about the LGBT communities.

    I am pleased to see this event showing the world that we are proud and here to stay

  10. Terry Stewart 9 Mar 2011, 6:02pm

    Clearly this paper does not have its finger on the pulse when it comes to current news.
    This sticker stuff has been going for a year now and is not confined to Tower Hamlets. Nottingham and Bristol are only two areas I could mention.
    There was a Pride March in Hackney and Tower Hamlets last September, on the issue of Hate particularly Homophobia, which attracted over 1,000 people. So it is not the first.
    The EEGP facebook has openly Islamaphobic and disgracefull comments, not to unlike some of the comments here, which should be moderated.
    We dont want the EDL in our community in Black shirts or Pink shirts
    Stop Hating and start Living.

    1. Hmm while I disagree with “islamaphobia” being defined as hating someone because they are muslim, I do not see it as offensive or wrong to say that someone who calls me unnatural, due to a book I dont believe, is my enemy.

      No party is going to help us here, LGBT people need to work together to show these thugs that they can put up their little stickers,but that we have a right to live where the damn heck we want, and we have a right to live free from harassment. SO good on the EEGP.

      Also, if the EDL turn up, march for gay rights, are not aggressive or racist, then I say – welcome to the fold.

      1. Am getting bored of the insistant scapegoating of the edl to deflect away from the real reason of having this march in a hate zone. At least they have offered support. Another undignified silence from the tower hamlets mayor. he must have such a dilemma whether to march against hate to appear tolerant or stick with lutfurs army where he really wants to be.

        1. Yeah, well said. Of course Lutfur Rahman is as stoney silent as an Easter Island ‘Moai’ – he has his hate fuelled friends in the IFE to think about.

        2. Agreed.

          Until proven otherwise, the EDL had nothing to do with what the Mayor and his goons have said or done, including the posting of the “gay free” stickers.

          1. “EDL Cowards Attack Women & Children In Leicester”

            In order for that to be true women and children would have been actually attacked, but the only thing on the video was a window being busted and a couple of drunks entering the restaurant (not proving if they were actual EDL members or just a couple of drunks taking advantage of the situation).

            All in all nice try, video makes a baseless claim, still this all could have been avoided if the British government would not have engaged in forced multiculturalism.

    2. East End Gay Pride SUPPORTER!!! 9 Mar 2011, 6:54pm

      Stop Hating and start living????? Really Terry?

      Is that why you have done nothing but attack the East End Gay Pride organisers since this all started? we can all see it on your Facebook Group. Despite all their statements you still insist they are Islamaphobic? Prat.
      I think YOU need to stop hating and start supporting. Maybe if you get out of Rainbow Hamlets arse long enough you’d see that this Pride event is looking like its going to be huge and a success.

      And yes there was a Pride March in Hackney, but wasnt it just called Hackney Pride? Not exactly inviting to all in the East End was it. And from what I saw, it wasn’t very good either! Didn’t see that one getting the support of an organisation the size of Pride or London or promoted by Gaydar. Did you?
      Sour Grapes I think they call it.

      1. Terry Stewart 9 Mar 2011, 8:12pm

        How sad for you, that you can not even identify yourself EEGP Supporter.

        I have not attacked anyone. I have merely defended my Community regardless of Faith, Sexual orientation or whatever.

        Your comment on Rainbow Hamlets reflects you and EEGP totally. Foul mouthed, inability to articulate a good arguement and uneducated, in the social graces of civil society.

        I think you need to step back for a moment and think about how you might become a nice person, capable of love and not hate. Start living.

        1. East End Gay Pride SUPPORTER!!! 9 Mar 2011, 9:07pm

          And how would putting my name on a comment thread make my points any more or less valid.
          I think calling someone foul mouthed unable to articulate a good argument and uneducated in social graces is more insulting that calling you a prat.
          So my name is John, I live on the Isle of Dogs and I support East End Gay Pride. I dont believe they have anything to do with EDL, as I have taken the time to read what they have had to say about their accusers, I think they come across as very genuine and very concerned about what is going on. I heard the gaydarradio interview. Did you?

          I think you are just fed up because they dont want to be political activists like you lot. You say yourself on your group page that Hackney Pride was to prove that politics is fun. Well I dont see much fun being had in Tower Hamlets because of politics. Do you?
          Pride is about fun. Its about having a party. Seems to me EEGP have got it right and you guys have it very very wrong.

        2. Give yourself a break Mr Stewart – your event last September was crawling with Socialist Worker goons, being as divisive as ever. You made not one mention of attacks and intimidation by Asian Gangs, which after all has been the main problem along Hackney Road. Islamic extremism is a serious problem and the evidence is overwhelming.
          Homophobia is only one manifestation of it –
          Here is another:

          Or the death threats against Shiria Khatun:

          Thanks to tin-pot hard left demagogues, it is now ‘racist’ to simply say, there should be one law for all, and that people should have freedom from, as well as of, religion.

          Your determination to tell lies about where the organisers live on various comments threads is astonishing. And it is immoral to love enemies, especially hate preachers.

          1. Terry Stewart 10 Mar 2011, 4:04am

            Adrian I take it you attended the September march and thank you for your comitment to the community.
            I think you may have been wearing your spot the trot glasses that day, because the SWP were on the march as was every political organisation across the spectrum.
            I dont have a problem with political action which was what we did on that day.
            As a political animal yourself, you will recognise the value of such acts in maintaining our rights.
            I have never considered myself as a Hard Left demaggogue. The problem with people who call out “I hate dogma” is, they end up replacing it with some other type of dogma secular or otherwise.
            I have never told lies about where people live, as I do not know where people live.
            Love thine enemy has never been my motto ever.
            With regards to victims of assault and attack on Homophobic/Transphobic grounds. You are assuming an awful lot, about myself, with absolutely no knowledge of the work i do in both combating Homophobia and supporting victims

        3. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 12:33pm


          heres a thought start living by fighting against the hatred and actually listening to the people needing help rather than making excuses for why you shouldn’t.

    3. The edl already has lgbt members.

    4. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 9:55am

      Terry Stewart

      A Very shallow response. Clearly someone who just want to sit on their ass and do nothing.

      Fine for you maybe but without the courage of people willing to stand up for the LGBT community against hatred things will get worse, even you may be attacked. Then I guess thats another thing you’ll do nothing about.

      1. Where are you getting your information form Jock? What makes you so sure who is and who is not standing up for the LGBT community? Who is doing something and who is doing nothing?

        1. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 12:49pm


          The information is from my own experience of living in Tower Hamlets. Living through the homophobia, the hatred. Of knowing first hand who turns their backs and watches as they leave you struggling to cope with the abuse around and in your home. Also of know who did come to help me after struggling and did all they can. Without THT I doubt I’d be alive today.

          Having read Rebecca Shaw on these comment threads on other poster stories I fear that Rainbow Hamlets would have done nothing. I doubt if I’d turned to them I’d be alive today.

          Lets not forget Rebecca’s own words on how there are a number of reasons why people commit homophobia, what was it, oh yes poverty. Because all victims of abuse need from a gay charity to help is a list of excuses. A list of reason why they can’t go outside their home or walk the street.Why they are afraid of everyone passing by them in the street.

          Open your eyes, John they may have been closed far too long! Face the world.

    5. I am proud to be an “Islamophobe.”

      In fact Christopher Hitchens is also an Islamophobe (as well as an atheist but an Islamophobe nonetheless), great guy.

      1. Jock S. Trap 11 Mar 2011, 9:03am


  11. Ok maybe this is wrong for me to say, but if we got the right wing thugs on our side, is there not an argument that we should go with it?
    Fed up with being told I am sh*t by the religious, maybe the EDL could help.

    1. I say no. Hatred should should not be fought with hatred. People out there might hate me, but I can hold my head up and say I don’t hate back.

      1. Ideologically I agree. But in reality im not so sure. With obscene levels of homophobic violence I wouldnt mind some heavies.

        1. And then what, Scott? What will you do, now you’ve bypassed reason and the law, when you can’t pay for your protection? If you don’t value other people’s liberties, who will value yours?

          Check out ‘A Man For All Seasons’. It’s a good play.

          …William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law!

          Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil?

          William Roper: Yes, I’d cut down every law in England to do that!

          Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned ’round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man’s laws, not God’s! And if you cut them down, and you’re just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake!

        2. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 1:00pm

          Scott, I get where your coming from but I don’t think the EDL would help. With the negative press it would quickly turn into something it isn’t and out cause would be lost in translation.

          I think if anything maybe knowing they support is encouragement enough. For all those labelling the EDL because of what you read or hear in the press, I don’t exactly see the BNP rushing to our defence!

      2. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 12:56pm

        Holding your head up and doing nothing is a bit like sticking your head in the sand.

        Fighting back isn’t about hatred, its about telling people hatred is not acceptable. Fine don’t accept but in This country being would I am is legal, we shouldn’t have to be fighting that point. Hatred has no place.

        Basically EDL are doing what the anti facist groups Should be doing. Extremist weither BNP of Islamic is facist both should be equally protested.

  12. This comment thread is getting out of hand. The personal attacks are unnecessary and move us away from the issues that have brought about events like Hackney Pride and East End Gay Pride.

    What can’t be denied is that there is an undercurrent of hatred in the eastern boroughs, seemingly more so than in other London boroughs. But fighting hatred with hatred does nothing other than fuel the fires that are quietly (or not so quietly) burning.

    I think its been established that there are several groups in the eastern boroughs who are doing their best to combat hatred, to work against homo- and transphobic abuse, to combat islamophobic abuse and all of the other hatred going on. But I for one don’t need the *support* of fascists to fight my corner. I don’t want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them and thank them for supporting my lifestyle – my balls are big enough to do that myself!

    I’ve apparently run out of space in my comment box so will continue with another comment…..

    1. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 1:06pm

      This has nothing to do with fighting hatred with hatred.

      It has Everything to do with that Fact being Gay/Lesbian/Bi in this country is our legal right. We should Never have to be force to hide it. We are not Iran. We are not Uganda. We are British.

      This is about making a very visible presence against hatred. Showing ourselves in the face of hatred. You’ll find those of hate don’t need an excuse they just are. It is what religion made them.

      Some on these thread say Gay/Lesbians aren’t special. I’ve always thought we are. We are because we have to be brave enough to face hateful opposition in our own country and stand up to it. That my friends make us Very special as a person and as a community.

  13. Likewise I don’t want to stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone that would deny other work done on the same theme. Who are they to say it was inadequate? However big, small or anything else an event is, shouldn’t we all be celebrating the fact there are people out there doing stuff? Trying to make a difference?

  14. Terry Stewart 9 Mar 2011, 8:46pm

    Mayor and community leaders come together to condemn homophobia
    Posters of a homophobic nature were recently identified and removed from locations across the borough.
    The descriptions of these posters are similar to those that have been found in 2010 in the borough, and elsewhere in South West London and Nottingham.

    The posters have been reported to the Metropolitan Police, and the matter is being treated as a homophobic hate crime. All lines of enquiry are being pursued by police both within Tower Hamlets and London wide to identify and prosecute those responsible.

    Following these incidents the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, alongside members of the Interfaith Forum and Rainbow Hamlets, have come together to condemn these messages of hate.

    Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Chair of Tower Hamlets Partnership said:

    “Tower Hamlets has a proud history of challenging prejudice and promoting equality. There is no place for hate in Tower Hamlets and we take a zero-tolerance approach to homophobia. Across

  15. Terry Stewart 9 Mar 2011, 8:48pm

    Mayor Lutfur Rahman, Chair of Tower Hamlets Partnership said:
    “Tower Hamlets has a proud history of challenging prejudice and promoting equality. There is no place for hate in Tower Hamlets and we take a zero-tolerance approach to homophobia. Across all religions, partner organisations and community groups there is unanimity in the belief that by working together we can build a strong and cohesive community. There are many shared values that we can unite behind and all attempts by those at the fringes to sow the seeds of division and hatred will be rebuffed.
    I have personally met with the co-chairs of Rainbow Hamlets (Tower Hamlets Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Community Forum) and am committed to working with them and the wider community to promote equality.”
    Reverend Alan Green, Chair of the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum said:
    “People of faith in Tower Hamlets are proud to be part of this diverse and vibrant borough, in which mutual respect and tolerance are vital to social harmony. We oppose all who seek to undermine these values – homophobic hate has no place in Tower Hamlets. Whatever their backgrounds of the people they do not speak in the name of Islam, Christianity or the other religions represented here.”

    1. ….A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outline and covering up all the details. The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one’s real and one’s declared aims, one turns as it were instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish spurting out ink….

      1. Terry Stewart 10 Mar 2011, 10:22am

        A man who likes his Orwell. Thank you.

        1. Well that’s what I cann a starting point…

          Terry – I appreciate and applaud the work you have done in organising Hackney Pride – my comments were harsh about that, I apologise – and in helping the victims, and I do not mean to do you any wrong.

          That said, we disagree on a lot and I hope to say why in more detail when I have time.

          1. Terry Stewart 10 Mar 2011, 3:49pm

            Thank you Adrian. I much appreciate your kind words which are worth millions in this World. You have the bravety to aknownledge our differences and continue a dialogue because we share basic human values of love and care for others. Have a lovely day nice man.

    2. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 10:00am

      “I have personally met with the co-chairs of Rainbow Hamlets ”

      ah ok think we can get enough from that. Enough said Terry.

      Like Rainbow Hamlets you sit on your backside and make excuses while another Gay man gets attacked I’m sure you’ll come up with a excellent excuse to why they did. Poverty prehaps or maybe they were silly enough to walk out of there home. How about ‘well if they will live there’?

      Pityful excuses to do nothing.

      The LGBT community in Tower Hamlets needs a support group that’ll take them seriously and campaign against the real hatred not some leaches sucking up to the people causing it.

      1. Rapture, JockSTrap, well you both say this – so, organise a committee, and make it independent, so you don’t have to toe Tower Hamlets’ party line. Make it a bit like GetEqual in the USA.
        The oppressed people of the area – gays, women, liberal muslims, children – need a voice, especially in the media, one that really represents them, and doesn’t hide from controntation, and ignore all the evidence. I think gay people can mobilise this as we are on the front line of violence.

  16. Terry Stewart 9 Mar 2011, 8:50pm

    Dilwar Khan, Director of the London Muslim Centre said:
    “We stand together with our fellow citizens against all forms of hatred, including homophobia. We are committed to building strong and cohesive communities in Tower Hamlets, and our strength is that we will not let incidents of hate divide us.”
    The Chairs of Rainbow Hamlets LGBT Community Forum said:
    “We condemn such activity and call on all communities to join forces against such extreme views. We also condemn those who use these incidents to create a moral panic and stoke up racist or Islamaphobic sentiment. At present the people responsible cannot be accurately determined, but it is clear that whoever is responsible, they do not represent any of the local communities and their sole purpose is to spread fear and mistrust. This we are determined to prevent them from doing.
    We welcome the repudiation of these tactics from the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum, London Muslim Centre and the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. We intend to work wi

    1. Oh yes, the same venue that hosted and promoted Abdul Karin Hattin, who called for the death of homosexuals and held a spot the fag competition to the amusements of his congregation.

      See what Khan and his coterie really think of people like the ‘Chairs of Rainbow Hamlets LGBT Community Forum’ in this video:

      Actually, who elected this LGBT Forum? Was there a ballot in all the local pubs or something? On what authority do you people claim to speak for anyone other than your gullible selves?

      1. aree. and don’t forget the imam in leyton who has death threats for trying to educate the ignorant on evolution and a womans right whether to wear the scarf or not. Yes and who are this th rainbow group? , they do not represent me or any other lgbt person i’ve met. Although i have personal experience of the suffering so many lgbt people in tower hamlets experience as there is adequate support there for lgbt suffering from homophobic/racist abuse from islamic extremists.

      2. “agree”, “there is not adequate support”

  17. Terry Stewart 9 Mar 2011, 8:52pm

    We welcome the repudiation of these tactics from the Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum, London Muslim Centre and the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. We intend to work with partners to organise an event in May to coincide with the International Day Against Homophobia, and look forward to inviting the Mayor, the Borough Commander and all communities of the borough to participate.”
    If any further homophobic posters are identified by the public, they are encouraged to report them to the Metropolitan police on 0033 123 1212. If possible, please take a photograph of the poster ensuring that you record the time and location. If the poster can be removed in one piece please do so, placing it in a box with the sticky side up and if possible take to your local police station. All these measures will help police investigations.
    To date there have been 10 reports of crimes in Tower Hamlets that have been identified as homophobic or transphobic this year. This compares with 74 in 2010. We actively encourage people to report all incidents of hate crime as this enables us to pursue enforcement action and bring perpetrators to justice.

    1. Whats being done about the homophobic chanting from mayor “lutfurs army” in tower hamlets council chambers?

    2. Of course, ‘Tower Hamlets’ goes from the Tower all the way past Canary Wharf, nearly to the Barrier. We should look at a more concentrated area around Hackney Road, WHitechapel, Shoreditch.

      It must be remembered, that if you get – just for example – kicked to a pulp, then knived in the lungs, heart, spleen and the back of the neck, across the road from the Joiners Arms, instead of on the same side, as in Oliver Helmsley’s case, your incident will count for Hackney instead.

  18. I’m tired of seeing gay rights used as an excuse for racism.

    Women’s rights have been used as an excuse throughout the colonial period – “white men saving brown women from brown men” as Spivak puts it. And now it’s gay rights being used.

    Judging from the number of racist comments here, it’s clear that it’s working ; and gay people are all too happy to jump on the bandwagon. Because if we can demonize muslim people as being homophobic, then we feel we don’t have to deal with our own racism.

    Deal with your own racism before asking other people to deal with their homophobia.

    1. I dont see how muslims can be seen as a race? So it is not racism you should be complaining at but rather religious intolerance.
      I refuse to defend those who dislike me. In the same vein, I have no issue with muslims who are not homophobic. I have non homophobic muslim friends.
      But to accuse me of racism because I hold Muslims to the same standard as I hold christians, Jews and atheists, is just ridiculous.

    2. You are ver, very stupid that you cannot determine the difference between race and a religion. Race is inate , religion is a lifestyle choice and that is an individuals prerogative to pursue . Criticism of an idealogy which is sexist as well as homophobic does not imply racism . You can cry wolf(and we know what happened the boy that cried wolf ) all you like or in your case racist to anyone who questions a choice of beliefs. but you are actually in fact making people anaesthesised to the incorrect use of the label racist and doing a great injustice to anyone who has endured this prejudice. . You may possibly be racist as you cannot even understand the terminology of race .

      1. Biologically speaking, there is only one human race, so if you want to think of racism strictly in terms of body, then racism does not exist.

        Racism, rather, it is a structural, historical form of oppression. This is what defines racism, not ‘inate’ markers. People in the UK who have an eastern European accent suffer racism ; though accents are not innate.

        While physical markers (skin color, accent, etc.) are used to identify people as being part of that hated other, they are not what racism is about. The hate, that inscribes itself in a historical colonial context, is directed towards people who are seen as different – who have different cultural practices. Racist stereotypes always refer to cultural practices – “rituals”, ceremonies, clothing, food, etc.

        “Islamophobia” fits this common pattern of racism – it is a cultural practice that is strongly associated with people from certain countries, with certain body types. Islamophobia is racism.

        1. “one human race” you mean species. And you are confusing racism with xenophobia andfreedom of thought and discussion on intolerant practitioners. You have an extremely lazy, simple attitude to the word racist and use it in the way of avoiding to face facts. it reminds of when i was at school and at lunch peeps from my class would go stael from the shop, if they was caught or police called at them mucking about on transport , the innacurate accusations of racist were bandied about as if that would allow them free reign to do as they pleased otherwise you were racist to try stop them. you appear to share that idea in that you use that ole race card chestnut to avoid taking responsibility for yourself or in this case islamofacists.

    3. In fact, many liberal, secular muslims are also being oppressed by a small, determined and extremely threatening band of extremists, egged on by the IFE. They have been exposed threatening women who don’t wear headscarves (especially on polling day, not to mention threatening to kill a councillor last year). There are reports of horrendous abuse of teenage LGBT children from certain ethnic minorities. And then there was the awful case of Gary Smith, whose face was slashed for simply teaching muslim girls in a local school about other religions. LGBT community is just ONE of the targets of thugs – revved up by countless hate preachers at the East London Mosque – and it has to stop. To combat all this – join the National Secular Society.

    4. Jock S. Trap 10 Mar 2011, 5:05pm


      You seriously are a joke! Oh the pity! No doubt another excuse…

    5. Actually Lia, do you realise how insulting your comment is to people who take their faith seriously? By equating attitudes to religion with racism, you are saying effectively that faith is nothing more than a matter of skin colour, that religion is only skin deep. You know what the punishment for saying that would be in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Somalia? And what, women’s rights have been use as an ‘excuse’?? Don’t tell me, criticising the stoning of women who are raped is neo-colonialism?

      I thought the Westboro Baptish Church were nuts, but you give the word a new definition.

      1. If some group of women struggling for liberation in a given country ask for help, it is one thing to give help, within the terms of what they asked for.

        It is quite a different thing to decide of our own accord to invade a country because of what they do to women.

        1. Invade a country? No need: Sharia-facism is happening HERE in this country! Lia, you either believe women, gays, children are equal under the law or you do not. We have a legal system in this country, which has evolved from the Magna Charta, and which recognises equality of women.

          Wherever it imposes itself, religious law is about men owning women. We must oppose this poison wherever it rears its ugly head. HOW is a woman going who is repeatedly beaten up, and threatened with being stoned to death, beig beheaded, having acid thrown in their face, going to ask for help?

          Comment;s like Lia’s remind us that the far left has debauched itself, into a fifth column for political Islamism and thus, religious fascism, as evil as anything Hitler could imagine.

  19. Mark Healey 10 Mar 2011, 12:04am

    I hope – that the organisers of East End Pride, the people from Rainbow Hamlets, the members of the Inter-faith Forum, local councillors, MPs and residents of Tower Hamlets can come together behind the Local Campaign “No Place for Hate” and work together to tackle Homophobia and Racims, and cut hate crime in the area. Ihave made the pledge – will you?

  20. The REALITY-DENIERS (i.e. those who lick the arseholes of Muslims) seem to be out in force again, denying/ignoring the horrifying extent of homophobic, xenophobia and et cetera among Muslims in this country.

    1. Thats because they’ve been fed left wing politics for 13 years, which made it “offensive” or otherwise unenlightened to even mention a person’s race or religion. The ugly fact that these people don’t like is that the people we are fighting against in this particular instance are muslims who actively try to demonise/abuse/threaten us, and we aren’t afraid to say so. I think they feel that if we as educated people refuse to stoop to the level of the unenlightened few who hate us so (i.e. ignore them) then they’ll eventually learn the error of their ways or address the problem within their own community.

      But that does not happen when the passive factions ignore you and the active factions hate you. I’ve had enough of people telling me I can’t retaliate. My mum told me if anyone pushed me around in the playground I should immediately punch them hard in the face and they wouldn’t ever come back. Turning another cheek just gets you a second black eye.

    2. SamB – don’t tar all muslims with the same brush. That is bigotry. We know that homophobia is much higher among the muslim population, but please do not resort ro judging a whole group. otherwise you will be no better than the thugs we are fighting against…. Oppose political islam, or indeed the religion, by all means.

  21. Proud Gay Canadian 10 Mar 2011, 4:02pm

    All in all , an extremely sad and discomforting story in this day and age. Hate posters all over the place and only six people care enough to take them down and show concern…. Are we making any progress whatsoever ??????

  22. Terry –

    Just to sum up, while your Hackney Pride was an important initiative, we must stand strong against Islamic extremism, as much as we do against the BNP’s fascism.

    Hate, contempt, ridicule, condemnation are valid reactions to our enemies. Hate is not always a bad thing. If we don’t express this, we let our enemies get away with it.

    ‘Secular dogma’ – that is the language of the Christian Institute, the American Religious Right and the Vatican! Secularism is not atheism, it about ensuring no religious worldview has privilege in the public sphere. It is about the right to express criticism, the freedom from other people’s religion. It is a neutral state. The basis is not dogma, but that human beings should have freedom of conscience, of association, of worship, of self determination, of equality under the law – man’s law, not ‘God’s’.

    Islamophobia – this is an oxymoron. We have reason to fear what preachers say, and the consequences political islam.

    1. I would not be seen dead on the same platform as the people at the East London Mosque – to see a group that purports to represent the interests of gay people in the Borough make a joint statement on ending violence with a mob what has allowed its premises to be used to call for our extermination, makes my blood curdle. An insult to dignity.

      The gay movement fought for its rights through freedom of expression, through appealing to sense of decency by exposing discrimination and attacks on the vulnerable. We now have to contend with vile accusations of racism for doing so – well, so be it, but they are wrong, and any rational, decent human being can see through this despicable lie.

  23. East End Gay Pride? – bad idea. The last thing we need in this situation is this group of people – mostly white, some connected with the EDL – waving pink Union Jacks in the faces of a community that also experiences violence and oppression. Instead of divisive and antagonistic actions like this, what’s needed is more dialogue and engagement – some local people and oragnisations have already initiated this. Groups like Out East and Imaan have called for East End Gay Pride to be cancelled.

    1. WHAT! your seriously saying we should not enter a part of our own country because we may antagonise those who hate us!

      I would never accept an area that said no muslims, so I do not expect anyone else to accept an area that says no gays.

      If you want to debate with those that dont want you, do it yourself.

    2. East End Gay Pride Supporter 12 Mar 2011, 8:20pm

      Yeah they have called for it to be cancelled but with supporters estimated to be in their thousands, its not going to be is it!

      Get real. The last thing the East End of London needs is more people sitting around drinking tea and talking about what they should do.
      Whats wrong with actually doing it?

      these people – mostly white

      Do you realise how racist that comment is!!!!! How on earth do you know who is going to be turning up on the day!?
      Do you not think that the LGBT Community of the East End has faced enough violence and oppression themselves? DO you not think its OUR turn to finally speak out about it publicly?

      We dont want people like the self appointed Out East spreading vicious rumours and hate about a group of people they dont know and having meetings to talk things through.
      The reason East End Gay Pride is going to be so big is becasue the REAL gay community support what they are doing. Not the politically minded left wing arm chair politicians who are too afraid to.

      1. Get your Facebook page back up, NOW!!

    3. Victor, apart from telling a pack of long sice debunked lies, is proud to be ashamed of himself by the sounds of it – classic Stockholm Syndrome. Victor thinks that merely asserting oneself is inciting hatred – what a sick, pathetic thing to say. Get help Victor.

    4. Jock S. Trap 13 Mar 2011, 7:15am

      So while the “more dialogue and engagement” who is stopping the people who are putting these hateful posters up? Who is stopping the thugs going round certain areas in particular and stopping the violence against the LGBT community.

      It’s too easy to do nothing and just sit on our arses, we have Rainbow Hamlets for that but while people like the Mayor of Tower Hamlets and the East London Mosque carry on showing discrimination this community must stand up to hatred.

      Out East and Imaan may well want East End Gay Pride cancelled but the police and the council support it as far as I know. We need to show that we ARE present in society and we do contribute but more than that we need to say in this country we should never have to hide just because of some in a oppressive community say so. We have Every right to show ourselves and help provide some backbone to the community esp those living there who fear to venture.

      1. Jock S. Trap 13 Mar 2011, 7:18am

        We do have to stand up to these people because I for one have no intention of going back in the ‘closet’ and nor should anyone feel they are made to.

  24. Nice to hear a lot of talk of the LGBT community standing together, a little saddened that with the exception of a mention of Trans, this seems to largely mean just Gay and Lesbian again.
    It would be nice to see evidence of more positive interaction with both the Trans and the often over-looked Bisexual community as well. I think that the East End Pride is a fantastic idea we should all get behind instead of being bogged down in finger pointing about who may or may not have put up the original hate stickers. This will at least be a positive start in an area that needs it. My partner ran the 1st ever Swansea Pride which all the bars refused to get involved with and was indoors, so most don’t remember it. In fact there was much teeth grinding at the 1st outdoor one in Singleton Park when it kept being refered to as the 1st Swansea Pride; but the point is it had been a starting point.

    1. i did leave an earlier comment bout a trans friend of mine in the borough and how she died as a result of harassment. so i do agree it is very pertinant to trans people also.

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