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Comment: Cautious welcome for transgender prison guidelines

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Reader comments

  1. Zoe O'Connell 9 Mar 2011, 3:31pm

    I understand that GIRES were not consulted – I’ve submitted an FoI request ( to ask who else was consulted.

  2. hmmm. They may slip away from that one. My understanding is that GIRES have been consulted over the years – but not necessarily recently or in relation to this particular set of guidelines.

    Therefore, the real question is who has been consulted and WHEN.

    Good point, though, about intersex. Very good point.


  3. Damian Chapman 9 Mar 2011, 4:17pm

    GenderShift sent in a submission on this, not a lot has changed since draft form, there is still a long way to go in my opinion.

  4. Its still a disaster for people who transition privately. It’s posible to have genital surgery privately before your eligable for a gender recognition certificate thats required to be housed in a female prison. So this could end up with the absurd case of trans people with vaginas being housed in a male prison.

  5. While numbers are hard to get and uncertain, it’s clear that there is a higher percentage of trans people in prison that for the population as a whole.

    Such guidelines, while probably helpful for individual cases, are a just a new instance of an old trick. Individualise the issue as a way to bury the real problem, the institutionalised marginalisation of trans people that make them more likely to end up in prison in the first place.

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