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Australian presenter sorry for remarks on ‘disgusting’ Mardi Gras marchers

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 9 Mar 2011, 1:38pm

    Oh how the bigots squirm when they get caught out. Apologises are easy for the camera but does he really mean it?

    Somehow I doubt it. Can’t think why he’d have said those things in the first place unless he meant them.

    Oh well I guess he may have saved his career, eh?

  2. I saw a pride attendee in leather chaps with his ass hanging out wft has that got to do with pride and self respect?

    1. Probably the same thing that women “showing their tits” has to do with the religious day of Fat Tuesday when celebrated in New Orleans and Rio yet no one judges the entire straight population by the actions of a very few. Why should gay people be held to a different standard?

      I’ll await your reply.

    2. Sounds classy lets follow the lowest instead of setting our standards higher

      i see where youre comming from

    3. different john 10 Mar 2011, 2:59am

      It’s called mardi gras not gay pride

    4. Very well said.

  3. Actually I am sure he was probably right. Why do gay people at pride marches think they can behave in the way they do. I am all for live and let live and a bit of free love but tasteless tacky scenes in public are just not appropriate.

    People should stop apologising. He didn’t say anything particularly offensive and he was probably right.

    Agreed the marriage issue needs to be pushed but his comment re the disgusting behaviour was not necessarily wrong.

    1. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Rio or Gasparilla in Tampa, FL?

      The issue isn’t whether or not “disgusting” things happen at gay pride parades, the issue is why news reporters go out of their way to show it, and complain about it and self-righteously judge it when they make absolutely NO effort to do the same when straight people do the same things at their Mardi Gras and other “debauched” parades.

      1. Yes hayden thats why we have to watch our backs

  4. Why do people only complain about inappropriateness at GAY Mardi Gras?

    The Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the one in Rio are largely straight, with every bit as much debauchery, yet none of these self-righteous twits delivering the news EVER complain, or draw attention to, them!

  5. Hey Tony – don’t use this comment box to rant about your own self loathing you closet Hetro!

    Respect and tolerance, like I’ve show you LOL

    Hayden is right – it’s still one rule for some and another for everyone else – It isn’t about whether we want marriage we should all have the same rights – Equality means for everyone!

  6. This strikes me as another example of the “don’t say ANYTHING against the gay community, regardless of the validity of the comment, because you’re a homophobe if you do” mentality.

    Having seen a number of gay pride / mardi gras parades over the years, I’m still horrified at some of the behaviour that is bordering on the disgusting. I’m by no means a prude, but when you see people openly having sex on the back of a float, you have to question how suitable it is to display that in public. We wouldn’t tolerate it from anyone in other circumstances, regardless of sexuality.

    Ron Wilsons’ comments may have had some validity in this context, and it’s rather sad that he’s been vilified for expressing an opinion that could possibly be critical of the gay community.

    Yes I’m a gay man, yes I’ve marched in a few pride parades. No I don’t find it helps the community or gay rights to show scenes of sex in a public & family setting.

    1. Dan Dan Dan
      First of all … you ARE a prude, if you weren’t you wouldn’t be complaining. Secondly, SIMULATED sex in the back of a float happens almost every Mardi Gras (do you really believe actual sex was taking place?)
      For as long as I’ve been around people in the parade have been showing their tits and arses and ya know what? It’s what people expect & you have to be pretty dumb to expect something else. It’s not the ANZAC parade you know
      AND they’ve been showing “scenes of sex” in this “pubic & family setting” since day one. It’s part of what the whole things about. And if it offends you … DON’T BLOODY WATCH IT !!!!

      1. Actually the first Pride marches were about protesting for our rights which some of us take for granted not the right to perform simulated sex on oxford street

  7. Angela S. 9 Mar 2011, 2:32pm

    As far as I now can conclude on this is that he did have a stupid choice of words, for which he apologised… I can simply not see that as homophobia or discrimination at all, so Burns should let this go! Burns made his point, and the only thing he does achieve with getting this before an anti-discrimination board is negative publicity and a case he should lose!

    Yes, as LGBTQI ‘community’ we are held to a different standard by the mainstream society, where in that same society we do see events, like a Mardi Gras, that have similar exhibitionistic behaviour that quite often goes to what I consider tasteless… And yes, the media loves to point out the excesses, which is not likely going to change and where we can only keep pointing out the different standards and refer to the same in ‘straight’ events.

    This was an event that nicely showed ignorance, that ‘nicely’ showed the different standards, and dis make clear to the general public why we need to keep pushing for equal rights…

  8. Angela S. 9 Mar 2011, 2:34pm

    FYI; as a lipstick lesbo I know what it is to be on the receiving end of non-acceptance from both mainstream society as well as our own LGBTQI community, especially the L in this case..

    1. I’ve heard that from many femmes. My ex use to tell me how she hated the fact that no one believed she was a lesbian because she was very femme and pretty. It’s a shame. If a woman tells me she’s a lesbian and she’s femme I have no reason to doubt her.

  9. I totally agree some things that happen at Pride events are disgusting. I’m out and proud and stand up for gay rights all the time, but at Brighton pride last year some European guys started having a full blown threesome on the beach, and people stood on balconies holding their bum cheeks apart. That is disgusting, particularly when children are present (although that’s a whole other issue).

    However, the point others have made about how other festivals such as Reading/V festivals in the UK, or Mardi Gras in New Orleans, have similar disgusting behaviour, is a very good one. In both gay and straight events such as these a very small minority of people “cross the line”, but you don’t tarnish everyone with the same brush at straight events – in fact they don’t even get a single mention in the media from what I’ve seen.

    I suppose judging if this was a homophobic comment or not all depends on what his standards of “disgusting” are and what he was referring to exactly.

  10. Laurie Roberts 9 Mar 2011, 2:39pm

    some tight arsed people here

    – grow up

    Enjoy Pride and a nice butt for gods sake

    1. It wasn’t nice it was flat and wrinkly with a palid complexion like a frozen turkey.

      And I will relax a bit

    1. Well, I come from rather a sheltered background. I’m confused. Is that article a spoof or for real?

      1. Its supposedly satire. English satire tiptoes around the edge of sarcasm American satire wears big old clown shoes and demolishes any subtlety

  11. He said….
    [some people] really do seem to cross the line.”

    So how does this turn into

    “yet no one judges the entire straight population by the actions of a very few. Why should gay people be held to a different standard?

    We shouldn’t fall into the trap of defending inappropriate behaviour just because straight people do it. We should set our own standard and complain about inappropriate behaviour at gay events. Equality isn’t the right to have sex in the street.

    1. Cheers you make sense

  12. I agree with the newsreporter in that some of the stuff you see at pride (although admittedly I haven’t seen it on the parade) is disgusting.
    I personally wish the police would come in and arrest people for some of the gross stuff they do.
    When I have a nice time, i get drunk, I dance, and If i pull I would go back to someones house.
    I do not – snort stuff off the floor and have some rough n tumble in the bushes. Its gross and illegal.

  13. CowboyPhD 9 Mar 2011, 4:31pm

    One of the great challenges in any civil rights struggle, is developing and practicing the skill of forgiveness. Both for ourselves and others that impede progress toward equality.

  14. As for the anti-gay industry that loves to vilify gays and lesbians in an attempt to dehumanise them and discriminate against them …well, it’s all done in the best possible taste.

  15. Proud Gay Canadian 10 Mar 2011, 1:45am

    Well folks, hate me if you must but I have only been to Canadian Prides and I must admit that personnally, I did not enjoy seeing parts of it ! In no way did I feel represented as a gay male by these …. spectacles !!! In Canada where gays and lesbians may legally marry…

    1. Great to hear from you I hate those bullies and exhibitionists who think parading around the street naked sends a good sign then want to go and campaign in schools.

  16. OK fine he has apologised. But to some extent he and others have a point because a minority do behave “unapproprietely” in my opinion, during gay prides and marches etc. its not much about the outrageous outfits but some people have sex in public or behave like lunatics. gay or straight we should not condone that sort of behaviour in public or public events.

  17. my comment goes in agreement to the last couple of comments!
    to raise awareness of lgbt rights and promote equality or simply to have a party we do not need to see some out of line behaviour as hese events are attended by children and families lgbt or gay people that do not appreciate that sort of behaviour

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