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Lesbian Army captain accused of abusing rank over relationship

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 8 Mar 2011, 5:07pm

    This is a difficult one being that these Army rules are in place for all regardless of Gender or Sexua Orientation. The are there for a reason.

  2. When I was in the Army there were rules against relationships but nobody took any notice of them. She has a case for discrimination for being banned from memorial services.

    When I was kicked out for being gay the officer had his sword unsheathed in the corner of the room, so officers do make silly mistakes like that.

  3. There seems to be evidence both of her unprofessional conduct and of homophobic attitudes towards her.

  4. The army never changes.

    Poor woman. People change time off rotas for all reasons, and so what if there is a relationship.

    I see no wrong doing here and clear discrimination. I hope she wins her cases.

    Poor woman.

  5. Helen Wilson 8 Mar 2011, 6:17pm

    The army top brass are probably more offended that she went into the ranks to have a relationship!

    They are a bunch of elitist misogynistic bastards.

  6. If this woman alterered rosters to suit herself then that is unprofessional conduct, not befitting an officer.
    My betting is that she managed to get up so many peoples noses that eventually they cracked.
    The same would probably have happened if she was heterosexual, or a male officer.
    I think you would have to look at the personality of the person concerned irrespective of their sex or sexuality.

  7. They should have tried to hide it under the carpet!

  8. RMP Capt. flounts the rules and gets caught about time. Dating a Sgt oops should of read that one it’s illegal under military LAW regardless of gender.

    She probably aint helped her own career by crying to the courts and the media. Yes, it’s unfair she’s been charged but its only right she broke the rules. Double justice not only that the law has been enforced but that its a RMP thats been stiched up I’d be happy to see any RMP stiched up sadly it happens to be a fello Lesbian but that’s irreleavent. Her boss doesn’t deserve personal law action as she was doing what she thought best for her staff. I bet she wasn’t actually banned but was advised of how her fello Monkey’s felt and was asked to stay away. If it is true that people refused to march if she attended then the OC can’t really be held responsible why doesn’t she sue all the personel that refused to attend they were equally homophobic.

    Storyies like this really make me mad, as we don’t know the full facts and ins and out of t

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