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Coronation Street lesbian couple ‘will leave’ if split up

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Reader comments

  1. Interesting choice for them to make. Are these actors/characters popular? (Can’t stand soap). I wonder if this is a statement to the writers/producers to try and stop them from falling in to typical lesbian character stereotypes (we often don’t get happy endings).

    Soap means that relationships depicted can never be typical or even, dare I say it, ordinary. But avoiding cliche like suicide, murder, insanity etc would be nice. Cheating? It’s soap, inevitable probably.

    Perhaps I am too cynical/paranoid but it almost reads like “don’t make our characters do really stupid things.”

  2. While it is nice to see a lesbain couple on the Street once again it a lipstick, straight guy hard on. What about a more realistic lesbain couple?

    Good on the girls though for wanting them to stay together.

  3. Phoenix0879 8 Mar 2011, 1:31pm

    How is it a “Straight guy hard on” Andy? Lesbian couples come in all shapes and sizes out in the real world and these characters are YOUNG people. The storyline is aimed to appeal to youngsters.

    Now, go out there and find me one young couple on TV who AREN’T stupidly attractive. Their being “lipstick” lesbians isn’t a reflection on the characters or gay stereotypes but rather the influence of US media that actors *must* be beautiful and perfect looking, especially so women. Men suffer this image definition over here far less, but it is starting to emerge as well.

    I support these girls fully, it’s nice to see two very public young people doing this because they want to. It seems, from the interviews, to have gone beyond a job for them. And that’s very, very good. They are standing up for it because it’s right, which is inspiring.

    I find the “bunny girl” photo shoot more offensive, pandering to male expectations than the ‘lipstick lesbianism’ on Coro (not that I actually watch lol)

  4. They said no such thing. What a riiculous article.

  5. Sorry I live in Brighton with a Lesbian flatmate and work in London. I can tell you there aren’t many lesbain couples like that. My flatmate is fem and even she said it was geared towards straight men.

    1. Phoenix0879 9 Mar 2011, 3:13pm

      Ooooh, you have a lesbian flatmate. Big whoop. If we’re playing that card, my best friend is a lesbian – just moved to Germany to live with her girlfriend, true neither is “femme”, but then again I know an older lesbian who if she was 18 would be like these two, she is incredibly femme.

      The point I made and you missed is that the “pretty young things” portrayal isn’t about gay stereotypes, it’s about FEMALE stereotypes – young girls HAVE to be extremely attractive to get on TV these days, a cultural attitude imported from the US. That’s pandering to an entirely different set of prejudices and should be addressed accordingly.

  6. Jock S. Trap 8 Mar 2011, 4:35pm

    Guess the writers/producers know what to do now when the time comes.

  7. Angela S. 8 Mar 2011, 5:11pm

    Sorry Andy Q., but what is a “more realistic lesbain couple”??
    Last Pink Pride there were far more fem lesbians than non-fem lesbians (probably 9:1)… We are not all living like a few generations ago any more…

  8. Have you seen all the promo pics with these two??

    More realtistic is NOT those two girls. Yes things have changed but once again we have straight pleasing lesbains on T.V

    1. Jock S. Trap 9 Mar 2011, 9:20am

      A very immature comment. Thats called stereotyping. You may think of these as ‘straight pleasing’ but you stereotype as if Gay/Lesbians are all camp or muscle queens or butch dykes, the typical heterosexual view point of how Gays or Lesbians are.

      I’m pretty sure most Gays or Lesbians don’t think of themselves as either but you comment panders to those who wish to label us to make differences.

      Like straight people we come in all shapes and sizes and looks etc. Why give in to the bigots who fear we are just the same as them?

      Showing Gay/Lesbians as ordinary people just like straight people gets rid of stereotype and goes a long way to being accepted as just as equal.

    2. Phoenix0879 9 Mar 2011, 3:22pm

      As Jock said, your comment is very immature and panders more to stereotypes than the two characters – you appear to have the attitude that lesbians *must* be butch, gay men *must* be screaming queens and who cares that the reality is in fact all over the place. My best friend and her gf, neither are femme. But neither are butch either, one is a tomboy, the other a skater chick. Guess they aren’t *real* lesbians then, following your logic.

      The ‘super femme’ image here isn’t tied to the characters sexuality more so as it is their gender. TV has acquired a bad habit that teen girls simply *must* be highly attractive – Hollyoaks is a prime example of this US-led attitude to physical attractiveness.

    3. Have you actually watched Coronation Street or are you just basing your assumptions on these “Playboy-esque” photos from Heat? (Which I agree don’t give a good impression of the actual characters.)

      The characters in the actual soap are just normal girls. My partner and I are both feminine lesbians and although we’re older than these two at 29 and 31, we wear make-up, enjoying doing our hair, wear skirts and are quite “girly”… it’s a realistic portrayal of the types of lesbians WE are, or would be if we were teens anyway.

  9. Just going by this pic I get a hoorid idea of the portrayal they must do if willing to be seen like this in heat.

    Sadly and can’t believe I’ve said this but compared to this eastenders gay supernova tho bad seems good.

    Soaps never get a Lunt couple right tho as they need to make an issue of it.

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  11. I think the lesbian story line is fantastic and that Brooke and Sacha portray it very well. You would of thought that in this day and age people would be less homophobic and that what they consider to be the norm is watching a man sleep with every girl he can rather than watching two people in love whether it be the same sex or not. people get a grip what century do we live in.

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