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08 March 2011

  • 8th March 2011

    California gay marriage opponents say ban should be upheld 41

    California's gay marriage ban is under consideration

    5:39 PM — President Obama's refusal to defend the Defence of Marriage Act should have no bearing on a case around Calfornia's gay marriage ban, gay marriage opponents say.

  • Date announced for Liverpool Pride 2011 5

    Liverpool Pride is set for August 6th

    4:51 PM — This year's Liverpool Pride festival will be held on Saturday August 6th, it has been revealed. Organisers are still waiting to find out how much funding they will receive from Liverpool city council but say they have heard "positive noises" from councillors.

  • Lesbian Army captain accused of abusing rank over relationship 8

    The Army said Capt Tait had abused her position

    4:20 PM — A lesbian Army captain has been accused of abusing her rank by having an relationship with a soldier under her command. Captain Karen Tait, 29, and Sergeant Caroline Graham, 35, were disciplined and sent home after Army chiefs discovered their fling in 2009.

  • Man punched girlfriend’s friend over gay claim 25

    Lee Parr punched Allan Binns after the latter claimed they had had sex

    3:32 PM — A man punched his girlfriend's gay friend after the latter claimed that he was gay, a court heard. Lee Parr, 31, of Lincoln, attacked gay man Allan Binns after Mr Binns claimed he had performed a sex act on him.

  • Fringe event boosts slashed London gay film festival 1

    2:54 PM — London's annual Lesbian and Gay Film Festival may have been cut down to just a week but a community effort will see a fringe event following the main festival.

  • Judiciary committee approves Colorado civil unions 2

    Colorado is moving closer to civil unions

    1:36 PM — A judiciary committee of the Colorado Senate has approved a bill to give gay couples the right to civil unions. Senate Bill 172, if passed, will give gay couples the right to visit each other in hospitals or prisons, make medical decisions, claim some benefits and inherit property.

  • Coronation Street lesbian couple ‘will leave’ if split up 15

    Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent posed for Heat magazine

    11:16 AM — The stars who play Coronation Street's lesbian couple say they will leave if their on-screen relationship is broken up. Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent, who play Sian Powers and Sophie Webster, feature in this week's Heat magazine.

  • David Cameron says Christians should be ‘tolerant’ of homosexuality 251

    David Cameron said Christians should be tolerant

    10:39 AM — Prime minister David Cameron has said that Christians should be "tolerant" and "welcoming". He was referring to a recent High Court decision to uphold a ban on a Christian couple becoming foster parents after they admitted that they would refuse to tell a child that homosexuality is acceptable.

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